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1、I am a better swimmer than he(him). 我游泳比他好。

2、A series of advanced automatic testing equipments for watt hour meters, which incudes those for 0 01,0 02,0 05 and 0 1 grade electric and inductive meters, has been developed. 研究建立了一套技术比较先进、结构比较完整的电能表检定装置系列,其中包括0.01级、0.02级、0.05级和0.1级电子式和感应式电能表检定装置。

3、Giving the user the ability to draw comparisons at both a high and low-level. 使用户均可绘制比较高和低级别。

4、Continuously readjusting the grade limit value(classical domain and joint domain) of every factor can maximize the ratio of historical runoff to actual runoff production in a drainage basin. 通过反复调整各因子的等级分界值(经典域和节域),可以使流域产流计算等级和实际等级的拟合率达到最大,其结果比较好。

5、A design example is carried out, through comparison, the result shows that no-sealing rotor pump is more compact than the traditional. 通过比较,无密封转子泵相比传统的转子泵结构较为紧凑。

6、Finally a Be-Cu electron multiplier has been used for the collector and the results are compared with the described instrument. 最后还与用多级铜铍电子倍增器作为收集极的谱仪性能作了比较。

7、Risk ranking and filtering is a tool for comparing and ranking risks. 风险等级和过滤法是比较风险和风险分级的工具。

8、Unit 2. We play a lot of sports at my school. 教学目标:用多音节形容词的比较级谈论体育活动。

9、This one is the bigger of the two houses. 这所房子是两座房子中较大的。

10、At small block sizes, compression is much worse than file-level compression. 块大小比较小时,压缩比文件级别压缩差很多。

11、However, only E_R was statistical significant (P<0.05) compared with the low grade with the high grade. 低级别与高级别级之间的比较结果显示,仅参数E_R的差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。

12、Look at the pictures in Section A and Section B. Review the following sentences. 利用图片或实物复习同级比较的用法。

13、With all these features and a relatively low cost, Beyond Compare 3 takes comparison, synchronization and merging of files and directories well beyond ordinary levels. 使用所有这些功能和相对较低成本,未来比较 3 会比较、 同步和文件和目录也超出普通级别的合并。

14、Initial: At this level, the software process is characterized as ad hoc and chaotic. 初始化:在此级别,软件流程的特点是专用性较强,比较混乱。

15、The taller boy is John. 那个身材较高的男孩子是约翰。

16、The sun, the earth and the moon, of the three the sun is (the) biggest (one). 理论上,比较级往往可以表达最高级的意思,比如说“小明比班上任何同学学习都刻苦”,即是说“小明是班上学习最刻苦的。

17、This article provides a kind of popularization of comparison test forpositive term series. 本文提供了正项级数比较判别法的一种推广。

18、It is getting cooler and cooler.天气越来越凉爽。

19、When the upper state population is not reversed, the channel with greater ratio of emission and absorption cross-section has greater competitive advantage. 当上能级粒子数处于未反转分布态时,具有较大的发射截面与吸收截面比值的波长信道拥有相对较大的增益竞争优势。

20、A new type of magnitude circuit in CMOS switch-level is present based on the study of the traditional one. 在研究传统数字比较器的基础上,提出了一种基于CMOS传输门的开关级数字比较器电路。

21、Only the constituent comonomer units of the polymers in the series of subheadings under consideration are to be compared. 只有在同级子目中的聚合物共聚单体单元才可以进行比较。

22、And this one here, because it is at a higher energy is called antibonding molecular orbital. 这里的这个,因为处在一个较高的能级,被叫做反键分子轨道能级。

23、earliest是比较级的最高级形式,前面需要用定冠词"the". My mother often gets up the earliest in my family.我妈妈一般是家里起得最早的。

24、Low-lower class, which was the pits; upper-lower class, which was good; or just regular lower class. 下层阶级的下部,处于坑底(比较悲惨); 下层阶级的上部,日子过的还可以,或只是一般的下层阶级(不那么悲惨)。

25、The extra electron fills up the lower-energy state in the conduction band, causing excited electrons to, effectively, spill over into the higher-energy, photon-emitting state. 这个额外的电子填充了传导带的较低能级,有效的导致了被激发的电子溢入较高,释放光子的能级。


26、Let us review the comparative degree of these adjectives together. 让我们一起来复习一下这些形容词的比较级。

27、Happiness is a relatively level, to have something to feel bottom. 幸福是个比较级,要有东西垫底才感觉得到。

28、Help me out. Which ski cap says après-super-collider? 帮我参考一下,哪顶滑雪帽比较像超级对撞机?

29、He is younger than I (am). 他比我年轻。

30、But the targets here were bigger. 但是这儿的靶子比较大。

31、The comparison verbs in English are special for grading meanings expressing in logic. 英语比较动词是用来表达级差这一逻辑意义的一类较特殊的动词。

32、The names are distinct, but the technical relationship is very egalitarian. 名字是不一样,但是技术上的关系倒是比较平级(egalitarian)。

33、You should use the superlative form to compare three or more things. 你应该用最高级来比较三者或三者以上的事物。

34、Our school is becoming more and more beautiful. 我们的学校变得越来越美丽。

35、With mechanical agitation hydraulic classifier comparison, a high degree of small, easy to configure. 与机械搅拌式水力分级机比较,高度较小,便于配置。

36、Again, notice all the comparative adjectives and phrases you can use when talking about things, e.g. 再次提醒你,当你谈论事情时,注意你所使用的所有的形容词比较级和比较性短语。

37、The main methods for the manufacture of low-iron grade aluminium sulfate from common industrial grade aluminium sulfate are compared. 研究比较了以普通工业级硫酸铝制备无铁级或低铁级硫酸铝的主要方法。

38、Level III are retrospective comparative studies or case-controlled studies. III级研究是回顾性的比较研究或者病例对照研究。

39、You to compare the wet ground can be covered with an O-level kids play the kind of plastic building blocks, very cheap. 您比较湿地可以覆盖一O级孩子们玩的一种塑料积木,非常便宜。

40、The scores of the first-degree factors and secondary factors of 16PF were compared, the paired t test was applied in the intergroup comparison. 主要对两组学生在学期初及学期末卡特尔16项人格因素问卷一级因素、次级因素得分进行比较,组间比较采用配对t检验。

41、Competitions are held in weight divisions, beginning from 46 kilograms for women_and_54 kilograms for men. 比赛按不同的重量级进行,女子从46公斤级开始,男子从54公斤级开始。

42、You have two electrons at much lower energy. 两个电子具有较低的能级。

43、The Richter Scale was devised by Charles Richter in 1935, and compares the energy level of earthquakes. 里氏震级是1935年查尔斯•里克特发明的,用来比较地震的能量等级。

44、Of, relating to, or being the intermediate degree of comparison of adjectives. 属于、有关或作为形容词比较的中间级的。

45、This method is superior to that one. 这种方法优于那种方法。

46、A lower-rated borrower could pay more than 20%. 而较低评级的借款人需要支付比此高出20%的利息。

47、English cover letters use more comparatives and superlatives and lexicalization, while Chinese ones employ more maximization and repetition than English ones. 比较级、最高级和词汇化在英文求职信中出现较多,而最大化和重复在中文求职信中使用较多。

48、Likely features include a digital compass, processor and memory upgrades, an improved digital camera with auto-focus and video-recording capabilities, and other minor improvements. 比较可能的功能有电子罗盘,处理器和内存升级,具有自动对焦和拍摄视频功能的摄像头,和其他一些小的升级。

49、A hat with less pizazz. 和比较少的精力一顶帽子。

50、Asia is four times as large as Europe.亚洲是欧洲的四倍大。


51、The comparatives of some adverbs are irregularly formed. 有些比较级副词的形成方式不规则。

52、Lower-class individuals felt that 5.6% was the appropriate slice. 下层阶级的人们则感觉分出5.6%比较合适。

53、A more primary Invoicing software is suitable for beginners to use VB6! 一个比较初级的进销存软件,适合VB6初学者使用!

54、I am less young than he (is). 我不比他年轻。

55、How to change popular into comparative form? Let's have a try. 引导学生试着将多音节形容词变成比较级。

56、The greeting you exchange with the barista at Starbucks is a relatively low-value Ritual. 比如你在星巴克里跟店员互相问候,这种“肯定”是比较低级的惯例。

57、Not only my mother but also my father is a teacher. 比较级+ than +any other +名词单数 …

58、The P. E. program should progress developmentally from grade to grade and should be designed to offer maximum benefit to every child, no matter how small or Late-maturing. 一个体育教学大纲应该由一个等级到一个等级进行发展并且应设计成对每一个孩子会有最多益处,无论多小或较发育比较慢的孩子(晚熟)。

59、The molecular weight distribution of intermediate is wider. 中间级分的分子量分布较宽。

60、The external electric field have significant influence on electron tering rates between the high energy levels. 外加电场对低能级电子散射速率的影响较小,对高能级电子的散射速率影响相对较大。

61、But the spatial condition has the certain inhibitory action to the seed of perennial ryegrass in the sub-1 generation on germination rate; 而空间条件对超级德比子1代发芽率有一定抑制作用,但平均芽长、根长较对照的有所增加;

62、For example, the present research efforts are directed toward the prediction of the numerous small earthquakes (magnitude 3 and 4) that occur frequently. 举个例子,现在的地震研究旨在出比较频繁的小地震(里氏3级至4级之间)。

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