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关于”应用文的常用句型“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Common sentence patterns in practical writing。以下是关于应用文的常用句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Common sentence patterns in practical writing

1、Telnet - A very good TELNET application that has a typical color VT100 terminal type screen. Telnet是一个非常好的远程登录应用程序,它具有一个非常典型的彩色VT100终端类型的屏幕。

2、Good for certain applications, such as medium-size public buildings, when the economics are worked out. 这种技术在为中型建筑提供备用电源灯应用场景还是非常有用的。

3、Mr. Chang is the kindest teacher that I have ever had. QYK英语作文网

4、Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished.违反交通规定的人应该受处罚。

5、Animal models of Behavioral Despair, Learned Helplessness, and Chronic Stress, etc. , are widely used to study stress-induced depression. 在应激性抑郁研究中,常用的动物模型包括行为绝望模型、习得无助模型、慢性应激模型等。

6、This sort of table is commonly used when employing forms authentication, and in many applications the passwords are stored as clear text. 使用窗体身份验证时通常使用此类型的表,而且在许多应用程序中,密码以明文形式存储。

7、How important a thing it is to keep our promise! 遵守诺言是多么重要的事!

8、It also introduced palm GPSs normal application and extended application in reservoir region survey. 介绍了掌上型GPS的常规应用和在水库库区的拓展应用。

9、A bio-energetic model has been developed to explain laser heat effects and a ray optics regime to ilrate optical forces. 应用生物能量模型定量讨论激光热作用效应,利用几何光学模型解释光作用力的产生及其作用。

10、For this to work, the back-end application should be a Type1 application, and the JMS service should not be invoked within an existing transaction. 要想正常工作,后台应用程序应为类型 1 应用程序,且不能在现有的事务中调用 JMS 服务。

11、A new non linear constitutive model for normal consolidation soil under static loading condition is presented. 提出了一种新的、适用于正常固结土在静荷作用下的应力矢量型非线性本构模型。

12、The next section provides sample statements for commonly requested queries in the area of volume and response information. 下一节提供了样本语句用于在容量和响应信息区域中进行常用的请求查询。

13、A common problem as you try to scale applications is write contention in the database. 在您尝试伸缩应用程序时,常遇见的问题是数据库中的写入争用。

14、Mr. Chang is the kindest teacher that I have ever had.  张老师是我曾经遇到最仁慈的教师。

15、Business writing is usually included in the category of writing for practical purpose. 商务写作通常包括在应用文写作的范畴中。

16、This is a common task in OLAP applications. 这在 OLAP 应用中是一项常见的任务。

17、The profile is pre-applied to models that are created using the SoaML service model as their base. 这个配置文件是预先应用到使用 SoaML 服务模型作为基础而创建的模型中。

18、LightSwitch provides several features to streamline development of business applications. 为了启动您的开发工作,我们为常见的业务应用程序类型制作了初学者工具包。

19、The model used was the sire model containing herd-year-season(HYS) effect(fixed), sire group effect(fixed)and sire effect(random), which is widely used in dairy cattle breeding. 方差组分估计所用的模型为奶牛育种中常用的公畜模型,它包括场年季固定效应、公牛组固定效应和公牛随机效应。

20、ConclusionWet application of Chinese drug is one of the effective ways to treat acute eczema, the reasonable nursing makes better effect. 目的研究常用治疗急性湿疹的单味中药(防风、甘草、地肤子、薏苡仁、金银花)抗Ⅳ型超敏反应作用,探讨中药作用机理。

21、Additionally, media type is the one application-to-application that users deal with the most. 另外,媒体类型还是一种用户经常处理的应用程序到应用程序类型。

22、The Quick Response plug-in handles this common scenario more deftly by enabling the user to define full-sentence pre-scripted responses. Quick Response 插件允许用户定义预先编写好脚本的完整语句作为响应,从而应对这些普遍的应用情景。

23、In his instrumental works, Brahms has been often revealing the programme content by means of textual adjuncts, poetry citation and folk-song quotation etc. 勃拉姆斯常常通过在器乐作品中附加文字、引用诗句,借用民歌主题等方式透露作品的标题内容。

24、This model is commonly used by JMS applications, and has the disadvantage that to correlate individual requests with responses, it is necessary to use a temporary destination per request. JMS 应用程序常常使用这种模型,并且该模型的缺点是将单个请求与响应关联起来,每个请求都需要使用一个临时目的地。

25、Introduced some kinds of heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration, discussed their heat-exchanging principles and their application. 介绍几种工业制冷行业中常用的换热器型式的机理和设计、应用经验。


26、Bnother common single-phase BD motor is the split-phase induction motor, commonly used in major appliances such as washing machines and clothes dryers. 别的一种常见的单订交流电单相电机就是分相感应电机,通常用于像洗衣机和干衣机这样的大型家用电器中。

27、How important a thing it is to keep our promise! QYK英语作文网

28、They can ship in RAID 0 or RAID 5 configurations and are meant for particularly data-intensive tasks like virtualization. 可以采用RAID0或RAID5的配置,非常适合数据密集型应用如虚拟应用等的需求。

29、Split infinitives are common in legal writing, an important type of formal English. 分离不定式在法律写作中很常见,法律写作是正式英语写作的一个重要类型。

30、So, in general, avoid using casts and instanceof checks on type parameters. 因此,通常应避免对类型参数使用数据类型转换和 instanceof 检查。

31、Try to describe the output wave types and their clinical applications of electroacupuncture apparatus. 试述常用的电针波型及其临床应用。

32、Guillermo (Socket.IO): Node makes writing realtime applications really easy. Guillermo(Socket.IO):用Node编写实时应用真的非常简单。

33、The practical writing's characteristic of Model plays an important role in the official document running efficiency, the popularization and standardization of practical writing. 应用文的模式化特点对提高办文效率,推进应用文写作大众化,推进应用文写作规范化有重要作用。

34、If this is an index, it usually takes on the data type of the corresponding field. 如果动作是一个索引,那么它常常采用对应字段的数据类型。

35、Features and application history of light-weight soil are introduced and the feasibility of disaster controlling with light-weight soil is discussed. 本文介绍了轻量土特点及其应用历史,探讨了其在常见的公路病灾中的应用情况。

36、Extreme Value Theory has a wide range of applications in many fields. There are mainly two types of commonly used model: BMM model and GPD model. 极值理论在许多领域有着广泛的应用,主要有两类常用的模型:BMM模型和GPD模型。

37、Two way classification models with random effects are used widely. The variance components in these models are often estimated by ANOVA estimates. 两向分类随机效应模型是一种有着广泛应用的统计模型,对其中的方差分量,经常使用方差分析法来估计。

38、cannot emphasize the importance of … too much. (再怎么强调…

39、This method is mostly used in writing argumentations. 在英语写作中,这种方法常用于论述文的写作。

40、The add(XMLEvent) method is all that a typical application requires to write out the entire document. 典型的应用程序只需使用 add(XMLEvent) 方法就可写出整个文档。

41、On a larger scale, applications that are transactional in nature also tend to create groups of objects that are used and discarded together. 在更大的范围内,实际上事务型应用程序也常常创建一些 “一次性使用、用完作废” 的对象组。

42、Write an application in a prototype-based language 用基于原型的语言写一个应用

43、Common digital recording tools, such as Digital Voice Recorder can only record voice, and those who uses handwriting pad may find it inconvenient to use a special pen to write. 常用的录音笔等工具无法与笔记实现一一对应,常见的写字板由于采用专用的书写工具书写过程不够自然。

44、Objective:To observe clinical efficacy and impact on T-lymphocyte subsets of psoriasis vulgaris patients treated by tutor's clearing heat and removing damp law. 目的:观察导师应用清热利湿饮治疗寻常型银屑病的临床疗效及对T细胞亚群的影响,探讨T细胞亚群在寻常型银屑病发病中的作用和临床意义;

45、The CAR(Constant Allometric Ratio)and VAR(Variable Allometric Ratio)models were two basic biomass models most widely used in research and applications. CAR模型和VAR模型是生物量模型研究与应用中最常用的形式。

46、Commercial application of T-503 COS hydrolysis catalyst and T-307 ambient-temperature desulfurization agent in a polypropylene (PP) plant was reported. 介绍了T-503型COS水解催化剂和T-307型常温脱硫剂用于丙烯常温液相精脱硫的工业应用情况。

47、In the output above, the application handle is 58. 在上面的输出中,应用句柄是 58。

48、News is a class of practical writing that people are often exposed to in their daily life and work. It is very practical and widely used. 新闻是人们在日常生活、工作中经常接触到的一类应用文,实用性强,应用范围很广。

49、The more books we read, the more learned we become. QYK英语作文网

50、Video superimposing is widely used in DTV implement, which includes both TV logo insertion and caption adding. 在实际的数字电视技术应用中,以图文字幕叠加的应用最为常见。


51、In chapter one, the feature, common type and major applications of CLSM were introduced. 本论文共分为七章:第一章介绍了共聚焦扫描显微镜的特点、常见类型及其应用;

52、In a typical LZX application, you will often use multiple views, nested within each other. 在典型的 LZX 应用程序中,常常会使用多个视图,视图之间相互嵌套。

53、After stating the definition of task-based approach and its characteristic, the author designed a teaching case to show that it is feasible to apply task-based approach to college English writing. 阐述任务型教学法的定义及特征,设计一堂任务型教学法在大学英语写作教学中的应用的课。并分析任务型教学法在大学英语写作教学中的应用时的优点和不足。

54、This model is very useful for long-tail applications. 这个模型对长尾应用程序(long-tail applications)非常有用。

55、There are mainly two types of commonly used model: BMM model and GPD model. 极值理论在许多领域有着广泛的应用,主要有两类常用的模型:BMM模型和GPD模型。

56、The text introduce the characteristic, principium, configuration, type, use and application of new type corrugated drum microfilter. 文中介绍了新型瓦楞面微孔过滤机的特点、工作原理、结构、选型、使用场合和应用实例。

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