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导读: 23个,关于”经典的表白语录“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Classic confession quotations。以下是关于经典的表白语录的初中英语句子。


关于”经典的表白语录“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Classic confession quotations。以下是关于经典的表白语录的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Classic confession quotations

1、It is still possible to repent and by God's grace experience change. 罪人仍可忏悔,籍著神的恩典改变。

2、Traditional holography consists of wavefront recording and reconstruction. 经典光全息术包括波阵面记录和波阵面重现两步。

3、The nature of translation of classical works determines the translation practice must go thorough two phases, intra-language translation and inter-language translation. 典籍翻译的性质决定了典籍翻译须经过语内翻译和语际翻译两个阶段。

4、Tolstoy's Confession is one of the three famous Confessions. 列夫·托尔斯泰的《忏悔录》是世界三大著名的《忏悔录》之一。

5、Because of rich experiences of teaching, he can use Chinese, English , and Swedish language (svenska)for different students. 凭借长年的教学经验,在课堂上用汉语、英语、瑞典语针对性的进行授课。

6、There is always a confession buried beneath thousands of words. 在千万语言之下,縂埋藏著一句忏悔似的告白。

7、This riddle, has become the Internal Classic joke. 此谜语,已成为警队内部经典笑谈。

8、Context of globalization; classical literature; deconstruction; reconstruction; parody; 全球化语境; 文学经典; 解构; 重构; 戏说;

9、This is our classic trilingual text-to-speech series. 这是我们的经典语语音系列。

10、Recorded in Las Vegas, the al consists of 12 classic tracks from the days at the Sands. 这张在拉斯维加斯录制的唱片共收录了十二首金沙宾馆时期的经典曲目。

11、Enjoyment and Imitation on English Dialogues of Classical Films is an expansive optional course that is attached to Practical English Course. 《英语经典电影对白赏析与模仿》是一门从属于实用英语课程的拓展选修课程。

12、This is from Confessions 9.10 and it's on page 57 of my chapter. 引自《忏悔录》第9第10章,在我那一章的57页。

13、Compared with Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Modern Chinese Dictionary is not a typical language-writing dictionary. 与《朗文当代英语辞典》比较,《现代汉语词典》并非典型的语文词典。

14、The pragmatic meanings of English words are the deductive meanings based on the lexicographic meanings. 英语词汇的语用意义是基于词典意义经语用推导出的意义。

15、"Confession" has become one of the important themes in western autobiography since Confessions of St. 从奥古斯丁的《忏悔录》起,“忏悔”日益成为西方自传的一个重要主题。

16、Samuel Johnson, English writer and lexicographer (1709-84), was once taken to task by a woman for recording "improper" words in his dictionary. 英国作家、 辞典编纂家约翰逊( 1709-84 ) 曾经遭一个女人责难, 说他的辞典收录了些「 不正经」 字。

17、等级), then you have to be unselfish (无私心)。

18、"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." by Michael Jordan (我可以接受失败 但我不能接受放弃——迈克儿·乔丹)

19、The Origin of Rhetoric is a classical work of Chinese rhetoric. 《修辞学发凡》是汉语修辞学的经典著作。

20、And some praying texts contain several puzzling terms. There are also a lot of literary quotations and indigestible words which will have influence upon comprehension in reading praying texts. 愿文有自己的语言特点,它以骈文为主的形式决定了其用典的频繁,同时也出现了难解的词语,对用典和词语的理解往往牵涉到愿文的校录点读。

21、Let's review the trendy expressions and classic stories in 2009. 来一起盘点2009潮语,回顾经典故事吧。

22、Obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem.(虚拟语气用得经典)

23、From the lexicology sense, a certain number of "China English" has been authority English dictionary, become the loan words in English, greatly enriched the English vocabulary. 从词汇学意义上看,一定数量的“中国英语”已被权威英语词典收录,成为英语中的外来语,极大地丰富了英语词汇。

24、CLASSICAL & JAZZ MASTER: The SRH1840 excels with classical music. It actually sounds fantastic with most well-recorded music, especially modern-day jazz recordings. 古典、爵士专精:SRH1840 擅长表现古典的音乐。它聆听那些著名的经典录音,特别是现代爵士乐时,有惊艳的表现。

25、Methods Based on the semantic theory of nonclassical logic. 方法非经典数理逻辑的语义理论。


26、The Confessions by(Augustine – (Download PDF or EXE ) 忏悔录 (奥古斯丁) - 下载

27、Compared with Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Modem Chinese Dictionary is not a typical language-writing dictionary. 与《朗文当代英语辞典》比较,《现代汉语词典》并非典型的语文词典。

28、About ten minutes into the first presentation, "Albert Camus, une ecriture de la Verité," I realized I should've hit my French language textbooks instead. 第一个报告名为“阿尔贝•加缪,真理的经典之作?” ,十分钟内我就悔不当初,没有学好法语。

29、Why not make an intimate, confessional documentary? 为什么不录制一个私人的忏悔纪录片呢?

30、   And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win。不论是在练习或真正比赛,我打球就是要获胜。

31、The thirst after happiness is never extinguished in the heart of man. ------Rousseau, Les Confessions. 对快乐的渴望永远不会在人心中熄灭。------卢梭,《忏悔录》。

32、L'aveu (Anonymous). Voice and Piano or Harp. Classical. 忏悔(匿名)。语音和钢琴竖琴。古典。

33、The files holding the data are as thick as 4)unabridged dictionaries. 收录着这些数据的文档如同未经删节的字典一样厚。

34、The technology of lexicography based on corpus has been the main method for contemporary lexicography. 基于语料库的词典编纂技术已经成为现代词典编纂的主流方法。

35、About ten minutes into the first presentation, "Albert Camus, une ecriture de la Verité, " I realized I should've hit my French language textbooks instead. 第一个报告名为“阿尔贝•加缪,真理的经典之作?” ,十分钟内我就悔不当初,没有学好法语。

36、A strong woman of mine were well-known quotations from selected version: First, I never rely on a man, but I need a man; 经典 据说是一著名女强人的雷人语录精选版:第一,我从不依赖男人,但我需要男人;

37、The condition or quality of being penitent; regret for wrongdoing. 忏悔,悔过忏悔的状况或品质;因过错而忏悔。

38、Certain tunes, songs of truly universal appeal, are recorded hundreds and even thousands of times by artists the world over. 对某些风靡全球的经典旋律,全世界的艺术家们百录不厌,甚至是千录不厌。

39、   I just feel that I don't have anything else to prove。我已到达生涯的顶点。

40、My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn’t stand the sideline。我的身体可以忍受靠着拐杖行走,但我的内心无法忍受不能上场比赛。

41、I often fail in front of the woman, it is because I love them too much. 我在女人跟前经常失败,就是由于我太爱她们了。——《忏悔录》。

42、Watching The Tudors on my dvr…this show is a classic…so nasty! Lol. 正在看硬盘录像机里面录制的视频……这是一次经典的节目——非常讨厌!哈哈!

43、The earliest dictionary to record the word is John Florio's Italian- English dictionary, "A Worlde of Wordes" (1598). 最早收录这个词语的词典是约翰·弗洛里奥的意英词典A Worlde of Wordes(《单词的世界》,1598)。

44、If you're trying to achieve (有所成就), there will be roadblocks (路障)。

45、Daniel Suslak, an Indiana University linguistic anthropologist, is compiling a dictionary to record the existence of the language. 印第安纳大学语言人类学教授丹尼尔•苏斯拉克致力于编纂字典以记录尚存的各种语言。

46、I'm using the typical terms. 我用的是经典的术语。

47、The identification of abbreviations is part of the identification of unknown words, but we are short of the corpus of abbreviation to train the model. 对缩略语的检测是未登录词识别的一部分,但用来作为训练语料的缩略语词典资源却很稀缺。

48、Of penance, I have had enough! 忏悔嘛,我已经做得够多的了!

49、The opaline silver dial is very pure and classic. 蛋白银色表盘非常纯净和经典。

50、This classic 1981 Panasonic RX-5030 vintage boom box ghetto blaster has quintessential '80s style. 这个经典的xx年的rx-5030松下老式手提收录音机具有典型的xx年代的风格。


51、Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. The Confessions. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. Book I. 卢梭《忏悔录》。纽约:牛津大学出版社,xx年,第一册。

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