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关于”月亮的短句“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Short sentence of the moon。以下是关于月亮的短句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentence of the moon

1、In Propertius's love elegies, the first line of the first poem reads "Cynthia was the first to capture me with her eyes". 普罗佩提乌斯的爱情挽歌,第一句是这样写的:"月亮女神用她的眼神俘虏了我的心。"

2、The moon shines on my bed. 照在床前的亮光。

3、An annular eclipse occurs when the moon does not cover the entire disc of the sun so that a ring of light encircles the of the moon. 当月亮不能完全遮住太阳时,月亮影子的周围就会有一圈亮光,日环食就发生了。

4、The eclipse was ending; the earth's was beginning to move away. The light got brighter. 然后,他指指月亮,月食正接近尾声,地球的阴影开始移开,光线越来越亮。

5、O! Swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon. That monthly changes in her circled orb. Lest that thy love prove likewise variable. 啊!不要对着月亮起誓,那变化莫测的月,时有盈缺,别让你的爱如同月亮一样无常。

6、And the headpiece represents the moon. 头上的这个代表月亮。

7、Observations of the Moon were made from Mount Macedon in Victoria, for around three days each month when the Moon was rising or setting. 对月亮的观察是在维多利亚州的马其顿山上进行的,每个月约三天,在月亮升起或落下时进行。

8、The Moon's brightness varies throughout its annual cycle, during the mid-winter in the northern hemisphere it can appear brighter simply because it is higher in the sky. 月球的亮度随着轨道位置的变化而变化,在北半球的深冬,月亮会更亮,因为它在天空中更高。

9、The moon has not yet risen. 月亮还没有升起。

10、I grew up in the moon alone, in her one person's heaven. Cold weather, my moon, no father and mother. 我的月亮独自长大,在她一个人的天上。天冷了,我的月亮没有爹娘。

11、I am too happy to stand faint! NO.17 月亮代表我的心!

12、Here’s a short video primer on supermoons and supermoon-mania by some folks who know a thing or two about the moon… NASA 这里有一段关于“超级月亮”的简短视频,是由一些对探月研究略懂一二的非专业超级月亮迷们发布的。

13、On that night, the moon appears to be at its roundest and brightest. 在那天晚上,月亮看起来最圆、最亮。

14、During totality, the Moon tracked through the northern part of the Earth's dark umbral , so the southern half appeared considerably darker than the northern part. 在月全食的过程中,月亮会经过地球本影的北部,因此月亮下半部分会比上半部分暗一些。

15、The heavens bleed, through open wounds, the dim light of the Moon. 苍穹泣血,她痛苦的伤口,正是月亮那昏沉的光亮。

16、Days and nights are very long on the moon , where one day is as long as two weeks on the earth. 在月亮上,白天和黑天都相当长,月亮上的一天等于地球上的两周。

17、The moon encircles the earth. 月亮绕着地球运行。

18、You got me chasin' rabbits, pickin' out rings and Howlin' At The Moon. 是你让我心烦意乱,费心选戒,对着月亮长吁短叹。

19、It is moon-driven, forever. 它是月亮驱动,永远。

20、The moonbeam lights up my memory. 月光照亮了记忆。

21、Juliet: O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, who monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable. 朱丽叶:不要向月亮发誓,以免你的爱也像那变化无常的月亮,在环绕的天穹之上,每月都在变幻。

22、The moon can't always be full. 月亮不可能常圆。

23、The moonbeam shines my memory. 月光照亮了记忆。

24、Moonlit night, stubby pines. 夜,短松冈。

25、A setting moon , as bright as snow , hanging high in the sky , and no one laughs it's lack. 我记得有一句:月虽残,亮如雪,高挂天空谁笑缺。


26、Beautiful moon that shineth by night. 美丽的月亮辉映着夜晚。

27、Lenore said she wanted the moon. 丽诺儿说她要月亮。

28、With my bamboo pen holding bright stars, the moon I portray. 用我那镶着明亮星辰的竹笔,我把月亮描画。

29、You got me chasin' rabbits, walkin' on my hands and howlin' at the moon. 是你让我心烦意乱,手足无措,对着月亮长吁短叹。

30、The moon put on their underpants. 月亮穿起了她们的裤衩。

31、People's love for the moon and the nostalgia spirit inspired literary men to create great works about the moon. 对月亮的热爱和思乡之情激发文人墨客去创作有关月亮的佳作。

32、The sun shines by day, the moon shines by night. 太阳在白天光芒万丈,月亮在夜晚明亮;

33、In Chinese mythology, Jade Rabbit lives on the moon where it makes herbal medicine. The rabbit is also mentioned in the novel Journey to the West. 没错,嫦娥就是中国的月亮女神了。在中国的神话传说中,月亮上还有一只捣药的月兔。

34、once in a blue moon 出蓝月亮的时候(稀罕,少见)

35、You got me chasin' Rabbits, spittin' out teeth and Howlin' At The Moon. 是你让我心烦意乱,咬碎钢牙,对着月亮长吁短叹。

36、the moonlight stands for my heart! 月亮代表地心低落!

37、I am too happy to stand faint! 16、月亮代表我的心!

38、The moon is shinning sadly. 月亮伤心地照耀着。

39、The moon blotted out the sun. 月亮遮暗太阳。

40、Tonight the moon is to the east (or left) of Spica. This motion of the moon on our sky's dome is due to the moon's actual motion in orbit around Earth. 今晚月亮将在天门星东方或(左侧)月亮在我们天空弧顶的该运动是因为月亮在轨道上的实际运动是绕着地球转。

41、Who controlled the silver-like moon. 他管着银子样的月亮。

42、Tonight, however, the glary moon won't set till after midnight. 但是在今晚,明亮的月亮到午夜以后才会下去。

43、Do you understand the moon's lonely? 可谁会懂月亮的寂寞?

44、The places in question would be deep in craters at the moon’s poles—places, in other words, where the sun don’t shine. “某些角落”可能是月亮上陨石坑洞口的深处,换句话说,可能是太阳照不到的地方。

45、We look at the moon while eating moon cakes. 我们一边看月亮一边吃月饼。

46、The moon kindled the field. 月光照亮了田野。

47、This was providential rest and shelter until the moon rose. 在月亮出来之前这里可以做短暂的休息和庇护所。

48、Back to school for half a month. Short Sep . p so fast! 开学半个月了!短短的九月就这样咻一下就过去了!

49、A long exposure time captured stars in this photo—and the brief balanced light from both a fading moon and a brightening eastern sky. 长时间曝光捕捉到照片中的星星,以及淡出的月亮和明亮的东部天空短暂的平衡光。

50、The extreme supermoon has passed without disaster. But around the world people took amazing pictures of the largest moon humans have seen since 1993. 最大的超级月亮终于在人们的议论中如期而至。世界各地的人拍下了令人称奇的超级大月亮的照片,这是自1993年人类见过的最大月亮。


51、A total lunar eclipse occurs as the full moon is ed by the Earth on the arrival of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, on December 21, 2010 in Truckee, California. 当地球完全遮住了月亮的时候,就发生了月全食。2010年12月21号冬至,一年中一天最短的时候,在加利福利亚州的特拉基看到的月全食。

52、Since the average lunar perigee is 364,397 km (226,432 mi), on March 19 the moon was about 7,820 km (4,860 mi) closer to the earth. 由于月球表面距地球的平均近地点距离约为364,397KM(26 432米)。19日晚的超级月亮距地球的距离在此平均值的基础上又缩短了近7820KM(4860米)。

53、The moon of round circle resembles bending bend. 圆圆的月亮像弯弓。

54、"The moon is broken, but Daddy can fix it," I said at the age of 3, pointing to the rind of a waning moon. “即使月亮破碎了,爸爸也可以解决” 我在3岁时指着残月的外表说过这句话。

55、The sun then appears as a very bright ring around the moon. 那时太阳就像一个明亮的圆环绕在月亮外围。

56、It also offered early morning risers a tantalizing view of earthshine , the dark portion of the lunar disk illuminated by sunlight reflected from the Earth. 同时还让早起者看到了短暂的地照影像,月球盘面黑暗的部分被地球的反照光照亮。

57、If the sun and moon should doubt. 太阳月亮若起疑。

58、But it will be brightest in the second half of September. 而9月下半月将是它最明亮的时候。

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