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导读: 21个,关于”很短忧伤的句子“的英语句子21个,句子主体:A short sad sentence。以下是关于很短忧伤的句子的初中英语句子。


关于”很短忧伤的句子“的英语句子21个,句子主体:A short sad sentence。以下是关于很短忧伤的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A short sad sentence

1、You let me down. I'm sorry I didn't come to your wedding. (对不起,我没能参加你的婚礼。

2、Alone is empty. 却是影单空忧伤。

3、If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain. 12.曾经拥有的,不要忘记。

4、Bright, dolorous, sonsy and memorable. 明媚的,忧伤的,开朗的,难忘的。

5、The beautiful and dolorous memory. 那些美好而忧伤的记忆。

6、I will make you delighted when you are in great sorrow! 在你忧伤的时候,我愿作你的忘忧树!

7、Be still, sad heart! And cease repining; 平静吧,忧伤的心!别再抱怨;

8、Never self-hatred and sorrow. 从来就没有自怨和忧伤。

9、I will make you delighted when you are in great sorrow! 在定位忧伤的工夫,手机愿作定位的忘忧树!

10、She's unhy. 她会更忧伤。

11、I will make you are delighted when you are in sorrow! 当你忧伤时,我愿作你的忘忧树!

12、i only smile very joy, sorrow will not be see. 我只有笑的很欢,忧伤才不会被看穿。

13、Waterloo Bridge is a blue film. 《魂断蓝桥》是一部忧伤的电影。

14、Work won't kill but worry be to. 劳动无害,忧虑伤身。

15、I love you not for who you are, but for who I am with you. 爱情,要么让人成熟,要么让人堕落。

16、I will make you delighted when you are in sorrow! 当你忧伤时,我愿作你的忘忧树!

17、It is not work that kills, but worry.工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

18、The widow's heart was surcharged with grief. 那寡妇的心过分忧伤。

19、Background :Temporary elbow stiffness after the treatment of a supracondylar humeral fracture in a child is often a concern of parents. 背景:儿童肱骨髁上骨折伤后短暂的肘关节僵硬常令许多患儿父母所担忧。

20、 It is not work that kills,but worry. 工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

21、It can't be helped. There's nothing you can do about it. (这事一点儿办法都没有。

22、Somewhere behind us a train whistle blew, long and low, like a sad, sad song. 背后远远传来火车的汽笛声,笛音低沉却拉得很长,就像一首歌,听起来好忧伤好忧伤。

23、The sad story depressed me. depress 表示“使消沉,使沮丧”。

24、Work won't kill but worry will. 劳动无害,忧愁伤身。

25、) No, he led me on a wildgoose chase. (没有,白费了半天劲。


26、The Master said, "The gentleman is broad-minded, the small man is always narrow-minded." 孔子说,“君子怀宽广,舒畅和平,小人患得患失,经常忧伤。”

27、 I only smile very joy, sorrow will not be see. 我只有笑的很欢,忧伤才不会被看穿。

28、Hartstein said a sun lamp -- for as little as 10 minutes a day -- can also help. 即便是日光灯,每天照短短10分钟对摆脱忧郁也很有帮助。

29、The next planet was inhabited by a tippler. This was a very short visit, but it plunged the little prince into deep dejection. 小王子所访问的下一个星上住着一个酒鬼。访问时间非常短,可是它却使小王子非常忧伤。

30、Work wonhat kill but worry will. 劳动有害,忧愁伤身。

31、Then the youth buds the day, the rainy night starts to become the sad reason. 而后青春萌动的日子,雨夜开始成为忧伤的理由。

32、Psalm 51:17: The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit ; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not dese. 诗篇51:17:凡神所要的祭,就是忧伤的灵。神啊!忧伤痛悔的心,你不必轻看。

33、Youth is sadness, bright and beautiful. 小四说,青春是道明媚的忧伤。

34、) It was a waste of time talking to him. (跟他谈话,纯属浪费时间。

35、I will make you joyed when you are in large sorrow! 在你忧伤的峕候,我愿作你的忘忧侸!

36、Victorian mawkishness, we say. 我们称之为维多利亚式的忧伤。

37、Sorrow is stubborn, long ago preference that micro blue. 忧伤的人必然固执,很久以前就偏爱那一点微蓝。

38、The night is very black, let it cover all our sorrows. 夜很黑,就让它覆盖我们的忧伤。

39、But the harvest is a heap on a day of sickness And incurable pain. 但在忧患、伤痛无法医治的日子,所收割的不过一小堆。

40、She is really smart. Maybe this is the right way to treat a fleeting love? Remembering its sweetness and feeling its sadness. 它真的很聪明。对待一份转瞬即逝的感情就应该是这样子吧?回味它的甜腻,也享受它的忧伤。

41、It is not work that kills,but worry.工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

42、It is not work that kills,but worry. 工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

43、Sadness but sing fully… 忧伤而尽情的歌唱…

44、 It is not work that kills,but worry. 工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

45、This man in his sorrow was so hy for me. I felt his love. 这个忧伤的人很为我感到高兴,我能感受到他对我的关爱。

46、The sky is blue cover up sadness, sad to follow the direction of the wind. 天空很蓝遮掩了忧伤,难过跟着风吹的方向。

47、He looked sadness itself. 他显得很凄伤的样子。

48、She was melancholy with an obscure sadness of which she did not herself know the secret. 她只是感到忧伤,一种没有来由的忧伤,她自己也不知道原因何在。

49、 I only smile very joy, sorrow will not be see. 我只有笑的很欢,忧伤才不会被看穿。

50、The autumn came, wind is very cool, those who give this city we added a sadness again. 秋天来了,风很凉,给这个城市的我们又增添了一份忧伤。


51、They like extremes: they can be joyful and melancholic in a short period of time. 他们总是很很极端化的,他们会在很短的时间内一时忧愁一时又是欢喜。

52、I think that there are fairies at the miss will turn into sorrow into the rain. 我想,定是有仙子在思念,化作忧伤成雨。

53、Oh, Maiden, see a maiden's sorrow. Oh, Mother, hear a suppliant child! 噢,少女,看那少女的忧伤。噢,母亲,听那孩子恳求的声音!

54、It was a waste of effort. waste “浪费”、“白搭”,effort表示“努力”、“费尽力气”。

55、He is much disturbed in his mind about his wife's safety. 他为妻子的安全很担忧。

56、You're being negative - If you're angry, frustrated, moody or combative, your child isn't going to be very receptive to you. 你自己心情不好。如果你生气、沮丧、忧伤、或者气势汹汹,就会很难让孩子接受。

57、A funeral is a melancholy occasion. 葬礼是一个令人忧伤的场合。

58、Who takest away our bitter grief. 把我们的痛苦和忧伤带走。

59、Lightman tells Gus Sloan “you look sad, and what I really mean is ashamed.” 莱特曼对格斯·斯隆说到:“你看上去很忧伤,更准确地说应该是惭愧。” 忧伤、惭愧、内疚常常被混淆。

60、I like the sunset melancholy sadness like the birds, the birds fly into a melancholy sunset like I sad. 我落日般的忧伤就像惆怅的,惆怅的飞成我落日般的忧伤。

61、It is not work that kills,but worry. 工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

62、She beguiled her sorrow with music. 她借音乐来排遣内心的忧伤。

63、And the day always is very short, but the night is long, and in a complex of sadness, bring, always go round and begin again. 而白天总是很短很短,而暗夜总是很长很长,而年复一复的忧伤,带来的,总是周而复始的凄凉。

64、You look so woebegone. 你看起来非常忧伤。

65、The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not dese. 神所要的祭,就是忧伤的灵。神阿,忧伤痛悔的心,你必不轻看。

66、It is not work that kills, but worry. 工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。

67、I'm disointed with it. This is disointing.(这真令人扫兴。

68、The piece has a sad sound to it, quite unlike Joplin's earlier work. 这首曲子听起来满是忧伤,颇似乔普林早期的作品。

69、I didn't get a raise. What a disointment! (没有给我提薪,真让人失望!

70、I suspect he had a long and dolorous heart-to-heart with a crocodile. 我猜他和鳄鱼有着很长而忧伤的坦率交流。

71、The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not dese. 神所要的祭,就是忧伤的灵。神阿,忧伤痛悔的心,你必不轻看。

72、I blew it. I lost the customer. (我真失策,失去了那个客户。

73、Many short-stay child-patients catch up quickly. But schools do very little to ease the anxiety about falling behind expressed by many of the children interviewed. 许多短期住院的患儿成绩上升的很快。但学校在减轻那些受访的成绩掉队的孩子们焦虑忧伤的心理上做的努力却十分微小。

74、The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not dese. (Psalms 51:17) 神所要的祭就是忧伤的灵;神啊,忧伤痛悔的心,你必不轻看。(诗51:17)

75、Listen to the wind, across shallow sorrow. 听风,划过浅浅的忧伤。

英文句子模板76:A short sad sentence

76、Therefore, the series resonance can effectively find insulation weaknesses, without the presence of large short-circuit current suffering burns the point of failure . 所以,串联谐振能有效的找到绝缘弱点,又不存在大的短路电流烧伤故障点的忧患。

77、Stress or depression in pregnancy can harm a fetus, but less is known about the effect of transient emotions. 在怀孕时紧张或忧伤会对胎儿造成伤害,但是还不知道这种短暂的情绪到底是如何产生影响的。

78、Give not over thy soul to sorrow; 莫施令你的灵魂忧伤者;

79、It was all a waste. It was all for nothing. 你真让我失望。

80、No one can understand how I really feel. Please talk to me. (请跟我说说吧。

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