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导读: 42个,关于”查句子的软件是什么“的英语句子42个,句子主体:What is the sentence checking software。以下是关于查句子的软件是什么的六年级英语句子。


关于”查句子的软件是什么“的英语句子42个,句子主体:What is the sentence checking software。以下是关于查句子的软件是什么的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:What is the sentence checking software

1、So why do people buy software? 那么人们为什么置备软件呢?

2、GB: Why do you think software development tools are so important to IBM? GB:为什么您认为软件开发工具对 IBM 是如此重要?

3、The core of the software is having those links to taking action--to doing something. 这个软件的核心是把这些环节付诸行动,即做点什么。

4、What role might these "non-software engineering" patterns play in PBE? 那么在PBE中,这些“非软件工程”的模式扮演的是什么角色呢?

5、What softwares do you use? 您使用什么软件?

6、What is a Gastroscopy? 什么是胃镜检查?

7、That is why software should be soft and flexible. 这就是软件为什么要软且灵活的原因。

8、What is the best feature of the big-bang model of software development? 软件开发中的“大爆炸”模型,最值得称道的地方是什么?

9、Mary: Yes. What is this dress made of? 玛丽: 是的。这件洋装是什么料子做的?

10、Nokia 6110 Navigator: Get Hold of the Navigator ? – The … 诺基亚6110有什么软件装啊。

11、What is soft advertit? 什么是软广告?

12、InfoQ: What is the difference between "production-ready" software and feature-complete software? InfoQ: 您能否谈谈产品级软件与功能完备软件有什么不同?

13、What do you see as the future of software architecture documentation? 你认为软件架构文档的未来会是什么样?

14、What is the equilibrium state, given some situation. 给定条件下平衡态是什么样子。

15、. 什么时候,何时  Considerate products know when to bend the rules 体贴的软件知道什么时候调整规则。

16、Whaddaya Mean, It’s a Software Problem? 您是什么意思,它是一个软件问题?

17、What does a Chief Software Architect ship? 首席软件架构师能产出什么呢?

18、GB: What inspires you most about leading the software development brand at IBM Software Group? GB:关于在 IBM 软件集团领导软件开发品牌,什么对你启示最大?

19、TFSV: What do you think is the biggest advantage of the call center? 天府软件网:对于电信四川呼叫中心,目前最希望的是什么?

20、"There is nothing 'soft' about 'soft detention' - it is a life in limbo outside the protection of the law," said Richardson. 理查森说:"所谓的‘软禁'并没有什么‘软'的一面 -- 这是不稳定地生活在法律的保护以外。

21、Through DMI, the network can query each PC or desktop to see what software and hardware it has. 通过DMI,网络就能查询每台PC机即每个桌面,看看它有什么样的软件和硬件。

22、So, what is it that still motivates you to work as a software developer? 那么到底是什么样的动力促使我们仍然作为一个软件的开发者呢?

23、What can make the maintenance costs of a software test infrastructure grow out of control? 是什么使一个软件测试基础结构的维护成本的增长超出控制?

24、Thirdly, there is absolutely no e-mail tracing software that currently exists so it is absolutely impossible for this to be true. 第三,目前绝对不存在什么电子邮件跟踪软件,所以这个流言很显然不可能是真的。

25、What is Email - Electronic Mail? 什么是电子邮件?


26、You lose nothing if you download FREEWARE Edition of this program. 你输了什么,如果你下载免费软件版的这项计划。

27、So what exactly is "European-centric mobile software development," and why do Europeans need their own flavor of mobile software? 那么什么是“以欧洲为中心的软件开发”呢? 为什么欧洲人需要他们自己的手机软件呢?

28、What Are The Differences Between Grayware And Malware? 灰色软件(Grayware)和恶意软件(Malware)有什么不同。

29、What is it then that makes planning of software projects so hard? 那么到底是什么使得软件项目的计划如此之难呢?

30、What source control software are you using? 你用什么源码控制软件?

31、Why is the impact of lication software quality growing? 为什么应用软件质量的影响与日俱增?

32、In other words, you don't decide when to review the card-- the program decides for you based on your previous performance. 换句话说,你不需要决定什么时候来回忆这个卡片,软件根据你以前的评分来自动帮你作决定。

33、The same software can see what kind of document it is and in this case of report it's a form. 还是同一个软件,你可以看到这是什么,类型的文件,这个就是申请单。

34、It's a good question, but it is a little difficult. 请问一下班主,你录制动画用的是什么软件?

35、When I look at that, what do I see? 当我查看这个文件时,我看到了什么?

36、what would a software platform look like if it was designed from scratch with the primary goal of dependability? 如果一开始就以可靠性为主要目标而全新设计一个软件平台,那这个平台将会是什么样子的呢?

37、Why is it used in the context of software development? 为什么它会被用于软件开发环境之中呢?

38、Then, what is soft sculpture indeed? 那么,究竟什么是软雕塑。

39、But why re-create the brain in software when we already have it in wetware? 为什么我们有了湿件(即人脑)还要再造软件的人脑?

40、New software like Cataphora's freeware "Digital Mirror" is coming onto the market to help us gain an understanding of what we might look like to other people online. 一些新型的软件,像Cataphora 的新免费软件“数码镜子”即将问世来帮助我们再一次了解我们对于互联网上的其他人看起来是什么样的。

41、What kind material is this made from? 这件衣服是什么料子的?

42、She wondered what would hen if she used music composition software to turn data from the collider into sound. 她很想知道如果用音乐作曲软件来改变对撞机产生的声音,那将听起来是个什么样子。

43、What are your thoughts on the current state of shareware? 对共享软件当前的状况你有什么想法?

44、If there's one thing that social software can never get enough of, it's usability testing. 如皋说社交软件有什么做的不够的话,那无疑是可用性测试。

45、What is open source software? 什么是公开源码软件?

46、What is the major trend in software development today? 现在的软件开发的主要趋势是什么呢?

47、What does the open source licence mean? 软件的开源许可是什么意思?

48、Users didn't care about rootkits because they didn't know what they were. 用户不关心rootkits软件,因为他们不懂这些是什么东西。

49、What are the software repositories all about? 软件库是用来干什么的?

50、So after all the build up and useful industry accepted definitions, what is the Software Release Record? 那么在所有已构建的和有用的行业验收定义之后,什么是软件发布记录呢?


51、Yunbo: : That's interesting. What kind of software are you developing? 云波:这真令人感兴趣。你们在开发什么样的软件。

52、My question is, why don't these iPhone s work on the iMac? 我的问题是,为什么这些iPhone应用软件不能在iMac上使用?

53、What exactly are phishing and malware attacks? 那么,网络钓鱼与恶意软件攻击究竟是什么?

54、Spreadsheets, image editors, presentation software, databases, and more are migrating online, and it’s reasonable to ask why, and to what end? 电子数据表,图像编辑,软件展示,数据库,和越来越多渐趋网络化的东西的出现,让我们理所当然地会问为什么会这样,又是为了什么才会这样?

55、What are the criteria for performing an organization-wide software development capability sment? 那么完成组织范围的软件开发能力评估的标准是什么?

56、Why use a high-level language?Speed of development of software may be one reason. 为什么使用高级语言?软件方展的速度是一个原因。

57、What do software and food have in common? 做软件和食物有什么共同点呢?

58、What did he say? Check the prompter. 他在胡说什么?检查下电子提示器。

59、The investigation has got to find out, what was the turning point? What hened? 随后的调查必须能够指出,是什么使事件急转直下,到底发生了什么?

60、Bus Query : Complete a "Xi'an Bus Query" software in the school, as a software team leader during the period. 公交查询:在校的软件课程实践中完成“西安公交查询软件”,期间担任软件小组组长。

61、I never actually made any money off the s pre-voodoopad, but it was fun anyway so I kept on coding. 我在Voodoopad之前的软件其实都没卖到什么钱 - 但是写软件本身很有趣,我乐此不疲。

62、What is meant by the term software maintenance? 软件维护是什么意思?

63、This lack of laws makes software the ultimate in flexibility, that is, there are very few constraints on what you can do with software, which is a good thing. 这种缺失使得软件具有很强的灵活性,也就是说,对于你能够用软件做什么并没有多少约束,这是一件好事。

64、What is the origin of pelagic oozes ? 远洋软泥的来源是什么?

65、It is why somuch of today's software tends to crash, fail, screw up. 这就是为什么现如今这么多的软件容易崩溃,失败,把事情弄得一团糟。

66、That's why we test software: to find bugs. 这就是为什么我们要测试软件的原因:找到缺陷。

67、If you want to increase your typing speed, check out Mavis Beacon Typing software! 如果您想提高您的打字速度,检查马维什灯塔打字软件!

68、This means that whatever you develop with these two libraries does not have to be open source, but can be proprietary. 这意味着,无论您使用这两个库开发什么软件,该软件不必是开放源码的,可以是专有的。

69、What are restricted and non-free software? 什么是受限和非自由软件?

70、What was your hardest teal project? 什么是软件配置管理?

71、Is creating a value under HKLM\Software and HKCU\Software acceptable(for certification etc …)? any reason why I should not write it there? 是创造一个价值在HKLM \软件和HKCU \软件可接受的(应用程序认证等……)?为什么我就不能写吗?

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