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导读: 59个,关于”常见的句型“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Common sentence patterns。以下是关于常见的句型的初中英语句子。


关于”常见的句型“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Common sentence patterns。以下是关于常见的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Common sentence patterns

1、This is pretty rare and is usually found only in large organizations. 这种方法很少见,通常只是在大型组织中看到。

2、(3)Either you or I am leaving for Shanghai.要么你去上海,要么我去上海。

3、Conclusion Transorbital penetrating craniocerebral injuries is the most common type of penetrating craniofacial injuries. 结论经眶部穿通伤是颅面穿通伤的最常见类型。

4、(2)They started early so that they caught the early bus.他们起得很早,结果赶上了早班车。

5、Mechanical looseness is one of common faults in mechanical equipments. 在机械设备中,机械松动是常见且易发生的故障类型。

6、A signal model based on Fractional Brownian Motion(FBM) is a common model in nature. 分形布朗运动 (FBM)信号模型是常见的描绘自然现象和物体过程的一种信号模型。

7、(2)Tom is too short to reach the apple. Tom太矮了,拿不到那个苹果。

8、The nuclei of the Paget's cells are atypical and, though not seen here, often have prominent nucleoli. Paget氏细胞的细胞核有异型性而且常有显而易见的核仁(尽管这里未见到)。

9、The box-moon is not uncommon. And commonly found in some of the higher grade of Famous moon on the packaging. 型的月饼盒也不少见.而且常见于档次较高的一些名品月饼的包装上。

10、The most common type of ichthyosis is ichthyosis vulgaris which accounts for almost 95% of cases. Apart from ichthyosis vulgaris all other forms of ichthyosis are very rare. 鱼鳞病的最常见的类型是鱼鳞病几乎95%的病例占。除了鱼鳞病鱼鳞病的其他一切形式是非常罕见的。

11、Drug Eruption is one of the most common clinical types of adverse drug reactions. 药疹是临床上最常见的药品不良反应类型。

12、Polymerization saccharification and beer production process is often the typical batch process. 聚合反应和啤酒糖化生产过程是常见的典型间歇生产过程。

13、(5)Both Jack and Tim are English. Jack和Tim是英国人。

14、Objective:To investigate the correlation between urologic diseases and ABO blood type. 目的:探讨不同ABO血型与常见泌尿系疾病的关系。

15、(1)There are so many people in the room that I can’t get in.房间里人太多,我进不去。

16、(3)spend some money on sth./(in) doing sth.花钱在某物上/花钱干某事

17、(2)The man has so much money that he can buy a car.那人很有钱,他能买一辆小汽车。

18、(2)Hurry up, or we will be late for school. 快点,否则我们上学就迟到了。

19、Motion blur and defocus blur are the common blur types which degrade image. 运动模糊和散焦模糊是常见的两种图像模糊类型。

20、(2)He spends half an hour (in) reading English every morning.他每天早上花半小时读英语。

21、In other words, sometimes they can't see the wood for the trees. 换句话说,有时他们见树不见林。

22、It supports most common messaging models (both publish/subscribe and point-to-point). 它支持最常见的消息传递模型(包括发布/订阅和点到点)。

23、In the eyes of the designer, sized and can be divided into work - and life-and-recuperation of several common types, buyers must first clear their demands. 在设计师眼中,户型可分为工作型、生活型、休养型等几种常见类型,置业者一定要先明确自己的需求。

24、Sick sinus syndrome is most commonly seen in female Miniature Schnauzers. 病态窦房结综合征是一种常见于雌性迷你型雪纳瑞的疾病。

25、See: ZZ Top Complex. 见:ZZ 最常见的情结。


26、In China, public disagreements are common, and typically they consist of a lot of shouting that goes nowhere. 在中国,公共场合发生意见不合很常见,典型表现为一大堆叫嚣和漫骂。

27、Two of the most common types of flash devices are defined by their respective technologies: NOR and NAND. 两种最常见的 flash 设备类型为:NOR 和 NAND。

28、(2)It was such a hot day that they didn’t go out for a walk as usual.这么热的天气,他们没有像往常一样去散步。

29、Decision tree (DT) is a typical model for symbolic learning, and neural network (NN) is the most popular model for non-symbolic learning. 决策树是一种典型的符号学习模型,神经网络是一种最常见的非符号学习模型。

30、The rear seats are extremely comfortable and the L-shaped headrests improve the driver's rear view visibility. 后座非常舒适的L型头枕改善司机的后视能见度。

31、Specifies the type of ODF document, the most common of which are text documents, spreadsheet documents, and presentation documents. 指定 ODF 文档的类型,最常见的类型包括文本文档、电子表格文档、演示稿文档。

32、Conclusion Gefitinib associated skin rash are divided Wind-Heat type, Damp-Heat type, Blood-Heat type and Blood-XU type, and has the good effect through Syndrome differentiation. 结论吉非替尼相关皮疹的常见证型为湿热型、风热型、血热型、血虚型,中医辨证治疗有较好的疗效。

33、Male pattern baldness is the most common form of baldness, where hair is lost in a well-defined pattern beginning above both temples, and results in a distinctive M-shaped hairline. 男性型秃发是最常见的秃发类型,这种类型的秃发有明确的界限,通常先从两鬓开始,最终形成特征性的M形发际线。

34、Results The most pathological type is mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis(43.3%). 结果最常见病理类型为系膜增生性肾炎,占43.3%。

35、It is the most common type of extranodal low-grade B cell lymphoma. 它是结外低度恶性B细胞淋巴瘤中最常见的一型。

36、Open canopies may connect the storefronts, but a strip center does not have enclosed walkways linking the stores. 典型的直销中心没有锚店。条状结构是最常见的。

37、The low and flat wave was found more often than high diastolization wave and high cardiac atrium contraction wave. 在各种异常波型中以低平波最常见,其次是高舒张波和高房缩波。

38、' For the woman's response refer to No. 4. 接下来的回答,详见第4句。

39、(2)The boy is strong enough to carry the heavy box.这个男孩力气够大,能搬动这只箱子。

40、The saying "You can"t see the wood for the trees" is not only a cliche, but is also incorrect. 有句俗话“不能见树不见林”,这不仅仅是一句陈词滥调,而且是错误的。

41、Ternary Form, Rondo Form and Sonata Form are familiar forms of large scale. 复三部曲式、回旋曲式和奏鸣曲式是常见的三种大型曲式。

42、I don’t think his answer is right.我认为他的答案不对。

43、There are many different types of digital transmission schemes for telemetry seismic instruments. 常见的电缆遥测地震位数字传输方案有不同类型。

44、It is seen in large dog breeds such as Boxers, Great Danes, and Dobermanns. 常见于大型犬,如拳师犬、 大丹犬和杜宾犬。

45、The most common cytologic forms of malignant lymphoma involving the orbit are the histiocytic and lymphocytic types. 累及眼眶的恶性淋巴瘤的最常见的细胞学类型是组织细胞和淋巴细胞型。

46、BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, is the second main problem that can occur in the prostate. 或良性前列腺肥大是前列腺炎中第二常见的类型。

47、In addition, wild - type Japanese strains appear to be more common than previously reported. 此外,野生型日本病毒株似乎比以前的报告更常见。

48、B-cell lymphoma was the predominant type, seen in 42 of 45 cases (93.3%). 其中B细胞性淋巴瘤是最常见的病理类型,占93.3%(42/45)。

49、(3)He spends one hour on the housework every day.他每天花一小时做家务。

50、(2)It’s time for us to go to school.我们该上学了。


51、Fast eaters may have a higher risk of developing the most common form of diabetes, writes Roger Dobson. 进餐速度快的人有更高的风险患上糖尿病中最常见的一型——2型糖尿病。

52、The most common transmission mode of Hepatitis B, C, D and G is blood contact. 血液接触是乙、丙、丁及庚型肝炎的最常见传播途径。

53、The most common type, known as ly heat, results when sweat escapes into the epidermis. 最常见的一型,即痱子,因汗液溢入表皮内而导致。

54、(4)Neither you nor he is right.你和他都不对。

55、Common patterns have bar , shape , flowers, character, animal, landscape, geometric patterns, etc. 常见花型有条形、格形、花卉、人物、动物、山水、几何图案等。

56、(2)Not only you but also I have been to the Great Wall.你和我都没有去过长城。

57、In Section 2, we review some well-known optimization methods such as the gradient-type methods and Newton-type methods. 第二节概述了一些常见的最优化方法,包括梯度型方法和牛顿型方法。

58、The most common cylinder head types are the hemi, wedge, and semi-hemi. 最常见的气缸盖类型是半球形,楔形和准半球形。

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