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injected是什么意思 injected的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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injected是什么意思 injected的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释





1. He was injected with a powerful sedative by the doctor.


2. The vaccine was injected into her arm.


3. The company injected a large amount of money into the project.





例句:Boda makes the only other injected edaravone available in China. (在中国,博大药业生产了唯一的另一种依达拉奉注射液。)


例句:His son was injected with strong drugs. (他的儿子被注强效的药。)


例句:In the extruding process, vesicant is injected at high pressure. (在挤压过程中,发泡剂,注入在高压力。)


例句:Most of the people that Dr. Southam injected did not go on to develop cancer from the injected cells. (翻译:索伦医生注射过的大部分人 并没有因为注射的癌细胞 患上癌症)


injected一般作为名词使用,如在injected bodies(注入体)、injected body(贯入体)、injected bubble(入气泡)等常见短语中出现较多。

injected bodies注入体
injected body贯入体
injected bubble入气泡
injected charge注入电荷
injected electron注入电子
injected fluid注入流体
injected frequency注入频率
injected fuel喷吹燃料
injected gas注入气


1. In the extruding process, vesicant is injected at high pressure. (翻译:在挤压过程中,发泡剂,注入在高压力。)

2. Most of the people that Dr. Southam injected did not go on to develop cancer from the injected cells. (翻译:索伦医生注射过的大部分人 并没有因为注射的癌细胞 患上癌症)

3. That's not regular Dimethyltryptamine that the CIA injected people with. (翻译:这不是正规的二甲基色胺 中央情报局注射人。)

4. Risug is injected through special syringes into the vas deferens. (翻译:注入是通过特殊的针筒进入输精管。)

5. Then he injected a muscle relaxant (翻译:之后他注肌肉松弛剂 {\3cH202020}Then he injected a muscle relaxant)

6. She was unconscious after being injected by the anesthetist. (翻译:师给她注一针后,她就失去知觉了。)

7. All splices are bundled into a single object file ready to be injected into the kernel. (翻译:所有拼接打包成一个对象文件,准备注入内核。)

8. Can be injected into human body. To detect and cure cancer. (翻译:{\1cH00FF00}检测和治疗癌症。)

9. No local hyperemia or necrosis was observed in the musculus quadriceps of rabbits injected. (翻译:家兔股四头肌肌肉注射后未见局部充血坏死;)

10. Once Lucian has injected himself with Michael's blood. (翻译:一旦卢西恩给他自己注迈克尔的血...)

11. I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. (翻译:我事先注从波肯那里得到的病毒。)

12. Vitamin B12 is often injected into patients with pernicious anaemia . (翻译:他们经常给恶性贫血患者注射维生素B12。)

13. You injected that animal with an untested compound. (翻译:你给那动物注未经测试的化合物 You injected that animal with an untested compound.)

14. In 1935, the Italian Corps of Engineers injected mortar to strengthen the base. (翻译:1935 年,为了加固塔基, 意大利工程军向基底灌注砂浆, )

15. They injected the drug directly into her bloodstream. (翻译:他们把药物直接注射到她的血液里。)



1. 词性:injected是一个动词,其名词形式为injection。


- The doctor injected the patient with a dose of penicillin.


- The athlete injected steroids into his body to enhance his performance.


2. 含义:injected常常用来形容一种物质被注射到身体内,也可以用于形容给某种系统、程序或思想等添加某种东西。


- The teacher injected enthusiasm into the class by introducing a new game.


- The software company injected new features into the latest version of their program.


3. 反义词:extracted,意为抽取、提取。


- The dentist extracted the decayed tooth and injected an anesthetic to numb the area.


- The chemist extracted caffeine from coffee beans and injected it into a sample for ysis.


4. 同义词:administered,意为给予,尤指给药。


- The nurse administered the painkiller by injection to relieve the patient's discomfort.


- The veterinarian administered the vaccine to protect the cat from disease.


5. 表示方式:injected也可以作为缩写词,通常表示将某个东西嵌入到另一个东西中。


- The designer injected some humor into the brand's marketing campaign to appeal to younger consumers.


- The chef injected a spicy marinade into the chicken to give it extra flavor.


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