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导读: 28个,关于”浅谈商务的语言特点“的英语句子28个,句子主体:On the language characteristics of business。以下是关于浅谈商务的语言特点的专业英语句子。


关于”浅谈商务的语言特点“的英语句子28个,句子主体:On the language characteristics of business。以下是关于浅谈商务的语言特点的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:On the language characteristics of business

1、Y. S – A stylish chamber in the business villa & delicate language cl in your flavor. 商务别墅里的时尚语言会所,您会爱上的精致语言课堂。

2、Speaking in a language the customer understands is key to good communication in any business. “以客户理解的语言同他们交谈”是任何商务交流的成功之道。

3、Do not put it too blunty. Negotiation is an cooperate art. Business negotiation always comes to terms. The employ words are characteristic reflectes in negotiation language. 要当令运用含糊言语。会谈,说到底是一门妥协地艺术。商务会谈普通老是以互相妥协而了结,而反映在会谈言语上则是以措辞折中为特征。

4、It is generally thought that business contract belongs to the frozen style, which is one of the highest formal degrees in the literary style. 它既具有商务英语特点又具有法律英语特点的语言一般而言,商务合同英语属庄重文体,即各种英语中正式程度最高的一种。

5、The quiet wine corner, the complete-functional administrative and business center and meeting rooms, and the hospitality of the property keeping service… All these are supplied to the guests. 特设专用酒廊,让您可安坐其间浅酌小谈; 同时备有功能设施完善的行政商务中心,会议室及热情周到的管家服务。

6、We'll talk about what languages share, we'll talk about how language develops, and we'll talk about language and communication in nonhumans. 我们将会谈及各种语言的共性,谈及语言的发展,以及非人类的语言交流。

7、English is now the world is a language most widely, especially in the growing today, Business English is a very popular area. 英语现在在世界是一门最广的语言,特别是在日益发展的今天,商务英语是个很热门的专业。

8、Abstract: : Students majored in business English in polytechnics should acquire language competence, business skills and cross-culture communication ability. 摘要:高职商务英语专业学生需要具备良好的语言能力、熟练的商务业务能力及较强的跨文化交际能力。

9、All these are related to language mentality and language features. 这与语言心理、语言特点有关。

10、The thesis examines teacher code-switching in BE claoom from the perspective of the theory of linguistic adaptation. 本文从语言顺应论的角度分析研究了商务英语课堂教师英汉语码转换现象,重点探讨了其功能和顺应性。

11、Sometimes people use poker faces when negotiating a business deal. 有时人们也将脸这个短语应用于商务谈判。

12、We'll talk about what languages share, we'll talk about how language develops, and we'll talk about language and communication in nonhumans. 我们将会谈及各种语言的共性,谈及语言的发展,以及非人类的语言交流

13、The modeling language is a proprietary one, reducing intuitiveness. 建模语言也是厂商特有的,缺乏直观性。

14、Expressions are a frequently used pragmatic strategy of politeness language in the international business negotiation. 委婉表达是商务谈判中一种常见的礼貌语言语用策略。

15、These strategies can be lied to establish business relations on the basis of equality and mutual benefit by the medium of business English correspondence. 语言策略好的商务英语公函,又有利于交易双方在平等互利的基础上建立和发展商务。

16、Euphemistic Expressions are a frequently used pragmatic strategy of politeness language in the international business negotiation. 委婉表达是商务谈判中一种常见的礼貌语言语用策略。

17、Based on this starting point, this thesis focuses on some language and stylistic features of news English, a special style in the English language. 基于这一点,本文着重探讨了英语语言中的一个特殊语体(新闻英语)的文体特点及语言特征。

18、The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) has become the de facto standard language for describing business processes and business interaction protocols. 商业流程执行语言(BPEL4WS)已经成为定义商业流程和业务交互协议的标准语言。

19、The man who nod to smile apologetically is in the business in negotiating. 点头陪笑的男人,是在商务谈判中。

20、The pegenius tingks foundered on a significould like lack of trust. 由于短缺根本信赖,商务本。和平媾和搁浅。看着商务。

21、Given these similarities, it’s not surprising that language would be similar when we talk about business and sports. 有这些相同点,谈论商业和运动的语言有很多相似处也就不足为奇了。

22、In business negotiations, civility of the language, implicit and euphemistic expressions, and courteous behaviors are essential factors to reach favorable agreements to both sides. 在商务谈判中,为了达成有利于双方的协议,文明礼貌的语言,含蓄委婉的表达,彬彬有礼的举止都是谈判成功的必要因素。

23、Students majored in business English in polytechnics should acquire language competence, business skills and cross-culture communication ability. 高职商务专业学生需要具备良好的语言能力、熟练的商务业务能力及较强的跨文化交际能力。

24、Business negotiation always comes to terms. The employ words are characteristic reflectes in negotiation language. 商务谈判一般总是以相互妥协而告终,而反映在谈判语言上则是以措辞折中为特色。

25、Certainly, any activity requiring serious precision — legal proceedings, business discussions, diplomatic negotiations — will still need expert human translators. 当然,需要语言精确表述的活动:诉讼、商务谈判、外交谈判,还是需要专家级的翻译人员。


26、Moreover, the people who spend their lives creating new logos and brand names have a peculiar weakness for management drivel. 而且,那些花费时间创建新商标和商标名称的人,有个特有的弱点:喜欢在管理方面胡言乱语。

27、Being one of varieties of English, English for business correspondence has its unique grammatical features. 商务函电英语作为一种个体英语,有其独特的语法特点。

28、Traders with the golden touch do not talk. 有点金术的交易商稀于言谈。

29、The non-negotiable element is that our conversation be in French, so I opt for Paris and e-mail his office to apologise for not being entirely fluent. 不可商量的一点是我们的会谈语言必须是法语,因此我选择了巴黎作为会谈地,然后给他办公室发了份电邮,对自己法语不够流利而致歉。

30、Shallow speech thin language first said these. 浅言薄语先说这些。

31、Business English Discourse refers to the business activities used in various official and unofficial documents, with practicality, diversity and industry-specific features. 商务英语语篇指在商务活动中使用的各种正式与非正式文件,具有实用性、多样性和行业性的特点。

32、Through a comparative study of language input between first language acquisition and second language acquisition, some special features of natural language input have been discovered. 对比分析了第一语言习得和第二语言习得中语料输入的特点,挖掘了自然语言环境中语料输入的基本特征。

33、One of the distinctive characteristics of this novel is the easily accessible classical language, which contains the extensive use of idioms. 小说的一个鲜明特点就是它那它浅近的文言,其中包含了大量的成语。

34、So much for corporate rhetoric about adding value to commoditized products. 如此多的公司都高谈阔论着增加商品价值的花言巧语。

35、There are some characters that count for, and I’d like to talk a few of them, which I value much. 这里有几点我很看重的特性,就来浅谈一下。

36、Busines project design is now being introduced to polytechnic because of its guiding principles and the features of students in polytechnics. 结合高职办学理念和学生的特点,提出在高职商务英语专业开设商务项目设计课程的可行性。

37、Analyzes the definition of English and main content of business English advertising language characteristics and translation strategy is discussed. 分析了英语的定义和主要内容,对商务英语广告的语言特点及翻译策略进行了探讨。

38、Speech may be silver but "Silence is Golden". Traders with the golden touch do not talk. 言谈多是银子,可”缄默沉静是金子”。有点金术的买卖业务商稀于言谈。

39、The thesis discusses the practical lication of these five general language strategies in intercultural business negotiations. 本文讨论了这五种语言策略在跨文化商务谈判中的实际应用。

40、A higher level of practicability and practicality features business English courses in comparison with traditional English courses. 商务英语类课程与传统的外语类课程相比,具有实用性强、实践性强等特点。

41、Article IV combination of representative case studies of traditional ink painters Figure Painting language in the contemporary performance of the new features. 文章第四章结合有代表性画家的案例浅析浅析传统水墨人物画笔墨语言在当代新的表现特点。

42、Being an important means of this integration, international business negotiation (IBN) has played an essential part in foreign trade and commercial competition. 在进行对外贸易和商业竞争时,商务谈判的重要性不言而喻。

43、Research Interests: Applied Linguistics, Legal English, Business English and Foreign Trade English. 研究方向:应用语言学,法律英语,商务英语,外贸英语。

44、Business English has very strong lication and the characteristics of function, so the study of the study of business English environment very of importance. 商务英语具有很强的应用性和实用性的特点,所以商务英语学习的学习环境就非常的重要。

45、In addition, the thesis expounds some functions of the five language strategies, such as leading function, proceeding function, transitional function, adjusting function and defensive function, etc. 本文讨论了这五种语言策略在跨文化商务谈判中的实际应用。

46、More and more business people are required to speak Eglish as it is the most widely used international business language. 因为英语已经成为世界使用范围最大的国际商务语言越来越多的商务人士需要使用英语。

47、A domain-specific programming language (DSL) is a programming language designed to be useful for a specific set of tasks. 特定于领域的编程语言(DSL)是一种对特定的任务组特别有用的编程语言。

48、Shallow talk" three come on repair" import-export business. 浅谈“ 三来一补”进出口业务。

49、Business English II-this class is for students who can already speak in depth on various business topics. 商务英语(二)-加入此课程前,学生已经能用英语就各种商务话题详细交谈。

50、But people's on-the-job field, the language is the tool exchanged, no language is some crowds' exclusive term, commercial English is no exception. 但人在职场,语言是交流的工具,没有哪一项语言是某些人群的专有用语,商务英语也不例外。


51、CASC is described, the features of formula manipulation language are researched. 本文阐述了CASC语言、并研究了公式推演语言的特点。

52、Use conversational language. 交谈语言比正式语言牛得多。

53、Business English majors may be likely to become business persons who are proficient with the language tool. 作为这一语言工具的熟练掌握者,商务英语专业学生很可能成为商务人士。

54、It aims to improve listening and speaking of learners at or above ILevel in Business English. 有别于传统的商务英语教学,该商务英语培训课程每一课都由相关名言引入,形式新颖;

55、Next time, I'll talk about domain-specific languages and their role in Ruby on Rails. 下一次,我将谈谈领域特定的语言以及它们在 Ruby on Rails 中的作用。

56、In chapter 2 we present in detail current research survey of business negotiation and pragmatic study specifies the need of a pragmatic roach to the international business negotiation. 我们将引入各种不同的语用学原则和理论作为我们的研究基础,讨论语言策略和非语言策略在南博会商务谈判中的应用。这一部分分为四个章节。

57、The majors of English, Business English and Business Japanese have been listed as the distinguished major construction programs of Nanshan University. 英语、商务英语和商务日语列入校级特色专业建设项目。

58、This passage is to discuss the lexical characteristics of Business English. 笔者将从词汇角度,略谈一下商务英语的用词特点。

59、You should take sociolinguistics, pragmatics, syntax, semantics and business English in this semester. 你这学期应该选社会语言学。语用学。句法学。语义学和商务英语。

60、Chinese teacher version of the main advantages of experimental materials include: a compact layout, language features to express interests of the students; 华师版实验教材《二元一次方程组》这章的主要特点有:编排紧凑、语言表达浅显易于理解;

61、Formulaic expressions account for the stylization of legal language, and thus constitute an obstacle to students who major in Legal English or Business English. 套语体现了法律语言程式化的特点,它常使商务英语和法律英语专业的学生感到棘手。

62、Discuss the skills and relief the characteristics of relief, hope of the useful. 浅谈浮雕的技巧及其浮雕的特点,希望对大家有用。

63、Come to that, what about all the words that English picks up abroad? 谈到这点,英语从外国语言中捡来的那些单词又该怎么算?

64、Business negotiation is a key component of electronic commerce. 商务洽谈是电子商务活动中的关键行为。

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