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导读: 37个,关于”分析句子语法的软件“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Software for analyzing sentence grammar。以下是关于分析句子语法的软件的六级英语句子。


关于”分析句子语法的软件“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Software for yzing sentence grammar。以下是关于分析句子语法的软件的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Software for yzing sentence grammar

1、Objetive E-mail heads were studied in order to provide a technical method to authenticate E-mails. 目的通过分析电子邮件头,鉴别电子邮件的真伪,为电子邮件的真实性鉴定提供一些技术方法。

2、Once registered, the pr notifies the content handler of all p events as the pr processes the document. 一旦注册完毕,当语法分析器处理文档时,语法分析器就会通知所有分析事件的内容处理程序。

3、Methods SAS and SPSS were used to implement the unequally-spaced repeated measures design ANOVA. 方法用SAS和SPSS软件实现不等距重复测量设计方差分析。

4、The program can isolate the unique characteristics of each thrush species into algorithms much like voice recognition software. After processing, individual calls become more ounced. 该软件可以分割成算法,如语音识别软件大部分每个物种的独特性鹅口疮。处理后,个别通话更加明显。

5、thanksgiving teachers语法上有错误,好象英语翻译软件是这样翻译的吧 我觉得应该是 gratitudes to teachers

6、There are four price-quote elements, so the pr generates eight events as it ps them. 有 4 个 price-quote 元素,所以语法分析器在分析它们时生成 8 个事件。

7、Of course, many things hen as the pr decodes the document. 当然,在语法分析器分析文档语法时发生很多事。

8、As you know, SAX parsing requires you to write a ContentHandler that processes pr events. 您知道,SAX 语法分析要求您编写处理语法分析器事件的 ContentHandler。

9、Changing from one SAX pr to another, however, shouldn't be such an ordeal. 然而,从一种 SAX 语法分析器更改成另一种语法分析器不应该如此折磨人。

10、XU Qishuai. A Practical Analysis on Object Oriented Software Develop Method [D]. Hangzhou: Zhejiang University, 2008. 徐其帅。面向对象软件开发方法的实例分析[D]。杭州: 浙江大学, 2008。

11、In the parsing some grammatical knowledge i. e. the four axioms of the Dependency Grammar (DG)are used also. 在句法分析中我们也用到了语法知识,即依存语法四公理。

12、Componential Analysis is one of the important roaches in studying semantics. 语义成分分析是当代语义研究中的一种重要方法。

13、The recoveries of plum were determined in different enrichment conditions by flame atomic absorption spectrometry(FAAS). 用火焰原子吸收法分析了不同分离条件铅的回收率。

14、org.xml.sax, the event-driven Simple API for XML parsing 用于对 XML 进行语法分析的事件驱动的简单 API

15、Figure 3 shows how the pr generates events as it reads the document. 图 3 显示语法分析器在读取文档时如何生成事件。

16、The present thesis studies the syntax of quantifiers in the framework of DP Analysis and the Phase Theory. 本文在生成语法限定词词组假设理论和语段理论框架下,对量词的句法进行分析研究。

17、For this reason, this dissertation specially studies the Causality Sentences in modern Chinese. 因此,本文专题分析现代汉语的因果句群。

18、Results Hypothesis tests for the presuppositions of the univariate ANOVA with repeated measures were given, and a proper software named REP was implemented. 结果给出了重复观测数据一元方差分析的前提条件检验方法,并用软件REP得以实现。

19、Then the venous blood sample was collected at the different time. A ADH enzyme catalyzed method was used to determine the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 用乙醇脱氨酶(ADH)氧化分析法测血样酒精浓度(BAC),所得浓度-时间数据经用药代动力学软件分析拟合。

20、Experimental results show that this part- of- speech tagging method based on Markov Family Model has greatly improved the precision comparing the conventional … 马氏族模型在其它一些自然语言处理领域如分词、句法分析、语音识别、机器翻译也有广泛的应用前景。

21、Editor features include syntax highlighting, SQL formatting, content assist, statement parsing and validation, and semantic validation. 编辑器具有语法高亮显示、SQL 格式化、内容补全、语句解析与验证和语法验证等特性。

22、These two roaches reveal how linguistic patterns are interwoven with their embedded functional meanings and prove to be objective tools for literary critics, and language teaching as well. 通过分析再现了语言模式是怎样与其功能交织在一起的,从而说明及物性分析法和作格分析法可以成为文学批评和语言教学的客观分析工具。

23、The innocent-looking p() method triggers parsing of the XML document which, in turn, calls the event handler. 看似无关的 p() 方法触发对 XML 文档的语法分析,这导致了调用事件处理器。

24、You also pass in the File to p. 还要传递要进行语法分析的文件。

25、The hardware design and software flow-chart of RS422 baseband transmission are introduced. The problems of the transmission rate setting and resolution method are given. 本文给出RS422基带传输的硬件设计和软件流程图,详细分析了软件中有关波特率设置的问题,并给出了具体的解决方法。


26、RESULTS Hypothesis tests for the presuppositions of the univariate ANOVA with repeated measures were given, and a proper software named REP was implemented. 结果给出了重复观测数据一元方差分析的假定条件检验方法,并用软件REP得以实现。

27、Firstly, an improved Group AHP is proposed and its implementation is much safer. 首先提出一种改进的多专家层次分析法,其软件实现更为安全稳健;

28、It is for the first time in China that the researcher introduces automatic Chinese parsing with CTT and its lication in Chinese teaching. 本文是国内第一篇介绍用CTT做汉语自动句法分析及应用于汉语教学的文章。

29、As the name implies, an event-based pr sends events to the lication. 正如其名称所暗示的,基于事件的语法分析器将事件发送给应用程序。

30、This method allows you to provide your own entity resolution, preventing the pr from using the DTD for this task. 该方法允许您提供自己的实体解析,从而防止语法分析器使用 DTD 来做这件事。

31、In this thesis, the program of optimal design for the single-span and non-uniform portal frame is developed based on the ANSYS parameterized design language (APDL). 本文通过有限元分析软件ANSYS中APDL语言的软件开发功能,开发出了单跨变截面门式刚架优化设计程序。

32、A method of software defect measurement is pre- sented by using orthogonal defect classification(ODC). 探讨了软件缺陷的分类技术,给出了利用正交分类法进行软件缺陷度量的一般方法。

33、It is shown that any SQL- like nested query can be decomposed into four basic nested types. 在分析基础上,提出了将SQL类查询语句转换成关系代数表达式的算法。

34、Mr. Lü Shu-xiang pointed out directions and ways to study theory of Chinese Complex Sentences in his book "Problems in Analyzing Chinese Grammar". 吕叔湘先生在《汉语语法分析问题》中为汉语复句理论的新阶段研究指明了方向、道路。

35、Finally a software in C language for frequency-programming in mobile communication has been worked out. 分析了该锁相环在移动通信中的应用并用C语言编写出移动通信输频软件。

36、Basing on China's specific conditions, some suggestions for establishing and perfecting the legal protection of open source software in our country are putted for-ward in the fourth chapter. 第四部分在分析我国发展开源软件问题和必要性的基础上提出建立和完善我国开源软件法律保护的政策和立法建议。

37、This thesis introduced Function Point into the measurement of the work performed, and constructed the amendatory earned value method for software project based on Function Point. 本文提出将功能点方法引入到软件项目实际产出成果的度量,构筑了基于功能点方法的软件项目挣值分析方法。

38、The temperature and thermal stress distributions in the front end photo shutter of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) were simulated carefully by the finite element package ANSYS. 利用有限元分析软件ANSYS,对上海同步辐射装置(SSRF)前端光子档光器,进行了精细的温度和热应力分析。

39、Sentence Category Analysis System is an important technology of HNC theory in NLP practice. 句类分析系统是HNC语言理解技术的重要支柱。

40、In CDA researches, SFG is regarded as an efficient instrument for investing ideology and power in public discourse. 在批评语篇分析中,系统功能语法是分析公共语篇意识形态和权利关系的有效的分析工具。

41、The text includes four parts—introduction, morphology, syntax and epilogue. 全文共分四部分,包括导论、词法、句法和结语。

42、The nucleotide sequence of the STARP gene was determined by the dideoxy chain termination method. 用双脱氧链末端终止法测序,应用软件辅助分析基因结构及进行同源性比较。

43、The writer probes the various factors influencing the formatting of the mood in the rhetorical question, as well as the relationships between the duality of semantics and the style in the context . 再次,本文就使用反问句所需要具备的语义语用条件进行分析,探讨了影响反问语气形成的多种因素、反问句的语义二重性与语体的适应关系。

44、The chunk parsing is a language processing strategy which recently ears in the natural language processing research area. 组块分析是自然语言的处理研究领域中新近出现的一个语言处理策略,它能有效降低句法分析的难度。

45、The pr reads the tree and describes it, through events, to your lication. 语法分析器读取这棵树,并通过事件为应用程序描述它。

46、Methods: Using PEMS statistic software to deal with the data of the fifth census. 方法:利用PEMS统计软件对第五次人口普查资料进行分析处理。

47、The recoveries of plum were determined in different enrichment conditions by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. 用火焰原子吸收法分析了不同分离条件下铅的回收率。

48、The software developed with APDL language of ANSYS was introduced and was used for the optimization of magnetic circuit of the magneto-rheological damper. 分析结果显示,将APDL语言面向对象软件设计应用于磁路设计是一种有效的方法。

49、Pr generators take the grammar of a language and generate code to p it. 分析器产生器的作用是接收一门语言的文法并产生代码以分析该语言。

50、This dissertation discusses the theory and realization of the Probabilistic Context Free Grammar-based syntactic pr. 本文论述了基于概率的上下文无关语法的句法分析的原理及实现过程。


51、Fractional anisotropy(FA) maps were processed using SPM2 to make voxel-wise comparison of anisotropy in whole brain between the two groups. 运用SPM2分析软件,采用基于体素的分析方法,比较首发抑郁症患者药物治疗前后全脑弥散各向异性分数(FA)值的差异及变化。

52、Comparing with these two methods, the hybrid method will be the future direction on Chinese partial parsing. 指出统计与规则相结合的特点是汉语部分句法分析研究的新趋势。

53、Theuse of this method is demonstrated with 5 practical examples. 五个实际例子说明,内标法改善分析方法精密度的条件是C(?)。

54、But the programs about the methods of reliability computing are loaded down with trivial details, and there is lots of repetitive work. 在编制可靠性分析软件时,可靠度计算的算法编程十分繁琐,重复工作很多。

55、The Spark pr has something in common with EBNF grammars but breaks the parsing/processing process into smaller components than a traditional EBNF grammar allows. Spark 解析器与 EBNF 语法有一些共同之处,但它将解析/处理过程分成了比传统的 EBNF 语法所允许的更小的组件。

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