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导读: 27个,关于”中秋节的5句话“的英语句子27个,句子主体:。以下是关于中秋节的5句话的专业英语句子。




1、If your business process dictates that message destinations should be accessed conditionally (in other words, if x5, access topic B), then you won't be able to use MDBs. 如果您的业务流程规定了消息目的地只能有条件地访问(换句话说,如果x5,则访问主题B),那么您将不能使用MDB。

2、Of the 5 nodule-type foci in 2 cases, 2 had ground-glass opacities and had air bronchogram in nodules. 结节型2例共5个结节,其中结节边缘见磨玻璃征及内见支气管充气征2个;

3、Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. —1 Peter 5:6 金句: 「所以你们要自卑,服在上帝大能的手下,到了时候,他必叫你们升高。」(彼得前书5章6节)

4、Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out. —Proverbs 20:5 金句: 「人心怀藏谋略,好像深水,惟明哲人才能汲引出来。」(箴言20章5节)

5、Japan celebrates New Year with a seven -day festival. It begins in January 1st. 在印度南部地区,在xx月中旬为期三天的节日称为秋收感恩节。

6、I don't believe in everything the Bible says. 我不相信《圣经》中的每一句话。

7、Mooncakes are to Mid-Autumn Festival what mince pies are to Christmas. 中秋节吃月鉼就像西方人圣诞节吃百果馅鉼一样,是必不可少的。

8、China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, when people admire the moon and in China, enjoy moon cakes. 在中国和日本都过中秋节,在这个节日里人们赏月,在中国品尝月饼。

9、His favourite observation is that a 6ft man can drown in a stream whose average depth is 5ft . 他最喜欢的一句话是:6英尺的人有可能淹死在平均水深5英尺的小河里。

10、You do what you can in 5 hours, turn it in, and let the rest take care of itself. 在5个小时里你做你力所能及的事,换句话说,就是将其余的工作放任自流。

11、In other words, parity bytes monitor and detect errors over different parts of a SONET frame. 换句话说,校验字节的监测和检测过的SONET帧的不同部分中的错误。

12、So for step 5, you will do exactly what the documentation says except for the last sentence about deploying an "sor" partner. 所以,对于第 5 步,除了最后一句关于部署“sor(评估者)”伙伴的内容的那句话之外,您可以完全按照文档所述进行。

13、Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, but I get up late as usual. 今天是中秋节,但我还是一如往常的晚起。

14、"I never allow people around me to wear long johns, " Su said in a talk show with TV anchor Chen Luyu. 她在一档由陈鲁豫主持的谈话节目中表示:“我从不允许自己周围的人穿秋裤。”

15、Time autonomous work headset during a call - about 5 hours and standby times - up to 5 days. 工作时间自主耳机在通话中-约5小时,待机时间-长达五天。

16、Fortunately, the Mid-Autumn Festival is no class, so the sleep time. 幸好中秋节不用上课,于是有了补眠的时候。

17、If the tax is reduced, that 5% will come off the price of the goods. 如果税收削减的话,那个5%将从货价中扣除。

18、Oh, nothing, 〃has 5 an entirely different meaning in woman-language than it does in man-language. 盋“哦,没什么。”这句话在女人的字典里的意思和在男人字典里的完全不同。

19、In other words, as the number of nodes in a network increases arithmetically , the value of the network increases exponentially. 换句话说,网络中的节点数按照算术法则提升,而网络的价值则按照指数法则提升。

20、He emphasizes rhythmic time, metrical harmonious beauty, and clean and tidy sentence structure so as to form a unique writing style to impress readers with changes of tidiness and terseness. 余秋雨的散文集《文化苦旅》大胆借鉴非散文文体语言,其散文语言注重节奏的合拍、韵律的谐美、句式的整齐,构成了独特的话语风格、富于变化的整齐美。

21、Flying high in the autumn sky is the mythical winged horse Pegasus. 翱翔在秋季夜空中的是神话中的飞马星座。

22、He left in late autumn. 他在深秋时节离开的。

23、She explained to us that autumn is a place where the most beautiful season in a year … 她向我们解释说 秋天是哪里xx年中最美丽的季节 这就话怎么用…

24、Yesterday ped into a schoolmate to chat a meeting, he in ordinary duty special teaching, every day 5-6 cl, the treatment was 5000-. 昨天碰到一同学聊了两句,他在一普通的职专教书,每天5-6节课,待遇是5000-。

25、Enter the required details for the FAP database created in Step 5. 为在步骤 5 中创建的 FAP 数据库输入所需细节。


26、Since then, the Mid-Autumn Festival Baidoa, the custom has spread in the civil. 从此,中秋节拜月的风俗在民间传开了。

27、This year's autumnal equinox will occur at 5:19 am Wednesday, according to the latest published astronomical almanac of China. 根据最新出版的《中国天文年历》,今年秋分准确时间是xx月xx日5时19分。

28、God's Word says in Galatians 5:26, "Let us not be envying one another." 神的话是怎么说的呢? 在加拉太书五章廿六节说:“不要互相嫉妒。”

29、Addressing the media, before heading home, Liu said he is looking forward to spending China's Mid-Autumn Festival with his family. 在回家之前对媒体的讲话中,刘翔表示他期望与家人一起过中秋节。

30、Autumn, is a lonely season. 秋,是一个寂寞的季节。

31、Calling the authorize() method results in the WebView-based dialogs in Figure 5. 调用 authorize() 方法导致 图 5 中基于 WebView 的对话框。

32、In other words, she might try to make eyes at him or give him the eye . 换句话说,她可能会尽可能地向这个男人暗送秋波或者抛媚眼。

33、Imagine a world where there's a URL for every chapter and paragraph in a book—every sentence, even. 想象一下,如果世界上的每本书中的每个章节,每个段落,甚至每一句话都有一个自己的 URL。

34、In China, families get together and celebrate the bright, round moon. 中秋节这天,每家都要团聚在一起赏月。

35、Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men. —Psalm 66:5 金句: 「你们来看上帝所行的,他向世人所做之事是可畏的。」(诗篇66篇5节)

36、"Who's the Valentine", a New-Year comic play directed by Yang Xinwei, is to be staged at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre from Jan. 5 to late February in the upcoming new year. 导演杨昕巍执导的贺岁话剧《和谁去过情人节》将于xx年xx月xx日至xx月下旬在安福路话剧中心上演。

37、Every phrase in her letter reproached him. 她的信中的每句话都责备他。

38、Fig set summer fruit at last-year-grown s that had not born fruit, and autumn fruit from the 3rd or 5th to the top of current-year-grown branches. 无花果以去年生枝上未结秋果的节位着生夏果,秋果着生在当年生新枝上,从第3~5节开始直至枝顶。

39、1.Season's greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and hy Midautumn day! (献上节日的祝福与问候,愿你拥有一个充满生机和快乐的中秋节)

40、I have an afternoon class till 5:45pm. If you want, we can ride there together. 我下午有一节课,一直到5:45。如果你想的话,我们可以一起骑车去。

41、In the season that harvests this fall, be about to span in this the majestic history hour of the century, we received the festival red-letter day that builds anniversary of bureau 5 5. 在这金秋收获的季节 ,在这即将跨越世纪的庄重历史时刻 ,我们迎来了建局 5 5周年的喜庆节日。

42、Let's just suppose we understand that clause to be implied in what I'm saying. 我们假设,那句话蕴含在我所说的话中。

43、Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as “Harvest Festival”, which is one of the most well known Chinese Festival. 中秋节,也被称为是收获的节日。是我国最为重要的节日之一。

44、In other words, how will db4o react if I run an existing Person-based query against the database when no Mood instances are stored (shown in Listing 5)? 换句话说,当数据库中没有存储 Mood 实例时,如果在数据库上运行一个基于已有的 Person 的查询,db4o 将如何作出响应(见清单 5)?

45、The magical fairy tale a dream scene arrangement, the photographer unique Angle of view of composition, the autumn fairy tale plot type wayNew ARTIZ autumn fairy tale scene with you. 童话梦中那魔幻般的场景布置,摄影师独特的构图视角,秋季童话故事剧情式拍摄方式 全新ARTIZ秋季童话场景与您不期而遇。

46、We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. —2 Corinthians 5:8 金句: 「我们坦然无惧,是更愿意离开身体与主同住。」(哥林多后书5章8节)

47、Bottom line: Vancl's recent layoff of 5 percent of its workforce marks the latest chapter in the early stages of a burst for China's overinflated Internet bubble, with much more to come. 一句话: 凡客近来裁员5%,是中国过度膨胀的互联网泡沫初步破裂的最新事件,未来还会有更多企业跟进类似举措。

48、If you take away 3 from 8, 5 remains. 如果你从8个当中拿走3个的话, 还剩下5个。

49、Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever! —Revelation 5:13 金句: 「但愿颂赞、尊贵、荣耀、权势都归给坐宝座的和羔羊,直到永永远远!」(启示录5章13节)

50、In other words, there has been no excuse to use a table-based layout for at least 5 years. 换句话说,有没有理由使用至少xx年的基于表格的布局。


51、1.season's greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and hy midautumn day! (献上节日的祝福与问候,愿你拥有一个充满生机和快乐的中秋节)

52、Many people often say that from the Mid-Autumn Moon story. 通常有许多人讲,中秋节源自嫦娥奔月的故事。

53、From then on, the MidAutumn festival in folk customs of worship months out. 从此,中秋节拜月的风俗在民间传开了。

54、Autumn is a beautiful season. 秋是一个柔美的季节。

55、The expression levels of the 5 proteins were higher in Qiufeng strain than in Huaba35. 这5种蛋白在抗性品系秋丰中的表达量均高于感性品系华八35。

56、So, in other words, if we ly some of the storyline 4 5 6 from the previous tale, if s1 hens to be 4, 5, s2 4 5 6 you're just asking the question is 4, 5, 6 equals equals to 1, 2, 3? 换句话说,如果我们运用之前的一些情节,如果s1正好为,正好为1,2,3,6,and,s2,hens,to,be,1,,2,,3,你就会问:,等于1,2,3吗?

57、Fall class registration starts this week, 6/5/04. xx月xx日起接受秋季班注册。

58、In this case, you should update the DFT_QUERYOPT, using the following UPDATE statement, to 5 本例中,您将使用下列 UPDATE 语句将 DFT_QUERYOPT 更新为 5

59、Now I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel. —2 Kings 5:15 金句: 「如今我知道,除了以色列之外,普天下没有上帝。」(列王纪下5章15节)

60、In other words, shemaymight try to make eyes at him or give him the eye. 换句话说,她试着给他递眼色或暗送秋波。

61、Section 5:Programming for CNC milling center. 第五节:镗铣加工中心的程序编制。

62、More than 370 million people around the world are members of indigenous communities; in other words, 5% of the world’s population. 全世界有超过3.7亿的人属于原著居民,换句话说,他们占据5%的世界人口份额。

63、Many the United States! All of autumns are a windy season. You can many season of stick in the breeze! 秋天都是一个多风的季节。你可以在风中多棒的季节呀!

64、It was also an honour to join Tien Chou-jin to say some words at the opening, and to sing a song about the Arctic Refuge. 我也感到有幸能和田秋菫女士(立委)于开场式中说几句话,为北极保护区唱一首歌。

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