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1、For the practical and commercial use of quantum cryptography , we need to distribute keys among many users. 量子密码术要走向实用化,必须实现多用户间的量子密钥分配。

2、Now to explain what is the meaning of Smecta : it's Korean modal particle, do the sentence suffixes, has no real meaning, similar to the " Sichuan " ". 现在来解说思密达是什么意思:它其实是韩语的语气助词,做句子后缀,无实义,类似于四川话的“撒”。

3、The ESB can process the request message to deal with any syntactic mismatches between the consumer instance and the actual provider instance that processes the request. ESB 可以处理该请求消息,以解决使用者实例与处理该请求的实际提供者实例之间的任何句法差异。

4、In other words, the very fact that we feel we must nag is itself evidence that nagging doesn't work. 换句话说,我们觉得必须唠叨的事实也证实了唠叨起不了作用。

5、Dashan: It does. Actually, I wouldn't taking some weight off my feet, too. 大山:确实有。说句实话我也想歇歇脚。

6、Dashan: It does. Actually, I wouldn't mind taking some weight off my feet, too. 大山:确实有。说句实话我也想歇歇脚。

7、The baggage was properly roped up and conveyed to the airport. 行李用绳子结结实实地捆好,送到了。

8、In other words, if the directions in the SAD together with the actual Use-Case Specification are sufficient for the developer to build the code of the use case, the Use-Case Realization is empty. 换句话说,如果 SAD 中的指示,连同实际的用例规格说明对开发人员来说足够构建用例的代码,那么用例实现 就是空的。

9、But the words are seldom connected to action. 但是这句话很少付于实践。

10、he''s a very nice fellow though badtempered. 21. you can count on it.你尽管相信好了,尽管放心。

11、Today I reviewed the beautiful English sentences of that I ever collected form LZs and LYs bolg. I felt it is very beautiful , very useful, very powerful for me , so it was showed here. 今天我在看以前从老张和李阳老师那收集来的句子,再次觉得实在是太美了,太有用了,太有力量了!

12、The default handler does nothing -- it is just a stub implementation -- but it is complete, and so I'm using it here as a base class for the graphing event-handler class. 默认句柄什么也不做——它只是一个 stub 实现——但是它是完整的, 所以我在这里用它作为图形事件句柄类的基类。

13、Determine how "relevant" your newsletter content is to your subscribers. 看一下你的电子通讯刊物内容实际上对你的用户的“实用性”。

14、The if-then statement uses the parameter values that are passed in from a rule instance. if-then 语句使用从规则实例传入的参数值。

15、This is a true story, by the way. 顺便说一句,这是一个真实的故事。

16、“We essentially traded stuff for togetherness and connectedness, ” Mr. Salwen told me, adding, “I can’t figure out why everybody wouldn’t want that deal.” “实际上,我们用大房子换来了共处的时光和彼此的亲密联系。” 萨尔文先生这样和我说,又加了一句,“我想不出谁会不这么干。”

17、The calves would have to be lassoed and roped up . 小牛要用套索套住,用绳子捆得结结实实。

18、 i''m not going to kid you.我不是跟你开玩笑的。

19、HANDLE. h HANDLE. c-console, using the nested structure and handle, to achieve information hiding small procedures. 控制台下,利用结构嵌套和句柄,来实现信息隐藏的小程序。

20、To achieve this mapping, you may include conditional compilation #ifdef in places where you access the registers. 要实现这种映射,在访问这些寄存器中的地方可以使用条件编译 #ifdef 语句。

21、Present the standard query sentences to the user as a feedback, letting one confirms if this is what he wanted to inquire about, realizing user-computer interaction. 同时此法所得出的规范化问句将反馈给用户,用于用户确认,实现了人机交互。

22、The access control module of DSPS enforces tuple level MAC through Integrity lock and enforce attribute level MAC through SQL commands parsing and controlling. 访问控制模块利用完整性锁结构实现元组级强制访问控制,利用SQL语句分析实现属性级强制访问控制。

23、believe me,i was prepared for everything,except you. —这一句很实用,很有想象力啊,大家可以学学。

24、A proper part-time job does not occupy student’s too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. 一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多的时间,事实上,把全部的时间都用到学习上并不健康,正如那句老话:只工作,不玩耍,聪明的孩子会变傻.

25、Objective: We studied this subject in order to verify its increasing efficacy and decreasing toxicity through the compatibility of Nux Vomica and earthworm. 目的:为了验证马钱子散的配伍减毒增效作用,进行了马钱子散的配伍减毒作用实验研究和马钱子散的配伍增效作用实验研究。


26、I can explain it with one real example. 我能用一个真实的例子来解释。

27、i was deeply moved by the film and i cried and cried. i just couldn''t help it. 3. don''t take it to heart.别往心里去,别为此而忧虑伤神。

28、With a pretest-test-posttest design, it investigates the impact of recast and clarification request, noticing, and modified output on EFL question development. 基于这一假设,采用实验前测-实验-实验后测的研究方法,探究上述三个因素对英语问句习得发展的影响。

29、Production study of negative ion beam from 8 kinds of element was performed with 200 Model intensive sputter source. 在离子源实验台架上,利用200型强流溅射离子源进行8种元素的负离子出束实验研究。

30、For instance, the coding logic of programs and the actual SQL statements used therein could be classified as application design. 例如,程序的编码逻辑和其中使用的实际的 SQL 语句,可以列为应用程序设计一类。

31、In other words, BPEL4WS provides all the tools to create robust executable business processes; it is up to the partners to express meaningful e-business dialogues using these tools. 换句话来说,BPEL4WS提供了用以创建健壮的可执行业务流程的所有工具;而由合作伙伴使用这些工具来实现有意义的电子商务对话。

32、Strong cloth lined the trunk. 这箱子用很结实的布作衬里。

33、Create three new binding statements, each referring to one of the nodes in the editor instance. 创建三个新的绑定语句,每个引用编辑器实例中的一个节点。

34、Actually the counter- righteousness questionsentence has gone to school in the junior middle school, but can usethe Chinese students are not many. 其实反义疑问句在初中就学过了,但是会用的中国学生不多。

35、And so it generally is, especially if the alternative to talking is fighting. 而且一般来说也确实如此,尤其是当用这句话代替“对话就是战斗”时。

36、Big, thick sticks were being used. 他们使用了粗大、厚实的棍子。

37、They can also be changed by being the argument of an out or inout parameter in a call statement 也可以作为调用语句的 out 或 input 参数的实参进行修改。

38、She placed the nail and hammered it into the thick log wall. 她立好钉子,用锤子将它敲入厚实的木墙。

39、The strong rope is twisted from 4 ropes. 这条结实的绳子是用4条绳子搓成的。

40、This construct is used to return to the calling application the actual error that caused the statement to fail, as shown in Listing 17. 该结构用于将实际的错误返回给调用应用程序,这个错误致使语句执行失败,如清单 17 所示。

41、By the way, the fact that people exchange houses proves that the value of the house vary from the people who use it, not just decided by the cost. 附带说一句,换房的事实证明,房子的价值还随着谁在使用它而不同,并非仅仅决定于盖房花了多少成本。

42、Whether it's remembering to put on sun screen or bringing enough drinking water, you'll want to know some of these useful English expressions. 不论是要记得擦上防晒油或是带上充分的饮用水等等都要张罗,以下这些实用的美语句子将会是您的得力小帮手喔!

43、Combing E-business activities on campus and E-business experiment teaching will create a new way in E-business experiment teaching, and it will foster students' innovative ability. 开设创业性电子商务实验,将校园电子商务实践活动与电子商务实验教学相结合,开辟电子商务实验教学新途径,培养具有开拓创新能力的电子商务实用人才。

44、There is not a particle of truth in what you said. 你所说的没有一句是实话。

45、Experiment One applied the self-paced moving window technique and found significant difference in the unambiguity section of both temporarily ambiguous and non-ambiguous sentences. 实验一采用自定速移动视窗技术,发现歧义句和无歧义句解歧区的阅读时间存在显著差异。

46、Automate electronic publishing using Calibre's command-line utilities 使用 Calibre 的命令行实用工具自动化电子出版

47、 you are a great help.你帮了大忙

48、Believe me,I was prepared for everything,except you. —这一句很实用,很有想象力啊,大家可以学学。

49、In fact, you can use SQL UPDATE statements to change the values of statistical columns in updatable catalog views. 实际上,您可以使用 SQL UPDATE 语句来更改可更新编目视图中的统计列。

50、The single-photon prompt detection can come true for high repetition-rate pulses. The applying of this detector will largely raise the code rate of the QKD, and boost the commercial use. 利用它可实现快速的单光子探测,提高量子密钥分配系统的码率,促进量子密钥分配系统的实际应用。


51、How can a person achieve his ultimate goal without longtime practices and continuous attempts? 接着采用了语气非常强烈的反问句--没有长时间的实践和不断的努力,一个人又怎能实现最终的目标?

52、Collect section actuals for statement of interest 为关注的语句收集片段实绩

53、We argue that as languages differ, while English boasts its "end-weight principle", Chinese is free from the so-called principle in terms of "weight" at sentence level. 由于语言类型差异,在句子层面,英语中确实存在“末端重量原则”,汉语中其实并不存在“重量”方面的“原则”。

54、I was deeply moved by the film and I cried and cried. I just couldn''t help it. 3. Don''t take it to heart.别往心里去,别为此而忧虑伤神。

55、This seems to me only re-stating the fact in dignified language. 由我看来,这不过是用修饰词句把事实重述罢了。

56、There is nothing on your business! 这没你的事!

57、Packing in sy wooden cases is essential. Cases must be nailed and secured by overall metal strapping. 使用壮实的木箱包装是必须的。箱子必须用钉子钉住,并且用金属带片面添固。

58、In fact, I'll end with a nice quote. 实际上,我想引用一句不错的话来结束这一课

59、“The greatest significance of our work is that our experimental results bring closure to the debate on the true speed of information carried by a single photon,” Du told PhysOrg.com. 我们的最大成就是,我们的实验结果将关于由单个光子携带的信息的真实速度的争论画上了句号。

60、Use of optical solitons singular characteristics, can achieve optical solitons communications. 利用光孤子的奇异特性,可以实现光孤子通信。

61、At last the combined effect of small space debris impact and atomic oxygen and small space debris impact induced discharge was presented. 利用等离子体和基于潘宁离子源的原子氧模拟器进行了实验,证实了原子氧与碎片存在协同作用。

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