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关于”抗疫的句子“的英语句子45个,句子主体:Anti epidemic sentence。以下是关于抗疫的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Anti epidemic sentence

1、Results: There are many kinds of antituberculosis vaccines, such as the BCG vaccine, the live vaccine, the subunit vaccine; 结果:有多种抗结核疫苗正在研究中,例如卡介苗、结核活疫苗、亚单位疫苗、DNA疫苗以及转基因植物疫苗等。

2、"For a vaccine to prevent flu, you need antibodies, " says Saelens. “ 作为预防流感的疫苗,还是应依赖于抗体。” , 塞伦斯 说。

3、Humoral immune response can provide protection against the disease, and neutralizing antibodies against the hemagglutinin protein are the main determinant. 体液免疫可提供抗疫病的保护,抗血凝素的中和抗体是主要的决定因素。

4、During the process of preventing fish from disease, effects of immune protect are controlled by various factors. 免疫防治在鱼病防治过程的免疫效果受多因素控制。

5、The body has two lines of defense against invaders such as bacteria, viruses and fungi: innate immunity and adaptive immunity. 人体拥有两道“防线”对抗细菌、病毒和真菌等“入侵者”:先天免疫系统(innate immunity)和后天免疫系统(adaptive immunity)。

6、Immunization is the major method to prevent and control the disease. The commercial vaccines to prevent PCP in China is inactivated bacterin vaccine. 免疫接种是预防和控制该病的主要措施,目前我国用于预防PCP的主要疫苗是灭活疫苗。

7、The strategy of tumor vaccine involves gene vaccine, peptide or protein vaccine, tumor cell vaccine modified by gene and anti idiotype antibody vaccine. 肿瘤疫苗策略包括基因疫苗、肽和蛋白疫苗、基因修饰的肿瘤细胞疫苗以及抗独特型抗体疫苗等。

8、Immunization on chinese ide is to ensure effective antigen and confect on vaccine influences effective antigen and avoids loss of antigen; 草鱼免疫保证有效抗原和防止抗原流失,是免疫成功的关键;

9、Tumor vaccine immunotherapy is to stimulate and enhance body specific and active immune reaction with tumor antigen . 肿瘤疫苗免疫治疗是利用肿瘤抗原进行主动免疫来激发、增强机体的主动特异性免疫反应。

10、Currently on the main take antibiotics cure and vaccine-preventable disease control. 目前对该病的控制主要采取抗菌素防治和疫苗预防。

11、Isolate viruses but not love, because love is the best bridge. 隔离病毒但不隔离爱,因为爱是最好的桥梁。

12、Objective To detect antibody profile in plague patients to lay a foundation for diagnostic anti vaccine development. 目的检测鼠疫患者血清抗体谱,为鼠疫的疫苗研究奠定基础。

13、As we understand more about the roles of antibody in immune surveillance, it will help to make immunotherapy of tumors a promising strategy. 抗体在免疫监视中的重要作用被逐渐认识,肿瘤免疫预防最终可能成为现实。

14、Anti-idiotypic antibody NP30 was confirmed with protective immunity of both anti-infection and anti-pathology and may act as a vaccine candidate for schistosomiasis japonica. 以上研究证明日本血吸虫单克隆抗独特型抗体NP30具有较好的抗感染免疫和抗病免疫功效,可作为日本血吸虫病疫苗候选分子。

15、Because the exact antigenic epitopes responsible for immunity are not well understood, whole-cell vaccines are best. 因为还不清楚决定免疫力的具体抗原决定部位,所以全细胞疫苗是最好的。

16、So this is my life during the epidemic. 辛苦努力,不会白费。

17、Results 3 species of naturally infected fleas were determined, of which Rhadinopsylla rothschildi are identified as infected plague species for the first time in China. 结果共判定染疫蚤3种,其中宽圆纤蚤是我国鼠疫自然疫源地内首次记录的疫蚤。

18、Objective: To find out the major antigenic molecules of radiation attenuated cercariae, and provide some useful candidate antigens for developing schistosomiasis vaccine. 目的:寻找照射致弱尾蚴中起免疫保护作用的抗原分子,为血吸虫病疫苗研究提供新的候选抗原。

19、Getting vaccinated is your best line of defense, especially when the current batch of flu vaccines appear to have been matched well to what is actually going around. 施打流感疫苗是你对抗流感的最佳防线,尤其当目前这批抗流感疫苗和流行的病毒类型相吻合时。

20、Methods Anti-CBL antibody, was raised by immunization against CBL-BSA in rabbits. 方法以CBL-BSA为免疫原免疫新西兰大白兔制备抗CBL抗体;

21、It is the responsibility of the epidemic prevention center to promote epidemic prevention measures. 卫生防疫的宣传工作,是防疫站的职责。

22、The results indicated that TP-5 could significantly improve the above immunological indexes of the ND vaccine inoculated chicks, and increase antibody titers in sera of the immunosuppressed chicks. 证实,TP-5除能显著提高新城疫疫苗免疫雏鸡的各项免疫指标外,还能显著提高免疫抑制雏鸡血清的新城疫抗体效价。

23、PEPCK can induce strong cellular and humoral immune responses and may be a good candidate for TB vaccine. PEPCK能够诱发小鼠产生细胞免疫和体液免疫反应,是很好的抗结核疫苗候选分子之一。

24、Such molecules are referred to by immunologists as antigens. 这种分子就是免疫学家所说的抗原。

25、How high a ? 防疫堤防几丈高?


26、The present invention may be used in developing antigen for immune preventing epidemic diseases, such as H5N1 human bird flu. 例如揭示H5N1人 禽流感病毒的可以被应用做防疫免疫监测的抗原,可以被应用做防疫 免疫预防的保护性抗原。

27、The average antibody titers(agglutination titer)of the Whole-cell vaccine immunization, injection immunization and microencapsulated vaccine oral immunization were respectively 1:19,1:190,1:62; 全菌灭活疫苗浸泡免疫、注射免疫和微囊化疫苗口服免疫的抗体滴度(凝集抗体效价)平均分别为1:19、1:190、1:62;

28、Prevention of Disease in place: Pig temperature, swine erysipelas , lung disease are cut at Yan Unity quarantine period. 防疫到位:猪温、猪丹毒、猪肺疫均在阎割期统一防疫。

29、Prevention of Disease in place: Pig temperature, swine erysipelas , lung disease are unified in the period cut-Yan immunization. 防疫到位:猪温、猪丹毒、猪肺疫均在阎割期统一防疫。

30、Vaccination in place: Pig temperature, swine erysipelas , lung disease are unified in the period cut-Yan immunization. 防疫到位:猪温、猪丹毒、猪肺疫均在阎割期统一防疫。

31、It might be referred on resistance inheritance research, resistance management and fungicide control. 对于致病疫霉抗性遗传研究和抗性治理及药剂防治都具有一定的参考价值。

32、Anti-caries vaccine Cationic liposome emulsion Mucosal immune; 防龋疫苗; 阳离子脂质体乳剂; 黏膜免疫;

33、Objective To study on the antagonistic effect of sika deer immunologic cellular activity factor(DICAF) on immunosuppression. 目的研究梅花鹿免疫细胞活性因子拮抗免疫抑制作用。

34、The vaccine works by stimulating an immune response against PSCA. 而疫苗正是通过激活免疫反应来对抗PSCA。

35、Immunotherapy includes cancer vaccine therapy, cytokine therapy, adoptive immunocyte therapy, antibody therapy, and so on. 免疫疗法主要包括肿瘤疫苗治疗、细胞因子治疗、免疫细胞过继治疗、抗体导向治疗等。

36、No party this year, double love next year. 今年不聚会,来年双倍情。

37、With so many people sticking it out, why wouldn't we try. 有这么多人都在坚守,我们有什么理由不去努力。

38、Therefore, to develop a vaccine which can elicit secondary immune response and to provide broad spectrum prevention and protection against LPS is very necessary. 理想的LPS疫苗应能诱导再次免疫应答,所产生的抗体应是具广谱预防与保护作用。

39、Objective To offer the new information for investigation, treatment and epidemic situation of plague and to provide the basis for supervisors to make important decision on relative problems. 目的为达到鼠疫自然疫源地数据、图形及图像等的共享性、快捷性、方便性及准确性,同时可为鼠疫防治专业人员及有关领导对鼠疫综合性防制进行决策提供科学依据。

40、Chinese herbal medicine could enhance immunity, improve immune and defense function, and enhance resistance to disease by regulating the ability of anti-stress. 中草药可以增强免疫力,通过调节机体的抗应激能力,提高机体的免疫和防御功能,增强抗病力。

41、Post-exposure prevention consists of local treatment of the wound, administration of rabies immunoglobulin (if indicated), and immediate vaccination. 接触后预防措施是,对伤口进行局部处理,按医嘱注射抗狂犬病免疫球蛋白,并立即接种疫苗。

42、The fitness of an antibody by vaccination from a vaccine base was raised, and species degeneration by immune selection was prevented. 引入一个疫苗库,通过接种疫苗提高抗体的适应度,通过免疫选择防止种群的退化。

43、The experiment researched on the control effect and physiological base of two kinds of defending fungus preparation against pimiento plight. The result was listed bellow:1. 对两种拮抗菌制剂防治甜椒疫病的效果进行了研究,并对两种拮抗菌制剂防治甜椒疫病的生理基础进行了探测。

44、According to the different preparation methods, tumor vaccine is divided into:cell vaccines, peptide and protein vaccines, nucleic acids vaccine, anti-idiotypic antibody vaccine et al. 根据其制备方法不同,疫苗主要分为:细胞疫苗、多肽疫苗和蛋白质疫苗、核酸疫苗、抗独特型抗体疫苗等。

45、Since then, as long as you are safe, even if you do n’t see it every year. 此后,只要生生平安,即使岁岁不见。

46、The hapten design and synthesis are the key steps for the development immunochemical method of pesiticide residue. 免疫半抗原的分子设计与合成是建立小分子免疫化学分析方法的关键步骤。

47、There is no known specific antiviral therapy, although the disease can be prevented by the "17D" vaccine, which provides immunity for at least 10 years. 尚无特定的抗病毒疗法,虽然黄热病可通过"17D"疫苗预防,该疫苗可提供至少10年免疫力。

48、P1 is the antigenic structure of FMDV and is the other researching focus. P1 为口蹄疫病毒的抗原结构,是研究口蹄疫免疫机制和新型疫苗的基础。

49、If a new vaccine is produced to prevent H1N1, it will be up to individual hog producers to decide whether to use it. 如果防止H1N1病毒的疫苗生产出来,猪生产者将会决定是否用此疫苗。

50、By understanding which epitopes will bind to the MHC molecule and cause an immune attack, scientists can use those epitopes to develop a vaccine to ward off illness - in this case to smallpox. 通过了解什么样的抗原决定簇会结合MHC分子并引起免疫反应,科学家就能利用这些抗原决定簇发展一种疫苗来避免疾病――正如刚才所说的天花。


51、The anti-sulfonamides polyclone antibodies were produced in rabbits. 通过免疫兔子获得抗磺胺类药物多克隆抗体。

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