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关于”表达观点的句式“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Sentence patterns expressing views。以下是关于表达观点的句式的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence patterns expressing views

1、write and to be able to express your ideas in a very comprehensive and succinct way. 你要以非常全面和简洁的方式表达出自己的观点。

2、This in turn increases the rate of idea-generation and the rapidity with which ideas are vetted tested and rejected. 这反过来增加了产生观点的几率,让观点可以快速地表达出来,接受考验,以及被拒绝。

3、As far as I am concerned,每次写作文我都用这个,它张得最长啊!

4、The viewpoints that elementary school students express are obviously affected by the audience's inclination, so pleasing the audience is their self-presentational motive. 小学儿童总体上以听众取向的自我表征动机为主导,其表达的观点倾向明显地受观众倾向的影响。

5、The suggested formula features simplicity in calculation, perceptibility in appearance, and close approximation of calculated resistances to that of the model tests. 此公式具有计算简便,表达直观,计算与船模试验阻力值较逼近的特点。

6、But what I noticed especially last night was the wording in which he tried to express this. 但我昨晚尤其注意到的是,马克吐温表达这个观点的措辞。

7、The result from this second expression is a node set, which maps to the DOM org.w3c.dom.NodeList type. 第二个表达式的结果是一个节点集,映射到 DOM org.w3c.dom.NodeList 类型。

8、To tell the truth, I am rather pessimistic about it. 说句实话,我对此一点也不乐观。

9、Yoo was hardly alone in coming to this conclusion. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has expressed similar opinions. 前国务卿赖斯也表达了类似的观点。

10、As I mentioned earlier, every query expression is generically typed to denote the type of the value the expression evaluates to. 如前所述,每个查询表达式都是泛型的,以表示表达式计算的值的类型。

11、But even with today's events, there is room for opinion on the part of the historian. 但即使是当今的事件,史学家仍有表达个人观点的空间。

12、According to these characteristics, the chapter discusses functions of the synonym combination in language useage, which include completing semantemes, emphasizing meanings and harmonizing sentences. 并根据其特点讨论了近义词连用形式在语言表达上有完整语义、强调词义、协调语句等功能。

13、Every colleague has the right to express his opinion. I will try my best to make all people agree on one thing. 每一位同事都有权表达他的观点,我会尽量让大家达成共识。

14、Or if yours is a subjective opinion, present it as a commentary piece. 如果你想表达个人观点,就把它写成一篇评论。

15、Requena argues that everyone should have the right to speak and express opinions freely. Requena认为每个人都应该享有自由发言和表达观点的权利。

16、Bu + V + Liao" ( not + V + any more) is a sentence pattern with many different meanings: the meaning of "decline", "plan" and "change", but each has its own syntactic and semantic characteristic. “不V了”是个多义格式,分别表达“谢绝”、“打算”和“变化”的格式义,但它们表现出各自不同的句法和语义特点。

17、What is your Gundam-ness? 你对高达的观点是什么呢?

18、Note, you must always end each expression with a period. This tells the interpreter to execute it. 注意,每个表达式必须用点号结束,告诉解释器可以执行该表达式了。

19、Let me say something more then about the dualist position. 就二元论观点,我再多说几句

20、It is well known that academic discourse is a kind of discourse to exchange message and express point of view objectively. 学术语篇常被认为以客观方式传递信息和表达观点。

21、The ending point is inside Century Park, please take park in the Olympics show and wait for performances and lucky prizes after getting to the finish line. 活动终点在世纪公园内,到达终点后请参加终点活动,观看表演并等待兑奖。

22、Is there any hope? Can you get outta here? -One man got out. -(Express your view…) 有希望吗?你能出去吗? - 一个男人出去了。-(表达你的观点…)

23、XPathConstants.NODESET for expressions that return boolean data types (maps to the DOM org.w3c.dom.NodeList data type) NODESET 用于返回节点集数据类型的表达式(映射到 DOM org.w3c.dom.NodeList 数据类型)

24、According to Patanjali, breathwork removes any blocks that prevent the expression of joy and wellness. 根据帕坦伽利的观点,呼吸法能去除阻碍愉悦和舒适表达的障碍物。

25、Also, people should be provided with proper outlets to air their views and grievances, he said. 同样,必须有合适的宣泄渠道表达观点,申诉苦情,他说。


26、So let's just be a bit more formal. 我们用正式点的语言来表达吧

27、Last year China's GDP reached 39.8 trillion RMB, and the per capita GDP also increased. 中国的GDP在去年达到39.8万亿的规模,人均的水平也在提高,我总体想表达几个观点。

28、We use both words and body language to express our thoughts and opinions and to communicate with other people. 我们使用词语和身势语来表达思想观点,与人交流。

29、Moreover, as regards communication between friends, the manner of expressing views should be polite, avoiding disputes and quarrels. 此外,至于朋友之间的沟通,表达观点的方式应该礼貌当先,避免争吵。

30、People have the right to express themselves within the law and that includes the right to express views and ideas that some may find offensive. 在法律允许的框架下人们有表达想法的权利,其中包括表达那些有可能得罪人的观点和想法。

31、British-style teaching allows students to share perspectives, express opinions and raise questions. 英式教学则允许学生交流他们的观点、表达意见、提出问题。

32、Individuals and groups can engage in peaceful expression of views using e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, and blogs. 个人和团体可以通过电子邮件、即时通讯、聊天室和博客等方式和平表达观点。

33、What's more, the camerawork is rigorously subjective, assuming Heathcliff's viewpoint. 而且,本片的摄影风格是极度主观的,要表达希斯克利夫的视点。

34、In theory, he will be a delegate of the 27 EU leaders, conveying their views to the world. 理论上,他将是欧盟二十七国的代表,负责向世界表达他们的观点。

35、Other users expressed their opinion on the questions asked. Jon Galloway said 对于提问的问题,其他用户也表达了他们的观点,Jon Galloway说

36、Opinions and conclusions expressed in the Debate Room do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloomberg Businessweek, Businessweek.com, or Bloomberg LP. 在辩论室中所表达出来的这些观点和结论并不能反映彭博新闻周刊,Businessweek.com或Bloomberg LP的观点。

37、Mr. Greenspan also offered his take on the post-recession economy. 格林斯潘还表达了对于后经济衰退时期他的一些观点。

38、He reiterated a position voiced by inspectors earlier that the accident should have been avoided. 黄毅重申了调查人员先前曾表达过的观点,即这是一起可以避免的事故。

39、This letter expresses our views clearly, So rewording is unnecessary. 这封信清楚地表达了我们的观点,没有必要再改变措辞。

40、His was a collective hatred, and this film reflects his collective view of the bourgeoisie. 他是集体仇恨,这部电影就表达了他对中产阶级的集体观点。

41、AMANPOUR: Let me ask you particularly about how you use imagery to express that view. 阿曼普尔:我特别想问你一个问题,你是如何用抽象方式来表达这一观点的呢?

42、As far as I am concerned, 每次写作文我都用这个,它张得最长啊!

43、Use only the body movements and gestures necessary to make your point, no more. 只有在表达自己的观点必要时才可使用身体动作和手势,仅此而已。

44、The pointcut is an expression that describes a set of join points. 切入点是一个用来描述一套连接点的表达式。

45、The following contains the key points expressed by the panelists covering 5 major topics. 列出与会者所表达的一些主要观点,大体上涵盖了5个主题。

46、Obousy voiced similar sentiments, pointingout the economic importance of such a big footprint. 奥博赛也表达了类似的观点,指出这么大的覆盖区域的经济的重要性。

47、假设你班上周就"Is it OK to tell white lies?

48、Thus try explores landscape planning and design of the expression . 从而试探索高校景观规划设计的表达方式。

49、Be careful not to use questions to rebut or represent your point-of-view. 要小心,不要用问题来反驳或者来表达你的观点。

50、Sixty per cent of intermediaries expressed this opinion, but it was also held by 54 per cent of researchers and 42 per cent of policymakers. 60%的媒介参与者表达了这种观点,54%的科学家和42%的决策者也持同样的观点。


51、The study circle leader should also have a particular responsibility to show contradictionary opinions. 学习圈的组长也有一个特殊的职责就是要表达出相反的观点。

52、But even with today’s events, there is room for opinion on the part of the historian. 但即使是对于当今发生的事件,史学家仍有表达个人观点的空间。

53、instead of being my program, I'm running, just my ideas We have other people run their programs, have their ideas. 而不是推行我的项目,我来负责,全是我的观点,我们有其他成员实施一些项目,表达他们的观点。

54、Take a look at the slideshow below and let us know in the comments. You can also vote in the poll following the images. 请您浏览下列组图并提出您的宝贵意见,也可以通过投票的方式表达您的观点。

55、Persecution for the expression of opinions seems to me perfectly logical. 因表达观点而受起诉在我看来似乎完全合逻辑。

56、Its not that Im anti-marriage. I just hope that I can express a different idea within the bounds of a tradition. 我并非不婚族。我只是希望用传统的方式表达一种不同的观点。

57、This idea should not be very surprising, for, as Malcolm Bradbury has pointed out, "the potential of Modernism was long present in the development of literature;" 这一观点并不出人意表,因为对现代主义运动深有研究的英国学者马·布雷德伯里早就在其著作中表达了类似的观点。

58、Instead, it pins the “returning soldier effect” on a gene expressed by men only. 它的观点是:“回乡效应”来自于某个男性才能表达的基因的作用。

59、In academic history, the two points of view regarding the cause of folk custom evolution are virtually two different expressions of the same point of view. 学术史中关于民俗变迁动因的两种观点实际是同一观点的两种不同方式的表达。

60、Ugandans endorse this stance. 乌干达人赞同这一观点。

61、Objective To evaluate age-related changes in expression of HSP70 in odontoblasts of bicuspid teeth. 目的观察热休克蛋白(HSP)70在前磨牙成牙本质细胞表达的增龄变化特点。

62、The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Peter Bregman. 评论中的观点仅仅代表作者观点。

63、OBJECTIVE: To observe the expressive rule of UCP-2 in NAFL rat models at different time phases. 目的:观察解偶联蛋白2在大鼠非酒精性脂肪肝动物模型各时相点的表达规律。

64、The advantages of having an expression in this form, rather than just an ordinary expression, are slightly more subtle. 比起一个原始的表达式,以这种形式完成表达式的优点是更加的灵巧。

65、The figures of speech are used to improve the expression of language. 修辞格是为了提高语言表达效果而采用的具有明显特点的表达方式。

66、, it's important for me to do… 四、过渡衔接 学生要学会正确地使用表示逻辑关系的关联词语,使文章前后连贯,结构紧凑,过渡自然。

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