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关于”中秋节的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Mid Autumn Festival sentences。以下是关于中秋节的句子的五年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Mid Autumn Festival sentences

1、HAN MEI:On Midautumn Day we usually eat a big dinner and mooncakes. 韩梅:中秋节这天我们通常要吃一顿丰盛的晚餐,还吃月饼。

2、On the Mid-autumn Day, each family get together and have a big dinner. 在中秋节,各家各户都团聚在一起,吃一顿丰盛的晚饭。

3、The turkeys get together and celebrate the twelfth Thanksgiving Day ,the ninth Mid-autumn Festival ,the harvest . 火鸡聚集到一起来庆祝第十二个感恩节,第九个中秋节和丰收。

4、Since then, the Mid-Autumn Festival Baidoa, the custom has spread in the civil. 从此,中秋节拜月的风俗在民间传开了。

5、Many people often say that from the Mid-Autumn Moon story. 通常有许多人讲,中秋节源自嫦娥奔月的故事。

6、They may also be less clever than classmates born in other seasons as well as being outlived by autumn-born friends. 而且,他们的智商也低于其他季节出生的孩子,寿命也不及秋季出生的孩子。

7、They could also try tasty Chinese and Indian food including traditional Mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 并品尝中式月饼,及传统的中餐和印度菜,与各民族共同庆祝中秋佳节。

8、Even when autumn passed into winter, Kai went through the whole season as a bad boy. 从秋到冬,凯在整个季节里都像个坏孩子。

9、秋天是北京最好的季节。Autumn is the best season in Beijing.

10、But fall is my favourite season.但是秋天是我最喜欢的季节。

11、Mid-autumn Festival(Moon Festival)comes on the 15th of the eighth lunar month, another day for a family get-together. 中秋节在农历八月十五,又是一个全家人团圆的日子,晚上,全家人边赏月边吃月饼。

12、Until the Mid-Autumn day, my senior house woman finally go out. 直到中秋节那天,我这个资深宅女终于出门了。

13、A bright moon and stars le and shine. Wishing you a merry midautumn day and a happy life. 皓月闪烁,星光闪耀,中秋佳节,美满快乐!

14、but fall is my favourite season.但是秋天是我最喜欢的季节。

15、Chapter one teaches us that the process of the Mid-Autumn Festival"s development and evolvement." 第一章论述了中秋节的孕育、形成与发展过程。

16、Autumn is a better season to fly kites. 秋天是放风筝的好时节。

17、Golden fall is harvest-time. 金色的秋天是收获的时节。

18、Fortunately, the Mid-Autumn Festival is no class, so the sleep time. 幸好中秋节不用上课,于是有了补眠的时候。

19、In the past the month Mid-Autumn Festival, always give to another flavor. 往昔岁月里那些有月的中秋,总能赋予节日以别样的滋味。

20、The annual traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival, countless lovers and eventually became dependents places. 每年的中秋传统佳节,无数的有情人终成眷宿。

21、Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. Parents and pupils are invited to join the competition of Lantern Design. The rules are as follows. 中秋节即将来临,为增加小朋友对传统节日的认识,本校将举行「亲子花灯设计比赛」,让小朋友和家长共同协作促进亲子关系。

22、Then, Mid-Autumn Festival full of silently conveyed tenderness, full of a strong human touch; 于是,中秋节便含情脉脉,充满浓郁的人情味;

23、Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, but I get up late as usual. 今天是中秋节,但我还是一如往常的晚起。

24、Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a clarity, clarity month high hung in the air. 今天是中秋节,一轮澄明、澄明的月高高地挂在空中。

25、It is fall, the best season for chrysanthemum. 秋天,正是赏菊的最好季节。


26、Autumn truly is what summer pretends to be: the best of all seasons. 夏天佯装自己是一年中最好的季节,其实秋日才是最美。

27、Autumn is the best season in Beijing. 秋天是北京最好的季节。

28、Save water, save the future. 节约用水,利在当代,功在千秋。

29、Moon cakes and crabs are not the only treats on the Mid-Autumn dining table. 中秋节的餐桌上不单单只有月饼和螃蟹。

30、sky one moon,the water there, i also have here months. 参考资料 中秋节中英文祝福语.出国留学网[引用时间20171220]

31、Since then, the custom on the Mid-Autumn Festival worship spread in a non-governmental. 从此,中秋节拜月的风俗在民间传开了。

32、and autumn is the season of harvest. 而且秋天是一个收获的季节。

33、As we know, there are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall and winter. 尽人皆知,一年有秋、夏、秋冬四个时节。

34、One said her company gave each employee RMB10; one said he got 2 pieces of moon cakes and 2 apples; and the other said he just got a "Happy Holiday" greeting. 有称中秋节公司给每位员工补助10元,有称收到两个月饼两个苹果,有称中秋福利是"节日快乐"四个字。

35、On Mid-Autumn Day, families often stay in the open air near their houses at night. 在中秋节,很多家庭夜晚通常呆在住宅附近的室外。

36、The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations date back to more than 2,000 years ago. 庆祝中秋节可以向前追溯到2000多年前。

37、I gave her mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festivals, presents during Chinese New Year. 中秋节我送她月饼,农历新年我送她贺年礼物。

38、Would you and Lily like to come over to my home for Mid-Autumn Festival? 你和莉莉希望过来到我家过中秋节吗?

39、Autumn is the best season for travel. 秋天是旅行的最好季节。

40、The MidAutumn Festival, dating back to ancient China, pays homage to the moon and good harvest. “中秋节”的说法首次出现在一本2000多年撰写的书籍——《周礼》中。

41、In mid-autumn festival, the local have a ceremonious celebration: Fire dragon dance. 每年的中秋节,当地会一个举行隆重的庆祝活动― 舞火龙。

42、Heart to think of to get to see smell to eat, to transport the money to the blessing, not to the Mid-Autumn Festival, I hope my message is the first to advance I wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 心到想到得到,看到闻到吃到,福到运到财到,中秋节还没到,但愿我的短信是第一个到,提前 祝你中秋节快乐 !

43、Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festivity for both the Han and some ethnic nationalities. 中秋节是汉族和一些少数民族的传统庆典。

44、The reason (which/that) I dislike most is autumn/fall. 我最讨厌的季节是秋天。

45、My mother set off to see Comrade Wang one morning on a mild autumn day, the best time of year in Jinzhou. 在一个凉爽宜人的秋日早晨,我母亲去见王愚同志,而秋天正是锦州一年之中最好的季节。

46、People enjoy moonlight, and eat moon cakes to celebrate the moon festival.一般就是吃月饼和赏月。

47、Gold leaves all over the grand were the words of man traveling outside far away from home. Bleak fall wind brought them quietly to the mother'ears. Another mid-autumn's day of a year! 遍地的金叶啊,是游子的诉说,潇潇的秋风把它轻轻地吹入母亲的耳膜,又是一年中秋节。

48、But fall is my favourite season. 但是秋天是我最喜欢的季节。

49、So instead of cookies and candy, the kids at Edgewood Elementary will get “fall-centered fun and educational activities.” 因此,埃奇伍德小学的孩子们今年虽然吃不到万圣节饼干和糖果,但将“在秋季节庆中收获快乐,参加教育活动。”

50、And autumn is the season of harvest. 而且秋天是一个收获的季节。


51、We can enjoy the Spring Festival. 我们能尽兴天悲度秋节。

52、The Mid Autumn Festival has arrived. I already eaten a hundred Mood Cakes. 中秋节 快到了,我已经吃了快一百个月饼了.

53、He left in late autumn. 他在深秋时节离开的。

54、Autumn is a lively season for the wool market. 秋天是毛织品畅销的季节。

55、The Mid-autumn Festival, one of the reunion holidays for Chinese families, fell on September 12th. 中秋节,一个中国合家团圆的假日,落在9月12日。

56、In autumn prime, we usher the 4th English Festival. 在这秋高气爽的季节,我们迎来了第四届英语艺术节。

57、Today people will enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes on that day. 如今人们在中秋节那天都会赏月并吃月饼。

58、Autumn is a busy season. 秋天是唐装忙碌紧张的季节。

59、Let us protect your healthy growth. 在金秋时节结下硕果。

60、How do Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival Spring Festival is a time for celebrating with family and friends. 若何做止您群众庆贺秋节 秋节是取家人战伴侣庆贺地时候。

61、The professor youdao youdao, the management of students' mind, in the Mid-Autumn festival, wish your festival happiness, the teacher. 有道的教授,有道的经营学生的心灵,在中秋佳节,衷心祝愿老师您,节日快乐。

62、The seasonal droughts in 2004 became worse on the basis of prolonged spring-winter drought in 2003, and the autumn-drought has become the most severe drought season for the last 44 years. 在2003年秋冬季持续干旱的基础上,2004年各季节干旱继续发展,2004年秋季干旱成为过去44年中干旱最严重的季节。

63、There are many myths regarding Mid-Autumn Festival. Here, let's look at one story, "The Jade Rabbit". 中秋节的传说很多。这儿让我们看看“玉兔”的故事。

64、Autumn is a beautiful timeof the year. Its cooler temperatures make it more comfortable to be outdoors, and the fresh air is exhilarating. 秋季是一年之中非常美丽的季节,秋高气爽,心旷神怡,非常适宜户外活动。

65、Let us protect your healthy growth. 在金秋时节结下硕果。

66、With autumn winds breezing softly, Changsha came into the year's most beautiful season. 在一道道秋风的轻拂下,长沙进入了一年中最美的季节。

67、Peace and love for teacher Liyang at Mid-Autumn Festival from all your students. 祝李阳老师中秋节充满平安和爱。

68、Small and colorful plaid brings a strong visual impact. When taking it in autumn and winter, will you still fear the cold weather?We are sure you will not fear the cold weather. 细碎多彩的格子图案带来强烈的视觉冲击,秋冬时节拎上它,你还会再去惧怕秋凉冬冷吗?

69、Mooncakes are to Mid-Autumn Festival what mince pies are to Christmas. 中秋节吃月鉼就像西方人圣诞节吃百果馅鉼一样,是必不可少的。

70、Unlike most other Chines festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festiv is a low-kei holiday, character by peac and elegance. 不同于大多数其他中国节日,中秋节是一个低调假期,其特点是和平与优雅。

71、I’m the tallest boy in the class. 我是班上个子最知高的男孩 Autumn is the best season in New York 秋天是纽约最道好的季节。

72、I hope the round moon will bring my best wishes to you, my best friend. 月是中秋分外明,我把相思遥相寄!节日快乐,我的朋友。

73、Today is Mid-Autumn Day. We see a big round moon in the sky. 今天是中秋节。我们看到空中有轮又大又圆的月亮。

74、But fall is my favourite season。但是秋天是我最喜欢的季节。

75、The star- spangled splendor infuses you with a vigor that I have never seen. We are being caressed by waves and light. 这里空气清新,星星在夜空中闪烁光芒,秋冬季节的大炉子里熊熊燃烧的火苗都是一种幸福的享受。

英文句子模板76:Mid Autumn Festival sentences

76、So, Rachel, what are you doing tonight? 瑞秋,你今晚有何节目。

77、Sky One moon,the water there, I also have here months. 参考资料 中秋节中英文祝福语.出国留学网[引用时间20171220]

78、Eg:Autum is the best season for travel. 秋天是旅行的最好季节。

79、Autumn is the best season here. 秋天是这里最好的季节。

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