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导读: 48个,关于”表达想念的句子“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Sentences expressing missing。以下是关于表达想念的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”表达想念的句子“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Sentences expressing missing。以下是关于表达想念的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences expressing missing

1、I think of the days we are together. 我想着我们在一起的日子。

2、It is the character and spirit for a university. The ideal and idea is on the recognition for the purpose and mission of a university. 大学理想和理念是对大学宗旨和使命的认识,大学理想和理念是对“大学是什么”的一种表达,它规定了大学发展的路径和方向。

3、Make sure your brand's DNA speaks to your desired perception and is ‘messaged’ with clarity which helps your customers understand what ONE word your brand ‘owns' in the market. 确定你的品牌的DNA表现了你所想要表达的观念,并且传递明确的信息,帮助你的客户理解用一个词所表达的你的品牌在市场中所代表的含义。

4、You have expressed your memories of me and I also miss you, and I miss all the children in the disaster-hit areas. 你们在画中表达了对我的想念,我也想念你们,想念灾区所有的孩子们。

5、LIDA: He's a very nice person. We'll all miss him. 琳达: 他是个非常好的人,我们都会想念他的。

6、Qin Zhen art distinguishes "contemporary art" emphasizing concept expression. 秦蓁艺术区别于侧重观念表达的“当代艺术”。

7、If these words express the desire in your heart, read them as if you are talking to God. 如果这些词句也表达了你心中所想,请读出他们,就像跟上帝交谈一样。

8、Paradox is a polysemy with several layers of concepts. “悖论”是一个多义词,表达着多个概念。

9、Cognitive Functional Model, which is a semiotic relational model, aims at formulating and interpreting the semiotic relationship between content and expression. 认知功能模式是一种语符关系模式,旨在抽象构拟并阐释小句概念内容同语言表达之间的语符关系。

10、a hy way of expressing an idea 一个概念的适当表达方法

11、If you would like to express such desire which I assume most of you have to somebody else, 我想大多数人都跟别人表达过这种愿望,如果你想表达的话,

12、Lee hopes futilely to read aloud children but don'ts think of a wife, make the wife more angry. 李白想念儿女却不想念妻子,让妻子更为恼火。

13、The concept of a continuous spectrum is obviously unmanageable graphically. 连续谱的概念显然用图形无法表达。

14、I really want to good think you! 思念是一种痛苦,而想念是一种煎熬,,只想告诉远方的你一句话:就是!

15、More than 100 people in the comment the sign as a souvenir or express feelings; 有 100 多人在留言本签字留念或者表达感想;

16、Robbie:Won't he miss being in Florida? Robbie:他还会想念在弗洛里达的生活吗?

17、Again as I said this is my version of it, but you can see, every one of the examples we've used so far has that pattern to it. 形成了迭代的思想,我还是想用我的话,来表达表达,但是你们可以看到,我们讲过的每个例子都用到了这个模式。

18、A hy Valentines Day to you! 在每个想念的日子,想你不容易,不想你更难,愿以一片难懂的心情,深深思念你!

19、Alvaro Arbeloa has spoken about his love of Liverpool - and his surprise that Kopites still think of him so fondly. 阿韦洛亚表达了他对利物浦的爱——以及他很惊讶红军迷仍然在动情的想念他。

20、He / She likes animal toys. 表达自己的想法:

21、Offering sacrifices to ancestors shows respect, piety, and missing departed relatives on such a special festival. 在这一特别的日子里,祭祖表达后人对祖先的尊敬、虔诚和思念。

22、Xiao Ke says he wants to use this song to express his idea that love is a common thing among the global people. 小柯还说,他想通过这首歌,表达自己的理念:爱是充满全世界。

23、Ahinadab son of Iddo-in Mahanaim; 在玛哈念有易多的儿子亚希拿达。

24、I wish to express my profound reciation for… 人念为……表达人深深的开意。

25、The initial idea of the piece derives from the intention to express the conceptual difference between the city's core and margin. 这部作品原始构想在于表达城市核心与边陲的概念差异。


26、I think of the days we are together. 我想着我们在一起的日子。

27、Conception is expressed through words. The conception division by general logics is static, but the words expressing the conception are dynamic when they are used. 概念通过语词来表达,普通逻辑学对概念的划分是静态的,语词在运用中表达概念是动态的。

28、The second half of this thesis is the respective statement of the Ci collectanea of Qing Dynasty. 《箧中词》可以说是清代最后一部清人选清词,它表达了清末词坛的词学观念和审美理想;

29、Instead, we ask questions about whose imagination and memory we are expressing and memorializing . 相反地,我们质疑,我们表达和纪念的是谁的想象和记忆。

30、Oh, child, I miss you very much. 哦,孩子,我真想念你。

31、I miss those days without the bird nets. 想念那时候没挂网的日子。

32、The players wanted to show Tamir that they were thinking of him. 员们想要向塔米尔表示,他们想念着他。

33、What did Masefield mean? Without thinking about it much, I had always assumed that the opposite was true. 他想表达什么意思?我以前从未对此仔细考虑,总是认定这句诗反过来才正确。

34、In this particular example, a method reference is a clearer expression of what we mean than a lambda expression, but the idea is the same. 在这个特殊的例子中,方法引用比lambda表达式更清晰地表达了我们的意图,但它们的概念是一样的。

35、Logo design spin-based modeling to express the concept. 标志设计采用旋转的造型,表达了此概念。

36、In particular, all languages, at minimum, are powerful enough to convey an abstract notion like this; abstract in the sense that it talks about thoughts and it talks about a proposition and spatial relations in objects. 尤其是所有的语言都至少,能够有效地表达抽象概念,在某种意义上来说,抽象概念能够表达思想,能够表述物体的位置与空间关系

37、"I just miss – I miss being anonymous," he said. 他说:“我想念……想念自己寂寂无名的日子。

38、The abstract concepts do not ear as additional BPMN graphics and they do not ear as additional concepts expressed in the XML ... 这些抽象概念不会表现为附加的BPMN图形,也不会作为附加的XML概念来表达...

39、These fotos can not reflex what i mean, or they expressed what i do not want. 这些照片不能反映我想要表达的,或表达的是我不想要的。

40、The book Zhuang Zi shows the trinity of fable, randomness and tautology, which is different from the signified of conceptual thinking but is the signifier with implied meanings. 《庄子》之文诗意表达是寓言、卮言、重言三位一体。这种三位一体,不同于概念思维规定性之所指的表达,而是作为寓旨性之能指的表达。

41、All ideas, thoughts and anything that entered their mind had to be expressed. 所有的观念,思想和进入他们脑子的任何事都被表达出来。

42、words can not express how much i miss you, my dear XX (mother,father)in canada 对亲人的思念 我觉得是越直接越好,又不是什么丢人的事 太拐弯抹角了没诚意,也没什么意思,

43、What concepts are you trying to explore with Pippi Longstocking? 你通过《长袜子皮皮》这个故事想表达什么理念?

44、Description logics are fragments of the first-order logic, which contain concepts, roles, and concept and role constructors; and have features of strong expressivity and decidable reasoning. 描述逻辑是包含了概念、角色以及概念和角色构造子的一阶逻辑的子逻辑,具有表达能力强且推理可判定的特征。

45、A PCG (Parent Child Graph) is presented for the representation of the feature-based parts model. 提出了特征父子关系图的概念用于表达零件模型;

46、For the Research of Natural Language understanding, it is natural to put content words in the first place, but the meaning of functional words in sentences, dialogues and texts cannot be overlooked, . 当进行自然语言理解研究时,首先把指称概念的实词放在首要地位是理所当然的,但虚词在句子、谈话、篇章中表达意义的作用也不能轻视。

47、It was the computer language that was just made for expressing what I wanted to express. 它完全是为了表达我所想表达的想法而设计的一门计算机语言。

48、You want a more expressive spouse, but want to control what they express. 你想要一个更富于表达的伴侣,但你却想控制他们表达的内容。

49、The join contest is want to show his deceased wife remembered, let oneself in the song and the wife goodbye. 此次加入角逐,就是想表达对亡妻的怀念,让本人在歌声中与老婆 缨“再会”。

50、The three utopias demonstrated in The Tempest reveal Shakespeare's humanist ideal and pursuit. 《暴风雨》蕴涵乌托邦主题,表达了莎翁的人文主义理想和信念。


51、The archdeacon had truly expressed the workings of his mind . 执事长确实表达出了他脑子里思想的转动。

52、The different semantics of the adjectival syntactic construction is closely related to the different ways language users conceptualize the entities or the events. 一个形容词句式表达不同的语义,是由语言运用者对相关实体或事件的特征概念化的不同方式造成的。

53、You will learn how to express your own ideas in full and effective essays. 藉著这一连串阅读写作的训练,帮助读者以一篇完整英文文章表达概念想法。

54、I just would like to take this opportunity to thank for my family. 借此契机,我只想表达对亲人的感念之意。

55、First it gives the definition of partly-common sub-expression. Then it introduces a matrix used for searching proper partly-common sub-expressions. 首先提出部分共同子表达式概念,然后引入矩阵分析法寻找合适的部分共同子表达式,尽可能减少加法器数目。

56、Although we all express ourselves differently, according to Albert Ellis and REBT, the beliefs that upset us are all variations of three common irrational beliefs. 尽管我们都能不同地表达自己的想法,艾利斯的理情行为疗法认为,困扰我们的信念都是源自三种一般的非理性的信念。

57、The design of EMS Series office chairs perfect to express the concept of "high-quality", this chair also overall to express image the temperament of the business staff. EMS系列办公椅的设计完美地表达了“高品质”的概念,椅子整体也形象地表达了商业人员的气质。

58、Despite such limitations of artistic expressions, Ding's paintings manage to bring his thoughtful ideological reflections and artistic expressions in an organic harmony. 丁炜绘画中的表现主义语言正好与他想表现的那种带有思辨色彩的形而上学观念,达成了一种有机的和谐。

59、I still remember the warm sunrise from the eyes of yours 这句话虽然不怎么表达思念 但是我很喜欢 意思大概是 我依旧记得从你眼中散发出的日出的温暖光芒

60、Interpreters cannot "think up" words and ropriate expressions in the target language as fast as you can ounce them. 翻译的速度不可能和你念的一样快,翻译不可能臆想目标语言的词语和合适的表达。

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