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导读: 28个,关于”精美的句子“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences。以下是关于精美的句子的高三英语句子。


关于”精美的句子“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences。以下是关于精美的句子的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beautiful sentences

1、SAND, focusing on high-temperature melt pressure, temperature measurement and a perfect control of precision. SAND先达电子,专注于高温熔体压力、温度的精确测量与完美控制。

2、cake and a knife and said to him, "Now here's a knife, Dick. 给迪克一块精美的蛋糕和一把刀子,并对他说:“喏,迪克,给你刀子

3、I'm going to show you an example of this beautiful edition. 将展示精美版本中的一个例子。

4、Main Ingredients: Herbage liquid essences, active whitening factors, natural moisturizing factors, vitamin C and etc. 主要成份:草本精华液、美白活性因子、天然保湿因子、维他命C等。

5、Award-winning architecture firm Swiss Fine Line created this stunning coastal house that's beautifully designed inside and out. 屡获殊荣的建筑设计公司瑞士精细线创造了这个迷人的海滨房子的设计精美的内外。

6、A range of delicious dishes prepared with seasonal squash, melon and fruits, to delight a summer cuisine. 选用时令瓜果、水果精心炮制一系列美味的菜式,带来一夏精彩美味。

7、Fine furniture graced the room. 精美的家具美化了房间。

8、Gardenias are legendary for their strong, sweet scent and exquisite white petals. 栀子花是传说中的强大,甜美的香味和精美的白色花瓣。

9、We feasted on chicken and coconuts. 我们享受了精美的鸡肉和椰子。

10、In Beijing my wife bought a pair of pails , big, cheap and handsomely made. 我的妻子在北京买了一对制造精美,又大又便宜的提桶。

11、That could be the motto for Richards' work. 这句话也是Richards作品的精髓。

12、Delicate dry peaches and pears with undertones of apricot and jasmin. A mild taste of nutmeg on the aftertaste. 精美干桃子和梨与杏子和茉莉属低音。肉豆蔻温和的口味在回味。

13、Statement implicitly made deep, beautiful sentences law charm finding. Speak in measured tones read fluently, listening to the sweet spirit of vibration. 语句含蓄言理深,文辞优美律韵寻。抑扬顿挫诵顺口,听之顺耳振精神。

14、The details establish the formal rhythm, the building's finely fractionated scale. 细节确定了合理的节奏,以及房子精美的层级比例。

15、There you can rent such a carved house for quite an adequate price. 在这里,你可以很经济地租用到雕饰精美的屋子。

16、There were dainties of every kind on the table. 桌子上放著各式各样的精美食品。

17、However, many mooncake buyers expressed their dismay at the overly-elaborated boxes. 然而许多月饼买家对过分精美的盒子表示了不满。

18、Confucius's praise of Ning's stupidity embodies his idea of scripture and tact in which lies the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture. 孔子对宁武子之“愚”的赞美,体现了孔子的经权观,这恰是中国传统文化的精髓所在。

19、Many a fine dish has nothing on it. 许多精美的盘子上一无所有。(绣花枕头, 虚有其表。)

20、At the table, the finest (yet clically understated) napery, crockery and glware complemented the elegant and artistic presentation of the food and wine. 餐桌上铺着精美的台布,看上去典雅而不夸张,精美的陶器和玻璃器皿为优雅、艺术的美食和美酒增添了光彩。

21、Precious roe essence and moisturizing factor provide perfect moisturizing protection for skin. 高保湿的珍贵鱼子精华及保湿剂的双重作用,给肌肤最完美的保湿防护。

22、Ingredients: Lotus extract, Saxifrage , Thyme cream, Whitening factor, hydrolyzed collagen, etc. 成份:莲花萃取物、虎耳草、百里香精华、美白因子、水解胶原蛋白等。

23、Father tiger cub, forcing troops, leading to an outstanding achievement of a perfect team. 虎父虎子,强将精兵,一位优秀的领导能成就一支完美的团队。

24、It spreaded the leaves, showing the beauty unreservedly, my seductive. 它伸展着叶子,毫无保留地展示着美丽,我的小妖精。

25、And also "i just zed in my pants" (thank you, deaddevil6). 还有人称“我射(精)在裤子里了” (谢您美言,deaddevil6)。


26、LEIF was a prince, handsome and sedate. He owned a delicate royal precious stone when he was born. LEIF是位王子,英俊沉稳,出生便拥有王室最精美的宝石项鍊。

27、She decked herself out with fine jewels. 她戴着精美的珠宝。

28、Online book sharing wiki site with auto PDF generation for ebook devices. 亿年书海网络书籍编辑与分享平台,生成精美 PDF 电子书。

29、Ultimate whitening complex contains extracts of dazzling black pearls; its rich pearl essence is the ultimate ingredient for beautiful skin. 极致润白复合精华,采用璀璨迷人的黑珍珠萃取,蕴藏肌肤美丽因子 – 含丰富珍珠精华,是养颜美肤精选配方。

30、The tariff value for crude palm oil is at $504/tonne, for refined palm oil at $543/tonne, crude palm olein at $532/tonne and refined palm olein at $552/tonne. 粗加工棕榈油、精加工棕榈油、粗加工棕榈油精、精加工棕榈油精的关税值分别为每吨504美元、543美元、532美元和552美元。

31、These guests were all amazed by this exquisite China house. 这些来宾无不惊吧瓷房子的精美绝伦。

32、How beautiful the bronze wares are! 这里的青铜器真精美!

33、He handed his son a beautifully wrapped gift box. Curious, but somewhat disappointed, the young man opened the box and found a lovely, leather-bound Bible, with the young man's name embossed in gold. 接着,父亲递给儿子一个包装精美的礼品盒,却发现里面竟是一本精美的精装本《圣经》,上面以金子凸印着年轻人的名字。

34、I taste a liquor never brewed,我用精美的珍珠酒杯,

35、Dorothy Keller, M. Ed. Professor of Fine Arts, Chair, Fine and Performing Arts Department. 精美艺术教授,精美与表演艺术系主任。

36、Delicate scents of ripe pineapple paired with juicy apricots and elegantly accompanied by fine notes of citrus - this describes the nose of this Pinot Grigio. The taste is young, light and smooth. 成熟菠萝的精致芬芳配合美味多汁的杏子与精致柑橘——这款比诺葡萄酒的完美演绎。

37、Beautiful reliefs on the pediment. 山形墙上的精美浮雕。

38、She brought in a tray heavy with elegant sandwiches, scones and cakes. 她端进来一只盘子,里面盛满了精美的三明治、烤饼和蛋糕。

39、The refined rooms of the Imperiale come with fine fabrics. 精美的客房离有着优美的装饰。

40、Poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue; it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright. 贫穷常使人丧失全部精神与美德,空袋子是难以直立的。

41、Therefore, he praised the stuff he did not see, and ured them of his joy about the beautiful colours and the exquisite design. 因此,他赞美他看不到的布料,对骗子们说他很喜欢那美丽的色彩和精致的设计。

42、The daily said that Goh is not yet proficient in Japanese, but hearing her speak a few words in Japanese, it declared her unciation perfect. 日报报道说虽然高雅拉现在不能精通日文,不过听过她说的几句日文发音完美。

43、He carried glossy pamphlets and maps to show her the plan for their trip to Huangguoshu. 他拿回精美的手册和地图向妻子展示他们去黄果树旅行的计划。

44、The ruler of heaven not cooperate, the monster scorpion essence on blackart hill escapes with anguine essence come out to begin damage villager. 天公不作美,魔法山上的妖怪蝎子精跟蛇精逃离出来开始祸害村民。

45、Online book sharing wiki site with auto PDF or EPUB generation for ebook devices. 亿年书海网络书籍编辑与分享平台,生成精美 PDF 和EPUB 电子书。

46、Can choose the mirror with elegant picture frame, and the mural lens that draw has flowers and plants, landscape, animal, can have beautification effect. 可选择镜框精美的镜子,以及绘有花草、山水、动物的壁镜,能起到美化作用。

47、Inside the ebony case was a magnificent silver casket, about twelve inches square by eight high. 在这个黑檀箱子里,有一个十二吋见方,八吋高的精美绝伦的银匣子。

48、Whitening essence, Amway whitening set a good 06-11 which kind of whitening essence, whitening essence ranking, beauty. 美白精华液,安利美白套装好用吗06-11·哪种美白精华液好,美白精华液排行,美。

49、We really enjoyed the delicious food and excellent wine. 我们很喜欢这些精美的事物和香醇的美酒。

50、Ingredient: Marine Pearl Active Essence, Pure Vitamin E Derivative, UVA, UVB Defense Factor, Transparent Zinc Oxide, UV-absorber, Hi-efficient Whitening and Moisturizing Factor, Hyaluronic Acid. 海洋珍珠活性精华、精纯维生素E衍生物、UVA、UVB隔离因子、透明氧化锌、紫外线吸收剂、高效美白保湿因子、透明质酸。


51、In other words, if you spend energy trying to resist a fragrant chocolate chip cookie, you'll have less energy left over to solve a difficult problem. 换句话来说,假如你花精力拒绝一块美味的巧克力曲奇,你就没有精力去解决一个难题。

52、The terraced gardens and picturesque chestnut groves will surely revive your spirits. 这座位在山坡的花园以及优美的栗子园一定会让你再次感到精神抖擞。

53、Not only that, the sarcophagus indicated it was made for a child of a high status, possibly even royal. 不仅如此,雕刻精美的石棺表明这是为一个地位很高的孩子造的,甚至或许是个皇室的孩子。

54、These exquisitely ornate boxes and cabinets have been handmade and hand-painted by Indian craftspeople . 这些精美华丽的箱子和柜子都是印度工匠手工制作并彩绘的。

55、The innermost print statement utilizes a new concept, called string formatting to create a nicely formatted table. 最里面的 print 语句使用了一个名为 字符串格式化 的新概念来创建格式设置精美的表。

56、The shadows on the perfect lawn were straight and angular; 精美的草坪上有几条影子,直直的,有棱有角。

57、A little house well filled, a little land well tilled, and a little wife well willed are great riches. 一所摆满家具的小房子,一小片精耕细作的土地和一位心灵美好的妻子是最好的财富。

58、Flowers are too delicate for my taste. I would rather stay with the tough leafs. 没有绿色叶子。花偏僻。我觉的花太精美。我和坚韧叶子呆在一起。

59、Each bottle contains 20ml purifying and spot removing essence, as well as ossein, whitening factor, pearl essence and a variety of vitamins. 每瓶蕴含20ml净白祛斑精华,揉合骨胶原,美白因子、珍珠精华及多种维他命。

60、Whitening set a good 06-11 which kind of whitening essence, whitening essence ranking, whitening Chinese medicine mask formula. 美白套装好用吗06-11哪种美白精华液好,美白精华液排行,美白中药面膜配方。

61、The church's east window has beautifully coloured gl. 教堂朝东的窗子是用精美的彩色玻璃镶嵌成的。

62、Sanzi is a kind of fried food. People called it cold food in the old days. “馓子”为一油炸食品,香脆精美,古时叫“寒具”。

63、There are some aethetics elements in the aerobic: beautiful body, beautiful stance, beautiful movement, beautiful music and beautiful spirit. 它的美学要素包括形体美、姿态美、动作美、音乐美、精神美。

64、Ingredients: amino acid protein, ginseng essence, MF, whitening factor etc. 成份: 氨基酸蛋白、人参精华、水凝保湿因子、美白因子等。

65、Ingredients: olive leaf extract, FGP cells contributing factor, pure plant 22 kinds of active amino acid, VC whitening, arbutin, mulberry. 主要成分:橄榄叶精华、FGP细胞助长因子、纯植物22种活性氨基酸、VC美白精华、熊果苷、桑椹。

66、Trousers starting at $195, shirts at $160 and up, and sportcoats costing $495 have been designed to reflect Harvard’s “quality, heritage and excellence, ” he said. 定价由195美元起的裤子,160美元的T-shirt以及495美元的运动外衣的设计将折射出哈佛大学“品质,传承和杰出”的精神。

67、Artists like Riza i-Abbasi amused kings and princes with exquisitely wrought Persian miniatures and calligraphies. 艺术家们,如里扎-阿巴西,为了取悦国王和王子,制作了精美的波斯彩饰画,上面用精致的字体写着爱情的诗歌。

68、exquisite embroidery 精美刺绣 ; 朦胧刺绣 ; 精致的刺绣

69、Another fine example of beautifully crafted pottery is the tricolor glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). 制作精美的陶器,另一个很好的例子是三色釉的唐代陶器(618 - 907)。

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