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导读: 43个,关于”2个单词的短句“的英语句子43个,句子主体:。以下是关于2个单词的短句的八级英语句子。




1、One way to gauge the prevalence of a word is to consult the Oxford English Corpus, a body of 2 billion words. 要想判断一个词的流行程度,有一种方法就是查询拥有二十亿单词的牛津英语语料库。

2、ANNOUNCER (V. O. ): He's taking a writing implement from his pencil case. It's a number 2 pencil, a smart choice for this word. 看,他从文具盒中取出了拼写工具:一支2号铅笔:写这个单词是再好不过啦。

3、As you study the two short XML documents, you'll probably realize that there is very little difference in meaning between listings 1 and 2. 当您研究这两个短小的 XML 文档时,恐怕已经注意到清单 1 和清单 2 所表示的含义几乎没有什么不同。

4、string.word(n) Gets the nth word of string "Now is the time".word(2) returns "is" word(n) 得到字符串的第 n 个单词 "Now is the time".word(2) 返回 "is"

5、Remember, for a 2-minute speech, we recommend 230 – 250 words. 记住,对于一个两分钟的演讲,我们推荐要有230至250个单词。

6、string.wordindex(n), string.wordlength(n) Gets the index or length of the nth word "Now is the time".wordindex(2) wordindex(n), string.wordlength(n) 得到第 n 个单词的索引或长度 "Now is the time".wordindex(2) 返回 5

7、Since I've read quite a few English books, I know a good many words and phrases. 因为我曾阅读不少的英文书,所以我知道很多的单词和短词。

8、She couldn't remember one word and wrote another word wrong. 她没有记住一个单词,并且把另外一个单词写错了。

9、What is a commonly used word that ends in T, contains the letters VEN and starts with IN? 一个常用的单词,最后的字母是“T”,包括单词“ven”并且以“in”开始,这个单词是什么呢?

10、Let's suppose the first word is boat and the second word is imgboat1.png. 让我们假设第一个单词是 boat,第二个单词是 imgboat1.png。

11、The word "look" is sometimes clified as a "short vowel" because the "oo" sounds different in words like "sk". However, the word "looking" needs a stronger emphasis and an extension of the vowel. look这个单词有时被归为短元音,因为其中的"oo"与sk等单词中的"oo"听上去是不一样的,但是要注意looking这个词中的元音需要被强调并且拉长。

12、If it is like a word or a phrase it is easy to change by re-typing the word or phrase. 假如只是一个单词或者是一个短语而已,那问题不大,直接修改就行了。

13、Step 2: Ask the students to think of English words with four letters. 请求恳求学生尽量多地想出含四个字母的单词。相比看文典英语网。

14、Also in 2 Timothy 4:2, Paul uses the word "reprove." 在提后4:2中,保罗还用了“督责”这个词。

15、What's the meaning of this word? 这个单词的词意是什么。

16、Separating a compound word into two meaningful words. 将一个复合词分成两个有意义的单词。

17、Well brunch is a portmanteau word which is when two words and their meanings are combined together to form a new word. 是一个合成词,也就是由两个单词组成一个新的单词。

18、I didn't hang out with my friend(s). 如果是指一个朋友的话句尾不用加 s 光写 friend 就可以了,泛指很多朋友的话最后一个英文单词就要用 friends。

19、The comparison is long, often is 2-3 words composition, even phrases. 比较长,往往是2-3个词组成,甚至是短语。

20、Perhaps the trickiest bit is the piece shown in Listing 20 that fills in words or random letters on vertical lines, where the word is shorter than the whole line. 最棘手的部分可能是清单 20 中将单词或者随机字母填入垂直行(其中单词短于整行)的部分。

21、I designed the XSLT in Listing 2 so that it can be used to display full word form information as well as information for an individual synset. 清单 2 中的 XSLT 被设计成能够显示完整的词型信息以及单个同义词集的信息。

22、A phrasal verb is a verb followed by an adverb or a preposition or both of them, and then forms the whole meaning which is mostly different from the respective meaning of its components. 动词带副词、动词带介词或动词带介词和副词就构成了短语动词,表示一个不可分割的完整概念,被作为一个实义单词那样整体对待。

23、V. 2 Is the word an adjective or adverb? 这个词是形容词还是副词?

24、Write five new words and phrases in you vocab-builder. 在你的词汇库里写上五个新词和短语。

25、Listing 2 shows a short, simplified set of instructions in PHP to extract the data required. 清单 2 展示了一个简短的 PHP 指令集,可以提取需要的数据。


26、Try your best to ounce every word as accurately as possible. 记住生词最好的办法就是把单词读准!尽最大努力把每个单词都发到位。

27、Read both word-for-word and then judge which is easier to read. 阅读这两个单词的单词,然后判断哪一个更容易阅读。

28、Then they train cloud computers to recognize which words and phrases match up across tongues. 然后,他们训练云运算计算机识别各个语言的单词和短语。

29、京剧脸谱Beijing Opera Facial Masks 或Peking Opera Mask 脸谱用一个单词说就是mask 两个单词就是 Facial Mask

30、Henning's results suggest that beginning students hold the sound of words in their short-term memory, while advanced students hold the meaning of words in their short-term memory. 亨尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆。亨尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆,而程度高的学生能把词汇的意义保持短期记忆。

31、A two-year-old typically says a few hundred words, but there is a lot of variation. 通常情况下,一个xx岁大的宝宝能说几百个单词,但是不同宝宝说的内容各不相同。

32、The practice of writing compound words or phrases such that an underscore (_) separates one word from the next. This form is also known as underscore case . 蛇形命名法是书写复合词或短语的一种形式,用下划线分隔每个单词,也称下划线命名法。

33、As clearly as possible: Guide the pupils to ounce correctly, understand the meaning and the sentence structures. 引导学生把每一个单词的音发准确,并准确理解汉意和句式结构等。

34、Chapter 2 continues to discuss the verbal phrases that are available to adverbs. 第二章讨论受程度副词修饰的动词短语。

35、Of 136 grade 2 children randomly selected for the video, 35 percent weren’t able to read a single word. 在这个录像选择出的136名xx年级学生中,35%的学生一个单词都不会读。

36、Furthermore, if the word is a dictionary word of length 2 or higher, $factor is raised to the power of the word's length. 而且, 如果那个单词是一个长度为 2 或者更长的字典单词,那么 $factor 将增加 为单词长度的乘方。

37、W. 2 Is the word an adjective or adverb? 这个词是形容词还是副词?

38、J. R. Firth:Each word when used in a new context is a new word. 弗斯:每个单词出现在不同的上下文中都是一个新的单词。

39、The handleDefaultParameters() method in Listing 2 encapsulates the repeated structure from the original into a single if statement. 清单 2 中的 handleDefaultParameters() 方法将原有的重复结构封装到一条 if 语句中。

40、No. It’s one of the shortest words in the English vocabulary, but it’s also one of the most difficult for many of us to say。NO(不),这个词可谓是英文中最短的单词之一了。但要说出一个“不”字,对很多人来说却大有难度。

41、Their task was to predict the pattern of activity for the two missing words from the group of 60, and then to deduce which word was which. 电脑的任务就是找到那2个没有被输入单词所对应的大脑活动类型,并且推算出那2个单词。

42、Second is the vocabulary, the more you live, the more you learn English. To reach a general level, your vocabulary should be at the level of 3000 to 4000. 第二是词汇关,你住的单词、短语越多,你学会英语的路就越短。达到一般的水平,你的词汇量应该在3千到4千的水平。

43、Decoding: The ability to ociate words or phrases with a concept or object. 译解:将新单词或短语与某个概念或物体联系起来的能力。

44、Think of a memorable phrase, take the spaces out, or use the first letter of each word. 想一些有纪念意义的短语,加上空格隔开,或者用每个单词的第一个字母。

45、B: Since I’ve read quite a few English books, I know a good many words and phrases. 因为我曾阅读不少的英文书,所以我知道很多的单词和短词。

46、Add a page every 2-3 days: 200-500 words. 每2~3天添加一个新页,200~500词。

47、What part of speech is the word? 这个单词属于哪种词类?

48、Once a certain number of users have solved the suspicious word with the same result, it becomes a control word itself and the OCR software can learn this word. 一旦有一些用户都答对同一个模糊单词时,这个单词就会转化为控制单词,OCR软件就会记住这个单词。

49、I have no brothers or sisters.六个单词 =I don't have any brothers or sisters.七个单词 祝你开心如意!

50、Listing 2 shows an example output listing. 清单 2 展示了一个输出清单的例子。


51、Modules must be named in all lower-case, preferably short, single words. 模块的名称全部小写,并尽可能短,最好是一个单词。

52、Listings 1 and 2 show the code for both of these. 清单 1 和清单 2 显示了这两个类的代码。

53、In 1990, section 110(2) was rephrased in a way that undercuts the court's reading of that section. xx年,第110条(2)中的词句得到修改,避免了法院对该条款的那种解释。

54、其实就纹"family"这一个单词就ok了,分别用其中的每一个字母组成一个单词,意思是mother and father I love you

55、Write five new words or phrases in your Vocab-builder. 在你的词汇积累中写出五个生词或短语。

56、Each word when used in a new context is a new word. 则说,“每个单词出现在不同的上下文中都是一个不同的单词。

57、Objective To observe the influence of ultraviolet C(UVC) irradiation on apoptosis of human peripheral blood monocytes and interleukin-2(IL-2), interleukin-12(IL-12). 目的观察短波紫外线(UVC) 照射正常人外周血单个核细胞凋亡及白细胞介素2(IL- 2) 、IL- 12 水平的影响。

58、Listing 2 shows two connection handles reuse the same physical connection in one LTC. 清单 2 显示了在一个 LTC 中两个连接句柄重用相同的物理连接。

59、Utilize flashcards or small notebooks to review vocabulary words and phrases. 使用快速学习卡片和小手册复习单词和短语。

60、When users solve a CAPTCHA through reCAPTCHA, the software will give users two words: one with a known answer (the control word) and one where the OCR software wasn't quite sure what the word was. 当用户被要求输入验证码时,用户可以看到两个单词:一个是已知的单词(控制单词),另一个是OCR软件无法确认的单词。

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