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关于”春节的句子“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Spring Festival sentences。以下是关于春节的句子的五年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Spring Festival sentences

1、From the content of two works, Du Zichun was rich, wiped out the property and came across the old man. 从两部作品的内容来看,《杜子春传》和《杜子春》的杜子春原本都是有钱人,耗尽了资产后,遇到老人得到帮助,被赠与大量金钱。

2、And Chun said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; 春哥说,天上要有光体,可以分昼夜,作记号,定节令,日子,年岁。

3、Yeah, we celebrate the Vernal Equinox and have a day off. 对,因为我们会过春分节,放一天假。

4、This year, again to a spring, the arrival of the Spring Festival in China, the whole world began to be noisy. 辞旧迎新,又来一春,中国春节的到来,整个世界又开始热闹了。

5、The winter had almost guttered into spring when father was ill. 冬去春来的换季时节,爸爸生病了。

6、My arms are wide open for you this New Year. 我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

7、Two hearts , two hearts that beat as one. 两颗心合着一个节拍,这爱情青春常在。

8、Thunder made the Spring Festival, the rain did not stop the awakening of insects. 雷打立春节,惊蛰雨不歇。

9、Xiasi town:The spring festival is approaching, many people go shopping. 《下司镇》将近春节,办年货的人特别多!

10、On the eve of the Spring Festival, my father and I had the red antithetical Spring Festival couplets on our doors. 在春节前夕,也就是大年三十,爸爸和我在门上贴了春联。

11、Du fu taste the spring liquor and yibin specialty of litchi, impromptu wing out "the heavy green spring liquor, light red when lots of litchi" lovers. 杜甫尝到了春酒和宜宾的特产荔枝,即兴咏出“重碧拈春酒、轻红擘荔枝”的佳句。

12、On the occasion of the Spring Festival, good business. 值此新春佳节之际,恭祝事业蒸蒸日上。

13、In Ozu's Late Spring she wanted to remain a daughter, did not want to become a wife. 在小津的《晚春》中,原节子想继续作女儿,而不愿成为妻子。与父亲相守度日便已令人知足,不过最终却还是嫁与他人;

14、As spring warms the earth, all flowers begin to bloom. (随着春回大地,百花开始绽放。)表示主从句动作同时。

15、My arms are wide open for you this New Year. 我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

16、)At Spring Festival people get together and have a big dinner.(人们在春节一起吃一dao顿大晚餐。

17、When gingko blooms and erflies flutter over the lawn, let us sing the praises of the beauty of the season with our youth. 银杏花开的日子,蝴蝶飞满草坪,让我们用青春来吟读这个季节的魅力。

18、''The New Year celebrating activitise will last about half a month. 春天的节日春节是我国最重要的节日. 它是根据1月1日在中国农历日历. 它是中国中国新年一个月前的一天,通常是在节日,人们开始为装修房子买衣服和食品. 新年前夕,每个家庭都会聚在一起吃饭、谈话、看电视几乎整个晚上. 孩子们最高兴的,因为他们可以得到来自父母或带来大的父母. 农历新年中国人喜欢吃饺子. 他们的邻居和朋友聚会时,他们会说新年快乐!

19、Other important ceremonies included the spring Bread Dance, held when the fields were planted; the Green Corn Dance, marking the ripening of crops; and the autumn Bread Dance. 肖尼人其它的重要仪式还有:春节作物初播时的“春饼舞”、谷物成熟时期的“绿谷舞”、收获季节的“秋饼舞”。

20、Lion mascot sugar, sugar, and other lions ingot and visiting friends and relatives of the people other people's Spring Festival, providing a cost-effective to share. 糖狮子吉祥物、糖狮子元宝等对百姓人家的走亲访友和新春佳节,提供了一份实惠的佳品。

21、Chinese children like to buy many firecrackers before the Spring Festival. 他们在春节除夕之前将会在台北。

22、It can be seen on TV commericals television shows, even during last year's Chinese new year program. 在电视节目甚至是春晚都可以看到有关街舞的节目。

23、My arms are wide open for you this New Year。我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

24、  My arms are wide open for you this New Year.  我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

25、This is a season of spring, as the youth we have, full of vigor and vitality. 这是一个春意盎然的季节,就像我们所拥有的青春一样,充满生机和活力。


26、  my arms are wide open for you this new year.  我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

27、Every Spring Festival, the preferred couplets, pounding on drums, decorated, crowded with New Year's activities. 每到春节,人们喜贴春联,敲锣打鼓,张灯结彩,辞旧迎新的活动热闹非凡。

28、February 14th is a complicated but interesting holiday. 仲春十四日是1个复杂而又有趣儿的节日。

29、Garlic is soaked in vinegar for more than twenty days starting from Laba festival. Then when the Chinese New Year comes, the garlic and vinegar is used alongside jiaozi on the table. 从腊八节那天起,就将蒜泡在醋中二十多天,这样,到春节的时候,就可以在餐桌上与饺子同食了。

30、So, the Sound of music in Spring Festival come to an end. 一曲春节的音乐之声就这样落下。

31、Chinese New Year is a form of leisure in the past winter, did farm work, come up with a form of looking for fun; 春节是一种形式,过去是冬天闲的没农事,弄出个形式找乐子;

32、A series of activities such as lion dancing, dragon lantern dancing, lantern festivals and temple fairs will be held for days. 一系列的春节活动,比如舞狮子、 耍龙灯、演社火、逛庙会等都将持续数天。

33、my arms are wide open for you this new year. 我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

34、New Delhi, India: Holi, the Festival of ColorsIndian girls throw gulal (colored powder) on each other during a Hindi holiday which marks the onset of spring. 印度,新德里:彩色胡里节。印度的女孩子投抛彩色的粉末到其他的人当北印度的节日,那记号是春天有力的开始。

35、It was new year once again. All the families in the village were busy preparing rice cakes to celebrate the new year. 新的一年即将到来。村子里家家户户都忙着准备米糕来庆祝祝新春佳节。

36、The seasonal trend of measles is toward summer. 麻疹流行季节有向春末夏初推移的趋势;

37、I've prepared lots of goodies for Chinese New Year - cookies, candies, watermelon seeds, preserves …whatever you can think of. 我准备了一大堆春节年货:饼乾、糖果、瓜子、蜜饯……你想得到的通通都有。

38、Happy the Spring Festival to you and your family members! 祝美丽的您及您的家人新春佳节快乐!

39、Bless mine healthy, happy new year career soared before. 祝福矿长身体健康,春节愉快事业飙前。

40、My arms are wide open for you this New Year.我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

41、The issue has struck an especially raw nerve in China, where superstitions attached to the new year period are strong. 新春佳节,中国人就喜欢图个好兆头,所以对这档子事特别在意。

42、my arms are wide open for you this new year.我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

43、Spring has not arrived yet, I would like the blessing of the first to, if someone more than I had requested him to delete the entire advance to wish you a happy New Year! 春节还没到,愿我的祝福第一个到,如果有人比我早请把他的全删掉,提前祝你春节快乐!

44、This is the first time I cultivated Narcissus and is only thing placed to celebrate the Spring Festival at home. 这是我第一 次 培养水仙花?也是春节唯一的应节品。

45、It is so fantastic that I have so many plans in the Spring Festival of Y2010. I should finish some thing I can do for a significative spring festival. 这真是太棒了,我在Y2010春节这么多的打算。希望我应该完成的一些事情,从而度过一个有意义的春节。

46、Every Spring Festival, mother always killed a pig to reward us when we came home for the Spring Festival from other places. 每年春节,母亲总要宰一头猪犒劳我们几个从外地回家过年的孩子。

47、During Spring Festival time, you can see kinds of decorations. you can go to temple fairs and enjoy superb performances of the dances, stilt-walking and amazing acrobatic shows. so i like it . 在春节的时候,你可以看到各种各样的节日装饰。你可以去庙会,享受华丽的舞蹈表演,踩高跷和惊人的杂技表演。所以,我喜欢春节!

48、It is already late winter, spring isn't far away. 已是残冬时节,离春天到来已经不远了。

49、I wish you a happy Spring Festival and the whole family! . 园园小屋祝您及全家春节快乐!

50、Invite your friends to join you at the Spring Festival. 邀请你的朋友来参加你的春节聚会


51、Spring snow is boundless, in the new! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Special, everything. 初春雪漫漫,人间处处新!春节快乐,新年幸福!辞旧迎新,心想事成。

52、During the Spring Festival, people say "Happy New Year! " to each other and kids get lots of gift money from their parents and grandparents. 在春节,人们互相拜年,孩子们收到很多爸爸妈妈、爷爷奶奶给的压岁钱。

53、''The New Year celebrating activitise will last about half a month. 春天的节日春节是我国最重要的节日.它是根据1月1日在中国农历日历.它是中国中国新年一个月前的一天,通常是在节日,人们开始为装修房子买衣服和食品.新年前夕,每个家庭都会聚在一起吃饭、谈话、看电视几乎整个晚上.孩子们最高兴的,因为他们可以得到来自父母或带来大的父母.农历新年中国人喜欢吃饺子.他们的邻居和朋友聚会时,他们会说新年快乐!

54、The endocrine factors which regulate growth and metabolism are also affected on rty and gonadal development. 许多调节生长和代谢活动的内分泌因子对青春期或者性腺的发育产生影响。

55、Spring Festival usually lies on the end of January, or midFebruary. 春节通常在一月底或二月中旬。

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