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关于”介绍清明节的句子“的英语句子21个,句子主体:Sentences about Qingming Festival。以下是关于介绍清明节的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences about Qingming Festival

1、The model choice methods, the working principle and debugging and testing methods of forest seeds air-and-screen cleaners are introduced. 介绍了林木清选机的选型方法,风筛式清选机的工作原理、调试方法和试验测试。

2、In tonight﹐s programme our focus in on Gemany . 在今天晚上的节目中我们重点介绍了德国。

3、Who are you? What do you want– Make sure you introduce yourself clearly and concisely and let the reader know why you are writing to them. 写英文邮件时,记得介绍自己、说清你想要什么么——务必简明扼要地自我介绍,使收件人了解邮件的目的。

4、Chapter Two discusses the legislation function of Da Lisi. 其中,第一节介绍大理寺的立法职能。

5、The remainder of this section introduces those models. 本章节的剩余内容介绍了这些模型。

6、本节中介绍的所有文件应保存在该目录下。All files described in this section should be placed there.

7、This section describes performance monitoring tools that work on a subset of these platforms. 本节介绍在这些平台的子集之上运行的性能监控工具。

8、This section focuses on selecting data from a single table; the last section in this article covers table joins and selecting data from multiple tables. 这一节将重点介绍如何从单表中选择数据;本文中的 最后一节 将介绍表连接和如何从多个表中进行选择。

9、The article introduced the principle and apply of the transistor avalanche through four example of transistor oscillator, avalanche oscillator , audio signal generator, flash metronome . 本文介绍了晶体管的雪崩原理,通过张弛振荡器、雪崩振荡器、音频信号发生器和闪光节拍器四个例子介绍了雪崩晶体管的应用。

10、The adjustment method of press machine stroke of knock-out is briefly introduced. 简要介绍了冲床打料杆的调节方法。

11、The book reveals many secrets of the imperial Palace during The Qing Dynasties. 这本书介绍了许多晚清大内的秘闻。

12、In this article, the mechanical treatment method by using double disc refiners to refine knot is studied. The mill-run results suggest that; 本文介绍一种用双盘磨浆机处理节子的机械处理方法。

13、This section introduces several of the most prominent conventions. 本节介绍了最突出的公约数。

14、The narrator was introducing the development situation of Qingjian. 讲解员在介绍清涧的发展状况。

15、One programme announced the invention of an amazingnew weight-loss product - water which contained minus calories! 有一个节目介绍了一个新发明的减肥产品 –称水里也含有微量的卡路里!

16、A new robot for hot-line sweeping of post insulators in substations is introduced. 介绍了一种新型带电清扫变电站支柱绝缘子的机器人。

17、In the next few sections, I will examine the transition of distributed architecture with suitable examples. 在接下来的几节中,我将用几个恰当的例子介绍分布式结构的变迁。

18、The family and educational backgrounds of the potential partner are throughly examined before introductions are made. 在介绍之前,配偶的家庭和教育背景已经被调查的清清楚楚。

19、A new type sensor of electronic yarn cleaner is designed in this thesis. 本文介绍了一种可靠、实用的光电式电子清纱器检测头的设计研制过程。

20、Tang: Wang Liang, I would like you to meet our new comer, Li Ming, he just graduated from Qinghua University. 唐: 王亮,我向你介绍一位新同事李明,他刚刚从清华大学毕业。

21、The article introduced the principle and apply of the transistor avalanche through four example of transistor oscillator, avalanche oscillator, audio signal generator, flash metronome. 本文介绍了晶体管的雪崩原理,通过张弛振荡器、崩振荡器、音频信号发生器和闪光节拍器四个例子介绍了雪崩晶体管的应用。

22、In its first part, the author brief the historical background and the content of the New Criminal Law of Qing Dynasty. 第一部分简单介绍《大清新刑律》产生的历史背景及其主要内容,其中着重介绍《大清新刑律》总、分则中的改革内容。

23、For a good introduction to some of these concepts see J2EE pathfinder: Enterprise messaging with JMS. 有关这些概念的清晰明了的介绍,请参阅 J2EE pathfinder: Enterprise messaging with JMS。

24、Section II describes the vector error correction model (VEC). 第二节介绍了向量误差修正模型(VEC)。

25、Chapter1, The chapter demonstrates the theory of distribution of burden of proof. 第一章主要介绍证明责任分配理论,分为两节。


26、In v. 4 Moses introduces a new name for God. 在第四节中,摩西介绍了上帝的名字。

27、Listing 3 ilrates a static way of setting a mutex. 清单 3 介绍了设置互斥的静态方法。

28、Eric Hodel explains the details of the problem Eric Hodel详细地介绍了问题的细节

29、Section 4 presents the key technologies involved in IoT. 第4节介绍了物联网的关键技术。

30、The design process and key procedure of die casting die for throttle were described based on its structure features and technical requirements. 根据节流阀体的结构特点和技术要求,介绍了模具设计的过程和设计要点。并重点介绍了节流阀体的工艺性、分型面的选择。

31、All files described in this section should be placed there. 本节中介绍的所有文件应保存在该目录下。

32、The compositions of chemical deodorizer JX-518 are briefed and process of chemical deodorization in sour water stripper using deodorizer JX-518 and precautions are described in detailed. 文章简要介绍了化学除臭清洗剂JX-518的组成,并对采用该清洗剂对水汽提系统进行化学除臭清洗的清洗过程及注意事项进行了详细介绍。

33、This first section covers some basic material on XML syntax. 第一节介绍 XML 语法的一些基本知识。

34、The facility says the beer bath moisturises and cleanses the skin. 据介绍,洗啤酒浴能够清洁并滋润肌肤。

35、Therefore, the No. 2 research institute of electronics industry ministry developed a centrifugal cleaning machine. The machines controling method and program were described. 为此,电子部二所研制、开发了一种离心式清洗机,这里主要介绍该清洗机的控制思路和程序设计。

36、At the foundation of correct error code principle , thought of realizing Hamming code with software is introduced emphatically. 在介绍纠错编码原理的基础上,着重介绍了用软件实现汉明码的基本思想。

37、Architect MA Qingyun introducing his work for China Power Station part I. 建筑师马清运介绍他本次的参展作品。

38、Section 2 presents the vision of IoT. 第2节介绍了物联网的愿景。

39、This article introduces the sea trade between china and Japan in the late Ming and early Qing dynasty. 本文仅就明末清初中国与日本之间海上贸易的情况作一介绍。

40、The following sections describe different ways to do that. 的章节将介绍各种不同的转换方法。

41、Discuss some common senses of health: science is important, encourage students to perform freely in groups. 提出介绍健康小常识的方法:清楚明白科学,要求学生可以自由组合进行表演。

42、Provides a list of topics for the various ASP. 提供主题清单,介绍多种 ASP。

43、The process for producing HPO, cleaning principle and operation are introduced. 介绍了双氧水的生产流程、清洗原理和工艺。

44、Olga: Well another holiday I can think about is Easter. 奥尔加:另一个我想介绍的节日是复活节。

45、Is divided into three sections, section I briefly introduced the life of Sibelius; 分为三节,第一节简要介绍了西贝柳斯的生平;

46、Lin cleared his throat and said: "First I introduce you myself. My name is Wang." 林清清嗓子,回答道:“首先我介绍一下自己,我叫林。

47、The section "Hardware Interrupts" already introduced the two functions provided by the kernel to register and unregister a handler, respectively. 在硬件中断一节中已经介绍了内核所提供的两个函数,用于注册和反注册一个句柄。

48、In other words, once you learn how to use SWIG, you can largely forget all the integration coding details introduced in this chapter. 换句话说,一旦你学会如何使用SWIG,你大可以忘掉本章介绍的集成编码的所有繁琐细节。

49、The next section introduces the characteristics of an RCP application. 下一小节将介绍 RCP 应用程序的特征。

50、Patent inventions are mainly reviewed. 主要介绍有关专利发明。


51、When saying your name, say it slowly and clearly. 介绍自己名字,语调要缓慢咬字要清晰。

52、In this introductory article we’ll summarize each of those trends and give brief examples. 在这篇介绍性的文章里,我们将为您介绍这些趋势并一一举例说明。

53、Can you introduce me some of the travel festivals of Hangzhou? 你可以介绍几个杭州的旅游节吗?

54、The next chapters will deal with the configuration files related to their main topic, and Chapter 19 will deal with advanced configuration. 本节将介绍这些配置文件,第19章将更深入的介绍配置文件。

55、The second chapter introduce the subject matter of current affairs novels. 第二章,介绍晚清时事小说的题材。

56、We need to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation. 我们需要准备明天的介绍说明会。

57、These are references vouching for his ability. 这些都是证明他能力的介绍信。

58、Listing 7. Intro content file name in plugin_zh_CN.properties 清单 7. plugin_zh_CN.properties 中的介绍性内容文件名

59、I will discuss how Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) was invented, its current status, and future developments. 我将介绍分子束磊晶技术( MBE )的发明经过、现况、和将来的发展。

60、In some villages, nearly everyone has Kashin-Beck, according to Dr. Guo. 据郭教授介绍,有的村子里几乎全村人都有大骨节病。

61、Section II of Sibelius's symphonic poem writing experience; 第二节介绍了西贝柳斯交响诗的创作经历;

62、The author introduces the structure and working principle of this throttle and elaborates the initializing process of the throttle and the accelerator position sensor. 本文介绍电子节气门系统的结构和工作原理,并对电子节气门和加速踏板位置传感器的初始化过程进行说明。

63、The first section of this introductory article describes the fundamentals of class loading; the second introduces some JVM debugging features. 这份介绍性的文章的第一节描述类装入的基础;第二节介绍一些 JVM 调试特性。

64、Unit 6: Relieve medicine, heat-drug presentation. 单元六:解表药、清热药的介绍。

65、In this section, I take you through some sample SPML code. 这一节将介绍一些 SPML 示例代码。

66、Objective To introduce different kinds of treatment for temporomandibular joint tubercle fracture. 目的介绍关节结节骨折的不同治疗方法。

67、Listing 6 shows some examples of these first three arguments, before I talk about the fourth argument. 清单 6 给出了这三个参数的一些例子,我随后还会介绍第四个参数。

68、Our recipe for Hanukkah is a variation on the traditional beer and chili sauce-braised brisket. 在这里介绍一款光明节食谱,是传统的啤酒跟辣椒酱融合的炖牛肉。

69、万圣节的英文介绍 Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October

70、This section presents the xhr.tag and innerHTML.tag files. 本节介绍的是 xhr.tag 和 innerHTML.tag 文件。

71、The article describes waterproofing design of the bats with focus on waterproofing for all details. 介绍了体育场地下室的防水设计,着重介绍了各细部节点的防水做法。

72、This section covers the basic components of wireless network architecture. 本节将介绍无线网络体系结构的组成部分。

73、This section describes how it can operate in a WAS ND cer. 本节介绍它在 WAS ND 集群中的运作方式。

74、Chapter one mainly relates the significance of research on immigration in Ming and Qing Dynasty, and on the spread of Confucianism, introduces the present situation of research and research methods. 论文的第一章主要论述了研究明清时期云南移民及儒学传播的意义。介绍了明清时期云南移民及儒学传播研究的现状,研究明清时期云南移民与儒学传播及其影响的方法。

75、This section highlights some of our favorites and describes what they do. 本节着重介绍一些我们最爱的小工具,并介绍他们的功能。

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