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prohibits是什么意思 prohibits的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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导读: prohibits在中文中有‘禁止、阻止’的意思,prohibits是什么意思 prohibits的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释,作为名词时有'的第三人称单数'的意思,读音为[prəˈhibits],prohibits是一个英语名词,在《在线英语词典》中,共找到49个与prohibits相关的用法和句子。

prohibits是什么意思 prohibits的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释



1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in this building. (在这座建筑物内严禁吸烟。)

2. The law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. (法律禁止对残疾人进行歧视。)

3. The school prohibits students from using their phones during class. (学校禁止学生在上课期间使用手机。)

4. The company prohibits employees from using company vehicles for personal use. (公司禁止员工将公司车辆用于个人使用。)

5. The government prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors. (禁止向未成年人出售酒精饮料。)




例句:You know the instruction which prohibits to let the patients go? (你知道我们有一条禁令: 不允许病人逃离病院?)


例句:The Fetal Farming Bill of 2006, which prohibits the "solicitation or acceptance of tissue from embryos gestated for research purposes. " (xx年的胚胎培育法案,该法案禁止“捐献或接受从为研究目的所培育的胚胎中取得的组织”。)


例句:Do we pick the action with the best outcome or stick to a moral code that prohibits causing someone's death? (我们应该选择一个最好的结果, 还是坚守不做出任何伤害 他人生命的行为道德准则? )


1. Do we pick the action with the best outcome or stick to a moral code that prohibits causing someone's death? (翻译:我们应该选择一个最好的结果, 还是坚守不做出任何伤害 他人生命的行为道德准则? )

2. He stressed that the ECB abides by the 'spirit' of its founding charter that prohibits the central bank from financing governments. (翻译:他强调,欧洲央行将恪守“创建”的宗旨,即禁止央行向提供融资。)

3. The invasion of Cuba is clearly a violation of several treaties, as well as American law, which specifically prohibits enlistment andlor recruitment for foreign military expeditions, as well as the outfitting of foreign naval vessels for service against a country with which we are not at war. (翻译:如果入侵古巴 那就公然违反了一些国际条约 以及美国法律 它们明确禁止征发和或招募)

4. To do that, GPLv3 includes the following: First, the license prohibits use of GPLv3 as part of DRM. (翻译:要这样做,GPLv3包含了以下内容:首先,许可证禁止将GPLv3本身用作DRM的一部分。)

5. Currently the EU prohibits the sale of 75W and 100W bulbs and moves to an outright ban on all incandescent bulbs by Dec 2012. (翻译:目前欧盟已经开始禁止75W~100W的灯泡在市场上销售,并将在xx年底之前进一步禁用所有白炽灯泡;)

6. Article 280 of the penal code prohibits the physical restraint of defendants. (翻译:看刑事诉讼法第280条 在公判庭上不能拘束被告人 是这样规定的)

7. All the while, your client knew that Islam prohibits any pictorial depiction of the prophet. (翻译:从始至终你的委托人都明白这点 教禁止任何对先知的图像描述)

8. "KPMG prohibits payments of any kind to its staff. " (翻译:“毕马威禁止向其员工提供任何形式的行贿。”)

9. The amendment prohibits obscene or indecent materials which denigrate the objects or beliefs of a particular religion. (翻译:该修正案禁止玷污某一客体或信仰的或不雅物品。)

10. Aden said he believed the ruling prohibits any government-funded research involving embryonic stem cells. (翻译:Aden说他相信这些裁决禁止了任何资助的胚胎干细胞研究。)

11. Wilderness designation prohibits road building, the use of mechanized equipment and most other developments. (翻译:荒野之地禁止筑路、使用机械设备以及绝大多数其它的开发。)

12. Adjuration prohibits the false conduct propaganda of afore - mentioned products. (翻译:严令禁止上述产品的虚假宣传。)

13. prohibits any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares or debentures of the company. (翻译:禁止邀请公众人士认购该公司的任何股份或债权证。)

14. The constitution prohibits them from military engagement on foreign soil. (翻译:宪法禁止他们在外国领土上的军事交战。)

15. Allows or prohibits the use of the AutoFilter feature. (翻译:允许或禁止在电子表格中排序数据。)



词义:prohibits 是 forbid 的第三人称单数形式,意为“禁止、妨碍、不容许”。


词组搭配:prohibit sb from doing sth(阻止某人做某事)、prohibit the use of sth(禁止使用某物)、prohibit access to sth(禁止进入某地方或使用某物)、prohibit the sale of sth(禁止销售某物)。




1. The school prohibits smoking on campus.(学校禁止在校园内吸烟。)

2. The law prohibits drinking and driving.(法律禁止酒后驾车。)

3. The company prohibits employees from disclosing confidential information.(公司禁止员工泄露机密信息。)

4. The regulations prohibit the use of cell phones during class.(规定禁止上课时使用手机。)

5. The sign clearly prohibits littering in the park.(牌子清楚地禁止在公园里乱扔垃圾。)

6. The treaty prohibits the use of chemical weapons in war.(条约禁止在战争中使用化学武器。)

7. My parents prohibit me from staying out late on school nights.(我父母禁止我在上学的晚上晚归。)

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