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导读: 49个,关于”表示问路的句型“的英语句子49个,句子主体:A sentence pattern indicating asking for directions。以下是关于表示问路的句型的初中英语句子。


关于”表示问路的句型“的英语句子49个,句子主体:A sentence pattern indicating asking for directions。以下是关于表示问路的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A sentence pattern indicating asking for directions

1、Numbers in brackets indicate sample size of the haplotype at each location. Boldtypes indicate shared haplotypes. 括号内数字表示在每个采样地点该单元型的样本数,粗体字表示共享单元型。

2、Based on a typical model of automatic gain control loop, AGC loop static micromotion equation and dynamic motion equation were simplified using the logarithm expression. 基于一种典型的自动增益控制(AGC)环路的模型,采用对数表示方式,简化了AGC环路的静态微动方程和动态运动方程。

3、We were befriended by a stray dog. 有一只失散的狗和我们很好。

4、"More transparency in the market certainly would help," he said in an interview with Reuters. "提高市场透明度肯定会带来助益." 他在接受路透访问时表示.

5、that goes for me too. 我也是这么想的。

6、Finnish Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen told Reuters on Tuesday the strong euro was a problem but others are less concerned. 芬兰财长卡泰宁周二对路透表示,欧元坚挺确实是个问题,其他问题(相比之下)没这麽严重.

7、that's just my cup of tea. 这正合我意。

8、The study confirmed that bipolar disorder "is an early-onset problem, " said Dr. Birmaher. 研究证实双相情感障碍“是一种早发型问题”Birmaher博士表示。

9、When they were asked: 'If I could find another job, I would leave', a third of managers agreed, or strongly agreed, with this statement. 当被问及:“如果可以另谋出路,会不会离职”,三分之一的管理人员表示会离职,或者说是强烈表示会离职。

10、Pity the general public reads Reuters. 向路透社的广大读者表示同情。

11、If any of the hops on the route returns no data (marked by asterisks [*]), it could indicate a problem with the routing. 如果路由上的任何一站没有返回数据(由星号 [*] 表示),就表明路由有问题。

12、i'm of exactly the same idea as you. 我的想法与你的完全相同。

13、Issues are tracked in binary color code. Open issues are in red. Closed issues are in green. 问题跟踪采用两种颜色代码。未解决的问题用红色表示。关闭的问题用绿色表示。

14、Please respond and express your opinion. 现投石问路,请发表您的意见…

15、It represents a list that defines a path through the navigation model, as ilrated in Figure 5. 它通过导航模型表示一个路径定义列表,如图 5 所示。

16、PolicyholderInformation represents the complex type policyholder-information. 表示复杂类型 policyholder-information。

17、Simulation tests show that the model is superior to original DHT at path length and access latency. 模拟测试表明,模型在路径长度和访问延迟方面的性能优于原DHT。

18、that makes two of us. 我也是这么想的。

19、Nested types, which are members of other types, can have declared accessibilities as indicated in the following table. 嵌套类型是其他类型的成员,它们可以具有下表所示的声明的可访问性。

20、Mid-capitalization companies, meanwhile, could be left behind in 2010, Garnick said at the Reuters Investment Summit in New York. Garnick是在纽约举行的路透投资峰会上作出上述表示的,她并称,中型股则或将在xx年表现落后.

21、The second, a new expression of DSS Model, i. e. Model's Object Expressionis put forward. 第二,提出了一种新的决策支持系统模型的表示方法,即模型的对象表示。

22、A "/" (single slash) in the search path means "return direct children" of the specified type from the current location. 搜索路径中的 "/"(单斜杠)表示从当前位置 “返回指定类型的直接子节点”。

23、Based on define of the automatic pipeline laying problem and CGPM, expression method of the solution space of the pipeline laying design is provided. 基于混沌栅格预处理模型和管路自动敷设问题的定义,提出管路敷设设计解空间的表达方法。

24、To simplify things, the models are named A, B, C, D, ..., J in the sample table. 为了简化问题,在这个示例表中,各种汽车型号命名为 A、B、C、D、...、J。

25、The Transport Department has said it does not monitor go-karts, which do not travel on public roads. 运输署表示,小型赛车不在公共道路行驶,不由该署监管;


26、There is no FETCH or table node shown in the access path graph because it is an index-only scan. 因为其是一个唯一索引扫描,所以在访问路径图中不显示 FETCH 或表节点。

27、i think i'd accept your view on that. 我想我接受你在这方面的观点。

28、A sample hierarchical representation of the RUP meta-model is shown in Table 4 below. RUP 元模型的一个分级表示法的例子如下面的表4所示。

29、The stray cat was picked up by a kind girl. 走失的猫被一个善良的姑娘收留了。

30、Seah told Reuters he believed it was the first time the plane had suffered such a problem since it had started operating the Singapore-Paris route earlier this year. Seah对路透表示,这是今年稍早开展巴黎—新加坡这条航线之后,该型飞机第一次出现此类问题。

31、A subspace graphical representation model of multivariate data is proposed, which unites several traditional multivariate data visualization methods into the same representation framework. 本文提出多元数据的子空间坐标图表示模型,该模型可以将这些传统多元图表示方法统一到同一个表示框架。

32、He constantly strayed from the main point of his talk. 他不断偏离他的话题。

33、i'd like to endorse your opinion. 我赞同你的意见。

34、This is a NATO matter and any comment on it should appropriately come from NATO. 从意义上看,appropriately与其说是表示动作come的方式,还不如说是表示其结果,因此该词应抽出来放到后面,将此句译为:这是北约的问题,关于此问题的评论应由北约做出,这才是适宜的。

35、When you select this checkbox, a drop-down list of available problem types for that collector is displayed. 选中此复选框时,将显示该收集器可用的问题类型的下拉列表。

36、Essential models are intended to capture the essence of problems through technology-free, idealized, and abstract descriptions. 基本模型旨在通过与技术无关、理想化和抽象的描述来表示问题本质。

37、Indicatesthe type or state of a breakpoint. 表示中断点的类型或状态。

38、In his testimony, Professor Cheng said Mr Lo had asked him whether Dr Chung conducted his polls in his personal capacity or in the name of the university. 郑耀宗在证词中表示,路祥安曾问他钟庭耀的民调是以个人身份发表还是以学校名义发表。

39、In the chart, the red line represents the random line, and the yellow line represents the ideal model. 在该图表中,红线表示随机线,黄线表示理想模型。

40、Is there a data type for representing 1,024 bits or -- >>David: Good question. 有没有能表示1024位大小的数据类型或-,>>,大卫:好问题。

41、The question is, how do you put it all together, and represent it in circuit language? 问题是,你如何将其全放在一起,并用电路语言表示出来?

42、The statement above at label A shows table t1 with two columns: col1 and col2. 以上标签 A 的语句表示包含 col1 和 col2 两个列的表 t1。

43、The road-net data model describes the related information of road in order to support capturing and expressing the position information of moving object. 道路网数据模型是对各种道路相关信息进行描述以支持移动对象位置信息获取及表示的数据模型。

44、The sign means that the road is blocked. 这个标志表示此路不通。

45、The path is made up of a move statement (Mx y) and line-to statements (Lx y) in absolute coordinates. 路径由一个移动语句(Mx y)和一些以绝对坐标表示的 line-to 语句(Lx y)组成。

46、Table 4: Hierarchical representation of the RUP meta-model 表 4:RUP 元模型的分等级表示

47、The earth moves around the sun. Shanghai lies in the east of China. 表示格言或警句中。

48、It warns that railway tracks cross the road. 它表示铁道线横穿公路。

49、The failure rate represents the percentage of executions that encountered errors. 错误率表示遇到错误的执行语句的比例。

50、i quite agree with you. 我很同意你。


51、that sounds very sensible to me.我觉得这很合理。

52、i think i entirely agree with your view. 我想我完全同意你的观点。

53、"(?)" is the typical representative of progressive aspect in Korean. “-(?)”是韩国语中表示进行时代的典型代表。

54、i'd go along with you there.在这点上我同意你。

55、that's just what i was thinking.这正是我所想的。

56、Table 3 shows the needed columns and their corresponding data types and path expressions. 表 3 显示所需的列和它们相应的数据类型和路径表达式。

57、- >>Is there a data type for representing 1,024 bits or -- >>David: Good question. >,有没有能表示1024位大小的数据类型或-,>>,大卫:好问题。

58、A general and abstract theoretic model of reflection, namely, Information-Representation-Controlling of Reflection, is proposed to solve the problem. 针对这个问题,提出了一种通用、抽象的反省理论模型:信息—表示—控制模型。

59、i think i'd take your point completely. 我想我完全接受你的看发。

60、The flashing lights mean that the road is blocked. ? 那闪动的灯光表示此路不通。

61、There are special sentence patterns of degree and special demonstrative ouns in Hengshui dialect. 衡水方言中有一些特殊的表示程度的句式,有特殊的指示代词。

62、Schematic plane wall actinomycosis Schematic diagram of the type of plane partition … 隔墙放线平面表示图 隔墙类型平面表示图。

63、i don't think anyone would disagree. 我认为没有人会不同意。

64、Each of the three tables referenced in the query are shown in the graph as table nodes with their corresponding table names. 在查询中被引用的三个表中的每一个表在访问路径图中显示为带有相应表名称的表节点。

65、Consequently, a diagram should be examined before a solution is started and redrawn if necessary to show more clearly how the elements are interconnected. 因此,解决问题前应首先研究电路图,如有必要可重画电路图,以便更清楚地表示元件的连接关系。

66、SDOs also provide a uniform representation for messages that interact with services, replace the confusing labyrinth of technologies for data representation, and access with a single uniform model. SDO 还提供了统一的消息表示来与服务交互,淘汰了用于数据表示的复杂技术迷宫,仅仅访问单个统一模型。

67、The source spectrum of small-moderate earthquake can be represented by theoretical "Brune" model, the geometric attenuation factor of whole path can be represented by three-segment geometric model. 中小地震的震源谱可以用“布龙”理论模型表示,传播路径中的几何衰减因子可以用三段几何衰减模型表示。

68、We know that the word module is going to do only one thing that's user-accessible: show the list of words in the words table. 我们知道 word 模型将只完成用户可以访问的部分:显示 words 表中的单词列表。

69、i don't think anyone would dispute with that. 我认为没有人会不同意这点。

70、All traffic has to make way for a fire-engine . 所有车辆都得给消防车让路。展开显示全部例句…

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