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导读: 27个,关于”非常长的句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Very long sentences。以下是关于非常长的句子的中考英语句子。


关于”非常长的句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Very long sentences。以下是关于非常长的句子的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Very long sentences

1、Not a "rhubarb" days, long, long time around we are missing something. 没了“大黄”的日子,很长很长时间我们感到身边余少了什么。

2、Your Chinese is very good. Have you been learning Chinese for a while? 你的汉语非常好。学了很长时间了吗?

3、He was found to have brain tumors, and they were growing fast. 他的脑袋长瘤,瘤子长得很快。

4、My son (5yo) is very sensitive to bug bites. The bites often swell up and takes a long time to heal. 我儿子(xx岁)对虫咬很迟钝,常常会肿的很大,要很长工夫才干好。

5、Parents may have difficulty getting their children out of the laundry - but at least their clothes will be very clean. 家长们可能会很难把他们的孩子从洗衣机旁拉走了——但至少孩子们的衣服会洗得非常干净。

6、baby giraffes seem to have such long legs. 长颈鹿的脖子很长.

7、Mice, rabbits and other animals have long sensitive hairs on their faces. They are very useful because these animals find their way with them. 老鼠、兔子和其他动物的脸上长着敏感的长毛,这非常有用,因为它们用这些毛来找路。

8、Nowadays a lot of parents lay great emphasis on intellectual investment of their children. 现在许多家长非常重视孩子的智力投资。

9、I was raised Ecopalian, and I was very religious as a kid. 我是被圣公会抚养长大的,作为一个孩子时我非常虔诚。

10、Older guys with the intractable paunches that sometimes come with middle age have a very hard time with these fashions. 而那些从中年时期就开始长着难以对付的大肚子的男人的日子将会因此而非常不好过。

11、Her hair is long and black, She likes to tie a pigtail , very cute. 她的头发又长又黑, 她喜欢绑一个小辫子, 非常可爱。

12、The twins are so much alike that we can hardly tell them apart. 这对双生子长得非常相像,我们几乎辩认不出他们。

13、Some of it, like the rosemary, is so well established, it hangs over the front of the building. 其中的一些,如迷迭香,长得非常好,挂满了房子的正面。

14、Not all bamboo grows tall. 并非一切的竹子都会长得很高。

15、Finally, the s, and the evening's setting sun dragging our very, very long . 终于,上岸了,黄昏的残阳把我们的影子拖得很长很长。

16、To facilitate children's smooth transition to their primary school life, parental support is very important. 要帮助孩子顺利适应小一的学习生活,家长的参与非常重要。

17、Anteaters feed on ants, for which their long, tapering snouts are ideally suited. 食蚁兽以蚂蚁为食,它们长长的尖端很细的嘴巴非常适合这种捕食方式。

18、Those who survive the traffickers or make the long journey to northern Yemen are usually hungry, exhausted or sick. 侥幸逃过人贩子,长途跋涉到达也门北部的人通常非常饥饿,疲劳或生病。

19、My ruler is orange and very long. 我的尺子是橘色的,它很长。

20、In fact, Brauch loves his job so much that he keeps his white beard long all year. 布劳里其实非常热爱自己的这份工作,他整年都留着长长的白胡子。

21、The giraffe has a very long neck. 长颈鹿有一条很长的脖子。

22、In fact the excuse works so well I plan to keep wielding it long after the children are married. 实际上,这个借口非常管用,我打算在孩子们结婚很长时间后继续用它。

23、It's even harder with very young children who take a long time to put their thoughts into words. 这是什字加倍努力,以非常小的孩子谁需要很长的时间来把自己的想法成。

24、But he is in tears, and he acknowledges it is going to take much too long before the people of Ishinomaki see any real improvement. 他同时也认可,在石卷市的看到任何实质性的转机之前,还有非常非常长的路子要走。

25、Initially, a small fruit very small, it slowly became one finally grown up, as long as the fruit of precious stones. 起初的小青果非常小,慢慢地它长大了长成了一颗颗像宝石一样的果子。


26、It has a horn upon its nose, about a cubit in length; this horn is solid, and cleft through the middle. 它在鼻子上面有一个角,大约一肘的长度;这个角非常坚固,从中间长出来。

27、In the following script, the upCase method has a conditional return statement for zero-length strings. 在下面的脚本中,upCase 方法有一个有条件的返回语句,返回非0长度的字符串。

28、Your son's a lovely boy, so strong and good-natured. 你的儿子长得虎头虎脑,非常可爱。

29、Dumpling is a traditional food, it has a long history and is very delicious and very easy to do, loved by Chinese people … 饺子是传统地食物,它地汗青长久,非常地甘旨,非常地轻易做…

30、They are very big animals and have a long memory, and a very long nose called a trunk. 大象体型非常大, 而且记性很好,它有长长的鼻子,我们叫它象鼻。

31、It look me a long time to make her say: " I forgive my son. " Just before she died in my arms, she was able to say that with a real forgiveness. 我花了很长时间让她说出:“我原谅我的儿子”就在在她我的手臂上死去的时候,她才带着真正的宽恕说了那句话。

32、There are plates of nuts and fruits and the governor, looking exhausted, nibbles ried apricot. 盘子里放着一些坚果和水果,这位女省长看起来非常的疲惫。

33、The long light hair curled slightly on the temples; the eyes were large and serious; the figure almost too graceful. 长长的头发在额角微微圈曲,眼睛很大,很严厉,样子看上往非常的高雅。

34、First, some opening remarks from Minister Yang. 现在先请杨外长讲几句话。

35、The children were so involved in painting on a long scroll. 现场绘画活动,孩子们拥在一幅长卷上做画,非常投入。

36、Again, Kami and the chief exchanged a few words. 又一次,卡米和酋长交谈了几句。

37、Princess Rose was very beautiful but she unhy. 公主长得非常漂亮但她很不开心。

38、Too much sitting, by the way, can kill. 顺便说一句,坐着的时间太长,可以致死。

39、I wish somebody would tell Joe that he shouldn’t try to tell those long jokes. 这句话的意思是:我希望谁能跟乔讲一下,他最好不要讲那种很长的笑话。

40、In other words, “people must value your expertise. 换句话说,“人们要认为你的专长具有价值。”

41、Conclusions Neonatal tree shrews can be infected with human HBV. HBV can replicate inside the liver cells of tree shrew. 结论新生树鼠句能够长期感染HBV,并且HBV能够在树鼠句体内稳定复制和长期存在。

42、Just have to go and have a word with the conductor. 我需要去和列车长讲句话。

43、He had a long, white beard. 他有一缕很长的白胡子。

44、Felicity's been doing quality work for a long, long time. 很长,很长一段时间以来,费丽西蒂一直都做得非常出色.。

45、It has a very long neck to reach the tender leaves up high on a tree. 它有着非常非常长的脖子,这样它就能够够到高高的树上那柔软的叶片。

46、Light green , elliptical, very thin , lo ng flexible petiole. usually sin gle crown . large. 亮绿色椭圆型很薄的叶子,长而有弹性的叶柄。通常单个顶芽。大型。

47、This punishment was for extremely serious crimes. These photos are famous and ear all the time. This is just a recent example. 凌迟是一种非常严重的刑罚。这些图片很有名,火了很长时间。这是最近的一个例子。

48、A parent's report about a child's behavior is certainly subjective, ” Engel said. “家长对自己孩子行为的报告肯定是非常主观的,”恩格尔说。

49、I know it's taken a long, long time to get back to you with news of the casting on Prince Caspian – but it has been a terribly difficult process, and a very wide search. 我知道,给你们回这封关于凯斯宾王子选角新闻的信,用了一段很长很长的时间——不过这确实是一个糟糕的、困难的过程,以及一个非常广泛的搜寻。

50、The children looked all right: Dr. Kanner called them "well-formed, well-developed, rather slender, and attractive." Many were bright, too. 孩子们看上去都很正常:Dr.Kanner 说他们都“发育的很好,成长的很好,身材相当苗条,还很吸引人”,许多孩子也很聪明。


51、Very long pitch black hair that she usually keep pinned up with wooden bamboo pins. 非常长的扎牢她通常保存向上以木制的竹子大头针用针别住的黑色头发。

52、How long is this phrase here by Johnny Dodds? 强尼·多兹独奏的这段乐句有多长呢

53、A lot of long sentences ear in scientific articles. 科技文章中往往出现许多长句。

54、I am baby-sitting my grandson in Ottawa. He has certainly grown up very quickly. 我正在渥太华照看宝贝孙子。他的确长得非常快!

55、The words belong to Eric Schmidt, who explained: "Life is long in the sense that we have long memories. 这句话是施密特说的,他解释说:“我们有很长的记忆,在这个意义上,生命很长。

56、The compilation of Hanfeizi is a relatively long process. 《韩非子》的编集是一个较长的过程。

57、After school, Ted acted out of normal behaviour to wait for a long time so that only talk to Mrs. 放学后,泰德一反常态地等了很长时间,只是想和汤姆生夫人说一句话。

58、"I love your freckles. When I was a little girl I always wanted freckles, " she said, while tracing her finger across the child's cheek. "Freckles are beautiful. " “我非常喜欢你的雀斑,当我还是小女孩的时候,我就非常想长雀斑,雀斑是很漂亮的。”她边说,边有她的手指去划了一下小孙子的脸颊。

59、I very like tow rabbit, small nose, long ear and red eyes everying is lovely so much. 我非常喜欢这两只兔子,小鼻子、长耳朵和红眼睛,一切都那么可爱。

60、An African ruminant mammal (Giraffa camelopardalis) having a very long neck and legs, a tan coat with orange-brown to black blotches, and short horns. 长颈鹿一种非洲的反刍哺乳动物(长颈鹿),有很长的脖子和腿,有黄褐色到黑色的斑点和短短的角。

61、The leaves of Dragon Well are broad and flat, no longer than the average finger nail, and is very similar to the Japanese green tea, "Sencha". 龙井的叶子又宽有平,不比手指甲的平均长度长,并与日本的绿茶“僧茶”非常相似。

62、An African ruminant mammal (Giraffa camelopardalis) having a very long neck and legs, a tan coat with orange - brown to black blotches, and short horns. 长颈鹿一种非洲的反刍哺乳动物(长颈鹿),有很长的脖子和腿,有黄褐色到黑色的斑点和短短的角。

63、Fewer waiters are necessary. The food is attractively arranged on a long table or sideboard. 自助餐的食物都非常漂亮地摆在长方形的桌子或者餐具柜上。

64、Light green, elliptical, very thin, long flexible petiole. Usually single crown. Large. 亮绿色椭圆型很薄的叶子,长而有弹性的叶柄。通常单个。

65、He was running for a long time and he was out of breath. 是把“他跑了很长时间了,累的上气不接下气”这句话翻成英语吗?

66、There is a very big lake and an island in the center connected by a long long bridge. 有一个非常大的湖泊,在一个很长很长的大桥连接了湖心岛。

67、The amyloplast usually possessed a larger, very low electron density starch grain which mainly was long shuttle and there were some higher electron density partition or wedge structure in it. 它的基质很少,多含有呈长梭形的、电子密度非常低的淀粉粒,并有一些电子密度较高的条带结构。

68、The list could go on and on. 这个单子可以列出很长很长。

69、Babies need to eat often because they are increasingly so quickly. 孩子需要频频吃奶,因为他们长得非常快。

70、Fortunately , the eldest one --- ( my cousin ) who ended up as a quite responsible and filial son , whom aunty is very proud of . 幸运的是,最年长的一个---(我的堂弟)截至谁负责,作为一个非常孝顺的儿子,就是阿姨是非常自豪的了。

71、She thought that I looked like him. 她觉得我和她的儿子长得很像。

72、If you use only long sentences all the time it can be confusing to read. 如果你一直使用长句,读起来就很困惑。

73、My hair grows awfully fast. 我的头发长得非常非常快。

74、Her ears were very wide apart, her saddle deep, a fine head marked with a black star, a very long neck, strongly articulated knees, prominent ribs, oblique shoulders and a powerful crupper. 两只耳朵分得很开,脊梁凹。细长的头上有一颗黑星,脖子很长,膝骨非常突出,肋宽,肩斜,臀部壮大。

75、The child's hair grew in pretty waves. 那个孩子长著的鬈发很好看。

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