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关于”积极向上正能量的句子“的英语句子39个,句子主体:Sentences of positive energy。以下是关于积极向上正能量的句子的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences of positive energy

1、Don’t trust a lover who kisses you without closing their eyes; 不要相信接吻时从不闭眼的伴侣;

2、Love deeply and ardently, even if there is pain, but this is the way to make your life complete; 深情热烈地爱,也许会受伤,但这是使人生完整的唯一方法;

3、Don’t sleep as long as you want; 不要轻信你听到的每件事,不要花光你的所有,不要想睡多久就睡多久;

4、There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power. 没有伟大的意志力,便没有雄才大略。

5、——Sam Walton What makes life dreary is the want of motive.缺少动力将让生活无聊乏味。

6、As a potential cathode material for Li-ion batteries, olivine-type lithium iron phosphate has recently been paid close attention. 近年锂离子电池正极材料的研究正在向低成本、环保、高比能量、高循环特性的方向发展,所以橄榄石型磷酸铁锂颇受关注。

7、——R.Peters Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.生活没有目标,就像航海没有罗盘。

8、The diffusion amount of gas upward and downward was controlled by the location of maximum abnormal gas-bearing concentration. 天然气向上或向下的扩散量受控于异常含气体积分数极值点的位置;

9、Figure out the meaning of someone’s words; 多注意言下之意;

10、Rizhao is marching towards the world with an active posture. 日照市正以积极的姿态走向世界。

11、Read more books and watch less television; 多看点书,少看点电视;

12、You need to ask yourself these questions to guide your mind toward positive and constructive roads and to channel that energy toward those roads. 你需要问问自己这些问题来使你的思想向积极和有建设性的方向靠近并引导那些能量到这些方向上来。

13、If you fail, don’t forget to learn your lesson; 如果你失败了,千万别忘了汲取教训;

14、Positive, active, self-motive work attitude; 正面、积极、上进的工作态度;

15、Life will change what you are but not who you are; 欣然接受改变,但不要摒弃你的个人理念;

16、Find a way to settle, not to dispute; 用一种明确的方法解决争议,不要冒犯;

17、If you would go up high , then use your own legs ! Do not let yourselves carried aloft; do not seat yourselves on other people’s backs and heads. 如果你想走到高处,就要使用自己的两条腿!

18、Sagittarians are positive people; they have a bright outlook on life, are enterprising, full of energy and vitality. 射手座是积极向上的人,具有阳光的人生观,具有事业心,充满活力,能量充沛。

19、Never judge people by their appearance; 永远不要以貌取人;

20、Don’t let a little dispute break up a great friendship; 不要让小小的争端损毁了一场伟大的友谊;

21、Whevever you say” I’m sorry”, please look into the other person’s eyes; 无论何时说“对不起”,请看对方的眼睛;

22、——Larry McMurtry Hope deserts us at no period of our existence.在我们一生中,希望从来未遗弃过我们。

23、When someone sneezes say, “God bless you”; 当别人打喷嚏时,说一声“上帝保佑”;

24、That organization is actively working to bring new contraceptives to market. 我们正在积极努力研发能推向市场的新型避孕用品。

25、Remember,the best love is to love others unconditionally rather than make demands on them; 记住,最好的爱存在于对别人的爱胜于对别人的索求这上;


26、——Chesterfield Have an aim in life, or your energies will be wasted.没有目标的一生注定碌碌无为,确定一个目标吧。

27、Try to associate only with positive people. 尝试结交积极向上等人。

28、At present, we are looking for positive and progressive, dynamic and goal-oriented professionals to join our team. 目前,我们正在寻找积极向上、具有活力的目标导向型人才加入我们的团队。

29、Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regionherto unexplored. 卓越的天才不屑走旁人走过的路。

30、How can I channel my newfound energy into something positive? 怎样将新生的能量引导到一些积极的事情上?

31、Try your best to let family harmony flow smoothly; 尽你的能力让家平顺和谐;

32、(1) I know you're going to make it, 我知道你能做到,It may take time and hard work. 那可能需要时间和努力。

33、Pursue your object,be it what it will,steadily and indefatigably. 不管追求什么目标,都应坚定不懈。

34、Instead, they sum their received energies, and they send their own quantities of energy to other neurons only when this sum has reached a certain critical threshold. 而是,它们积累所接收到的能量,只有当积累的能量达到一定临界 极限时,它们才会向其他神经元发送自己的能量。

35、If you have more positively charged energy arguing for success and prosperity than negatively charged energy arguing against them, then you have a positive sense of self-valuation. 如果你的积极能量比消极能量多,那么你的自我评估就是积极的。

36、Share your knowledge to continue a timeless tradition; 和别人分享你的知识,那才是永恒之道;

37、Do the thing you should do; 做自己该做的事;

38、Strong communication skill, positive thinking and self-motivated. 较强的沟通能力, 积极向上,自我推动。

39、Go to a place you’ve never been to every year. 每年至少去一个你从没去过的地方。

40、Fall in love at first sight; 相信一见钟情;

41、All who sit in my claoom are go-getters. 坐在这里的都是积极向上的。

42、Positive and progressive, dare to innovate breakthroughs. 积极向上,敢于创新突破。

43、Failure is the mother of success.Thomas Paine失败乃成功之母 While there is life there is hope.一息若存,希望不灭。

44、If you surround yourself with positive people, their energy will rub off onto you. 如果你和积极的人相处,他们的正能量也会传递给你。

45、If you earn much money,the best way to spend it is on charitable deeds while you are alive; 如果你赚了很多钱,在活着的时候多行善事,这是你能得到的最好回报;

46、Treat our earth in a friendly way,don’t fool around with mother nature; 善待我们的地球,不要愚弄自然母亲;

47、Whenever you say” I love you”, please say it honestly; 无论何时说“我爱你”,请真心实意;

48、Positively-charged particles will coagulate at the cathode, and negatively- charged particles will collect at the anode. 带正电的粒子将聚积在阴极上,带负电的粒子会在阳极上聚集。

49、Do more than others expect you to do and do it pains; 给别人比他们期望的更多,并用心去做;

50、A strong man will struggle with the storms of fate.Thomas Addison强者能同命运的风暴抗争。


51、Pross is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.进步乃今日之努力,明日之保证。

52、Take the rough with the smooth. 顺逆皆泰然。

53、Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today 不要再拖延了,今天能完成的事就今天做。

54、This energy then needs to find a positive means of expression, so the sadhaka begins to perform vajroli mudra so that it may be re-channeled upwards into the sushumna. 这种能量需要通过一个积极的通道进行宣泄,因此,灵修者开始通过性能量运行契合法将这种能量向上引至中脉;

55、Two heads are better than one 两个人一起比单打独斗要有效的的多。

56、Understand rules completely and change them reasonably; 深刻理解所有的规则,合理地更新他们;

57、Take the energy of the negative thought and rechannel it into a positive thought. 让消极思想的能量改道流向积极思想。

58、——G.Eliot If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.如果你等待,发生的只是你变老。

59、In the end of it all, you will create yourself a large amount of positive energy that will in return only create positive situations for you everyday. 最终,你将会发现自己已经营造出了一股强有力的积极能量,这些能量将会使你的生活每天都乐观向上。

60、Remember,not all the best harvest is luck; 记住有时候,不是最好的收获也是一种好运;

61、Both Samsung and Hynix are moving to 3x. 三星和Hynix正在积极向3xnm制程迁移。

62、Make hay while the sun shines 你应该把握时间和机遇去做你想做的事。

63、Trust God, but don’t forget to lock the door; 相信上帝,但是别忘了锁门;

64、However it does mean that you will have the conscious awareness to change the negative to a positive and allow that positive energy to shape your life as opposed to being influenced by the negative. 而是意味着,你能够有意识地将消极思想转变为积极思想,并让积极的正能量来塑造你的生活,让你的生活摆脱消极的影响。

65、The first step is always the hardest 万事开头难。

66、The dipole does not radiate energy in the direction of its axis . 偶极子在它的轴的方向上不发射能量。

67、I’ll give you some advice about life. 给你生活的忠告

68、If you combine these methods with affirmations you may notice your thought patterns and energy changing for the positive at a far quicker rate. 将以上方法结合起来,你定能发现,你的思维模式以及体内能量,正以更快的速度向积极的方向发展。

69、——Paul Nitze High expectations are the key to everything.远大理想是开启万物的钥匙。

70、When you quarrel with a close friend, talk about the main dish, don’t quibble over the appetizers; 当你和你的亲近的少吵嘴时候,试着就事论事,不要扯出那些陈芝麻、烂谷子的事;

71、你能做到,It may take time and hard work. 那可能需要时间和努力。

72、When we poems praising chanting of prayers, it can help us to purify the negative energy as we nowadays the so-called detoxification, filled with positive energy. 当我们诵咏梵呗时它能帮助我们净化消极能量,一如我们时下所谓的排毒,重新充以积极正面的能量。

73、The harmonizing atmosphere of a family is valuable; 家庭的融洽氛围是难能可贵的;

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