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导读: 21个,关于”旅游的句子“的英语句子21个,句子主体:。以下是关于旅游的句子的专业英语句子。




1、Big xian area tourism development of the advantages for tourism expectations and tourist attractions, Disadvantage factors for environment and tourist shopping. 大西安区发展入境旅游的优势因素为旅游期望和旅游景点;劣势因素为环境氛围和旅游购物。

2、Demographical features of tourist flows are the basic content in the research of tourism geography. The behavior of tourist is one of the most important research fields of tourism geography. 旅游客流的人口学特征是旅游地理学研究的基础工作,旅游者行为是旅游地理学研究的重要内容。

3、Eco-tourism is the future trend of tourism development and an effective approach to its development lies with the establishment of the model villages for ethnic Eco-tourism reception. 生态旅游是未来旅游业发展的方向,民族生态旅游接待示范村是生态旅游开发的一种有效途径。

4、The major factors of limiting the tourist development in West China are focused on firstly. And then, the chances and challenges for the tourist industry in … 本文研究了制约西部旅游业发展的主要因素,并探讨了旅游电子商务为西部旅游业发展带来的机遇和挑战。

5、Clified the marine tourism resources of Oingdao city into marine physical tourism resources and marine human tourism resources according to the clical clification method. 根据经典的旅游资源分类方法,将青岛市的海洋旅游资源分成海洋自然旅游资源和海洋人文旅游资源。

6、Along with Ezhou tourism advancement's quickening, the traveling professional cannot meet the tourism need. 随着鄂州市旅游业进程的加快,旅游专业人才不能适应旅游业的需要。

7、Tourism destination research is an important topic of tourism geography. 旅游目的地研究是旅游地理学的重要话题。

8、Different from tourist emotion, tourist emotion experience is the course that tourists understand and response for emotion. 旅游情感体验不同于旅游情感,它是旅游者对情感的认识与反应过程。

9、In China, the tourism heat has also made a shift from city sightseeing to ecotourism. 在中国,旅游热也由城市观光旅游逐渐演化为生态旅游。

10、The Ministry will also ensure the Tourism Promotion Board to undertake to receive good quality tourists into the country. 旅游部部长也将确保旅游促进局将努力吸引高品质的游客前来我国旅游观光。

11、With the vigorous development of eco-tourism, agricultural sightseeing tourism and rural tourism, the tourism management specialty has become very popular. 随着生态旅游、农业观光旅游、乡村旅游的蓬勃发展,旅游管理专业开始成为我国农林院校开设的热点专业之一。

12、Rural Tourism; Tourism Products; Marketing; Yongding County. 乡村旅游; 旅游产品; 市场营销; 永定县。

13、To build the bases for hot spring recreation and holiday tour, for agriculture and forestry tour, for folk-custom and culture tour and for excellent fruits and vegetable agriculture. 打造温泉休闲度假旅游、农林观光旅游、民俗文化旅游和高优果蔬农业基地,建设成同安区著名的生态旅游集镇和厦门市重要的休闲旅游基地。

14、Regional tourism should not replace all the long-distance tourism. 区域旅游不能完全取代跨区的长线旅游。

15、Red tourism" is a kind of new developing tourism product combining patriotism education with tourism industry. 红色旅游是爱国主义教育与旅游产业相结合的一种新兴旅游产品。

16、Now, eco-tourism has become the fastest developing sector of tourism and the trend of tourism. 当前,生态旅游已经成为旅游业中发展最快的分支和旅游业发展的趋势。

17、Based on the anatomy of the actuality of eco-agricultural tourism development, the author has demonstrated the feasibility and necessity of the development. 剖析凤垭山生态农业旅游区旅游开发的近况后,对凤垭山生态农业旅游区旅游开发的可行性与必要性进行了论证。

18、Industrial eco-tourism is an organically combined tourism with industrial resources and ecological tourism. 产业生态旅游是指产业资源和生态旅游进行有机结合的一种旅游方式。

19、Demographical features of tourist flows are the basic content in the research of tourism geography. 旅游客流是旅游目的地与旅游客源地之间空间相互作用的结果。

20、Tour souvenir is belonging to the special tour goods. 旅游纪念品是特色旅游商品。

21、The sustainable tourism development has been restricted by the externality of tourist exploitations. So the externality should be internalized. 旅游开发的外部不经济性严重制约了旅游业的可持续发展,消除旅游开发中的外部性是构建可持续旅游的关键。

22、The study of image in tourism focus on the city, while the ecotourism and forest tourism that gets little attention. 形象理论在旅游界的应用大多集中于城市旅游目的地,而对于目前发展最快的生态旅游及森林旅游则给予的关注较少。

23、Pacifica tours is looking for a bilingual tour guide for ing tour groups through San Francisco. 太平洋旅游公司在寻找陪同旅游团游览旧金山的双语导游。

24、I like travelling,so I saved it up for that. 我喜欢旅游,我存下钱用于旅游。

25、The noticeable distinction between ecotourist and ordinary tourist is that an ecotourist has ecological awareness. 生态旅游者与大众旅游者最大的区别在于生态旅游者具有一定的生态意识。


26、The development of industrial tourism by Yibin Wuliangye Group Company Ltd is taken as an instance. 以宜宾五粮液集团有限公司发展工业旅游的例子,分析目前五粮液工业旅游的开发现状。

27、With the development of ethnic culture tourism in Lugu Lake, its staged authenticity has been atuac- ting the attention of tourist anthropologists. 随着旅游的发展,泸沽湖民族文化旅游取得较大发展,泸沽湖旅游中的“舞台真实”成为旅游人类学家关注的问题之一。

28、The emergence of tourism e-commerce not only to tourism opportunities, but also challenges. 而旅游电子商务的出现既给旅游业带来了机遇,但也带来了挑战。

29、Community-tourism is a kind of new tourism model with tourist industry developing. 社区旅游是随着旅游业发展而产生的一种新的旅游形态与模式。

30、Research on tourism development in non-optimal tourism resource district has been a focus in recent tourism literatures in China. 旅游资源非优区旅游开发是近期旅游研究的重点领域之一。

31、Here is our trival brochure. 这是我们的旅游小册子。

32、It offers news and information about cheap travel, adventure travel and off-the-beaten-path travel tips. 上面提供了关于廉价旅游、冒险旅游、非常规冷门旅游等的信息。

33、And it introduces the development of tourism industry in Qianguo from the construction of tourist resources and tourist attractions and tourism economic benefits. 并通过旅游资源与旅游景区建设和旅游经济效益两个方面,介绍前郭县旅游产业的发展情况。

34、Firstly, it discussed the China tourism geography's contribution to tourism as well as China's traveling education. 讨论了中国旅游地理学对旅游业的贡献以及中国的旅游教育;

35、Developing Heilongjiang provincial tourism, we should synthesize leisured tourism and ecological tourism and make the forest tourism the supporting industry of Heilongjiang province in the end. 黑龙江省的旅游开发必须以森林旅游为主体依托框架,整合休闲旅游和生态旅游,最终将森林旅游打为全省的支柱产业。

36、The fifth chapter introduces six tourism brand and designs five excellent itineraries of great Western Guangxi tourism circle according to the theories of tourism circle and itinerary design. 第五章提出大桂西六个旅游品牌,并以旅游圈理论和旅游线路设计的基本理论为依据,设计了大桂西旅游圈的五条精品旅游线路。

37、Due to space limitations, this research is targeted at package tour contract that reached between business people and tourists for providing integrated travel services. 限于篇幅,本文研究的对象为旅游营业人与旅游者之间因提供综合性的旅游服务而达成的包价旅游合同。

38、Then it discusses the productive nature of tourism from tourism hierarchy, the core position of tourism in leisure activity and tourism supply-demand. 接着,从旅游层次、旅游在休闲活动中的核心地位以及旅游供需的角度具体地分析了旅游的生产本质。

39、Xi'an is a main tourism city in Shaanxi Province. 陕西省旅游主推的就是西安市旅游。

40、It majors in in-bound tour, out-bound tour, domestic tour as well as air and train ticketing. 主营入境旅游、出境旅游、国内旅游业务,代售机票、火车票。

41、Cruise Tour is the major component and symbol of the Three Gorges tourism. 游船旅游是长江三峡旅游的主要形式和独特标志。

42、As a part of a worldwide community of travelers, we want to enable everyone to travel with awareness, respect and care. 身为全球旅游村的一分子,我们期盼人人能以明智、尊重与关怀的心态旅游。

43、Tourist product structure has to be optimized so as to improve the overall tourist efficiency and realize the sustainable development of tourism. 加强旅游资源的保护和管理,优化旅游产品结构,多层次提高旅游整体效益,以实现旅游业的持续发展。

44、Cultural tours highlight overseas tours in recent years. A tour without culture has no vitality. 文化旅游是近年来海内外旅游的热点和亮点,没有文化的旅游是没有生命力的。

45、Our tesymptomsr said that only eco-traudio-videoel is some sort of traudio-videoel that only comtrash canes norming tourism with learning. 我们师长说:“生态旅游是一种连接普通旅游和练习的旅游。”

46、However, the tourism industry in Hubei develops better than most of the provinces in the middle of China, it has a very long way to go compared with the developed provinces in the east of China. 但是,与旅游发达省份相比,湖北省的旅游业还存在明显差距,其旅游收入和旅游接待人数与其旅游资源大省的地位不相称,在全国居中游水平。

47、It is dicussed that the necessity and current status of setting up tourism management as a specialty in agriculture and forestry colleges in China. 随着生态旅游、农业观光旅游、乡村旅游的蓬勃发展,旅游管理专业开始成为我国农林院校开设的热点专业之一。

48、Cement road and footpath to the scenic area has been paved. Toilets and wharfs in scenic area have been built and can be readily used by visitors. 景区已完成旅游公路的硬化、修建了简易游步道、旅游厕所、旅游码头,已具备初步接待游客的能力。

49、Changes are being made from traditional sites to eco-tourism, rural tourism and adventure tourism. 从传统旅游到生态旅游,城市旅游至丛林探险,变化正在悄然发生。

50、The exploitation of culture tourism can be divided into three steps: the Literary Attainment belief; the Literary Attainment culture and the "Shu Dao" culture. 七曲山景区文化旅游开发可以分为文昌信仰的旅游开发、文昌文化的旅游开发和蜀道文化的旅游开发三个阶段。


51、University tourism refers to the campus as a tourist destination characteristics, it is an emerging tourism. 高校旅游是指以高等院校作为旅游目的地的一种新兴特色旅游活动。

52、Tourist texts play the crucial role in propagandizing tourism resources, expanding tourism market and attracting more foreign tourists. 旅游文本担负着对外宣传旅游资源、开拓旅游市场、吸引国外游客的重大责任。

53、In addition, the group has been authorized as the exclusive operator of the tourist destinations which cover Goddess Lake, Ganhaizi, The First Bend of the Yellow River and Flower Lake. 集团还拥有“熊猫国旅”、“大九寨环线游”等精品旅游品牌,并拥有神仙池、甘海子、黄河九曲第一湾、花湖等旅游景区的开发经营权。

54、In addition to the regular tourist, the Company also contractors ancient Silk Road tourism, Plateau, desert adventure tourism, mountaineering tourism, hospitality and other meetings. 除常归旅游外,本公司还承办古丝绸之路旅游,高原、沙漠探险旅游,登山旅游,会议接待等。

55、The voluntourism is a new form of tourism, which is regarded as irreplaceable tourism emphasizing on sustainability, accountability and education as well as a form of eco-tourism. 而公益旅游是一种新兴的旅游形式,公益旅游被看作为强调可持续性,负责性和教育性的可替代性旅游和生态旅游的一种形式。

56、Or did his wife send him on a junket? 还是他妻子让他去公费旅游。

57、Along with the development of Chinese Tourism, the positive effect of E-Commerce in the industrial value chain of it is more and more conspicuous. 伴随着中国旅游业的发展,旅游电子商务在旅游产业价值链条中的积极作用日益凸显。

58、The low level of the traveling shopping not only has affected our country traveling obtaining foreign exchange dynamics, also has restricted our country tourism depth development. 旅游购物占旅游收入的低比例,不仅影响了我国旅游创汇的力度,也制约了我国旅游业的深度发展。

59、The r children pestered the travellers for money. 穷孩子们纠缠着旅游者要钱。

60、Tourist flows are the results of the interaction between tourist destination and tourist origin. 旅游客流是旅游目的地与旅游客源地之间空间相互作用的结果。

61、This is the fastest-growing rip-off of British holidaymakers. 这是英国旅游业最快赚钱的法子。

62、Sha-Hu tourism area and Sha-Potou tourism area, which are both AAAA tourism area, are main tourism areas in the north of Ningxia, and are two the most important tourism areas. 沙湖、沙坡头旅游区位于宁夏北部“两沙一河”旅游带,是宁夏境内最重要最具影响力的两处旅游区,也是主导旅游资源相似与互补的临近旅游区,两者均为“ AAAA ”旅游区。

63、Travel in Xingzi County, appreciate the god's feelings. 在星子县旅游体验上帝的感觉!

64、There are universal misreads which comprehend tourism culture coming from academic circle. Peoples always lumps tourism culture together tourism or tourism resources. 学界对旅游文化的理解普遍存在误区,常常把旅游文化同旅游、旅游资源等相关现象混为一谈。

65、Several tour companies provide walking tours of Dharavi. 几个旅游公司提供步行达拉维的旅游。

66、On the Suzhou Industrial tourism Abstract: Industrial tourism in China is an emerging form of tourism. 浅谈苏州工业旅游摘要工业旅游在我国是一种新兴的旅游形式。

67、Folk tourism has become a new area of tourism. 民俗旅游已成为旅游业的一个新领域。

68、Fulfill the tourism function of Changxing Island and the contents of beach tour, improve tour grade and boost the development and growth of Chaingxing Island tourism market. 进一步完善长兴岛的旅游度假功能,丰富海滨旅游的内容,提高旅游档次,促进长兴岛旅游市场的发展、成熟。

69、The cole flowers can used as the core tourism resources to develop diversified eco-tourism, to enrich the tourism products and to promote tourism competitive ability. 月亮湾可确立油菜花田为核心旅游资源,开发 多样化的生态旅游业,丰富旅游产品,提升旅 游竞争力。

70、The rural travel is a new branch of tourism, also the special aspect of the developing of western region tourism. 乡村旅游是旅游业的新分支,也是西部旅游开发的重要方面。

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