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导读: 60个,关于”环保的句子“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Environmental protection sentence。以下是关于环保的句子的高三英语句子。


关于”环保的句子“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Environmental protection sentence。以下是关于环保的句子的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Environmental protection sentence

1、Reserve the diversity of organisms. 保持物种多样性。

2、环保的英文是Environmental Conservation或Environment Protection 环境友好型英文就是Environmentally friendly ,是你写的第三个

3、Save the earth save the future. Give Earth a Chance 使地球充满生机!

4、He prefers hanging jeans by a belt loop to preserve their shape. 他喜欢拿钩子勾住皮带环,以保持好裤形。

5、That's right. It's small, but very green and economical. 没错。车子虽然小,但是非常的环保,也非常的经济。

6、Our earth is just our future. 我们的地球就是我们的未来.

7、Save energy and Protect your eyes, protect environment and keep you safe. 节能护目,环保安全,真正的绿色环保产品。

8、They are African-and-American kids, and their coming to D.C. 他们都是非裔美籍的孩子,此次来环境保护署总部。

9、BYOB: Bringing your own reusable bottle or bag is frugal and green. 自带物品:带上可反复使用的瓶子或者袋子是一种节俭和环保的习惯。

10、Use green bins or reusable bags to cart groceries home from the store. 使用环保箱或可循环使用袋子把杂货从商店运回家。

11、THESE days China's environmental bureaucrats know how to talk the talk. 这些日子里,中国的环保官员知道怎样说归说了。

12、Nature is kind mother,the butcher is grim. 大自然是善良的母亲,也是冷酷的屠夫.(雨果)

13、To assist and manage leaders from department of environmental protection departments. 协助管理环保部门领导班子。

14、The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. 水的量是适宜的饮料是越来越少了。

15、Protecting the entironment, protecting our world is not an alarmism, but is no time to delay related to our offspring. “保卫环境,保卫我们生存的地球”不在是一句危言耸听的口号,而是关系到后代子孙的刻不容缓的大事。

16、Not a clean environment,then the living conditions favourable meaningless. 没有一个清洁的环境,再优裕的生活条件也无意义.(曲格平)

17、Saving oer environment is everyone's duty. 挽救我们的环境是每个人的责任.

18、Bamboo fiber has the natural effects of bamboo's anti-insect, mites and stink resistance as well as anion producing. 绿色环保,抗紫外线竹纤维是从原竹中提炼出的绿色环保材料,它具有竹子天然的防螨、防臭、防虫和产生负离子特性。

19、i am praying to stars for your happiess.我向星空祈福,希望你幸福。

20、Environment Messenger: As little messengers, our children could share our environment protection information to more and more people. 环保小使者:让孩子做一名家盒子的环保小使者,让越来越多的人了解应该如何环保吧。

21、It is very important to take care of our environment. 这是非常重要,我们要保护我们的环境。

22、It's everyone's duty to protect the environment. 地球能满足人类的需要、但满足不了人类的贪婪.

23、we shouldn't disregard the reuse, reduce and recycle messages. 我们不应该无视提倡减量、再使用和再循环的信息

24、Then coupling with A ring synthon, closing, deprotection, the aim product was synthesized finally. 然后再与A环合成子偶联、关环、脱保护完成目标产物的全合成。

25、we should promote environmental sustainability, and raise awareness among the Chnese population 我们应该提倡大自然的可持续性发展,并且加强中国群众的环保意识


26、Globally, Panasonic is aiming to become top green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018 and is laying a lot of emphasis on eco-friendly products. 松下致力于在xx年成为电子行业里全球最环保创新的公司,正着重于环保型的产品。

27、If we go on polluting water,the last drop of water will be our tears. 如果我们继续污染水资源,世界上最后一滴水将会使我们的眼泪.

28、But save square inch ground, stay with descendant Geng. 但存方寸地,留与子孙耕。

29、Eco Factor: Old subway cars recycled into sustainable studios. 环保理念: 变旧地铁车厢为环保工作室。

30、A new method is present to achieve saving energy and environmental protection on diesel engine by negative-ion. and some experimental study have done to discuss the theory about this effect. 提出了一种用负离子来实现柴油机节能环保的新方法,进行了相关的试验研究,探讨了负离子对柴油机节能环保的机理。

31、Surveys show that consumers are more green-minded then green-acting. 调查表明,消费者的环保意识多于环保行动。

32、Everyone should remember that we have olny one earth. 每个人都应该谨记,我们只有一个地球.

33、The Lazy Environmentalist: No-Sweat Tips For Going Green 懒惰的环保主义者:不费力的环保小建议

34、Convention 5: To improve the environmental awareness of every employee by promoting environmental-protection knowledge and popularizing the environmental-protection consciousness. 公约五: 宣传环保知识,普及环保意识,提高每一位员工的环保观念。

35、Keep green house rules: One sure fire way to ensure your kids grow up with eco-friendly habits to start with green house rules that also help the environment. 要确保你的孩子在生态友好的习惯中成长开始于环保的家庭生活规范,而它们本身也是保护环境的。

36、Cherish the source of nature, totally make a living a life green. 珍惜自然之源,共营生命绿色。

37、What is green in one scenario may not really be green in another. 在某个环境中的环保实践在另一个环境中未必仍是环保的。

38、The HSSE Environment team confirmed Secco's monitoring factors. HSSE环保组制订了赛科监测因子。

39、The environmental protection industry base of photoelectron and micro-electrons basic material for the mutual circulating use of material and scrap is proposed. 提出了建立原料废料可相互循环利用的光电子、微电子基础材料的环保工业基地的建议。

40、EPE to the environment pollution-free, environmentally-friendly standard, is an environmentally friendly recycling of materials. EPE对环境无污染,符合环保标准,是一种可以回收的环保材料。

41、Stop the contamination to the atmosphere. 停止对大气的污染。

42、Only does link teaching and learning with practicing, three nonseparable parts, can guarantee effectiveness of children learning violin. 把教琴、学琴、练琴三者环环相扣,才能保证孩子学琴的效果。

43、The EPD proposed to promote the use of environment friendly private cars through a 30% reduction in their First Registration Tax. 环保署建议鼓励车主使用环保私家车,环保私家车的首次登记税可获宽减30%。

44、Last December at the Le Marche exhibition held in Cairo, he presented the Komb House - a super colorful showcase of the most cutting edge eco-technologies available. 去年xx月马尔凯国际博览会在埃及开罗举行,拉希德展示了梳子环保屋(the Komb House)——一幢拥有最多、最先进环保技术的神奇房子。

45、To protect the earth is to protect ourselves. 保护地球就是保护我们自己.

46、Clean your house with biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning products. 您的可生物降解的清洁,环保清洁用品的房子。

47、It“s our duty to protect our environment. 它”是我们的责任来保护我们的环境。

48、Description: Promotes public awareness of environmental issues, concentrating on Peng Chau's environment and local culture. 推广环保意识及实行环保教育,并著重于保护坪洲的自然环境及文物古迹。

49、They're good for the environment, convenient and compact enough to be portable. 电子阅读器的优点是环保,轻巧和携带方便。

50、Taking into account environmental factors, we establish the substation environmental planning and environmental planning model grid. 计及环保因素,建立了变电站环保规划和电网环保规划模型。


51、I'm wearing an ASOS dress with an ASOS bag and Miss Selfridge boots. 我背了一个环保时尚袋,穿着吴塞尔弗里奇靴子还有环保时尚的衣服。

52、All of electronic component choosing high-quality and environment-protection material. 所有电子元件均选用高品质环保材料。

53、The environmental protection industry base of photoelectron and micro-electrons basic material for the mutual circulating… 提出了建立原料废料可相互循环利用的光电子、微电子基础材料的环保工业基地的建议。

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