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smacking是什么意思 smacking的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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导读: smacking通常被翻译为‘精力充沛的\、活泼的’的意思,smacking是什么意思 smacking的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释,在英美地区还有'掴'的意思,在线读音是['smækiŋ],smacking常被用作名词,在《实用全新英汉双解大词典》中,共找到46个与smacking相关的释义和例句。

smacking是什么意思 smacking的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




1. She was smacking her lips after eating the delicious ice cream.(她吃完美味的冰淇淋后,扑哧扑哧地嘴唇。)

2. He got punished for smacking his little brother.(他因为打了而受到了惩罚。)

3. The waves were smacking against the s.(海浪拍打着海岸线。)




例句:Mike, did I just hear Kitt smacking you around? (Mike 我刚听到的是Kitt在教训你吗?)


例句:The rich player started to move around the board louder, literally smacking the board with the piece as he went around. (富的玩家 在棋盘上移动的声音更大 移动的时候 几乎是在狠狠砸棋盘 )


例句:Why are you smacking my hand? (为什么你要打我的手? 嘿 看那边! Why are you smacking my hand?)


例句:Well, it's there smacking me in the face everywhere I look. (翻译:过去就像幽灵 无处不在 它无时无刻不在抽打着我)


smacking一般作为名词、形容词、动词使用,如在smacking of(有点像)、smacking down(责骂;使…失去身分;使…丧失地位)等常见短语中出现较多。

smacking of有点像
smacking down责骂;使…失去身分;使…丧失地位


1. Why are you smacking my hand? (翻译:为什么你要打我的手? 嘿 看那边! Why are you smacking my hand?)

2. Well, it's there smacking me in the face everywhere I look. (翻译:过去就像幽灵 无处不在 它无时无刻不在抽打着我)

3. I mean, not the part about wrecking things and smacking your head up, but the vision. (翻译:我的意思是,不是你的一部分,摧毁 山猫头的东西 但视力)

4. Anna and I clambered into the bed and set about puffing, grunting and lip- smacking , all the while trying to turn the pages of our scripts. (翻译:安娜和我手脚并用爬,作出各种吹气,呼噜,和亲嘴的声音,与此同时还要翻一张张的剧本。)

5. We don't approve of smacking. (翻译:我们不赞成打孩子。)

6. - You know, all I can remember about this guy is smacking him around whenever I wanted to, and him not doing a single thing about it. (翻译:-你知道的 关于这个家伙我能想起的就是 无论何时都可以揍他)

7. If a kid gets out of line, I got no problem smacking him. (翻译:如果哪个小鬼敢不听话 我会毫不犹豫的教训他)

8. said Giles Gosling, drinking off the cup, and smacking his lips with an air of ineffable relish. (翻译:吉尔斯·戈斯林说,一面喝下一杯,带着妙不可言的神气把嘴唇咂一咂。)

9. (Video) (Music) [How to Dance Properly BASIC TWIRL] [NEW SCHOOL] [OLD SCHOOL] [WHO'S YOUR DADDY?] ["RIDE THE PONY"] [MAKE LOVE TO THE CROWD] [SMACKING THAT ASS] [STIR THE POT OF LOVE] [HANGING OUT ... CASUAL] [WORD.] (Applause) I invented the Placebo Camera. (翻译:笑声 掌声 我发明了用着安慰剂效果的照相机 )

10. I would have noticed your dour head smacking into the archways. (翻译:不然你的木头脑袋往门廊上一撞 我肯定是过目难忘)

11. He gave both of the children a good smacking. (翻译:他把两个孩子都狠揍了一顿。)

12. That moron was trying to get his dog to stand on its two hind legs by repeatedly smacking and hitting it. (翻译:那个一直不断的打牠,试著想要叫牠用两只后脚站立。)

13. Yeah, but obviously I wouldn't do that 'cause I'd only be smacking myself... (翻译:显然这不可能 因为我一般不揍自己 除非...)

14. He races upfield, and just before smacking the ball into the net, tears off his shirt in a wild celebration. (翻译:他冲向前场,在将球球门前疯狂地扯下了自己的球衣。)

15. "I really want some dessert," Keaton says, smacking his lips. (翻译:“我真的想要些餐后甜点,”基顿咂着嘴唇说。)




1. Smacking作为动词,指“(用手掌)轻拍或重击(某人或某物)”。常常指体罚或者惩罚。这个用法在一些地区已经被禁止或者受到质疑。


- He was smacked on the hand for touching the hot stove. (他因为触碰到炉子而被手掌拍了一下。)

- Some parents still believe that it's okay to smack their children as a form of discipline. (一些父母仍然认为体罚孩子是一种管教方式。)

2. Smacking也可以作为形容词,表示“有明显的味道或风味”(savoring strongly of the specified taste or smell)。


- The soup was smacking of garlic and herbs. (这道汤味道浓郁,带有大蒜和草药的味道。)

- The barbecue sauce was smacking of smoke and sweetness. (这种烧烤酱有浓烈的烟熏和甜味。)

3. Smack作为名词,是指“咂嘴声;一声脆响”(a sharp sound made by smacking)。


- She gave a loud smack with her lips to show her annoyance. (她发出了一声大咂嘴声,表达了她的不满。)

- The door closed with a loud smack. (门砰地一声关上了。)

4. Smack亦有的含义,指(a highly addictive drug derived from morphine)。


- He was caught with a small amount of smack in his possession. (他被抓到携带了少量。)

- The government is cracking down on the illegal distribution of smack. (正在打击非法分销的行为。)

5. Smack还可以作为副词,表示“直接、准确地”(directly and sharply)。


- She smacked him right in the face when he insulted her. (当他侮辱她的时候,她直接打在他的脸上。)

- The ball smacked into the wall with a loud thud. (球砰地一声撞在墙上。)


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