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导读: 32个,关于”浪漫的爱情句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:。以下是关于浪漫的爱情句子的四级英语句子。




1、This romantic gold and rhodium-plated bracelet features two entwined hearts, symbolising unity and love. 浪漫,妩媚又时尚- 镀金色和镀白金色手链有两颗交错的心,象征和谐和爱情。

2、Aegean Roubo also gives their romance and affection. Love is free, marriage is sacred, no one can interfere with . 爱琴海的柔波又付与了他们浪漫和温情。恋爱是自在的,婚姻是崇高的,没有任何人能够干涉干与。

3、The song soon became a karaoke favorite, and since then, each of her als has contained love ballads, such as Love You More and Hearsay. 从那时起,她的每张专辑都是浪漫情歌风格,例如很爱很爱你和听说。

4、The word, love in the romantic sense, is something that would take so much out of me to say to a person. 爱,浪漫的爱,是需要全情投入才能说出口的字,是对那位你将与之共渡一生的人说出的字。

5、Neediness is so common that we think it’s a sign of romantic love. 需求如此普遍以至于我们认为她是浪漫爱情的一个迹象。

6、Lucy: It is said that there is also a beautiful love story behind the video, a romantic long-distance love. 据说视频背后还有一个美丽的爱情故事,是浪漫的异国恋。

7、On Valentine's Day people ususlly send romantic cards to someone they love or want to be loved by. 在情人节这一天,人们爱谁或想得到谁的爱,就可给那个人寄去充满浪漫情趣的卡片。

8、A cute couple cycling in the park? Is that Ah Wu's idea of a romantic date? You got to watch the eode to find out! 可爱的小情侣在公园骑脚车?阿武的浪漫情节是这样的吗?看节目就知道啦!

9、Certainly loathing can spring from positive feelings, such as romantic love (in the guise of a former partner or perceived rival). 当然憎恨可以从正面的感情而来,比如浪漫的爱情(掩盖在前男、女友或感知到的情敌)。

10、Aphrodite The goddess of love and beauty, also called Cytherea. 阿佛洛狄忒——爱、浪漫和美之神。

11、Wonderful though it is, romantic love is unstable—not a good basis for child-rearing. 尽管浪漫的爱情如此奇妙,但它却并不稳定——这绝非养儿育女的良好基础。

12、Becker allowed nonmonetary elements, like romantic love and companionship, to be entered into courtship\'s profit and loss statement. Becker允许将一些非货币因素,比如浪漫的爱情和友谊,加入到求爱时期的损益表中。

13、While women fantasise about love and romance, men fantasise about fast cars, bigger computers, boats and motorcycles. 当女人幻想爱情与浪漫时,男人幻想快速汽车、更大的电脑、船和摩托车。

14、Jennifer, posing alongside co-star Aaron Eckhart says that despite being unlucky in love she's still romantic and believes in love. 詹妮弗和阿伦·艾克哈特相拥,詹妮弗说尽管她的爱情之路很不顺利,但她仍然喜欢浪漫而且也相信爱情的存在。

15、Humble to you beg alleged romantic love, you but selfless dedication you so-called le of friendship. 低微的向你讨乞所说的浪漫的爱情,你却忘我呈献了你所说的高尚的友情。

16、Lover are specially affectionate and they ofter show their affection by giving each other romantic gifts. 恋人间更是洋溢着温情,他们常常来互赠浪漫的礼物来表达爱慕。

17、The tales of these Great Lovers have been told and retold many times over. What do they tell us about love and romance - then and now? 伟大情人经典爱情故事已经被讲述过无数遍了,但它们在过去和现在给我们所揭示的爱情和浪漫又是什么呢?

18、The light-hearted Moon in Gemini dances in your 5th House of Romance from Thursday to Saay evening. 周四到周六晚上,轻松的双子月亮在你掌管爱情和浪漫的第五宫翩翩起舞。

19、Romantic ups and downs apparently have a greater effect on the mental health of young men than women. 很明显浪漫爱情的起起伏伏对男人在精神的影响比女人要多。

20、Edward Elgar, Romance for bassoon and orchestra, op. 62 爱德华爱尔加。浪漫曲, 巴松与乐队。

21、Others disagree, arguing that romantic love is more like the state of "being a wild pig". 其他人则并不认同,认为浪漫爱情跟“像头野猪一样”的情况更为类似,具有文化特异性。

22、As a festival for love and romance, Valentine`s Day provides us with a splendid opportunity to spend some quality time with our truelove. 情人节来啦! 这个充满爱意的浪漫节日是你与爱人共度美好时光的绝佳机会。

23、The researchers also found that men get greater emotional benefits from the positive aspects of an ongoing romance. 研究者也发现男人也会从进行中的浪漫爱情中情感上可以得到更多的快乐。

24、Love in tragedies was for the most part loftily, romantic. 悲剧里的恋爱大多数是崇高的浪漫。

25、Chocolate is the traditional gift of love, ranking right up there with roses as the most romantic gift one can give. 巧克力是爱情的传统礼物,在表达爱意的最浪漫礼物中有着与玫瑰同等的地位。


26、Acevedo and Aron take this as evidence that romantic love can endure. 阿塞维多和阿伦将这一现象作为浪漫爱情可以延续的依据。

27、Make a Hanging Mobile: You can hang your love for someone with a romantic hanging mobile! 悬挂饰物:你可以把你对某人的爱情挂在一个浪漫的吊饰上!

28、Valentines are especially for soul mates and sweethearts. This is a day where love is spread and friendship is enhanced. 情人节是特别献给爱侣和情人的,是传播爱情和加深友谊的,这是xx年中最浪漫的一天!

29、Contestants in Yueyang Group take a cultural exploration in Junshan Island-the Romance island today. 岳阳组选手今天来到了浪漫的爱情岛——君山进行游览体验。

30、The romantics would call this a love story: the cynics would call it a tragedy. 浪漫的人把这称为爱情故事;愤世嫉俗的则定义为悲剧。

31、Romantic love can last a lifetime and lead to happier, healthier relationships. 浪漫爱情可以持续一生,并且变得越来越幸福,越来越健康。

32、Seeds of love between Lucky and Aditya are sown in the cemetery where they share many subtly romantic moments. 幸运之间的爱情和阿迪蒂亚播种在墓地,他们有着许多微妙的浪漫时刻。

33、A splendid idea on Valentine`s Day is to open your heart to your sweet one and let know your feelings for her. 情人节浪漫点子之一就是向爱人倾诉衷肠,让她了解你的内心世界。

34、In the packaging and product design and development, Rong He has romantic love and cultural elements. 在产品的包装与设计及开发中,溶合了浪漫的爱情文化元素。

35、Romantic love has no bearing on this process, say these lawyers, who consider prenups to be business agreements. 这些律师认为,婚前契约是一个商业协议,浪漫的爱情与此过程无关。

36、Both of them love a long lasting relationship and there will be no dearth of loyalty and romance. 他们之间的爱情将是天长地久、至死不渝而又浪漫美好的。

37、For a book purportedly about love, the Barthes didn’t look very romantic. 虽然巴特这本书号称是关于爱情的,但它看上去并不怎么浪漫。

38、I am looking for an honest, kind hearted, humorous, romantic, and loyal in love man. 我寻找一位诚实,善良,幽默,浪漫,对爱情专一的男士。

39、In fact I did a brain study and we found that romantic love can be sustained. 事实上我曾做过一项大脑研究,我发现浪漫的爱情是可以维系的。

40、The holiday places special emphasis on romantic love, so it’s a day to spend with a sweetheart or spouse. 一到假日,浪漫爱情就显得分外重要,因此,这一天应该和心爱的人或者配偶一起度过。

41、A third study found that fans of romantic comedies had far stronger beliefs in predestined love. 第三次研究发现,爱看浪漫爱情喜剧的人对于缘份的信奉远超过其他人。

42、But once romantic love begins in earnest, it is one of the strongest drives on Earth. 真挚浪漫的爱情一旦开始,它就成为了地球上最强大的动力之一。

43、And to love people and can not love people in the political arena This is the most romantic love of two. 和能爱的人,相濡以沫;和不能爱的人,相忘于江湖。这是两种最为浪漫的爱情。

44、But Linden says these adaptations turn out to have some surprising payoffs, like romantic love. 但林登说,这些进化也有一些令人吃惊的回报: 比如说,浪漫的人类爱情。

45、Ten years can wear down a romantic relationship, or it can let love blossom. xx年的时间究竟是可以消耗掉一段浪漫的感情,还是可以让爱开花结果呢?

46、This love series is related to ZhuangGuMing guide fu abortion in a romantic travel, find their own lover betrayed love oath. 这部爱情剧集是叙述庄家明与导游傅小月在一次浪漫的旅游时,各自发现自己的情人背叛了爱誓。

47、For a romantic twist, the caring couple can prepare their nutritious meals together; 为增加浪漫的情调, 互相关爱的夫妻可以一起准备营养餐;

48、Love, an accidental meeting, a deep seated romance, an affection that can never be separated by time. 爱情,一个偶然的相遇,一种深植的浪漫,是永远不会被时间分离的感情。

49、Small cattle victory to give advice, romantic love to recover gold stupa, decided to use a variety of classic love movie clips packing cattle victory. 小万给牛胜利出主意,用浪漫的爱情追回金多宝,决定用各种经典爱情电影桥段包装牛胜利。

50、It has long been said that music is the food of love and many people will turn to romantic tunes such as those by Marvin Gaye or Barry White to create the right mood. 长期以来,音乐都被认为是爱情的养料,恋爱中的许多人都爱听浪漫情歌。


51、You probably appreciate a good romance novel or love story and would make a good marriage partner. 你可能会欣赏一部浪漫的小说或是爱情故事,也会是一个好的结婚对象。

52、On the power of flash marriage laughter is has the tears of romantic comedy springs. 送上这个闪婚当道的有欢笑有泪水的王道浪漫爱情喜剧。

53、Each letter from one would bring forth warm response from the other as a seed falling on a fertile soil is likely grow into a plant. 每一封信都如一颗撒入肥沃的心灵之土,浪漫的爱情之花就要绽开。

54、They can never be the thing that romantic love wants them to be: the answer to everything. 他们永远都不能成为浪漫主义爱情所要求的人:解答一切问题的答案。

55、One might think such an experience would sour me to love and bring back, with a vengeance, my scowling hostility to romance. 也许有人认为这样的一段经历会让我憎恶爱情、让我对浪漫爱情的敌意重新唤起。

56、Speaking of her love, has become a romantic balderdash. 爱对她来讲,已经成为一种浪漫的梦呓。

57、Recently, Alexey Tymoshenko, a photographer from Ukraine, captured a romantic drama between two lizards. 近日,乌克兰摄影师阿克列谢•季莫申科拍摄到了两只蜥蜴的浪漫爱情故事。

58、On Valentine"s Day people usually send romantic cards to someone they love or want to be loved by." 在恋人节这一天,人们爱谁或意料患上到谁的爱,就可给那小我私人寄去布满浪漫情致的卡片。

59、Eternal subject of love, romantic story plots, impressive songs and melodies plus the dazzling stage effects…. , all contributes to this wonderful dream presentation. 永恒的爱情、浪漫的故事情节、难忘的金曲、绚烂的舞台效果,共同铸造了这个美丽的梦。

60、Waiting for the perfect and romantic love, I've made preparations for the tempest in thunderous night. 我期待完美浪漫的爱情,就像是在雷电交加的夜晚等待暴风雨的到来。

61、There are many moving love legends, which give many romantic auras to Hangzhou. 这里有很多感人的的爱情传说,给杭州平添了几分浪漫的气氛。

62、" final tattooist " the love that is a romance piece, with the setting photograph back of the Second World War. 《最后的纹身》是一个浪漫的爱情片,与第二次世界大战的背景相背。

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