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导读: 48个,关于”句子的种类“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Types of sentences。以下是关于句子的种类的九年级英语句子。


关于”句子的种类“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Types of sentences。以下是关于句子的种类的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Types of sentences

1、Silver linden seed belongs to all-around deep dormancy. 银叶椴属于综合性深休眠类型。

2、Although diverse in kind, sign advertit in ancient China mainly consists of three sorts:image sign, mark sign and written word sign. 中国古代幌子广告类型众多,但概括起来,主要分为形象幌子、标志幌和文字幌三种基本类型。

3、Seed pelleting technique was introduced in some aspects such as conception, type, characteristic and coating materials. 介绍丸化技术的概念、类型、特点以及丸粒化包衣材料;

4、In fact, InputStream is abstract, so some sort of subclass is necessary. 实际上,InputStream 是一个抽象类,因此某种类型的子类是必要的。

5、The typed table that is being dropped cannot have any subtables. 正被删除的类型化表不能拥有任何子类型。

6、Various angle and swing-out rotors available. 可配套各种类型角转子和水平转子。

7、The flat type seed germination rate 87.6%, circle type seed germination rate 7.5%; 类型对发芽率有显著影响,扁型发芽率为87.6%,圆型发芽率为7.5%;

8、These cl are instances of the vehicle type. 这些类都是 工具 类型的例子。

9、Besides subtyping, it is possible to define equivalence types such that the value of one type can be replaced by another type. 除了子类型外,还可以定义等价的类型,这样,一个类型的值可以用另一个类型代替。

10、Associated with every data type in Python is a type, which identifies the kind of thing it is. 在Python中每种类型都对应着一种数据类型,类型确定了对象的种类。

11、Factors determining reaction forms of ion type and methods by which reaction forms of ion type was judged were probed into. 探讨了决定离子型反应类型的因素及判断离子型反应类型的方法。

12、Three types of copper ores have been recognized in this region, namely, the Henglingguan type, the Tongkuangyu type and the Bizigou type. 区内分布的铜矿类型主要有横岭关,铜矿峪、篦子沟三种类型。

13、You can have sub-sub-categories, but let's stop with subcategories for right now. 你也许会有子-子-种类,但是现在我们从子种类这里停止吧。

14、There are two types of subqueries, uncorrelated and correlated. 有两种类型的子查询: 不相关的 和 相关的。

15、There were 4 types of escape pattern of mature merozoites from schizont. 成熟裂殖子逸出的方式分为4种类型。

16、Coordinative words in Chinese has three subtypes, and different morpheme composition in different subtypes take different time for vocabulary recognition while consulting psychological dictionaries. 汉语中的并列式合成词具有三类型,而这三类型内部不同的词素组合在心理词典中则需要不同的词汇识别时间。

17、Methods that use references to supercl must be able to use objects of subcl without knowing it. 使用了对超类的引用的方法必须能在不知道子类具体类型的情况下使用子类对象。

18、Ordinal types include integer, character, Boolean, enumerated, and subrange types. 序数 类型包括整数、字符、布尔、枚举、子界等类型。

19、Type of errand requested - category and subcategory 被请求的差事的类型 - 类别和子类别

20、Note that there are two different forms of marble, and each falls under a separate subcategory. 请注意,存在两种不同类型的大理石,每种类型可归入单独的子分类。

21、Our main products include all types of T-shirt, top, dress, skirt and pants. 我们主要的产品有各种类型的T恤,上衣,裙子,衬衫及裤子等。

22、The rotor winding may be either of two types, the squirrel-cage type or the wound-rotor type. 转子绕组有两种类型:鼠笼型和线绕型。

23、Species is a minor factor and it will cause further difference in codon usage in a given class. 即功能和类型决定密码子使用模式的大的分类,而物种决定该大类中进一步的差异。

24、This revealed there to be 14 types of nose, with classifications ranging from 'fleshy' to 'celestial'. 他发现有14种鼻子类型,比如“肉鼻子”、“朝天鼻”等等。

25、In the clubmosses and horsetails only one type of strobilus is formed, while in the gymnosperms female megastrobili and male microstrobili both develop. 石松和楔叶类只形成一种类型的果,然而裸子植物既有雌性的大孢子叶也有雄性的小孢子叶。


26、Drag onto the page to add a super-/sub-type relationship from a parent type to a child type. 拖到绘图页后,可以添加从父类型到子类型的父类型/子类型关系。

27、The spec can then be attached to a product type (hard or soft type) and, if required, cascaded down to its subtypes. spec 随后可被关联到产品类型(硬类型或软类型),如果需要的话,还可关联到其子类型。

28、Comparing a variable having an atomic value (number, boolean, or string) to another such variable or a literal atomic value, and expecting the type of one to be cast automatically to the other type. 把包含原子值(数字、布尔值或字符串)的变量和另一个此类变量或者文字原子值比较,希望一种类型自动转换成另一种类型。

29、The brushless doubly-fed machine has three types of rotor structures, cage, reluctance and wound rotor. 无刷双馈电机的转子结构有笼型、磁阻型和绕线型三种类型。

30、Let us look as two cl of data type. We will call any data type whose values we choose to consider atomic an atomic data type. Ofter, we choose to consider integers to be atomic. 我们来看两种的数据类型,我们称任何由原子值构成的数据类型为原子数据类型,通常我们倾向于把整数视为原子。

31、Other factors include molecular weight, composing of monosaccharide residues, category of glycosidic bond and other substituted ions and so on. 多糖的分子量、 单糖种类、 糖苷键的类型以及其他离子的取代,也在一定程度上影响多糖活性。

32、E-mail English mostly uses two types of word. 电子邮件英国主要使用两种文字类型。

33、But we have many round, square or shaped-like a leaf. 我们有多种类型的扇子。圆的、 方的和叶子状的。

34、There's a special type of subgroup we refer to as a breakout subgroup. 有一种特殊类型的子组,称为断接子组(breakout subgroup)。

35、Subrange types maintain the ordinalities of their base types. 子界类型保留了其基类型的序号。

36、It is possible that each product subtype may have its own subtypes. 可能每个产品子类型还有它自己的子类型。

37、Both types of rice embryos have dimorphic cotyledons. 第一类型与第二类型稻胚都具有二型子叶。

38、Specification: One kind of bitstream which contains all types of Macroblocks and blocks in the frame and field. 说明:一种具有在场和帧图中出现所有宏块类型和子块类型的编码比特流。

39、It is well known that rodents and birds are the chief predators and dispersers for large seeds. 已知鼠类和鸟类是大型主要的捕食者和扩散者。

40、There are three main types of conditional sentences. 条件句主要有三类。

41、One type is a subrange of the other. 一个类型是另一个类型的子界。

42、These subtypes must begin with x-. 这类子类型必须以 x- 开始。

43、In theterosporous species, a distinction is usually made between megaspore mother cells and microspore mother cells. 在异型孢子体种类中,可区分为大孢子母细胞和小孢子母细胞。

44、An example of multiple types is a view constrained by category and subcategory. 多类型示例指受类别和子类别约束的视图。

45、However, since neutrinos oscillate from one flavor to another, I’d be surprised if this was the key difference. 然而,因为中微子从一种类型振动到另一种类型,如果这是关键区别的话,我会对此感到惊讶。

46、A Type may be a subType of another type, and can inherit all its properties. 类型可以为其他类型的子类型,可以集成这个类型的所有属性。

47、Dispersed repetitive sequence is mainly transposable elements which are composed of transposon and retroposon. 散在重复序列主要是可转移因子,可转移因子分为转座子和返座子两种类型。

48、The Browbeater : This rather pugnacious type is again mostly male. 吹胡子瞪眼类: 这种好斗型也大多是男性。

49、Specification: One kind of bitstream which contains all types of Macroblocks and blocks in the frame and the field. 说明:一种具有在场和帧图中出现所有宏块类型和子块类型的编码比特流。

50、The type from which a subtype inherits attributes is known as its supertype. 子类型所继承的属性来自哪个类型,该类型就被认为是这个子类型的 超类型。


51、There are three types of tumbler locks, pin-tumbler, disk-tumbler, and lever-tumbler. 有三种类型的弹子锁,脚杯,盘,杯,和杠杆杯子。

52、There are two cl of glutamate receptors: ionotropic(iGluRs) and metabotropic(mGluRs). 谷氨酸受体有促离子型受体和促代谢型受体两种类型。

53、You can also express that, in a particular context, no subtype of ProductCode type can be substituted. 通过规定在特定的上下文中不能用 ProductCode 类型的子类型替换,也能表达这种约束。

54、PAs register their interest in certain types of errands by category and subcategory. PA 按类别和子类别注册他们感兴趣的某种类型的差事。

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