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关于”常用的句子“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Common sentences。以下是关于常用的句子的八年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Common sentences

1、I do not have good appetite and stomach do not feeling well. 肚子常不舒服,有点胃风,没有胃口但常常肚子饿。

2、The first step in a SimPy simulation is a few general import statements SimPy 模拟中的第一步是几个常规的导入(import)语句

3、Note that the last two metrics have very small values in megabytes compared with the total shared handles and the shared memory metrics. 注意,与共享句柄和共享内存相比,进程句柄和进程内存的数量非常小。

4、It’s not uncommon to see 20-30 offers on one house. 一栋房子有20到30个人出价,这是很常见的。

5、I watched her carefully select several leeks and ake mushrooms and ask the clerk, who knew her well, for peanuts and tofu. 我看着她精挑细选了几棵韭葱和一些蘑菇,在跟她很熟的菜贩子那里买了花生和豆腐,两人还聊了几句家常。

6、Thinking is usually a mixture of words, sentences, mental images and sensations. 思维通常是词、句、头脑里的影响和感觉的混合体。

7、"In wildness is the preservation of the world," wrote Tau, but people often get the quote wrong and use "wilderness" instead. 梭罗说过:“世界蕴藏在野性中。” 然而,人们却常常错误的引用这句话,他们会把“野性”写成“荒野”。

8、If they stare, let them stare. You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out. 男主角奥吉的姊姊Olivia说的这句话显示出家人对奥吉的包容,blend in正是刚刚提到生活常见惯用语之一,blend原本有混合的意思,如厨房常见的果汁机就叫blender,意思是把不同水果混合在一起的器具,因此blend in这个意思就是混进去之意,因此我们常用它来表达一个人要融入一个环境之意。

9、Accidental ingestions are most common in children less than 5 years old. 误食毒药在不到5岁的孩子中是最常见的。

10、The syntactic relations can be found in coordination, concession, cause and result clauses, among which the contrary relation is the most common one. 这两种连用形式,在并列、转折、因果三大类句法关系中都有分布。其中,以对照关系最为常见。

11、It’s generally tough to develop a seedless fruit—bananas and oranges are rare successes. 培育无籽水果通常是很困难的——香蕉和橙子是罕见的成功例子。

12、She is late , as is often the case. 她迟到了,这是经常的事。(先行词是整个主句)

13、He is a movie actor, often go to foreign films. 他是个片子演员,常常去外国拍片子`。

14、And the poets indeed he been busy with it; for it is, in effect, the thing which is figured in that strange fiction of the ancient poets, which seems not to be without mystery; 诗人们也真的常说这句话,因为这句话实际就是古诗人常述的那个奇谈中所表现的——而这个奇谈又似乎非无深义的;

15、It saw the big peach beckon from red, very happy to throw corn to share the glory. 它看见满树的桃子又大又红,非常高兴,就扔了玉米去摘桃子。

16、Usually at the end of an "I'd like" question, you use the word "please" 通常,在“I'd like”问句的末尾,我们会加上“please”,

17、It’s very unusual for me to go back through my text and spend extra time reading it all again, fixing typos and changing sentences. 通过回顾我的作品再花费额外的时间再三来阅读,调整风格和改换句子,对我来说是非同寻常的。

18、The getopts command returns true if an option is found, so a common option processing paradigm uses a while loop with a case statement as in this example. 如果找到一个选项,则 getopts 命令返回 true,因此常见的选项处理范例使用带 case 语句的 while 循环,本例中就是如此。

19、Bryan stopped the injections when his back broke out in acne, another common side effect. Bryan在出现常见的副作用之一——背部生满疹子后就停止了注射。

20、A young man who was very depressed asked his best friend for advice, he said, "I want to have a wife so much." 一个非常沮丧的年经男子去找他最好的朋友征求意见。他说:“我非常想要有一位妻子。

21、In practice, the statements inside a class definition will usually be function definitions, but other statements are allowed, and sometimes useful -- we'll come back to this later. 习惯上,类定义语句的内容通常是函数定义,不过其它语句也可以,有时会很有用——后面我们再回过头来讨论。

22、The most common examples are cards that will make you a straight or a flush on the turn or river. 最常见的例子是在转牌或河牌时,抽到的有用牌能够让你手中的牌连成顺子或同花。

23、Because remember I said that, typically, when you hear a sentence you make --you manufacture in your mind gaps between the words. 你们记得我之前说过, 通常来说,当你听到一个句子时,你会通过心理活动,在词与词之间创造出间隔。

24、Facing reporter, not too speaks English Sony to say two words very stiffly with English: "Chen Jin!" 面对记者,不太会英语的索尼用英语非常生硬地说出两句话:“陈金!

25、Excel is the mostcommon spreadsheet software. It has somecommon features of spreadsheet programs. Excel是最常见的电子表格软件,它具有一些电子表格程序共同的特性。


26、I have always used the childlike plan of talking it out. 我就常常用小孩子说话的方式来讲故事。

27、In his instrumental works, Brahms has been often revealing the programme content by means of textual adjuncts, poetry citation and folk-song quotation etc. 勃拉姆斯常常通过在器乐作品中附加文字、引用诗句,借用民歌主题等方式透露作品的标题内容。

28、They often use bricks to build houses. 他们常使用砖块砌房子。

29、She used to read in secret and, though her memory was excellent, to abstain from showy reference. 她读书常常是偷偷进行的,虽然她的记忆力很好,但总是避免引章摘句。

30、FIXED: The FIXED format must be used only when the EXTERNAL clause is used in the external table column specification while creating the external table. (See Listing 18). FIXED:仅当创建外部表时在外部表列指定中使用 EXTERNAL 子句时才必须使用 FIXED 格式(参见 清单 18)。

31、And the poets indeed have been busy with it; for it is, in effect, the thing which is figured in that strange fiction of the ancient poets, which seems not to be without mystery; 诗人们也真的常说这句话,因为这句话实际就是古诗人常述的那个奇谈中所表现的——而这个奇谈又似乎非无深义的;

32、An ion chromatographic method for the determination of alkaline and alkaline earth metal cations in high concentration organic wastewater is developed. 建立了用离子色谱法测定高浓度有机废水中常见的碱金属、碱土金属离子含量的方法。

33、Also, domestic birth mothers often change their minds about giving up their children. That doesn’t happen as much in international adoptions. 同时,国内收养中孩子的生母常常会因为后悔放弃孩子而改变主意,而这在跨国收养中是相对少见的。

34、Presently, Topics of cars are hanging on my lips. One in three words escaping from my lips has something to do with cars. 现在,嘴边常常念叨着车,三句话离不的话题。

35、Please use the excellent vCard format. 推荐使用非常好用的电子名片形式。

36、On our raft we have witnessed this aberration only too well. 我们在筏子上对这些反常天气见得太多了。

37、A civilization habits, I often see teacher will bow to di zi GUI was very good. 一身文明习惯,我常常见到老师都会行礼,对《弟子规》做得十分好。

38、It also touches on some of the who, what, when, where, and whys associated with this often ambiguously interpreted phrase. 它也触及了一些人时,那里,为什么与这句话常常含糊解释。

39、Factors that affect readability include sentence and word length, and the frequency of uncommon words. 影响可读性的因素包括词句的长度,以及非常用词的出现频度。

40、G. Hematologic changes. Increased platelet turnover is a consistent feature of preeclampsia. The most common coagulation abnormality in preeclampsia is thrombocytopenia. 血液学的改变。血小板循环增加是先兆子痫的持续的特征。先兆子痫最常见的凝血异常是血小板减少。

41、To study the effects of metal ion on stability of natural red pigment extracted from the fruits of glossy privet, the influence of metal ion on the pigment was mensurated by spectrophotometer . 研究常见金属离子对女贞果红色素稳定性的影响。用分光光度法测定了一些常见金属离子对色素溶液吸光度的影响。

42、“When gels weren’t needed, ” says Ludes, “we often used lights as small as 150 watts.” Ludes说,“我们经常使用150瓦的小功率灯(这句话前面还有一句是“When gels weren't needed”,不才本人绞尽脑汁也不明白是什么意思,望高手不吝赐教。译者注)”。

43、Furthermore, S_3 often appears in non-event sentences such as "Lian" sentences. The "subjectivity" and "subjectivisation" is the formative motivation of S_3. S_3常出现在连字句等非事件句中,语言的“主观性”和“主观化”是S_3形成的动因。

44、It turns out to be a far more irritating poem than its oft -quoted lines suggest. 结果发现这首诗比起它常被引用的那几句来更加恼人。

45、As the saying goes: a hundred words to practice the word, a thousand words together. 常言道:百字练一字,千字合一句。

46、Were they salt domes such as are common along the United States Gulf Coast, 这是一个省略结构,在such as后面省略了those that. 这种同时省略名词和从句先行词的情况在as后面比较常见,比如:

47、It's not uncommon to find people dropping in to hang out, use the Internet or let their children play on the Macs on low-legged tables. 常常可见到人们走进来或走出去,使用因特网,或让孩子在低脚桌上玩Macs。

48、Being abroad, he often dreamed of his hometown-that stream, the house of his family and vegetable field, etc. 在国外时,他常常梦见他的家乡----那条小河、他家的房子、菜地等。

49、A "hot tip" is usually delivered in a sentence or less and is often based on a rumor of an upcoming event. 而一档「热门股」,经常一句话就可以带过,有时甚至用不到一句话,而且往往都是建立在未来事件的谣言上头。

50、Common tools include the trowel, penknife and brush. 常用的工具包括铲子、小刀以及刷子。


51、AIM: To observe the effect of the aqueous extract of Chinese nutgall on 5 common periodontal bacteria . 目的:观察五倍子对5种常见牙周细菌的作用。

52、Charging entrance fees will no doubt keep some people away. What is more, it will become necessary to build gates and walls, which will do harm to the appearance of a city. 范文在第二段为说明不收门票的"原因"时增加了Charging entrance fees will no doubt keep some people away.等细节,这也是解决句与句之间缺少连贯性的常见方法。

53、So usually, I don't have to do much more than google, and turn in the first sentence and sure enough, 所以,我经常谷歌,输进第一句话,然后非常确信,

54、This example demonstrates the use of lsode, an ordinary differential equation solver. 这个例子展示了 lsode 的用法,这是一个常见的微分方程解算器。

55、Christmas Eve, or celebrate Christmas in church on Christmas morning. 一些房子用常青植物(冬天不会掉叶子的植物)装点;前门挂圣洁的花圈,屋内用圣洁的花冠,常春藤和皮毛装饰。

56、It saves you time by letting you call up commonly used text with keystroke combos . 通过按一次组合键就调出你常用的语句,这大大地节省了你的时间。

57、Such sentence pattern is regular in Jin Wen Shang Shu but later develops into a common law in ancient Chinese grammar. 这种句式在今文《尚书》却很常见,并且后来发展成为古代汉语语法的普遍规律。

58、Common cations in soil could make obviously absorption rate of water of high water-absorbing resin reduce. 土壤中常见阳离子对高吸水树脂吸水率具有很强的降低作用。

59、We want to measure the interactions of smell receptors with odorant that are very low molecular weight ligands. 我们想测量嗅觉感受器与香味剂分子间的相互作用,而香味剂分子通常都是非常低分子量的配体。

60、They are confused by idioms, half- sentences, references to ancient TV programmes, or simply the British habit of not saying what you mean. 习语、断句、引用老电视节目的话,以及英国人拐弯抹角的表述习惯,常常让他们摸不着头脑。

61、Because remember I said that, typically, when you hear a sentence you make --you manufacture in your mind gaps between the words. 你们记得我之前说过,通常来说,当你听到一个句子时,你会通过心理活动,在词与词之间创造出间隔

62、As people often say that sentence: all roads lead to Rome! 正像人们常说的那句话一样:条条大路通罗马!

63、Guatemalans often cite the proverb “In a country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. 危地马拉人时常引用一句谚语“盲人之国,独眼为王”。

64、The LSCI questions, like those of the FCI, were phrased, as much as possible, in ordinary language, and they include "distracters" drawn from common misconceptions. 跟FCI 中的问题一样, LSCI 中的问题也是尽可能运用普通语言、运用短句表达的,其中包含由于常见的概念错误而造成的“错误选项”。

65、Often, certain phrases would touch and provoke him to render a certain state of mind or to reach a certain spiritual realm. He would eventually visualize them through images. 对古代诗词歌赋多有涉猎,常常由于某个句子的触动而开始营构某种心境,某种精神氛围,并将它最终以图像的形式展现出来。

66、They record every word he says, including his frequent obscene outbursts of rage. 她们把他的每一句话都记录下来,包括他常常在盛怒中破口而出的言秽语。

67、Children often hang up stockings to fill with small gifts. 孩子们常常挂起长统袜用来盛装小礼物。

68、Most often seen in children between 2 and 3 years-old. 这种情况在2到3岁的孩子中最为常见。

69、As an aside, bulk setter methods are quite common for EJB 1.x development efforts to counteract the standard, and performance degrading, approach to persistence. 顺便提一句,整批 setter 方法在 EJB 1.x 开发工作中十分常见,它用于阻止标准和性能的降低,并实现持久性。

70、In debate he often parlays his voice into fame. 在辩论中他常常利用自己的嗓子赢得声誉。

71、He was very at ease. He was very - which, by the way Michael wasn't always - he was very loquacious. 他非常放松。他非常,顺便说一句,迈克尔不总是这样– 他说个不停。

72、In diplomatic language, the phrase is normally taken to mean spying. 在外交语言上,这句话的意思通常是指间谍活动。

73、The baby next door often bawls . 隔壁的孩子常常大哭。

74、Received a rather impolite reply (we feel) when we checked-in. 登记时我们收到一句非常无礼的答复(我们感觉)。

75、Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one. —Colossians 4:6 金句: 「你们的言语要常常带著和气,好像用盐调和,就可知道该怎样回答各人。」(歌罗西书4章6节)

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