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关于”冬天的小诗“的英语句子40个,句子主体:Winter poem。以下是关于冬天的小诗的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Winter poem

1、Only last year, Europe’s severe winter freezing was called the worst in memory. 一年前,欧洲的那个严冬被人称作记忆中最糟的冬天。

2、In the winter sheep have thick fleeces . 冬天绵羊的毛很厚。

3、In winter the town is often cut off by snow. 冬天这座小镇常因大雪与外界隔断联系。

4、Wilbur was tired of winter, too. 威伯也烦透了冬天。

5、The other root parameters of the both cultivars were influenced by molybdenum deficiency. 钼提高冬小麦根系的根干重、地上部干重,显著影响冬小麦的根冠比。

6、Li Yun _________ autumn, but he _________ like winter. 李云喜欢秋天,不喜欢冬天。

7、Running outside in winter? 冬天在户外跑步?

8、That region drizzly in winter. 那个地区冬天常下小雨。

9、Harsh winters led to larger sheep, which brought about changes in population size, yet in milder winters this effect was not seen. 严寒的冬天造成较大型的羊只,带来族群大小的改变;但冬季较温和时,则未看到这种影响。

10、It was Xuedong who (that) met your brother in the street yesterday. 小冬昨天在街上碰到的是你弟弟。

11、The boy pounded the nails into the board. 男孩冬冬冬地把钉子敲进木板。

12、Winter: the "severity" of "deep level" meaning, so "winter" will become a very cold winter, said another generation. 严冬:“严”有“程度深”之义,故“严冬”也就成了极其寒冷的冬天的又一代称。

13、does jimmy swim slower than me yes 8.我最喜欢冬天。

14、Wool in the winter. 冬天穿毛织品。

15、The negative accumulated temperature decreased obviously during the over-wintering period. 冬小麦越冬期负积温明显减少。

16、What’s the weather like in London in winter? 伦敦冬天天气怎样 ?

17、Autumn is quite pleasant, but winters are cold. 秋天的气候宜人,冬天则寒冷。

18、Which is your car,Dong Dong? 冬冬,哪辆是你的小汽车?

19、Ice lanterns are sculpted in winter. 冰灯在冬天雕刻。

20、Winter finds out what summer lays by. 冬天都找出夏天在干什么?

21、I usually is called Dongdong by some friends, It means "The Northeast Winter for me". 时常被些朋友呢称为东冬,我自己的解释是东北的冬天。

22、In winter by the window. 冬天里守在窗边。

23、Like the sun from a wintry sky. 象寒冬天空的朝晖。

24、In winter the winds can be very cold. 冬天的风会很冷的。

25、If the winter has light snow. 如果冬天雪下得少。


26、Dongdong is a happy pupil. 冬冬是个快乐的小学生。

27、In Jugoslavia, I like summer and winter. 我喜欢夏天和冬天的南斯拉夫。

28、Winter roads can be slippery. 冬天的路会很滑。

29、Good evening, Dong Dong. 晚上好,冬冬。

30、That region is drizzly in winter. 那个地区冬天常下小雨。

31、Xuedong met your brother in the street. 小冬是昨天在街上碰到你弟弟的。

32、What’s the weather like in London in winter? 伦敦冬天天气怎样?

33、There is no winter in my Beijing City! 我的北京没有冬天!

34、In winter she wears mittens. 冬天时她戴连指手套。

35、Winter Laila blink of an eye! 转眼间冬天来啦!

36、Winter snow , crystal clear and elegant. 冬天的雪,飘逸且晶莹。

37、Most of the days are sunny in winter. 冬天白天多有太阳。

38、Wild Asparagus nourishes 'Yin' and moistens dryness; 天冬能养阴润燥;

39、Der Winter ist vorbei. Es wird warm. 冬天过去了,天气会暖和起来的。

40、Researches on the effects of growth regulators sprayed on wheat leaf at 3-leaf stage on the physiological ecology of winter wheat before winter from 1999 to 2001. 在冬小麦三叶期对叶片喷施不同生长调节剂,研究其对冬小麦冬前生理生态的影响。

41、When we were children we would (used to) to skating every winter. 我们小时候,每年冬天都支溜冰。

42、Time comes to a cold winter night. 冬天,一个冰寒的晚上。

43、Winter is very cold, the snow drift. 冬天飘着雪,很冷。

44、In order to keep a bear from hibernating in your apartment, you've got to make sure it's never winter. Summer, 24/7, 360. 为了让熊不在你的公寓里冬眠,你必须保证不会有冬天。一年每周7天每天24小时都是夏天,360度都是。

45、It seldom snows there. 那里冬天很少下雪。

46、Bertha loved the calm of winter. 伯莎喜爱冬天的安宁。

47、It was the cruellest winter. 这是一个严酷的冬天。

48、But my little friend, a bear needs to sleep all winter long. 但是小朋友,熊都是要睡一整个冬天的哦。

49、Nuclear Winter - Semi-Polished Basmati Rice? 核冬天-半抛光香米?

50、Several days later, these two friends are going to go to different winter camps. 几天后,琪琪和小本被送去了不同的冬令营。


51、It was a cold winter night. 冬天一个冰寒的晚上。

52、Ford won both the World Fantasy and Rhysling awards for long poem "Winter Solstice, Camelot Station" (1988). 福特的长诗《冬至,卡米洛特站》荣获了世界奇幻奖及雷斯灵奖。

53、In winter, some people conserve energy by lowing the heat at night. 冬天,为节约能源有些人在夜里把热气调小。

54、And only one old lady will be staying here in the coming winter. 而这个冬天只有一个老妇人会在这里过冬。

55、Now the hard winter has gone, we can cast off our winter clothing. 严冬已过,现在我们可以把冬天的衣服脱掉收起来了。

56、Men rise and fall like the winter wheat. 他的兴亡如冬天的小麦。

57、Winter wasn't cold this year, I got through it wearing only autumn clothes. 今年冬天不冷,我穿一条秋裤就过冬了。

58、It was your brother that Xuedong met in the street yesterday. 小冬昨天是在街上碰到你弟弟的。

59、If we had no winter. 如果没有冬天。

60、What is heavier in summer than in winter? 什么工具炎天比冬天重?

61、There was adequate snow last winter. 去年冬天雪量充足。

62、In winter I use an electric blanket. 冬天我用电热毯。

63、123. Birds fly south in winter.(鸟在冬天飞往南方)

64、Winter bridesmaids to wear what? 冬天伴娘穿什么呢?

65、And when winter comes, they all fly south to the Mediterranean. 到了冬天,它们就向南飞到地中海地区越冬。

66、Spring gis coming, all things recovery, all the small animals hibernate yawned, wake up, little hedgehog hungry the whole winter, and small ants crawling around in search of food. 春天到了,万物复苏,所有冬眠的小动物都打了个哈欠,睡醒了,小刺猬和小蚂蚁饿了一整个冬天,爬来爬去地寻找食物。

67、The monks prefer winter to summer, for they have more privacy. 修道士们喜欢冬天而不喜欢夏天,因为在冬天他们可以更好地处幽养静。

68、When I go out in the winter I wear my winter boots. When I was a little kid my dad wore overss. 冬天出门,我总是穿上长靴(boots);我小时候,爸爸冬天出门穿筒靴(overss)。

69、Pooh and piglet go skiing in Switzerland every winter. 小熊维尼和小猪每年冬天都去瑞士滑雪。

70、The sun sets early in winter. 冬天的太阳落得早。

71、NRG1 hypomorphic mice have reduced expression of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, suggesting that the effects might be mediated through glutamatergic mechanisms (50). NRG1低效等位基因小鼠会减少N-甲-D-天冬氨酸(NMDA)受体的表达,这表明其效应可能由天冬氨酸能的机制介导。

72、Winter bridesmaids to wear? 冬天伴娘穿什么?

73、This is Dong Dong's car. 这是冬冬的小汽车。

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