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导读: 37个,关于”诗歌“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Poetry。以下是关于诗歌的初一英语句子。




1、In fact, it has great influence on the poetry all over the country, and it has quite a number of members. 实则湖湘诗派作为影响及于全国的诗歌流派,成员是比较多的。

2、We may find out the poet's concern and criticism to the reality under his meaningful form. 在臧棣诗歌有意味的形式之下,让人体会到诗人对现实的忧虑和批判。

3、For you, for you I am trilling these songs. 为你,为你,我颤声唱着这些诗歌。

4、Narrative poems in female script are the poems spreaded orally far and wide among Jiangyong women which are recorded by female script. 女书叙事诗是在江永女性之间口头流传的民间叙事诗歌。

5、Burnside has achieved wide critical acclaim, winning the Whitbread Poetry Award in 2000 for The Asylum Dance which was also shortlisted for the Forward and T. S. Eliot prizes. 伯恩赛德赢得了评论界的广泛赞誉,xx年更是凭借《救济院之舞》荣获惠特布莱特诗歌奖,该诗作同时还入选前进诗歌奖及T·S·艾略特奖。

6、Second, we discuss its relationships between musical institutes and Singing-poetry. 考察音乐机构与歌诗之关系;

7、By translating poems with the method of creative betrayal, the new version can possess more value and convey more of the "three beauties" of the original poem. 其诸多诗歌译文创造性地对原诗进行叛逆,实现了译文的增值效果,更好地传达了原诗的“三美”。

8、On the other hand, the poems attached to Doctor Zhio have an intertextual connection with Pasternak's early verses. 另一方面,日瓦戈的附诗部分也与帕斯捷尔纳克早期的诗歌形成互文;

9、Unto the end, in verses. A psalm of David. 达味诗歌,交与乐官,和以弦乐。

10、He alone moves poetry north of Boston. 他一个人把诗歌带去了波士顿北部。

11、Nai Xian, who studied poetry in the South of the Yangtze River since childhood and enjoyed high literary reputation during the late Yuan Dynasty, is the only Semuren poet in China's poetic history. 廼贤是中国诗歌史上唯一一位葛罗禄诗人,自幼学诗于江南,在元末之坛享有盛誉。

12、But the poetry of rubbish seems a luxury now. 但关于废品的诗歌似乎仍属奢求。

13、The new mode of expressions of the landscape poetry he established is his tremendous contribution to the development of Chinese poetry . 谢灵运开辟的山水诗新路,是其对诗歌发展做出的重大贡献。

14、And nodding by the fire,take down this book, 炉火旁打盹,请取下这部诗歌,

15、While carrying forward Yan's poetic thought, Wang surpassed him in the manipulating of poetic form and the expounding of literary dialectics. 王士禛在继承严羽诗学思想的同时,也在诗歌取法方面、文艺辩证关系的阐释方面对严羽诗学进行了超越。

16、ET:A poet can survive everything but a misprint. 诗歌可以拯救一切,除了印刷错误。

17、The choir sings both sacred and secular music. 唱诗班既唱圣乐也唱世俗歌曲。

18、ShiJing not only influences the progress of poetry but also is the direct product of Zhouese cultural concept. 《诗经》的产生不仅反映着诗歌的进步,它更是周人文化观念的直接产物。

19、He is member of Chinese Poetry Society, Guangxi Provincial Writers' Association. 中国诗歌学会、广西作协会员。

20、Changes of the ways of transmission in different periods of Nan Dynasty had a great impact on the mutation in poetic styles. 南朝不同时期诗歌传播方式的变化影响其诗风的演变。

21、This article mainly studies the Liu Ban poetry work. 本文主要研究刘攽的诗歌作品。

22、Chapter Two describes the ideological content of Sima Guang's poems. 第二章,司马光诗歌的思想内容。

23、Her poetry collections include: The Song of A Boat and Imprisoned Sunshine. 著有诗集《船歌》、《囚禁的阳光》。

24、Ran Zhongjing is in the present national minority poets continuously the few in number poet who takes the nationality and the region the poetry narration background. 冉仲景是目前的少数民族诗人中一直把民族和地域作为诗歌叙述背景的为数不多的诗人。

25、Now he is the Honorary Director of The Vineyard Poetry Quarterly and Honorary Chairman of the Society of Chinese Poetic Art. 现为《葡萄园》诗刊名誉社长,中国诗歌艺术学会名誉理事长。


26、Most of the Lishen's poems have been lost, in the works that only exist, we can classify the poem creation into two stages, i. e. , early and late stages. 李绅的不少诗歌都散佚了,从仅有的作品中,可将其诗歌创作分为前后两个时期。

27、This section will restore the ecological of Nanshe's poetry creation scene, to locate the relationgship of Nanshe with modern poetry. 这一部分将南社还原到诗歌现场,去定位南社的近代诗坛地位。

28、Zen was so profound and ue that it could be only understood by the expression of Zen poetry. 的道理深奥渺远,藉由诗歌形式写成「禅诗」,其禅理得以表达尽致;

29、The characteristics of the Song Dynasty poems are: In terms of technique of expression they are "poems of verse and poems of discussion"; in terms of content they are characterized by reasoning. 宋代诗歌的特点是:在表现方法上“以文为诗,以议论为诗” ,在内容上有较多的说理。

30、The symbolist poetry by Li Jinfa, which is under the deep influence of western modern art, is of great fame. 李金发的象征主义诗歌深受西方现代艺术影响,有着很大的诗名。

31、Psalm. A Song at the dedication of the house of David. 大卫在献殿的时候, 作这诗歌。

32、MU Dan is not only the poet with the most modernism tendency among the "Nine Leaves School poets, but also an outstanding poet in Chinese modern poetry history." 穆旦不仅是九叶派中最具现代主义倾向的诗人,而且也是中国现代诗歌史上杰出的诗人。

33、The special sound of Frost's poems result from the tensions between these pairs of opposing forces as they are embodied in his language. 这种诗歌的特别声音来自这种紧张,这种反抗力量之间的紧张,都在他的诗歌中得到体现。

34、The poetry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understlistingditionficwisly since it contains so many obaloneycure references. 艾兹拉?庞德的诗有时候难以理解,由于诗歌中含有许多令人隐晦的典故。

35、However, it is a pity that their poetical construction theory was overed by radical anti-traditionalist poetry. 遗憾的是,他们的汉诗建设理论被激进的反传统主义主流诗歌史遮蔽了。

36、His unique poetic style characterized with profoundness and polysemy is closely related with his conscious employment of creative symbolism. 李商隐诗“深情绵渺”的独特诗风和诗歌“多义性”特征的形成,都与其有意识地创造性地运用象征手法有密切关系。

37、I was then writing the poems which came to be published in the volume entitled Kadi o Komal, Sharps and Flats. 那时,我正在写一些诗歌,后来发表在题为《升号与降号》的诗集中。

38、Pupils also need to be familiar with conventional verse forms and poetry in order to understand why and how many of these poets subvert tradition. 学生们也需要熟悉传统诗体和诗歌,了解为何这么多诗人颠覆传统以及他们如何颠覆传统的。

39、His poem Han Jiang Lin Fan (go sailing on the Hanjing River) shows the artistic conception of Chinese ink and wash landscape painting in the aspects of texture, color and com… 《汉江临泛》一诗从线条、色彩、构图诸方面具体体现了王维后期诗歌中的水墨山水意境,表现出诗人融画入诗的高超才能。

40、Most of the Yuefu songs of the Han Dynasty are narrative poems, which truthfully reflected people's feelings. 汉乐府民歌大多是叙事诗,这些诗真实地表达了的喜怒哀乐。

41、When that shall vade, my verse distills your truth. 我笔下的诗歌却会提炼出你的真。

42、LI He is a distinguished poet in the history of the Chinese poetry. His special life experience has made his death consciousness quite different from that of others. 李贺是中国诗歌史上一个特殊的诗人,特殊的人生际遇使其死亡意识迥别于其他诗人。

43、So, originally, there were six forms of performances. 所以,“六诗”本是歌乐的六种表述方式。

44、Her poetry has a great impact on the poets at the same era with her and afterwards. 阿赫玛托娃的诗歌对同时代及其后来的诗人产生了不可估量的影响。

45、John Milton's Paradise Lost is often regarded as the magnificent epic in the English poetic history. 约翰•弥尔顿的《失乐园》被视为英国诗歌史上的最宏伟的史诗性作品。

46、Observing and studying the Anthology of Eight Dynasty and its Postil, the impaction for reference couldn't be neglected in the research of poetics theory and the Han-Wei-liu Dynasty poems. 考察《八代诗选》及其批注,对我们研究王闿运诗学和汉魏八代诗歌及其诗学理论,其借鉴价值与积极意义不容忽视。

47、Her poetry has been translated up to 17 languages. 她的诗歌曾被翻译成十七种语言。

48、And nodding by the fire,take down this book, 炉火旁打盹,请取下这部诗歌,

49、The poetry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understand because it contains so many obscure references. 艾兹拉?庞德的诗有时候难以理解,因为诗歌中含有许多令人费解的典故。

50、Song Dynasty's poets are the whole generation producing talented people, the folk custom poems are also too numerous to cite individually. 宋代的诗人可谓是人才辈出,民俗诗歌也是不胜枚举。


51、For the director of music. With stringed instruments. 亚萨的诗歌,交与伶长,用丝弦的乐器。

52、First of all, surviving on the Jin Dynasty poem for the song's overall grasp of the literature, and then select this article will discuss some of Costa. 首先对晋代存世的歌诗进行了文献上的整体把握,然后选取本文将要讨论的部分歌诗。

53、This article is mainly on the development of the modern poetry in the 1930s and the characters of modern poets especially of Dai Wangshu. 以《 现代》为中心的xx年代现代派诗歌的形成发展在现代诗歌发展史上具有重工业要意义,主要体现在以戴望舒为代表的现代诗人的艺术风格。

54、Meanwhile, Tang Xianzu was also a great poet and his poetry anthologies have been handed down. 汤显祖同时还是一位杰出的诗人,他的诗歌选集也被一代代流传下去。

55、Poems of fairyland excursion is emerged as an important type of Chinese classical poetry as far as Six Dynasty period , which stood among the most important types: pastoral poems and landscape poems. 游仙诗早在六朝就已成为堪与山水诗、田园诗鼎足而三的一个诗歌品种,但它却远未获得与后两者同等的重视,尤其是对唐前游仙诗,一直缺乏系统与深入的研究。

56、In Wang Wei's poetry creation, the scenery poem achievement is highest, also prepares the later generation critics is paid attention. 在王维的诗歌创作中,山水诗成就最高,也备受后世批评家关注。

57、Poem — A form of art that is always regressing. 诗歌—— 一个与时俱退的艺术形式。

58、In composition, they imitate the "Expostulation" tradition of the author of "The Book of Songs" and express satire in poetry. 在创作上,仿照《诗经》作者“ 大谏”的传统,在诗歌中寄寓讽谏之义。

59、And that’s how most of David’s Psalms end. 大卫的大部分诗歌都是如此结尾的。

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