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导读: 58个,关于”伤感的句子“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Sad sentences。以下是关于伤感的句子的九年级英语句子。


关于”伤感的句子“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Sad sentences。以下是关于伤感的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sad sentences

1、Wandering between forgiveness and despair, the only feeling is injury! 在原谅与绝望之间游荡,唯一的感觉是伤伤伤!

2、He hurt my feelings. 他伤害了我的感情。

3、Sadness when graduation. Each other on the departure of the vehicle. A sad station. Fast stop. 毕业离别时的伤感。互相登上离开的车辆。充满伤感的车站。飞驰而过的站牌。

4、Don't sentimentalize the past events. 不要伤感于过去的事情!

5、Who continues to feel pain when there is no forgiveness: the offender or the offended? 当不饶恕时,谁继续感受伤害的痛苦,伤害人者还是被伤害者。

6、Reliever for Burns - Burns sting and are e to infection. 缓解烧伤 ——烧伤刺痛而且容易感染。

7、Above all, I feel so sorry for the renju players who suffer because of it. 但我为那些因此受到伤害的五子棋朋友实在是感到遗憾。

8、Vibrio vulnificus can cause wound or soft tissue infections. 创伤弧菌可引致伤口或软组织感染。

9、She hurt my feelings. 她伤害了我的感情。

10、Nana in those days was subject to the fancies a sentimental girl will indulge in . 娜娜在这些日子里,完全掉进一个伤感的少女所常常沉溺的幻梦之中。

11、Farewell dinners, after all, serve a function: They help students to bring the "university" chapter of their lives to a tidy - and sometimes emotional - ending. 毕竟,一场场毕业宴会的作用在于:它能帮学生们为大学生涯划上一个完整而略带感伤的句号。

12、That would hurt my feelings. 那会很伤我的感情的。

13、You will find ways of disciplining your child and not hurt them emotionally. 你会发现可以教育你的孩子而不伤害他们感情的方法。

14、I look at the depreciation the setting sun, in the heart infinite moved. 伤感日志我看着跌落的残阳,心中无限伤感。

15、Everything around him was full of her presence, continually reopening the wound. 他身边的一切都是母亲的影子不断勾起他的伤感。

16、Bad business breeds hurt feelings. 生意不成会伤感情。

17、Sweet Zephyr ! why that sound of wo? 可爱的西风!为何伤感?

18、When asked about her past , AERIE becomes silent for a time , obviously saddened by the memory . 当被问起她的过去时,艾黎沉默了好一阵子,显然是为过去的回忆感到伤感。

19、The emotional wounds of early childhood leave ineradicable scars. 童年早期的情感创伤留下了难以抚平的伤痕。

20、The sorrow of a contrite heart. 悔怨的心有一种伤感。

21、Signs of frostbite include a tingling or numbness in affected areas in addition to feelings of pain or burning on the skin. 冻伤的迹象除包括皮肤的疼痛感和灼痛感外,还包括已冻伤区域的刺痛感或麻木感。

22、I sorrow for his death. 我对他的去世感到伤心。

23、In between the wandering and despair of pardon, the only feeling is that injury injury injury! 在原谅与绝望之间游荡,唯一的感觉是伤伤伤!

24、Between forgive and despair, the only feeling is injury injury injury! 在原谅与绝望之间游荡,唯一的感觉是伤伤伤!

25、I'm often lost in thoughts and admirations whenever gaze at my baby's rosy cheeks. 每当看见孩子那张红红的脸蛋,我不免又羡慕又伤感。


26、He couldnt really play the weak injured the feeling, even not too can understand the sad feeling. 他真演不出受伤虚弱的那个感觉,连伤心的感觉都不太能体会到。

27、Her feelings bruise easily. 她的感情易受伤害。

28、For a time, it seemed the President might get better. But the bullet wound became infected. 加菲尔德总统受伤后,伤势一度似乎有所好转,但伤口感染了,两个月后,他因伤口感染而去逝。

29、In forgiving and despair, wandered about, the only feel is bruised injury hurt! 在原谅与绝望之间游荡,唯一的感觉是伤伤伤!

30、His wound has become infected. 他的伤口感染了。

31、Chapter three expatiate the pathos experience of modern Chinese clerisy by depicting their life stories such as scarred memory, marginalized status and extraated life. 第三章从创伤记忆、边缘地位、漂泊困顿的生活经历等方面,阐述了中国现代知识分子的感伤体验。

32、If tree is conscious,he will be sentimental. 树若有知,是感伤的。

33、Be careful not to hurt her feelings. 小心别伤了她的感情。

34、Pain sensitizes us to the hurts of others. 过去得伤痛使我们对别人的伤痛敏感。

35、Sentimental? 感伤?

36、I may have met him on a difficult day, but there was no denying it: George seemed sad to be 100. 我原本该在他难过的日子来,但无可否认:乔治似乎对自己活到了xx岁感到伤感。

37、In places where there were cuts or pierces, the pain became phenomenal . 在有划伤和刺伤的地方,疼痛感变得很明显。

38、preventing the infection of wounds; 防止伤口感染;

39、What you said hurt my feelings. 你的话伤害了我的感情。

40、You hurt my feeling. 你伤了我的感情。

41、I share in your sadness 你的哀伤,我感同身受

42、He had a bad cold and his nose was all bunged up. 她因伤风感冒很厉害,鼻子不透气。

43、They don't need to know if a child is traumatized; they just need to be trauma sensitive. 他们并不需要知道一个孩子是否有心灵创伤;只需要对创伤保持高度的敏感。

44、However, the time from the injury to admission to the definitive treatment center was a significant predictor of infection. 然而,自受伤至住院部治疗中心是感染的重要因子。

45、You're hurting my feelings. 你伤害到我的感情了。

46、Goods Brief:Suitable for : Phlegm, cough, cold hands and feet and sinus. 适合调理 : 多痰,咳嗽,手脚冰冷。伤风,鼻子敏感。

47、伤感点的用 farewell,my love farewell int. 别了!

48、Shakespeare said, "He jests at scars that never felt a wound." 莎士比亚说:“他嘲笑从不感到受伤害的伤疤。”

49、Dr Doe shakes her head sadly. 兜医生伤感的摇着她的头。

50、My face feels sed too. 我的脸感到也擦伤了。


51、Kim is hurt that her parents planned to have another child without telling her. 金姆感到很受伤,因为她的父母计划生育一个孩子却没有告诉她。

52、Lin Li feels very sad. 林莉感到非常伤心。

53、If those countless days only left us with the word regret, does that pain you? 如果那些无数的日子让我感到悔恨是,你会伤心吗?

54、We grieve for the mother who hears the sound of her child's 21-gun salute. 我们为那些听到向孩子鸣响21声致敬礼炮的母亲感到难过哀伤;

55、I can hear all of the maudlin talk already. 我现在已经能感受到所有伤感的话语。

56、And we also like everybody , at this time we have to say goodbye , feel be deeply attached to say and sadness . 我们也与大家一样,在这个即将要挥手告别的日子里,感到恋恋不舍和伤感。

57、I have not hurt your feelings? I would not do that for the world. 老伙计,我没有伤害你的感情吧?我是万万不肯伤你的感情的。

58、Under the influence of haiku, the Chinese short poem focused on describing the landscape and constructing poetic atmosphere, so that it conveyed a hint of meditation and sentiment. 俳句的精神浸染,使“小诗”擅长写景和注意纯粹的诗意建构,具有一种“冥想”的理趣和感伤的情调。

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