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导读: 38个,关于”所有句型的大总结“的英语句子38个,句子主体:A summary of all sentence patterns。以下是关于所有句型的大总结的中考英语句子。


关于”所有句型的大总结“的英语句子38个,句子主体:A summary of all sentence patterns。以下是关于所有句型的大总结的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A summary of all sentence patterns

1、Results of example show that the value of objective function decreases by 5.54%, indicating good validity of the model and the advanced RDQA for large crude oil carrier structure optimization. 算例显示优化后纵向构件总重量减轻了5.54%,表明所建的优化模型和改进的相对差商法在大型油船结构优化方面具有良好的有效性。

2、Communication networks can be classified in terms of their physical arrangement or Topologies. Three common topologies are the star, bus, and ring. 通信网络可以按照其物理排列或拓扑结构来分类。有三种常见的拓扑结构:星型、总线型和环型。

3、Zheng Hangsheng, the contemporary sociologist, summarized as follows: the speed of transition speeds up greatly; 当代社会学家郑杭生先生总结为:转型速度大大加快;

4、In this model, any variable you create references an object that has been created from the overall class hierarchy. 在这一模型中,您创建的所有变量都将引用在总的类层次结构中创建的对象。

5、Bar tensioning is available on all RöDER HTS party and large event series structures. 酒吧张可在所有 罗德高温超导 党和大型系列活动的结构。

6、Let me just end here with this. 让我用这句话来做个总结

7、All the other large search engines - except for Ask - registered a decline in total search queries last month. 所有大型搜索引擎(除Ask外)的总搜索量都有所减少。

8、However, any romance of hers invariably ended quickly. 然而,所有的浪漫与她总是迅速终结。

9、And then you say, "That's sublimation. 然后你总结一句,“这叫升华。

10、As one of the longest banners we've ever made summed things up, "When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can't eat money..." 最后我们把这个故事总结了一下,找到最有象征意思的一句:最后人类伐掉了所有的树木,人类污染了所有的河流,所有鱼类都死掉时,我们发现钱已是一文不值。

11、There are intangibles one feels rather than sums up; my life has been a long, winding thread, a yet uninterrupted sentence, somber, clear, and sparkling at times. 比所谓的总结更实在的是一些无形的感触吧。我整个的人生就是一条迂回的长线,一条连贯的句子,有时阴沉,有时清朗,有时火光四溅。

12、Thank you again for everything you have done. 这句可以用在结尾,和以上有所不同。

13、A last sentence often serves two functions -- it wraps up the thought expressed and provides a connection to the next paragraph. 段末一句话一般来说有2个功能-总结一下所表达的思想;为下一段作过渡。

14、This lies to all audit types and is designed to reduce overall memory consumption for very large audits. 这适用于所有的审计类型,且旨在减少超大型审计总的内存消耗。

15、Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more. 似乎可以用俳句做个总结,“财务危机/客户多流失/总裁不再有”。

16、Results In the Chinese medicine distinguishes treatment group total effectiveness was 96%, in antitheses group total effectiveness 72%(P

17、The CVI models were produced by permanent ligation of bilateral common carotid arteries. 单纯缺血组永久性结扎成年大鼠双侧颈总动脉建立大鼠CVI模型。

18、Bentham's utilitarianism is sometimes summed up with the slogan "The greatest good for the greatest number." 边沁的功利主义有时被总结为一句口号,为最多的人谋求最大的幸福“

19、Tables 1-3 summarize all the hardware specifications. 表 1-3 总结了所有的硬件规范

20、Method:Rat cholestatic cirrhosis was duplicated by ligation of bile duct. 方法:结扎大鼠胆总管制备大鼠胆汁淤积性肝硬化模型;

21、Objective To study the clinical characteristics and treatment of ACTH-secreting pituitary adenoma. 目的:总结大型及巨大型垂体腺瘤外科手术治疗的方法。

22、Those experienced men also have another saying: give me a little more time and I can tackle all crises. 曾经沧海的人也有一句总结:给我再多一点时间,我能解决所有的危机。

23、Jinan Steel is an integrated big-size enterprise with 37000 employees. 济钢集团总公司是一所拥有三万七千多名职工的大型钢铁企业。

24、Results Child patients had the alleviation, the total effectiveness was 95.7%. 结果患儿症状均有所缓解,总有效率为95。7%。

25、Conclusion: The total alkaloids on herba aconiti have identified anti-inflammatory effect. 结论榜嘎总碱对关节炎模型大鼠具有明显的抗炎作用。


26、Results: The global passing rate was 62.75%, large eatery was high and small eatery low. 结果:总体合格率62.75%,大型餐馆合格率较高,中小型餐馆合格率较低。

27、The shape of the pasta is not different, apart fromect screw-type, pipe type, erfly type, shell type at the different hundreds. 意大利面的形状也各不不同,除了普通的直身粉外还有螺丝型的、弯管型的、蝴蝶型的、贝壳型的林林总总数百种。

28、The calculating step, content and method of coniform tank and circular tank with a large length-height ratio are summarized. 总结了圆锥型和长细比较大的圆柱型污水池的计算步骤、内容及方法;

29、All in all, in the l shell, I have the possibility of eight different configurations. 所以总的来说,在L层,总共可能有八种不同构型。

30、In a word, I think high paid personalities will accelerate the development of a society in some degree. 最后的总结句好像有些偏题了,高收入加速社会的发展?

31、And in conclusion, a few words about leisure of a seaman. 用几句话总结一下海员的闲暇时光。

32、He was honest and told us all what he knew. 全句意为“他很诚实,告诉了我们大家他所知道的所有情况”。

33、Objective: To summarize the diagnostic and theutic experience of huge dumb bell type trigeminal neurinoma. 目的:总结巨大哑铃型三叉神经鞘瘤的诊断和治疗经验。

34、The first part of this dissertation addresses the performance estimation based on the queuing network model and the high-level simulation model. 针对系统芯片中所采用的片上总线结构特征,本文采取了基于总线排队模型和系统仿真模型相结合进行性能评价的技术路线。

35、Three types of different pore, large pore co throat structure, intermediate pore medium throat structure and fine pore fine throat structure, are divided. 总结了三种不同的孔喉结构类型:大孔较粗喉结构类型、中孔中细喉结构类型、中小孔细喉结构类型。

36、At last, the article made a summary of the use of Structure Bionic Theory in Massive Public Architecture Design. 最后,对结构仿生方法在大型公共建筑中的应用进行了总结和前瞻。

37、ROWS_READ: Total number of rows read during the execution of the statement. ROWS_READ: 在执行语句期间,所读取的总行数。

38、You know, frankly, when it comes down to it, people want to give money and get something in return. 坦率地说,归根结底一句话,人们在有所投入的时候也是期待有所回报的。

39、Comparing with the traditional lumped hydrological models, the results show that the distributed model is litter better than the lumped. 研究结果表明:总的来说,分布式模型的模拟结果略好于集总式模型;

40、These are called population measures because they refer to the whole population of possible outcomes and they measure the probabilities. 这些是用来度量总体的变量,因为他们对应的是总体中所有的结果,度量的是所有事件的概率

41、We shall say much, and yet shall want words: but the sum of our words is, He is all. 我们述说了许多,但总是辞不达义,总结一句:他是万有。

42、Ending part: Summarized the full text center content, Proposed in the related Mongolian non-verb sentence pattern some questions which waits for further discussing, Has listed the bibliography. 结尾部分:总结了全文中心内容,提出了有关蒙古语非动词句型中的有待进一步探讨的一些问题,列出了参考书目。

43、At last, the thesis makes some useful conclusions, in order to make a base for the spread of the bridge type. 最后本文对大桥的设计施工加以总结归纳,得出一些有用的结论,为这种桥型在今后的推广打下基础。

44、In contrast, the aestival circulation shows the anticyclone pattern and its vertical structure has few changes in that season. 夏季流场比较复杂,总环流大致呈反气旋型,且垂向结构略有变化。

45、Inspired by teachers, interaction between teachers and students and complementation among students and summary of "oral expression" sentence patterns and their rules by teachers are carried out. 在教师的启发下,师生间互动、学生间互补,再由教师总结“口语表达”的句型及其规律。

46、Objective To observe the local reaction and curative effects of Lightsheer semi-conductor laser for skins epilation. 目的总结不同皮肤类型患者采用激光脱毛所需的最佳剂量及疗效。

47、The composing of general large - scale ethylene engineering project was introduced, and the experience in designing of general layout was summarized. 文章介绍了大型乙烯工程总体项目的组成,总结了该项目总图设计的经验。

48、And what about all that nagging that wives are so famous for?Turns out it pays off. 那么主妇们名声赫赫的唠叨意味着什么呢?总结一句是付出总有回报。

49、His words are vivid and easily understandable, which makes a firm base for the wide spread of his ideas and designs. 最后本文对大桥的设计施工加以总结归纳,得出一些有用的结论,为这种桥型在今后的推广打下基础。

50、Result: There are visible differences on the contents of chlorogenic acid, flavonoid and volatile oil between the cultivars. 结果:绿原酸、总黄酮和总挥发油在各类型药用菊花中的含量存在较大差异。


51、Application architecture patterns, or archetypes, cover all the logical tiers, defining the overall structure of a complete lication. 应用程序体系结构模式或原型 涵盖所有逻辑层,定义完整应用程序的总体结构。

52、" That may be what you mean by "your consistent micro-management of everyone around you with the resulting loss of morale throughout this company". 你那句“你总是对周围所有的人微观管理,结果导致公司上下士气尽失”,大概就是这个意思吧。

53、China rocks and India stinks. That sums it all. 总结一句,中国楞印度傻。

54、The resultant type of any expression. 所有表达式的结果类型

55、Instead, you must manually update all existing statement terminators in the script. 相反,您必须手动修改脚本已有的所有语句结束符。

56、The president oints all cabinet-level government administrators. 总统任命所有的内阁国务大臣。

57、At a high level, you see the familiar "update… set…. where…" syntax of an SQL UPDATE statement. SQL UPDATE 语句的总体结构仍然是大家熟悉的 “update… set…. where…” 语法。

58、Results All patients ilrated the typical clinical features of Cushing 's syndrome. 结果所有患者临床上大多具有库欣综合征的典型表现;

59、That said, the ending gave us what we wanted: a big-scale medical emergency and a chance to say goodbye to favorites we remembered so well. 有人说,大结局给了我们所有想要的:一场大型的急救场面,一次与所有我们铭记并深爱的角色道别的机会。

60、Everything I told you last time, you can summarize in these two equations. 上节课上我所讲的所有内容,可以总结为这两个方程

61、Structure typology becomes of a concept of"structure typology of a big structurism"when a collected novel produces, many imitate in succession. 结构类型是指某种总集产生之后,模仿之作绵延不绝,形成一种“大结构主义”的“结构类型”概念。

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