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导读: 55个,关于”鼓励自己的短句“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Encourage your own short sentences。以下是关于鼓励自己的短句的初中英语句子。


关于”鼓励自己的短句“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Encourage your own short sentences。以下是关于鼓励自己的短句的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage your own short sentences

1、She will encourage her 10-year-old twin daughters to hew to similar values when they start their college search, she says. 她说,等自己xx岁的双胞胎女儿选择大学时,她会鼓励她们秉承同样的价值理念。

2、Second, the leader's role is to encourage the group's self-leadership. 第二,领导的角色是鼓励团队自我领导的。

3、Whether you're new to FindBugs or already familiar with it, I encourage you to experiment with your own application-specific detectors. 不管是刚接触 FindBugs 还是已经熟悉它了,我鼓励您用自己的特定于应用程序的检测器进行试验。

4、I encourage all women to develop their own pre-pregnancy plan through which they honor their energy and achieve their best health. 我鼓励所有的女性建立她们自己的孕前计划,从而尊重她们自己的能力并达到她们最佳的健康状态。

5、I would also encourage them to stay inside their bubble by motioning with my hands to stay turned inward. 我也鼓励他们呆在自己的泡泡中,用我的手势指挥他们转向内在。

6、Canyoneering is fun and we encourage you to explore, but remember that your safety is your responsibility. 翻译如下,“峡谷探险是非常有趣的,我们也鼓励大家去探索,但是请记住,你应该对你自己的安全负责。

7、We not only tolerate but celebrate free expression and vigorous debate. 我们不仅包容还鼓励自由的言论和激烈的争论。

8、Real men encourage those around them, male or female, to realize their fullest potential, regardless of their own or others’ preconceptions. 大丈夫者会鼓励身边的人,不管是男的还是女的,不管是自己或是他人的看法,去认清自身所有的潜能。

9、That's encouraged an army of young people to start their own companies, often in innovative IT or high-tech businesses. 这鼓励学多年轻人开始自己创业,特别是在创新信息技术和高科技行业里。

10、It is also encouraging the purchase and consumption of local produce, communicating its long-term benefits. 从长远的利益考虑,鼓励自产自销是基本立足点。

11、He loves music and volunteers his time with blind children and other people with disabilities, encouraging them to exercise more. 他喜爱音乐并自愿将自己的时间贡献给失明儿童和其他残疾人,鼓励他们多参加活动。

12、Yoga's core principles can motivate you to take meaningful actions that are good for the planet and also appropriate for you, whatever your cirtances. 瑜伽的核心要义鼓励你做出有意义的行动,益于这个星球的也益于你自己的。

13、We encourage you to take what you have learned here and attempt to write your own solution to our puzzle. 我们鼓励您运用在这里学到的东西,并尝试编写您自己的对于这个难题的解决方案。

14、Romans 12 gives us some encouragement. Serving starts with presenting ourselves to God as "a living sacrifice" (v. 1). 罗马书12章鼓励我们,服事上帝必须先献上自己「当作活祭」(1节)。

15、The "locavore" movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers' markets or even to grow and pick their own food. “本土膳食者”运动鼓励人们直接去农田市场买或者种植自己的食物。

16、Grounded in breath, the 5Rhythms practice invites discovery, expression, release, celebration, and integration through your unique body and journey. 以呼吸为基础,五韵律的练习鼓励探索、表达、释放、庆典及通过你自己独特的身体和经验进行融合。

17、YouTube is encouraging average citizens to document the campaign and provide their own insights using small, affordable camcorders and computers. YouTube鼓励每一位市民利用小型、低价位的便携式摄像机和电脑记录竞选并提出他们自己的见解。

18、So I always felt free, in fact, I felt encouraged when I had a disagreement to step forward and make my case. 所以我总觉得很自由,事实上,我觉得经常被鼓励提出不同意见,站出来,陈述自己的观点。

19、I put it on my desk when it is easily seen as encouragement to my current endeavor. 我把它放在我的书桌上,随时都可以看看,鼓励自己为了出国的理想继续努力.

20、I am ready to fight for it to fulfill my first dream in life. I will encourage myself with the Title. 我要以“特优生”这个称号不断鼓励自己,争取实现梦想。

21、On one hand, welfare lottery encourages people to do small kindness for the welfare of others as well as for the profit of oneself. 一方面,福利彩票鼓励人们这样做小善良福利他人以及为自己的利润。

22、With inheritance tax rates of 40 percent to 50 percent, high-net-worth individuals are motivated to develop inheritance plans early, the study found. 由于40-50%高额的遗产税,人们被鼓励尽早制定自己的遗产分配计划。

23、When it comes to encouraging your bright subordinates to make the extra effort, Lamb has two suggestions. 至于如何鼓励你那些朝气蓬勃的下属,让他们在自己的写作上花点儿心思,莱姆提出了两项建议。

24、Allow and incite self-directed as well as instructor-guided movement by providing time for partints to move freely with no instructions. 鼓励学生倾听 自己的呼吸声,在流畅的动作基础上呼气和吸气。

25、Teachers should encourage their students to come up with contradictory opinions at academic discussions, to thrash out problems for themselves, and to draw conclusions of their own. 教师应鼓励学生大胆在学术讨论中提出不同意见,自己研究解决问题并得出自己的结论。


26、B. Encourage the candidate to connect with those in the field, and to research the career, job opportunities and educational requirements. 鼓励来询者联系自己职业意向领域的从业人员,对新的职业、工作机会及教育要求进行探索;

27、Although she herself had given birth at home, she encouraged her daughter-in-law Karamjeet to give birth at a health centre. 虽然她自己以往是在家分娩,但她鼓励儿媳Karamjeet在卫生保健中心分娩。

28、These types of challenges urge birders to improve continually improve their hobby, leading to even more enjoyment. 如此种种挑战性的任务鼓励着“鸟人”们不断提升自己,而这又将带来更多的乐趣。

29、Jia know right bridge and love upstream of the mood, with food metaphor, encourage the upstream stick to your belief confesses to rise. 正桥与爱嘉了解上游的心情,便以食物来作比喻,鼓励上游坚守自己的信念向上升坦白。

30、Encourage contact by letting the dog sniff the scent of the person's hand, allowing the pup to come on his own. Chasing a dog scares him. 通过让狗狗嗅他人手上的气味,让它们自己来能鼓励它们接触他人。

31、In addition, giving yourself positive reinforcement after each small achievement will help you even more in keeping the momentum going. 而且,在每一次小有成就后给你自己正面地鼓励会帮助你更加保持这一势头。

32、Such an approach would encourage more efficient and less volatile markets and would risk being self-defeating. 传统方式将鼓励市场变得更有效率、波动更小,并有不利于自己利益的风险。

33、Whether your guy enjoys golf, gardening, or working out at the gym, encourage him to pursue his hobbies, while you make time for your own. 无论你的男人喜欢高尔夫球,园艺,或正在体育馆里锻炼,鼓励他去追逐自己的爱好,同时你也为自己争取了时间。

34、Encourage everyone to speak their mind -- and always ask for critiques of how well you've been managing the team. 鼓励每个人说出自己的想法——并且请大家对你对团队的管理程度如何发表评论。

35、It was not an easy task for Annie, who bashfully admitted that she is shy and lacking in self-confidence. Without the encouragement of and nomination by Dr. 嘉敏笑言自己较害羞、缺乏自信心,但得到管理学系主任兼副教授陆何慧薇博士的提名及鼓励,最终令她突破自己。

36、A 12-month-old baby can be played with using large toys that encourage them to walk or move on their own. 一名12个月大的宝宝可以玩使用,鼓励他们走或移动自己的大型玩具。

37、Natural selection, which usually promotes only selfish behavior, can reward this kind of cooperative behavior, called kin selection, because relatives contain many of the same genes. 通常只会鼓励利己行为的自然进化,也会奖励这种合作行为,称为血亲进化,因为亲属之间包含很多相同的基因。

38、The fact that I was running from the community -- it was an incentive for them; I really mobilized them. 我为自己社区而竞选本身对她们就是一种鼓励;我的确动员了她们。

39、He knew from bitter experience what courage it took to ask a favor from a fellow man. 从他自己的悲惨的经历他就知道,那样的一拍对一个来求人帮忙的人来说是多么大的一个鼓励。

40、In Tantra the man can be encouraged to explore his soft, receptive, vulnerable, feminine aspects. 在坦陀罗里面,男人可以被鼓励去探索他自己温柔,善于接受,易受攻击,女性化的一面。

41、Farmers nationwide were encouraged, sometimes with cash payments, to stop cultivating their land and to plant native and perennial gres. 全国农民受到鼓励(有时付给现金)放弃耕种自己的土地,而去种植天然牧草和多年生牧草。

42、Have support for when you falter — either in real life or online. 自己产生怀疑和放弃的念头时须有人鼓励支持——这种支持可以是现实生活中的或是网络虚拟世界的。

43、Mom Veronica Anderson was a bit more pragmatic and encouraged her to pursue whatever path gratified her most. 妈妈维罗尼卡·安德森则更现实一些,鼓励她去追求自己最喜爱的任何事业。

44、My self-trust comes from my ability and your encouragement. my hope depends on your insight. 我的自信,来自我的能力与您的鼓励。我的希望。

45、Four seasons that small autumn thoughts, then encourage him to do what you want to do, the burden of the home and a burden. 四季得知了小秋的想法,便鼓励他去做自己想做的事,把家里的重担又一肩挑起。

46、Anenvironment that encourages fierce competition between employees or groups ofemployees resulting in individuals feeling like they are losers. 一个鼓励恐怖老公之间进行恐怖比赛的环境会导致个体感觉自己是个失败者

47、There are steps you can take, however, to encourage your daughter to love her body, regardless of its shape or size. 不过,您可以采取一些措施,鼓励您女儿不论体形胖瘦如何,都可以去爱自己。

48、Still, Ms. Smock has found in her own research that having money does encourage people to tie the knot. 尽管如此,斯莫克女士在自己的研究中发现,有钱确实能鼓励人们结合。

49、Zhou Gongjin experience tells us: encounters and their match, to be patient, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. 周公瑾的经历告诉我们:遇到和自己旗鼓相当的对手时,要沉得住气,扬长避短。

50、I encourage other women to step up to their pions and take part in the larger FOSS community. 我鼓励其他女士鼓起勇气,加入更大的自由及开源社区。


51、She tries to encourage him to talk but he refuses, thinking she doesn't have faith is his ability to solve his problems. 她试图鼓励他说话,但是遭到他的拒绝。他以为她对自己解决问题的能力没有信心。

52、With concise, applications-oriented discussion of topics and self-test problems the text encourages students to monitor their own comprehension. 简明,应用为导向的主题和自我测试的问题进行讨论的文字鼓励学生监控自己的理解。

53、And it has influenced me and inspired me and changed my own music, and my vision, I think, as an artist. 这部电影影响了我、鼓励我并改变了我自己的音乐,甚至是我作为一名艺人的视野。

54、In Mrs. McCampbell's cl, I wasn't just taught about great literature, I was encouraged to have something to say. 在麦坎贝尔夫人的课上,她不但教我有关文学巨著的知识,还鼓励我说出自己的想法。

55、More importantly, under the Wisdom teachers' guidance and praise, he developed more self-confidence, became self-motivated, and approached his obligations with more responsibility. 在慧智老师的带领、鼓励和赞美之下,他对自己的信心大增,养成自动自发,认真负责做事的好习惯。

56、He was spurred on by his friends when he failed the match. 在他比赛失利时,他受到来自他朋友的鼓励。

57、IFP kids should be encouraged to show some healthy ertiveness. IFP儿童应当被鼓励更加积极自信。

58、And, in fact, that's much what this is: doctors are encouraged to think of themselves not only as healthcare providers, but as individual economic actors competing in the free market. 事实上,很大程度上就是这么回事:鼓励医生不仅把自己看作白衣天使,还要把自己看作在自由市场上参与竞争的经济人。

59、Encourage them to be self-forgiving when they make mistakes--help them to see what they have learned from them and what you have learned from yours. 当他们犯了错误时,鼓励他们原谅自己——帮助他们学会从错误中获得教益并告诉他们你从自己的错误中得到了什么教训。

60、She encouraged me to think about what I wanted — short-term and in the future — and then to use my money within a plan. 她鼓励我想自己到底需要什么,现在想要的还有以后想要的,然后有计划的花钱。

61、You are usually self-motivated, not needing the constant encouragement and pushing some require. 你试试是自我鼓励,不需要时常给与勉励和某种要供的推进。

62、Josh Lipovetsky started his business, Film Insight, when he was just 16 years old. He started it while hospitalized, after being inspired to write about life. 在被鼓励写作之后,Josh Lipovetsky从xx岁住院的时候开始自己的事业,“洞悉电影”。

63、Please look here . There was three pops of warter . Who wants to touch it and say your feeling. 教师出示热、温、凉三杯不同温度的水,鼓励学生到前面来摸一摸,用汉语说出自己的感觉。

64、When politicians implore me to go shopping to “improve the economy, ” I’m inspired to swap, borrow, and make do with what I have. 政客们恳求我去购物来“改善经济”,鼓励我去购物、借贷,凑乎着用自己的东西。

65、Armani began a free-lance design business in 1970 with the encouragement of his close friend Sergio Galeotti, and established his own men's wear label in 1974. xx年,在好朋友的鼓励下,阿玛尼开始了自由设计职业,并于xx年创立了自己的男装品牌。

66、In the afternoon, in the small leap and everyone's teacher encouraged, I stepped onto the platform and sang to belong to my own song… 就在那个午后,在小闫老师和大家的鼓励下,我走上了讲台,唱起了属于我自己的歌……

67、All of these sites encourage members to take photos of themselves in new outfits and post them on the site. 这些站点都鼓励用户们穿上自己最时尚的搭配,然后将照片上传到网 站上。

68、To encourage myself to play more, I've made resolutions to Be serious about play, Take time to be silly, Force myself to wander. 要鼓励我多玩,我制定了的决意有:”认真对待玩“,”花时间犯傻“,强迫自己漫不经心。

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