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导读: 49个,关于”彼得潘的经典名句“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Peter Pan's classic sentences。以下是关于彼得潘的经典名句的四级英语句子。


关于”彼得潘的经典名句“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Peter Pan's classic sentences。以下是关于彼得潘的经典名句的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Peter Pan's classic sentences

1、The competition between the groups became very contentious, Panek said, and they grew to dislike each other quite a lot. 两个团体间的竞争不可调和,潘尼克说,然后他们变得彼此反感。

2、Pan Jinlian is one of the most well-known typical images in Chinese Literature. 潘金莲是中国知名度最高的典型形象之一。

3、He then turned to his pirates and ordered them to surround Peter Pan's hideout. 接着他来到他的海盗们面前,命令他们包围彼得·潘的隐居地。

4、This is Peter Chan, sales manager. 我是彼得。陈, 营业部经理。

5、Captain Hook is looking for Peter Pan. 虎克船长正在寻找小飞侠彼得潘。

6、Actually, Penny, he's Robin Hood. -I'm Peter Pan. And I got a handful of pixie dust with your name on it. 其实上,佩妮,他是罗宾汉,-,我是彼得·潘。我手里还有一把有你名字的魔法粉。

7、Almost everyone knows the story of "Peter Pan" which is why this is an easy read. 几乎所有人都知道彼得·潘的故事,这就是为什么称它为简单读物的原因。

8、Similarly, the First Etle of Peter has some of the most elaborately organized sentence structure of the New Testament, while the Second Etle of Peter is almost the exact opposite. 同样,第一本彼得使徒全书具有新约圣经里最精心的组句结构,而第二本彼得使徒全书则几乎完全相反。

9、The boy's haircut is pure Peter Pan. 男孩的发型是纯粹的彼得潘式。

10、Where is Peter?I want to have a word with him. 彼得在哪里?我想跟他说句话。

11、While the three children wave their hands from the window, Peter Pan becomes lost in the distance, surrounded by the fairy dust that Tinker Bell sprinkles everywhere. 三个孩子在窗边挥手,彼得潘逐渐消失在远方,小精灵四处洒下的仙粉围绕著他。

12、name is Peter Lee. 请坐。(李彼得将名片交给客户)我叫李彼得。

13、He is Peter Pan, you know, mother. 他是彼得·潘,你知道的,妈妈。

14、B. Who Was the Real Peter Pan? 谁是真正的彼得·潘。

15、The reason to identify Mozart with Peter Pan is that Mozart never grows up. 说莫扎特是音乐界的彼得潘,是因为我一直认为莫扎特是长不大的。

16、As actor Peter Sellars of Pink Panther fame put it, "Survival?" 以《粉红豹》闻名的演员彼得沙列曾经说过:“生存?

17、Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Wedding 彼得-潘和小叮当的婚礼

18、The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan, there was never a recorded Wendy before. 温蒂这个名字是小飞侠彼得潘的作者杜撰出来的, 在此之前从没出现过这个名字。

19、Did you hear them say Peter Pan's from home? 你听见他们说没有? 彼得· 潘不在家。

20、Peter Pan: Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. 彼得·潘:永远都不要说再见,因为说再见意味着离开,离开意味着遗忘。

21、It was a leap year. 1960. xx年是一个闰年,我还只是一个有点儿笨拙和莽撞的少女,还在为彼得潘的故事所吸引。

22、She helps Peter Pan. 她帮助彼得潘。

23、Secondly, an investigation is made on all kinds of Peter-Pan-related books published in China over the past eighty years. 然后,本文调查了我国xx年以来出版的各种与“彼得•潘”有关的图书。

24、Pam ps into an ex-colleague, Peter, on the street. 潘在街上遇到以前的同事彼得。

25、This classic fantasy relates the life of Peter Pan, a boy who ran away to Never-Never-Land to be a child forever. 这经典的幻想有关的彼得潘,一个男孩谁跑到永不永不土地永远是一个孩子的生命。


26、She started up with a cry, and saw the boy, and somehow she knew at once that he was Peter Pan. 她叫了一声,跳了起来,看见了那个男孩。不知怎的,她一下子就明白他就是彼得·潘。

27、This canon list includes these books that aren't in our bible: and I'll talk about that--and the Apocalypse of Peter. 这张正典书目包含圣经里没有的书:,以后再详述,彼得启示录。

28、Peter Pan is the story of a mischievous boy who can fly and magically refuses to grow up. 彼得·潘是一个不愿意长大且永远长不大的孩子。

29、I want to play Peter Pan. 我还想演彼得·潘。

30、Said by: J. M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan 出自: J. M. 巴里,彼得潘的作者。

31、Anglophiles get all weak in the knees at the very mention of Beatrix Potter, Peter Pan and Tilda Swinton. 崇英派们对碧翠斯波特、彼得潘和蒂尔达温斯顿毫无抵抗力。

32、The most famous adaptations include a Disney animated film in 1953. 彼得·潘的故事曾多次被改编及续写,最著名的改编版本当属迪斯尼于xx年出品的动画电影《彼得·潘》。

33、Like Peter pan, he can never grow up. 喜欢彼得潘,他可以永远不长大。

34、Nobody calls Pan a coward and lives! I'll fight you man-to-man , with one hand behind my back. 没人敢叫彼得潘是懦夫,我就跟你面对面打,而且还把一只手摆在背后。

35、Who's this? … This is Peter Pan. He can fly! 这是谁?……这是彼科潘。他能飞!

36、In our Peter Pan culture, limits offend, as does commitment beyond the aries of our shifting desires. 在我们的彼得潘文化中,限界令人不适,因为承诺超出了我们莫测的欲望。

37、This canon list includes these books that aren't in our bible: and I'll talk about that--and the Apocalypse of Peter. 这张正典书目包含圣经里没有的书:,以后再详述, 彼得启示录。

38、Then there’s the “Peter Pan Syndrome”—the growing phenomenon of young men who don’t seem to want to grow up. 有一个心理学名词“彼得潘症候群”——指那些那不愿意长大的男士,而且这种现象越来越普遍。

39、As actor Peter Sellars of Pink Panther fame put it, "Survival?" 豹》闻名的演员彼得沙列曾经说过:“生存?

40、Did Jane believe in Peter Pan at last? 简最后相信彼得·潘的存在了吗?

41、Peter also speaks of the wonderful grace and the continuing desire of God (v. 9). 彼得在第9节指出神有丰盛的恩典,以及神渴望人人得救的心意。

42、Peter Pan is a popular Children's literature worldwide. 《彼得•潘》是一部风靡全球的儿童文学作品。

43、We are looking forward to the classic war against the Pampas eagle. 有团结德意志战车再遇潘帕斯雄鹰,经典大战我们翘首以盼。

44、Peter Pan is one of Barry's most famous fairy tale opera. 彼得·潘》是巴里最著名的一部童话剧。

45、Being young forever can happen only when you fly away on a magical ship to Never Never Land in Peter Pan. 只要你搭上神奇飞船前往《彼得潘》书中的梦幻岛,就可以青春永驻。

46、"The Adventures of Peter Pan" was the first book he wrote about Peter Pan, "the boy who wouldn't grow up. " Here's how it begins. 他说:“小飞侠历险记“是第一本关于彼得潘的书,“一个不想长大的男孩。”

47、For those who are unfamiliar with the original story, Peter Pan lives in faraway Neverland with a group of orphans. 对于那些不熟悉原作的故事,彼得潘的生活在遥远的梦幻岛拥有一批孤儿。

48、So Peter looked west towards Sweden. 因此彼得向西打起了瑞典的主意。

49、Have you met Peter Pan?Do you believe in Fairies? 你见过彼得·潘吗?你相信有精灵吗。

50、Magic is easy if you put your heart into it, like Peter Pan did. 如果你从心底相信有魔法,那么施展魔力也会变得简单,就象是彼得·潘。


51、Then changes came when Barrie wanted to introduce Peter Pan to the world. 而正当巴里要将彼得·潘介绍给全世界的时候,又有了新的变故。

52、He is cosmetic medicine's Peter Pan. 他的美容医学简直就是小飞侠彼得潘。

53、Or want to fly like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? 或者想要像彼得• 潘和美丽的小精灵一样飞吗?

54、PIETRO: My name is Pietro Rossi. 彼得罗:我的名字叫彼得罗·罗西。

55、Davy Ct, Peter Pan, Elvis Presley, Disneyland. 《戴维克罗传》,彼得.潘,猫王,迪斯尼乐园。

56、Like Peter Pan, today many people want to stay young forever. 如今许多人都像彼得潘一样想要永远保持年轻。

57、and a portrait of Jackson as Peter Pan painted on the bonnet of an electric cart 一辆汽车引擎盖上绘制的杰克逊彼得潘形象。

58、In 1699 Peter allied himself with Sweden’s other enemies, Denmark and Saxony, and the following year he declared war. xx年,彼得联合了瑞典的其他敌人:丹麦和萨克森,在次年向瑞典宣战。

59、Black wind: Glad to see you, Peter Pan, I'm back! 黑风:见到你真高兴啊,彼得潘,我又回来拉!

60、The story of Peter Pan has been adapted and expanded many times. The most famous adaptations include a Disney animated film in 1953. 彼得·潘的故事曾多次被改编及续写,最著名的改编版本当属迪斯尼于xx年出品的动画电影《彼得·潘》。

61、She was in tears when seeing Neverland, the marvelous place where Peter Pan, the never-grow-up boy, lived. 当她看到梦幻岛那个永远长不大的孩子彼得潘居住的美好的地方的时候她哭了。

62、Where did Peter Pan live? 彼得·潘住在哪儿。

63、The books'alice in wonderland 'peter rabbit'and'winnie-the pooh'are classic examples of anthropomorphism. 《爱丽丝漫游奇境记》、《兔子彼得》和《玩具小熊温尼》都是拟人观的经典作品。

64、Pettersson is heading the project for one of Sweden's largest property owners. 彼得森正在领导这个瑞典数一数二的地产业主专案。

65、So the tradition was that Paul was martyred but unlike Peter who was crucified upside down, according to tradition,Paul was beheaded in Rome, probably sometime in the 60s,that's the tradition. 因此根据经典,保罗殉教了,但并非像彼得那样倒立着被钉死在十字架上,根据经典,保罗是在罗马被砍了头,可能是在初世纪xx年代,经典是这样说的。

66、For Peter Pan and his friends, the Lost Boys, these dreams come true. 彼得潘和他的朋友们,失落的男孩,这些梦想成真。

67、Professor Zhu Binzhong's new translation of Peter Pan not only inherits the original's exquisite language style, but also conveys its spirit. 朱宾忠教授等的新译《彼得•潘》承袭了原著优美的语言风格,传达了其神韵。

68、How were you selected to write the first-ever authorized sequel to Peter Pan? 你是怎样被授权写《小飞侠彼得潘》的续集的?

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