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导读: 30个,关于”好用的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Easy to use sentences。以下是关于好用的句子的初二英语句子。


关于”好用的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Easy to use sentences。以下是关于好用的句子的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Easy to use sentences

1、Without a word, she returned, spit-threaded the needle like a pro, and set to work sewing up my strap. 没说一句话,她又回来了,象老手地向线头唾沫,然后用心地缝好了我的吊带。

2、It is fun living in a house made of snow. 住在用雪盖成的房子里真好。

3、Use the trolly when more than two dishes, the cold food should be put on the trolly and covered ; 超过两个盘子的应使用餐车,冷菜放餐车上面,用盖子盖好;

4、Choose a wife like by ywe ear dawn ywe eye. 择选妻子,最好用耳不用眼。

5、In other words, we have to figure out how to best assemble our lications to leverage the technical underpinnings. 换句话说,我们必须找出如何最好地汇集应用程序,以利用技术基础架构。

6、In other words, there is no correlation between higher expenses and better performance," said O'Reilly. 换句话说,高费用和好绩效之间是没什么关系的,”欧.赖利说。

7、Chicken with chicken breast meat is the best, the best beef with rib meat, mutton can be used. 鸡肉做丸子用鸡脯肉最好,牛肉丸子用肋上肉最佳,羊肉丸子则都可以用。

8、While pancake baked, Fang Xian-fu cloth, to rush towards a go. 一会儿饼子烤好,方献夫用布包好,匆匆上朝去了。

9、To borrow another great line from Bernie Taupin and my good friend Elton John: “I’m still standing.” 这里借用伯尼尔·托潘(Bernie Taupin)和我的好友埃尔顿·约翰(Elton John)的一句绝妙的歌词:"我依然站着。"

10、Or in other words, unless you know what you're doing, you'd want to stay away from really weird looking fonts—e.g. something that looks very futuristic. 换句话说,除非你确定知道你的需求,否则最好还是不要使用那些样子奇怪的字体——比方说一些看起来具有未来派的字体。

11、There are several students in our class who are still not sure about the use of attributive cl. 我们班上还有好多学生对定语从句的用法仍没有把握。

12、POTTING - A good potting tray and trowel are most helpful. 移植工具——好的托盘和铲子非常有用。

13、Rinsed chlorine bleach bottles work well for water storage. 用含氯漂白剂清洗过的瓶子用来储存食水效果最好。

14、The box was corded, the card nailed on . 箱子用绳捆好,上面钉了名片。

15、This table is made of very good wood. 这个桌子是用非常好的木料做的.

16、I have to go scream into a quilt. 我得用被子盖着头好好喊几声。

17、That's a tricky one, shared electrons. All right. 这个有点难度,是共用的电子,好。

18、Maybe we have to block up the rear wheel. Fortunately we've got a spare wheel. 我们得把后轮垫起来,好歹我们有个备用胎。今日作业:用今天所学的词组造句标明。

19、Let me get a ruler so that I can draw some nice lines. 我用尺子,会画的好点。

20、One sentence in this parable is often quoted and re-quoted. It is the phrase: 'Well done good and faithful servant'. 这个比喻中有一句话经常被人引用,那就是:「好,你这又良善又忠心的仆人。」

21、If you use a code generator, really look at the code it generates; if you use database tools, take a look at the underlying SQL it generates; and so on. 如果你使用代码生成器,好好看看它生成的代码;如果你使用数据库工具,看看它生成的底层SQL语句,不一而足。

22、Put the dumplings in a pot, cover with water. 将裹好的粽子放在锅中,用水淹住。

23、Well, my dear, 'tis a true saying about an ill-wind, for it will beall the better for Colonel Brandon. 好啦,亲爱的,这里倒真正用得上‘恶风不尽恶,此失而彼得’那句俗语,因为布兰登上校就要从中捞到好处了。

24、Would you please show me how touse chopsticks? 请你教我如何使用筷子好吗?

25、The child was coloring in an outline drawing. 孩子正在用颜色填一张勾好轮廓的画。


26、If I had to sum up in one phrase what makes a good manager, I'd say that it's that ability to make decisions. 要用一句片语总结好管理者的条件,我会说是做决策的能力。

27、In other words, businesses thinking of getting involved with this platform should definitely think before they leap. 换句话而言,那些想利用这个平台的公司在开始之前最好深思熟虑的考量考量。

28、All ladders should be in good condition for use. 所有均须在良好的使用状态。

29、Please use the excellent vCard format. 推荐使用非常好用的电子名片形式。

30、He wired a broken chair together. 他用金属丝把破椅子绑好。

31、Prepping the house means moving furniture, pulling out necessary serving dishes and whatever gl, plates and cutlery you'll need. 收拾房子指的是把家具按照聚会的布置搬好,拿出要用的碟子,以及任何你会用到的杯子,盘子和餐具。

32、White: Let's wrap him in the blanket. 怀特:我们用毯子把他裹好。

33、It's used against people who criticize others'work, especially when the criticizer is not that much better. 这句话用来讽刺那些挑剔别人工作的人,尤其是那些自己本身也做不好的人。

34、Through my introduction, you would be able to imagine what the original pavilion looks like ? that跟what在这不能同时用来引导从句,从后面的like知用what引导从句,like what?

35、This is more true with the subdirectory than the subdomain. 用子目录比用子域效果更好。

36、Use the tray if only ordered one dish , prepare a suitable cover . 如果所点的菜只需一个盘子,则用托盘,备好相应大小的盖子。

37、The barrow was got ready and the corpse placed on it, covered with a blanket, and bound to its place with the rope. 他们把车准备 好,将尸体放上去,还盖上毯子,用绳子捆好它。

38、Restaurant owners to me customer ms jiang the meal, to curry favor with the customer, to greet a few words. 饭店老板见老主顾江女士在用餐,为了讨好客户,上前寒暄几句。

39、Any model which is to be lied to study the dibaryon state should firstly describe the baryon well. 研究双重子态,首先所用的模型要能较好地描述重子相互作用。

40、Bottom line : Lashou stands a good chance of becoming a regional group buying powerhouse, drawing on its China base and strong support from major Western investors. 一句话: 拉手如果好好利用他中国基楚与国外投资者的经验,可以当亚太地区的大手。

41、the Wolf thought this was a good idea so he fastened the rope round his neck and knotted it firmly to the Donkey's bridle. 狼觉得这是个好主意。所以,就用绳子绕住自己的脖子,用绳子的另一端牢牢地系住驴子的缰绳。

42、I want to walk with you go on, but the way is so long. “我想陪着你走下去”可是这条路好漫长…这句话用英文怎么说。

43、Chitosan has well ability to bind metal ions. 壳聚糖对金属离子有良好的配位作用。

44、At best, a love can only echo the words of the poet Ernest Dowson, and say, "I have been faithful to thee in my fashion." 一个情侣最好只是用诗人欧内斯特道森的话来说一句:“我会一直忠于你,用我自己的方式。”

45、To conclude, I would like to borrow another ancient saying that “He laughs best who laughs last”. 我将用另一句古语来总结这篇文章,即“笑到最后的人笑得最好”。

46、She covered the baby up with a blanket. 她用毯子把婴儿盖好。

47、The handcart was got ready and the body was placed on it, covered with the blanket, and bound in its place with the rope. 手推车准备好了,他们就把尸体放在上面,并用毯子铺盖好,再用绳子捆好。

48、The Quick Response plug-in handles this common scenario more deftly by enabling the user to define full-sentence pre-scripted responses. Quick Response 插件允许用户定义预先编写好脚本的完整语句作为响应,从而应对这些普遍的应用情景。

49、The wheels of the truck were chocked by the driver. 司机将卡车的车轮用楔子垫好。

50、Good habits, a lifetime ever. 养成好习惯,一辈子受用不尽。


51、W:How about this wallet?It's made a fine leather. 这个钱包怎么样?它是用很好的皮子做的。

52、In other words, LEDs are ready for general illumination; the products they are being put into are not. 换句话说,LED已经做好了普及化的准备,但是使用的产品还需要一段时间。

53、Big sniff…and now, one more. 用鼻子深吸气,好,另外一个。

54、Children would swap sought-after cards for food or toys. 孩子们会把受欢迎的卡片用来交换好吃的、好玩的。

55、A good unhy because his sons death, and right bridge is always stay with a good heart to take care of, also hard to make to get rid of the of his son away. 好好因为儿子的死而郁郁寡欢,正桥虽一直留在好好身边用心照顾,亦难以让好好摆脱儿子过身的阴影。

56、Cover your tummy with the coverlet. 用被单盖好肚子。

57、Top each vegetable with a lid and set aside. 填好后用之前切下的盖子盖上放一旁备用。

58、They roped their cases and trunks for additional safety. 为了更加安全起见,他们把大小箱子都用绳子捆好。

59、You could, of course, go the way of stabbing your dumplings and winding your noodles of long life with a fork, but we have a better idea. How about some chopsticks are a little easier to use? 当然,你可以用叉子扎饺子吃,或者用叉子卷着长寿面吃,但我们有个更好的主意--试试好用的筷子怎么样?

60、Electronic business affairs is a good thing, however good thing can be not used certainly sufficient had used. 电子商务是个好东西,然而好东西不一定能用足用好。

61、However, because he had used black thread, since that time all beans have had a black seam. 豆子好好地谢了裁缝,可由于裁缝用的是黑线,所以豆子的身上至今还留有一条黑缝。

62、Instead of interacting with English speakers, do the next best thing: interact with English-language books, radio programmes and films. 因为书本本身就充满了完美的英语例句。如果不能喝英语使用者直接交流,那么久退而求其次,好好利用英语书籍、音频节目和电影吧!

63、(If you have kids, be sure to use a box with a lock and keep it out of reach.) (如果你有孩子,记得使用带锁的箱子并且把箱子藏好。)

64、Instant-messaging lications are a good example. 即时通信应用程序就是一个很好的例子。

65、He tied the sticks with cords. 他用绳子将柴捆好。

66、No one, not even those prejudiced and unfriendly, would dare to use such a term to describe the Chinese people now. 现在,即使那些有偏见不友好的人也不敢用这样的词句来形容中国人。

67、She placed the nail and hammered it into the thick log wall. 她立好钉子,用锤子将它敲入厚实的木墙。

68、Oscillograph is one of the important electronic aratuses in laboratory. Making good use of it will help much in using other large-scale electronic aratuses . 示波器是实验室的重要电子仪器之一,用好它可以为大型电子仪器的使用打下良好的基础。

69、There are several students in our class who are still not sure about the use of attributive clauses. 我们班上还有好几位学生对定语从句的用法仍没有把握。

70、But Liu had a good idea at a great time. 刘广逊利用一个大好时机开发了一个好点子。

71、Build better skin with beans. 用豆子打造好皮肤。

72、Could you double-bag every thing? 每件东西都用两个袋子装好吗?

73、The creation and use of mediation policies is best described by example. 用例子描述中介策略的创建和使用再好不过了。

74、The style will be critical in the delivery of epideictic speech, style is your word preference and syntax. 在做词藻华丽的演讲时,风格至关重要,它体现在你的用词偏好和句法上。

75、He has wired the broken chair together. 他用金属丝将坏椅子绑好了。

英文句子模板76:Easy to use sentences

76、How about this wallet?It's made a fine leather. 这个钱包怎么样?它是用很好的皮子做的。

77、By examining the SQL statements in an lication, you can build a hypothetically perfect index. 通过检查应用程序中的 SQL 语句,可以建立一种想象起来很好的索引。

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