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ensured是什么意思 ensured的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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ensured是什么意思 ensured的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




1. The new safety measures ensured that accidents would be reduced.


2. The company has ensured that all employees receive fair wages.


3. The insurance policy ensured that the family would be financially secure in case of an emergency.





例句:For decades this cosy form of capitalism ensured that competition was never too fierce and everyone prospered at least a bit. (几十年来,这种安逸的资本主义模式使得竞争从不太过激烈,每个人都能至少分一小杯羹。)


例句:The Hippodamia variegate is fed with the artificial feed, thereby the artificial propagation of the Hippodamia variegate is ensured. (本发明采用人工饲料进行多异瓢虫的饲养,为多异瓢虫的人工繁殖提供了保证。)


例句:Blades ensured a share of the spoils when Australian Adam Kwasnik equalised 11 minutes from time. (澳大利亚前锋亚当克瓦斯尼克在距离比赛结束还有11分钟的时候再次为谢菲联追平比分。)


例句:After some bickering with the Foreign Office, I ensured that he would be treated as a state visitor. (翻译:我同打了几次交道,才把他当作国宾接待。)


1. Blades ensured a share of the spoils when Australian Adam Kwasnik equalised 11 minutes from time. (翻译:澳大利亚前锋亚当克瓦斯尼克在距离比赛结束还有11分钟的时候再次为谢菲联追平比分。)

2. After some bickering with the Foreign Office, I ensured that he would be treated as a state visitor. (翻译:我同打了几次交道,才把他当作国宾接待。)

3. Any one of which would have ensured her safety, (翻译:任何一封都能保证她的安全 any one of which would have ensured her safety,)

4. A cantilever screw rod is arranged on the positioning bearing block and is ensured to be coaxial with a seal head cylinder body. (翻译:悬臂螺杆安装在定位轴承座上,并保证与封头筒体同轴。)

5. The international inspection team ensured that no yellowcake was missing. (翻译:国际监督小组保证,不会丢失任何镍矿石。)

6. Any more of that publicity and you will be ensured a place... on the lucrative lecture circuit. (翻译:要是再扩大点宣传 你就能进行巡回演讲来赚钱了)

7. For 20 years, my father has ensured that not one cop has ever knocked on your door. (翻译:20年来,我的父亲已经确保... ...... 没有一个曾经 敲你的门.)

8. We have constantly monitored these situations, and have unbeknown to you ensured that the affects are watered down. (翻译:我们已经不断地监控这些情况,并暗中确保不良影响被冲淡。)

9. That the traffic sign is ensured to be discerned and cognized exactly by drivers is a chiefly problem in traffic sign setting. (翻译:保证交通标志被驾驶员正确的识别和认知,是交通标志设置要考虑的首要问题。)

10. That way, you're ensured to have even nocks. (翻译:这个方法,你要保证一致的凹槽。)

11. Meanwhile, the technical opening difficulty can be improved and the safety and the reliability of theftproof door locks can be ensured. (翻译:同时也增加技术开启难度,保证了防盗门锁的安全与可靠性。)

12. Replacing 30% of the steam atmosphere of a gasifier with CO2 ensured that all the solid fuel was turned into syngas. (翻译:将气化炉内30%的蒸汽气体替换成二氧化碳,就能确保所有的固体燃料转化成合成气。)

13. Squaring up to North Korea ensured his reputation as a bulldozer travelled beyond the demilitarised zone. (翻译:对的强硬做法确保了他在非军事区之外“推土机”的称号。)

14. But he said the spread of the organization's ideology ensured a continuing threat. (翻译:但他说阿尔盖达组织的意识观念分布广泛,使得该组织能持续构成威胁。)

15. Their timing has ensured that they can make the most of feeding on a late-summer plankton bloom. (翻译:这个时机能确保它们 得以饱餐一顿,赶上浮游生物 在夏季最后一次大量出现)



1. 意义和用法:'ensured'是ensure的过去式,表示确保、保证、保障。该词通常用在正式文书、合同、政策、安排等场合,表示某项事情的保障已经得到了确认和落实。

2. 同义词和反义词:同义词包括guaranteed、secured,反义词包括risked、uncertain。

3. 语法:'ensured'通常用作动词的过去式或者过去分词形式,可以和各种时态、语态以及助动词形成各种复合结构来表达不同的意义。例如:have ensured、will be ensured、has been ensured等等。


1. The company has ensured the quality of its products by implementing strict inspection rules.(该公司通过实施严格的检查规则来保证产品的质量。)

2. The organizers have ensured that all partints will receive necessary equipment before the event.(组织者已经确保所有参与者在活动前会收到必要的装备。)

3. The new policy has ensured that everyone has equal access to education regardless of their background.(新政策确保每个人在教育方面都能平等获得机会,不受其背景的影响。)

4. The government has failed to ensure the safety of citizens in the disaster area.(未能确保灾区居民的安全。)

5. The researcher ensured the accuracy of his data by conducting multiple experiments.(研究者通过进行多次实验确保了数据的准确性。)

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