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关于”读一首诗“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Read a poem。以下是关于读一首诗的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Read a poem

1、One ought, everyday, to hear a song, read a fine poem, and, if possible , to speak a rew reasonable words. (汉译英)每天心须做的事,去听一首歌,读一个好的诗,如果有可能说一些感谢的话。

2、I can not help but think of a poem once have read: Cher, to love you this, do not expect anything in return, only knew dedication. 不禁想起了曾经拜读过的一首诗:雪儿,就爱你这一点,不求回报,只知奉献。

3、Wih a atch of verse; 他掏出新诗一首;

4、And this poem seemed like one you might find and be able to read yourself, without me there to explain it. 而这首诗似乎是一首,你们自己就可以读懂的,不用我多做解释的诗。

5、I've composed only one idyll. 我只作了一首田园诗。

6、Eloisc is vcry alluring. Watching her dance under the moonlight is pure poetry. 艾洛丝非常迷人,看她在月光下跳舞仿佛是在阅读一首诗。

7、He recommends “Prodigy,” a poem set in Belgrade, Serbia, during World War II. 他建议阅读《奇才》(Prodigy),这是一首以第二次世界大战期间塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德为背景的诗篇。

8、The scene moved him to compose a poem. 他即景生情, 赋诗一首。

9、This is by far the most learned and the most demanding lyric poem that Milton writes. 这是目前为止弥尔顿所写过的,最博学读来也最吃力的一首抒情诗了。

10、Take 45 seconds to savor a single haiku, or read over your favorite sonnet. 花上45秒的时间来品味一首俳句,或者细细品读你最喜欢的十四行诗。

11、Telling a good story, writing a beautiful poem pierced the reader more deeply than any rhetoric could manage. 讲述一个动人心弦的故事,作一首清丽逸秀的诗,比任何辩驳之词更能震撼读者。

12、It is more a picture than a poem. 更是一个比画面的一首诗。

13、That poem! 又是那首诗。

14、Halfway through the introduction it struck me that I couldn’t name a single Keats poem. 导言读到中途,我突然发现自己说不出一首济慈诗作的名字。

15、I learned the poem many years ago, but I recited it word for word. 我在很多年前读过这首诗,现在还能一字不差地背出来。

16、A chance reading of fourth Century the Greek poet palladas a poem, which sentences are: Oh, will soon be sleeping underground; 偶然读到四世纪希腊诗人巴拉达思的一首小诗,其中两句是:人呵,不久将沉睡地下;

17、I read a poem once about a little white bird that came to rest on a windowsill10 and the lady who lived in the house began to put out food for it. 我曾经读过一首诗,诗中的小经常飞来栖息在一户人家的窗台上,女主人开始拿出食物喂它。

18、" Encouraging learning ", Three-shift night chickenNow, man is reading. I do not know hard early black, White the first study to regret later. 劝学诗【唐】 颜真卿三更灯火五更鸡,正是男儿读书时。黑发不知勤学早,白首方悔读书迟。

19、Now we began this poem with the sense of the dreary repetitiveness in that opening phrase, "Yet once more," but here very close to the poem's end we have a vision of an end to all those fruitless exercises of repetition. 现在我们带着首句,“然而再一次的“里,沉闷的重复感开始读这首诗“,但是在诗的最后我们有一种,所有徒劳的重复行为都结束了的感觉。

20、She is an unfinished poem. 她是一首未完的诗。

21、A few years later I took a second look at that first poem: it was a pretty lousy poem. 几年以后 ,我再把我哪一首诗看了一遍,觉得那首诗实在写的相当的糟。

22、It is, well, it's a great poem. There are lots of them that when I first started teaching this course I decided I wouldn't teach. 它是一首伟大的诗,有很多诗都是,我开始教这门课的时候就决定不去说这首诗。

23、Zuo Zongtang of the Qing Dynasty made a cup of Fuliang tea, read a Song Yuan Ming poetry, really Sae shifters also" plaint;" 清朝左宗棠“泡上一杯浮梁茶,读上一首渊明诗,真的野人归隐也”的感叹;

24、You are both a poet and a poem, followed by a woman. 您首先既是诗人又是一首诗,其次才是一位女子。

25、By listening to the heart, fetuses at term were played recordings of their mothers reading a poem, as well as recordings of a female stranger reading the same poem. 用心听。给足月胎儿放自己妈妈读诗的录音和陌生阿姨读同首诗的录音。当听到自己妈妈录音时, 胎儿的心跳加速;


26、Look at the last stanza. 看这首诗的最后一段。

27、Many of you've probably read this, come across this, but I think this captures so well the foundation of what it means to be actively accepting. 很多同学可能读到过这首诗,听说过这首诗,它非常好地阐述了,主动接受含义的基础。

28、I read a poem once about a little white bird that came to rest on a windowsill and the lady who lived in the house began to put out food for it. 我曾经读过一首诗,诗中的小经常飞来栖息在一户人家的窗台上,女主人开始拿出食物喂它。

29、Now readers have always seemed to have agreed that Milton's Lycidas is an enormously admirable poem, but for a few hundred years now there has been a controversy over how admirable Milton's Lycidas is, specifically as an elegy. 现在读者们一致认为,弥尔顿的《利西达斯》是一首极其非凡的诗作,但是几百年来,对于这首诗,特别是作为一首悼亡诗,到底有多么非凡一直有所争论。

30、So, let me just read you this poem, it is short, and it's a Brecht poem and it's called "A Worker Reads History." And then you can go home, or go shop, shop till you drop, whatever. 所以就让我给你们读一下这首诗,很短的,是一首布莱希特的诗,叫做,《工人读史》,然后你们就可以回家了,或者去购物,买到你拎不动,爱干啥干啥

31、I came across the good poem when I read a passage. 当我读一篇文章时,偶尔遇到过这首诗。

32、And yet poets do it all the time: close reading is part of good reading. 而诗人却一直那样做:文本细读是精读的一部分。

33、Everyone agrees that what Milton is doing in the similes is educating the reader, the reader of this poem. 大家都同意弥尔顿想要通过这些直白的明喻,来教育这首诗的读者。

34、Once read a poem" Ode porridge" poem: " holding out in front of the hall of wind waves, the future court next month heavy hook. 曾读过一首《咏白粥》诗:“捧出堂前风起浪,将来庭下月沉钩。

35、He is going to recite a poem. 他将要朗诵一首诗。

36、It's so amazing it can be equally surprising the poem to the person who was writing it and to the reading it. 真的是太奇妙了,一首诗可能,对作者和读者来说都是一个惊喜。

37、This poem has struck a responsive chord in the hearts of its readers. 这首诗引起了读者的共鸣。

38、As you have no doubt experienced, this is a dense and difficult poem, so please reread it innumerable times for Wednesday's class, and in addition to that do the other readings assigned. 你们肯定也觉得了,这首诗很复杂很难懂,所以要一遍一遍的重复读,准备好周三的课,也要读布置的其他材料。

39、Let me conclude by just pointing to another poem, a late poem, "Directive," a poem published in 1947. 让我们看看另一首诗来作为结尾吧,一首晚期的诗,1947年发表的“指令

40、Another option: Use a motivational mantra that provides a meditation-like burst, or read or recite a poem that helps you focus. 另一个建议:使用一个有动机的咒语,这将会有一个沉思的爆炸,或者读或者朗诵一首诗帮助你集中。

41、Who wants to in the evening for the window I read a poem. 谁愿意在黄昏的窗边为我读一首诗。

42、He could hear the murmur of Louise's voice inside: she was probably reading poetry. 他听到房子里露易丝的喃喃低语声,可能她正在读一首诗。

43、And read, of course, the other two poems that were assigned for the class. 当然也要读另外两首布置的诗。

44、But it wasn't until years later that the true meaning of that painful"first poem" experience dawned on me. 几年以后,我再把我哪一首诗看了一遍,觉得那首诗实在写的相当的糟。

45、I read the other day some verses written by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. 前些天,我读了一位知名画家写的几首诗,作品新颖独到而不落窠臼。

46、Stupid me… When I read the poem I actually believed you were being sincere! 我真蠢……在我读那首诗的时候我居然真的相信你是诚心诚意的!

47、And you'll see on your handout two quotations from poems by Hughes, the first, "125th Street, " giving us well, here, images of black life in the rural south transposed to Harlem. 在讲义中你们会读到两首顿休斯的诗选。第一首诗题为《第125街》,从中我们看到许多黑人南方乡村的生活图景被变位搬到了哈莱姆区。

48、This was important to Milton, - and one of the big set-piece speeches in Paradise Lost -- - and you may remember it if you've read that poem -- is the hymn that begins "Hail, wedded Love." 这对弥尔顿来说是至关重要的,在《失乐园》中有一个让人印象深刻的片段-,如果你们读过那首诗也许还记得-,那是一首赞美诗,以“致敬,已婚的爱情“开头“

49、I'll bet you, even if you're reading this for the second or the third time, you were surprised again when you came to this point. 我敢说,即使是第二遍或第三遍读这首诗,读到这儿时你们还是会感到惊讶。

50、In each survey since 1982 the data did not differentiate between those who read several books a month and those who read only one poem. 自1982年以来,每项调查数据都未对读者群加以区分,有些人一个月读几本书,有的则仅读一首诗。


51、Let me conclude by just pointing to another poem, a late poem, "Directive," a poem published in 1947. 让我们看看另一首诗来作为结尾吧,一首晚期的诗,1947年发表的“指令“

52、He ended his lecture with a poem. 他以一首诗结束了演讲。

53、Looking at this psalm, some may suggest that these words are like a collection of clichés. 读了这首诗,有些人或许会认为这不过是一篇由文字所堆砌出来的陈腔滥调。

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