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percussion是什么意思 percussion的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

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percussion是什么意思 percussion的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释




1. She plays percussion in the school band.(她在校乐队中演奏打击乐器。)

2. The percussion section in this orchestra is amazing.(这个管弦乐队的打击乐器部分非常出色。)

3. The sound of heavy rain on the roof is a kind of natural percussion.(屋顶上的大雨声是一种自然的打击声。)




例句:Lene Kennison plays percussion. (莱恩·肯尼森演奏打击乐。)


例句:The part of a gunlock that hits the primer or firing pin or explodes the percussion cap and causes the gun to fire. (击铁,击锤:枪机中用来击发底火或击动撞针以击穿火帽,使得枪炮得以发射的部分。)


例句:Kiribati folk music is generally based around chanting or other forms of vocalizing, accompanied by body percussion. (基里巴斯民间音乐总体上基于伴随身体撞击声得着歌颂或其他形式的vocalizing。)

4.敲击 、叩击

例句:The track features Joey Langton on percussion. (翻译:唱片的这段乐曲是乔伊•兰顿演奏的打击乐。)


percussion一般作为名词使用,如在direct percussion([医] 直接叩诊)、drop percussion([医] 落槌叩诊, 勒奇氏叩诊)、finger percussion([医] 指叩诊)等常见短语中出现较多。

direct percussion[医] 直接叩诊
drop percussion[医] 落槌叩诊, 勒奇氏叩诊
finger percussion[医] 指叩诊
fist percussion[医] 拳叩诊
flat percussion平叩诊
force of percussion撞击力
hand percussion[网络] 手里的打击乐;打击类乐器
hepatic percussion肝脏叩诊
immediate percussion[医] 直接叩诊


1. Kiribati folk music is generally based around chanting or other forms of vocalizing, accompanied by body percussion. (翻译:基里巴斯民间音乐总体上基于伴随身体撞击声得着歌颂或其他形式的vocalizing。)

2. The track features Joey Langton on percussion. (翻译:唱片的这段乐曲是乔伊•兰顿演奏的打击乐。)

3. When he was young, he learned to play piano and developed a very particular way of playing his instrument: very fast and almost like a percussion. (翻译:他在年轻的时候学过钢琴, 自己开发出了一种 特别的方式来弹钢琴: 极快,几近于只是震动的方式。)

4. One of a pair of round metal cymbals attached to the fingers and struck together for rhythm and percussion in belly dancing. (翻译:对钗一种成对带在手指上的圆形金属铜钹,在肚皮舞中碰撞铜钹产生节奏和打击声)

5. Then furtively the percussion-cap box came out. He released the tick and put him on the long flat desk. (翻译:于是他悄悄地拿出那个筒子,把扁虱放出来,放在那条平平的长条书桌上。)

6. But the arrival of auscultation and percussion represented a sea change, a moment when physicians were beginning to look inside the body. (翻译:但听诊法和叩诊法的出现 意味着一个大变化 内科医生开始能探视人体内部 )

7. So the next time you are seeking percussion inspiration, look no further than your tires, as they roll over the unusual grooves of the freeway, or the top-right burner of your stove and that strange way that it clicks as it is preparing to light. (翻译:所以下次当你寻找打击乐的灵感时, 就去看看你的轮胎, 听听轮胎压过高速公路上 那些凸槽时发出的声音, 或者去看看炉子右上角的火眼, 听听它在准备点燃时 发出的奇怪的喀哒声。)

8. Compound transmission of the pandemonium with percussion and spasmodic frantic disintegration! (翻译:错乱的复合传播疾病 附带打击与间歇性神经)

9. The aperture-changeable super-microvacuum for is a key component in an extension project for percussion set to implement synchronizing radiation. (翻译:可变孔径超高真空盒系电子对撞机实施同步辐射装置扩建工程的关键部件。)

10. of that percussion player missing a cymbal crash or timpani bang! (翻译:打击乐演奏者会错过敲一下钹或锤一下定音鼓的时间!)

11. An ancient percussion instrument similar to a tambourine. (翻译:铃鼓,小手鼓类似于铃鼓的一种古代打击乐器)

12. In the majority of African cultures, women have been forbidden to play drums and percussion for a very long time. (翻译:在大多数非洲文化中, 很长一段时间里, 女性都被禁止演奏 鼓和打击乐器。)

13. I can't find replacements for percussion and celesta. (翻译:已经找过可替代的临时演奏了 可怎么都找不到铜锣手和钢琴手)

14. And the veteran musical adventurer Bjork toured this year with a West African percussion troupe and Chinese pipa virtuoso. (翻译:资深音乐冒险家碧玉,今年带著一支西非打击乐团和中国琵琶名家一起巡演。)

15. In my journey as a percussion teacher, I have realized that very many women actually want to play the drum, but at the same time, they fear it. (翻译:在我作为打击乐教师的旅程中, 我意识到很多的女性 其实是想演奏鼓的, 但同时, 她们害怕。)



I can explain about the word 'percussion' or its abbreviation from various aspects. Here are five aspects along with five English-Chinese example sentences:

1. Definition: Percussion refers to the family of musical instruments that produce sound by being struck, shaken or sed. It can also refer to the striking of an object to produce sound.

Example sentence:

- She played the percussion instruments in the school band. (她在学校管乐队里演奏打击乐器。)

- The sound of percussion instruments is an important part of many types of music. (打击乐器的声音是许多音乐类型中重要的一部分。)

2. Types: There are many different types of percussion instruments, including drums, maracas, cymbals, xylophones, and tambourines.

Example sentence:

- The percussion section of the orchestra includes many types of instruments. (管弦乐队的打击乐组包括许多类型的乐器。)

- The drummer used a variety of percussion instruments during the concert. (鼓手在音乐会上使用了各种打击乐器。)

3. Role in Music: Percussion instruments are often used to keep time and create rhythm in music, but they can also add color and texture to a performance.

Example sentence:

- The percussionists provided a steady beat for the choir to follow. (打击乐演奏者提供了一种稳定的节奏,供合唱团跟随。)

- The sound of the maracas added an exotic flavor to the salsa music. (沙沙声为莎莎音乐增添了异国情调。)

4. Techniques: Playing percussion instruments requires a variety of techniques, including striking, rubbing, and shaking the instrument.

Example sentence:

- The drummer demonstrated different techniques for playing the snare drum. (鼓手演示了不同的演奏军鼓的技巧。)

- The percussionist used a mallet to strike the xylophone. (打击乐演奏者用槌敲击木琴。)

5. Famous Percussionists: There have been many famous percussionists throughout history, including Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and Sheila E.

Example sentence:

- Buddy Rich was known for his incredible speed and precision on the drums. (巴迪·里奇以他在鼓上的惊人速度和精确度而闻名。)

- Sheila E. has been a popular percussionist and singer for more than three decades. (希拉·伊已经成为一名受欢迎的打击乐演奏者和歌手超过三十年。)

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