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unfold是什么意思 unfold的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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unfold是什么意思 unfold的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

英 [ʌnˈfəʊld] 美 [ʌnˈfoʊld]



1. He unfolded the map slowly.


2. The story of his life gradually unfolded.


3. The detective unfolded the mystery.


4. The future of the company will be unfolded at the conference.





例句:Unfortunately, it just may not unfold quickly enough for us to really understand why it's happening. (不幸的是 对于想要知道事实的我们来说 这些花开的还不够快)


例句:When these stabilizing interactions are disrupted, the molecules unfold or denature and typically lose biological activity. (当这些稳定作用因素被时,分子就会展开或变性,并且通常失去了它的生物活性。)


例句:Teaching children the beauty of books and watching their faces as books unfold to them is just fantastic. (教导孩子欣赏图书 而我则欣赏孩子看书的脸 这很美妙)


例句:Besides, he may unfold me to the Moor there stand I in much peril. (翻译:而且摩尔人也许会向他揭发我... ...那我就太危险了,他非死不可)


unfold一般作为动词使用,如在to unfold(展开)、unfold to(将(以前保密的事情)告诉)等常见短语中出现较多。

to unfold展开
unfold to将(以前保密的事情)告诉


1. Teaching children the beauty of books and watching their faces as books unfold to them is just fantastic. (翻译:教导孩子欣赏图书 而我则欣赏孩子看书的脸 这很美妙)

2. Besides, he may unfold me to the Moor there stand I in much peril. (翻译:而且摩尔人也许会向他揭发我... ...那我就太危险了,他非死不可)

3. And as mysterious as the source of the blaze, other mysteries began to unfold before the children's eyes. (翻译:其他的秘密... 就像那神秘的火焰... 也随之慢慢的展开于人前)

4. And because of this, things are going to change and unfold in ways that we can't even predict. (翻译:事物甚至会以我们不能的方式, 改变和呈现出来 )

5. That tightening of credit still looks at least several months off, if not longer, and could take a while to unfold. (翻译:这种收紧信贷之举看起来至少也是几个月之后的事情,其实施过程可能也会需要一段时间。)

6. Beijing may not be as much in the dark as other capitals about the events that are beginning to unfold in Pyongyang. (翻译:对于正在发生的事件,中国或许不会像其它国家那样被蒙在鼓里。)

7. Of course we'll be standing by to bring you all the updates of this terrible event as they unfold. (翻译:当然,我们将会站在给你带来 这个可怕的事件,因为他们的更新展开。)

8. Now, just a month left to the election, another smear campaign seems to unfold. (翻译:现在离选举只剩一个月,另一波抹黑行动看来已经展开了。)

9. But for all this to unfold, the Earth will need a critical partner. (翻译:但在呈现这一切之前, 地球还欠一个不可或缺的伙伴.)

10. After what I saw unfold on TV today, breaking up a family like this, that would be criminal. (翻译:今天在电视上看到那些画面 After what I saw unfold on TV today, 我如果拆散了这样团结的大家庭 breaking up a family like this, 真的是犯罪 that would be criminal.)

11. If I may, allow me to run you through the proceedings as I think they will unfold. (翻译:可以的话 请允许我先猜测一下 他们可能表现会怎样)

12. Araby is easier because it's linear, the story unfold chronologically. (翻译:《阿拉比》比较简单,因为它是线性的,故事按时间顺序展开。)

13. But what if we could watch entire lives as they unfold through time? (翻译:但如果我们可以从头到尾地 纵观人的一生呢? )

14. Now I would witness the drama unfold firsthand, albeit as a flunky . (翻译:现在我终于可以亲身参与到这场“戏剧”中,即使是个跑龙套的。)

15. It's Spring, and here in Central France an extraordinary story is about to unfold. (翻译:现在是春季 在法国中部 一个离奇的故事即将展开)




1. 定义 - “unfold”表示展开或展现某些事物的细节或过程,或者逐渐发现/揭示某些事情的。

2. 同义词 - “uncover”, “reveal”, “disclose”, “unfoldment”

3. 运用场景 - “unfold”可以应用于各种不同的语境。例如,你可以使用它来描述一个故事的情节逐渐展开,或者揭示一个人的真实性格或意图。

4. 词性 -“unfold”可以是动词也可以是名词。

5. 用法 - 在句子中,“unfold”通常以被动语态使用,表达某些事情正在逐渐展开。它也常常和其他动词的短语搭配,如“unfold the story”,“unfold the truth”等。


1. The events of the past week have gradually unfolded into a full-blown scandal. (过去一周的事件逐渐演变成了一场大丑闻。)

2. As the story unfolded, it became clear that the main character had a hidden agenda. (随着故事的展开,我们发现主角有一个隐藏的目的。)

3. The flower's petals began to unfold, revealing its beautiful colors. (花瓣开始展开,展现出其美丽的色彩。)

4. The detective slowly unfolded the mystery, answering all of our questions. (侦探慢慢地揭开了谜团,回答了我们的所有问题。)

5. The company's new strategy was slowly unfolding, and everyone was eager to see how it would work. (公司的新战略正在逐渐展开,所有人都很想看看它会有怎样的效果。)

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