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关于”名句“的英语句子51个,句子主体:Famous sentences。以下是关于名句的七年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Famous sentences

1、The one-sentence report did not specify what charges the Americans will face. 这个“一句话新闻”没有说明这两位记者将被指控什麽罪名。

2、This saying refers to Justinian , a mysterious and magnificent figure in history. 这句话说的是查士丁尼,历史上神秘又著名的人物。

3、This routine checks if the binding handle passed with the routine has an entry name in the name service database. 这个例程检查传递的绑定句柄在名称服务数据库中是否有相应的条目名称。

4、This thesis is the study of the merger and topicality of Mandarin Chinese topic and the topic construction as well as the collocation between genous and heterogeneous topics. 篇名与自然语句的差别主要是由于篇名的性质引起的 ,本文从篇名的指称性与话题性、形式标记、强弱程度、篇名的历史和篇名的倾前性等方面论述了篇名的话题性。

5、In another experiment, partints typed thestatements and saved them to folders with nondescript names, such as “facts,’’“data,’’ and “info. 而在另一项实验中,参与者把这些语句分别保存在以“事实”“数据”“信息”等不可名状的名字命名的文件夹中。

6、In other words, the structure is the same with substitutions for different class or variable names. 换句话说,结构相同,但是代入不同的类或变量名。

7、She had not thought of that, but a name suggested by a phrase in the book of Genesis came into her head as she proceeded with the baptismal service, and now she ounced it 她没有想到要取名字的事,不过在她继续进行洗礼仪式的时候,突然想到了《创世纪》里的一句话,那句话里提到一个名字,就随口念了出来

8、The next statement sets the text box with name q with the value HttpUnit. 下一条语句用值 HttpUnit 设置名为 q 的文本框。

9、The user variable is created and referenced by appending a period and name to the name of the scope object. For example, if a on has the following server-side onclick script 通过在 scope 对象名称后附加句点和名称来创建并引用用户变量。

10、Notice that login failed for user '' (in other words, no login name is specified). 注意,登录失败的原因是 user ''(换句话说,没有指定登录名)。

11、I I meet someone, learn their name, say a word, they're gone. 我遇到某个人,知道了他的名字,说了几句话,然后他就死了。剀。

12、" Based on this spontaneous inspiration, people later nicknamed the dish "Buddha's Favorite". 后来人们便根据这两句诗,将此菜改名为「佛跳墙」。

13、It is ounced "egregious". By the way, no, I've never met Pizzaro but I love his pies. 顺便再说一句,是的,我从没见过披萨罗,但我喜欢以他的名字命名的馅饼。

14、"My name's Ricky, " he spat, "but my fighting name's Gearshift because I have a gearshift. " “我的名字叫里基,”他喷出一句话,“但是我打架的名字叫‘换档’,那是因为我有换档的车。”

15、The Yuanju old county is a famous historical city in old Jishui river valley. 冤句县故城是古济水流域的一座历史名城。

16、She had passed to me an anonymous note that simply said, "look behind you." 她让人递给我一张匿名纸条,膳缦沔就写了一句:“往后看。”

17、Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. 也许别人以前也说过这句话,可是谁也不能象我这样名副实在。

18、You can also specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) by setting the full hostname and appending a period to the end of the name: amazon IN CNAME www.amazon.com 通过设置完整主机名并在名称末尾追加一个句点,还可以指定完全限定的域名 (FQDN)。

19、Who, in other words, ? is not present in Machiavelli's list of great prophets that one should imitate? 换句话说,谁未名列马奇亚维利的伟大先知名单,即那些该被仿效的伟人?

20、The last sentence must be amended if a panel of three arbitrators is required. 如果用三名仲裁员,这句话需要修改。

21、All references to those tables use the table name preceded by the schema name, separated by a period (for example, "schema.table"). 对这些表的所有引用都使用模式名称加上表名称,使用句点进行分隔(例如,“schema.table”)。

22、China has a proverb:"The famous teacher left the outstandingdisciple" to explain this truth. 中国有句俗语:“ 名师出高徒”就说明了这个道理。

23、" Famous Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai in the "Jingyesi" in the line: "I raise my eyes to the moon, bow their heads and think of home. 唐代著名诗人李白在《静夜思》中的名句:“举头望,低头思故乡。”

24、By the way, you said they were known as a delicacy, right? 顺便问一句,你刚才说它因为其鲜嫩而闻名对吧?

25、And because BigInteger has already been put into scope by the previous import statement, there's no need to explicitly package-qualify the class name. 由于 BigInteger 已经被先前的导入语句导入到作用域中,因此无需显式地使用包名限定类名。


26、In other words, the business card in the BuddyNote frame displays your business card until you select one from the Contacts list. 换句话说,当您从联系人表中选择对象时,BuddyNote 框架中的名片才会显示您的名片信息。

27、Hello, my name's George Dickinson. May I have a word with Nelson? 喂,我的名字是乔治·狄更生。我和耐尔逊说几句话行吗?

28、He infamously advised in Zarathustra: “Are you going to women? 他在《查》中有句“著名”的忠告:“你要去女人那里吗?

29、The entry name must contain at least one non- blank character and cannot begin with a period. Choose a different name. 项目名必须含有至少一个非空白字符,并且不能以句号打头。请选择一个不同的名称。

30、In the past, there was a well known saying - that "3,000 beauties live in the Inner Court". 在过去,有一句很有名的话就是“三千佳丽集于后宫”。

31、I'm ody. John Lee is a some-body, although be was a ody two years ago. 李约翰现在已是名人,虽然两年前是默默无闻的。原句。

32、In experiment 1, the subjects were asked to determine the more stressed word between the demonstrative noun and the non-demonstrative noun. 实验1请被试比较歧义句中切分出来的所指名词与非所指名词的重读程度。

33、All 150 passengers, three flight attendants and two pilots were rescued in freezing weather, with a number later treated for unspecified injuries. 营救人员从冰冷的河水中救出150名乘客,三名空乘和两名飞行员,随后(这句没看懂!)

34、And probably his most famous line, "Men are not born entitled to equal rights. 是他最著名的一句话,"人们生来就没有同等的权利

35、hooks into - in this case a test failure. 以上语句展示的是当测试失败时的处理方式,其中第一个参数是hook的名称。

36、Therefore, the statement will evaluate and return the tables array, and the rest of the statement could be pictured as this 因此,语句被求解后会返回表名数组。

37、"Welcome to Wikipedia, " Lin from the famous "Welcome to Wikipedia, is the largest; “海纳百川”取自林则徐的名句“海纳百川,有容乃大;

38、You named the language variable at the beginning of the closure with the language->statement. 在闭包的开始处使用 language->语句命名 language 变量。

39、You can get this handle in a number of ways (using either the ID, UUID, or domain name). 您可通过多种方式获得该句柄(使用 ID、UUID 或域名)。

40、The thesis explores the deep syntactic and semantic relations within nominalization constructions by investigating their various covert internal "case" relations. 本文通过对名物化内部各种隐含的格关系的分析,探讨了名物化结构的深层句法语义关系。

41、During the process of converting a clause into a noun phrase, some information is lost and ambiguity may arise. 在小句转换成名词词组的过程中有些信息被丢失,因而名物化结构常产生歧义。

42、The CONNECT statement associates a database connection with a user name. CONNECT 语句将一个数据库连接与一个用户名相关联。

43、The statement CALLER=`basename $0` is used to get the name of the script being run. 使用语句 CALLER=`basename $0` 可以得到正在运行的脚本名称。

44、This greatly hyped movie is actually unworthy of its reputation. 汉英例句 这部炒得沸沸扬扬的影片也是盛名之下,其实难副。

45、How idle a boast, after all, is the immortality of a name! “英名不朽”这句大话,毕竟是多么空虚!

46、The end of sentence rule: The end of sentence markers [.!?] in any quantity, followed by space, will be printed, followed by the famous (or infamous, take your pick) "Bork Bork Bork!" message. 句结束(end of sectence)规则:将打印任意数量后跟空格的句结束标记符 [.!?] ,再跟着打印著名的(或臭名昭著的,随您喜欢)“ Bork Bork Bork!

47、The new capability will help listeners find songs by entering a search by title, al, artist or even with a line or two of lyrics. 通过使用该项新功能,用户可输入歌名、专辑名、艺人或一两句歌词查找歌曲。

48、In “The boy runs”, boy is a singular noun and runs agree with it in number. 在 “The boy runs” 此句中,boy 是单数名词, runs 在数方面与它呼应。

49、In another experiment, partints typed thestatements and saved them to folders with nondescript names, such as “facts, ’’“data, ’’ and “info. 而在另一项实验中,参与者把这些语句分别保存在以“事实”“数据”“信息”等不可名状的名字命名的文件夹中。

50、If you are tempted to use the GO TO statement with a procedure name, consider the EVALUATE statement as an alternative option. 如果试图将 GO TO 语句与程序名一起使用,那么可以考虑将 EVALUATE 语句作为一个替换选项。


51、std::string extension(const path&): This function returns the extension of a given file name prefixed with a period (.). string extension(const path&):此函数以前面带句点 (.) 的形式返回给定文件名的扩展名。

52、There is no consensus yet on the nature of the sentence initial nominal element in Chinese. 汉语的句首名词性成分到底是什么,至今尚无定论。

53、The man, whose name was Jim Logan, added, “Give me two dollars. 这个名叫吉姆·洛根的人补上一句,“只须两块钱”。

54、Please visit our Quote of the Day page to read daily quotes with explanations. 我们摘录自名家散文,提供每日一句,并加以解释,请浏览。

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