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导读: 40个,关于”风的诗“的英语句子40个,句子主体:Wind Poetry。以下是关于风的诗的中考英语句子。


关于”风的诗“的英语句子40个,句子主体:Wind Poetry。以下是关于风的诗的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Wind Poetry

1、From the style of speaking, the Nanshe poetry group reflects the commoner's poetic style and patriarchal Gong Zizhen marks. 从风格上讲,南社诗群体现了布衣之诗的风貌和宗法龚自珍的倾向。

2、Old age comes on apace to rae all the clime---James Beattie, poet and philosopher. 年华易老,风流终被雨打风吹去---詹姆斯。贝蒂,诗人和哲学家。

3、Chapter one, the view of artistic characteristic The artistic of ZhangHua's poesy is smoothization of emotion and exquisitezation of object. 第二章艺术风格论张华诗歌的艺术风格是“清丽工巧”。

4、"When you admire a landscape on a bridge, you are also part of the landscape for people on the tower, " wrote Chinese poet Bian Zhilin. 诗人卞之琳有一首诗,写道:“你在桥上看风景,看风景的人在楼上看你。”

5、His unique poetic style characterized with profoundness and polysemy is closely related with his conscious employment of creative symbolism. 李商隐诗“深情绵渺”的独特诗风和诗歌“多义性”特征的形成,都与其有意识地创造性地运用象征手法有密切关系。

6、Inquire into the style of the mild nature of his poem so the reason of the formation, can comprehend from his language style in the poem and the artistic conception of poem presented. 推究陶诗平淡自然的风格形成原因,可以自陶诗的语言风格和所呈现出来的意境中去理解。

7、The tered poems in Zuo Zhuan are similar to the songs of Ya in both content and style, and there fore they belong to the songs of Ya. 另外,《左传》中的逸诗无论在内容上,还是风格上都近于《雅》诗,更归属于《雅》诗一类。

8、To advocate culture and restrict military force he initiated peaceful poetic style and bring about frontier poetic style on the decline; 奉行崇文抑武的韬略而开创升平诗风同时促使边塞诗风衰落;

9、The style of Tao Yuanming poems is natural, and the natural style is based on his belief in nature. 陶渊明诗风的本色是自然,而其自然的诗风是由他崇尚自然的人生态度决定的。

10、The sharp momentum in Chengyi s poetry is different from the peacefulness in that of Chenghao, which is caused by their spirits and learning styles . 程颐诗中表现出的披坚执锐的气势与程颢诗歌从容和平的风格迥然不同,而这种诗风的分野根源于二人在精神气质和学术性格上的差异。

11、This article is using the Chen Feng as an example, doing research on the connotations of wizardry in love poems? and looking at marriage poems from historical and cultural environments. 文章就陈风为例,以历史文化语境的角度窥其情诗的巫风文化内涵及其婚恋诗的特质。

12、In fact, it had unique feathers and importance of the history of poetry. 其实,它是有其独特风貌及诗史意义的。

13、The emergence of the theory of mental landscape tied in with the changes of poetic style in Mid-Tang Dynasty inspires the poetic pursuit of ethereal leisure. 意境说之生成与中唐诗风之转变及禅宗的影响关系甚深,禅宗激发了诗人空灵悠远的诗境追求。

14、Mock epic: A comic literary form that treats a trivial subject in the grand, heroic style of the epic. A mock epic is also referred to as a mock-heroic poem. 模仿史诗:以史诗的壮丽、英雄主义的风格针对一件小事所写的一种诗。

15、Yet their styles show difference in similarity as they differ in origin. 由于成因不同 ,两人的诗风是同中有异的。

16、Mock epic: A comic literary form that treats a trivial subject in the grand heroic style of the epic. A mock epic is also referred to as a mock-heroic poem. 模仿史诗:以史诗的状丽、英雄主义的风格针对一件小事所写的一种诗。

17、Both of the poets occasionally capture the modern manner . 两位诗人偶尔也能获致现代风格。

18、With the rise of diversified values and the rise of network and media after the Martial Law Era, the wave among poets of joining poetic clubs or founding poetic periodicals began to decline. 解严后随著价值多元、网路媒体兴盛,诗人加入诗社或兴办诗刊风潮渐退。

19、The poem style in the early period is popularization and that of the late stage is the elegance with literary quotations. 早期诗风是显浅易懂的通俗化,后期诗风则是使事用典的雅化。

20、Wang Wei is a water and mountain poet, who not only gathered many other factions' characters, but also opened his own special styles. 王维是一位集大成的山水诗人,又是一位开风气之先的诗宗。他的山水诗清新自然,声色融合,意境空灵。

21、Zhu Zengquan is an excellent military poet whose poems possess unique poetic characteristic and special art style in the history of contemporary modern Chinese poetics. 朱增泉是当代新诗史上具有独特的诗性人格与艺术风格的优秀军旅诗人。

22、Distinctive from the songs of other countries, the Songs chanted by the people of Zheng are mainly from Zheng Feng in Zuo Zhuan, which reveals the esteem of the Zheng people for their culture. 《左传》郑人赋诗具有与他国不同的鲜明特色,他们的赋诗多出于《郑风》,而其它各国赋诗无一例出于《郑风》的,《郑风》在当时又是遭到批判的,可以看出郑人对本国文化的尊重和推崇。

23、The style of Li Shangyin's poem plays a pushing role in the process of the formation and development of the style of Song poems. 李商隐无题诗诗风在宋诗风格形成发展过程中起着不可或缺的推动作用。

24、Their different reclusion style decided their different poem character. 三者不同的隐逸风格影响了其诗歌的创作风貌。

25、Unchurched Harry hates organs and choirs. “哈利”可能不喜欢管风琴和唱诗班。


26、In the realm of modern Chinese poetry, Fei Ming has become a unique landscape because of his obscure and intricate poems which were deeply influenced by the traditional culture of Buddhism and Zen. 在中国现代诗坛,废名以诗风晦涩、诗情朦胧而成为一道独特的风景,形成这种晦涩又迷人风格的是其诗歌深层所包孕的庄禅传统文化。

27、It is very abundant to write about his life. He wrote Improperly Familiar with Gull's Poem Paper with strong local flavor. 一生著述甚丰,有《狎鸥亭诗钞》等,其诗有浓郁的乡土风味。

28、The pen was rain, poem into sob ghosts and gods. ( Du Fu ) 笔落惊风雨,诗成泣鬼神。(杜甫)

29、Feng (The Book of Songs) and Ya (Odes and Epics) of Shijing (Book of Poetry) are basically four-character poetries. 《诗经》中的《国风》、《小雅》、大雅》等都是以四言诗为基本体裁。

30、The representative style of XIE Tiao, with his easy language, marks the most typical achievement with his evident personality as a talent. 其代表诗人谢朓清丽高华的 诗风,则标志着当时最典范的创作实绩,他平易浅近的语言风格,昭示了一代“杰才”的显 明个性。

31、He made great contribution to opening the new path for the development of the poems in the Song Dynasty. 他的创作主张和实践在冲决浮靡的西昆诗风和文风、为宋诗的发展开辟新道路方面作出了突出的贡献。

32、The special literature phenomenon of late-Tang poetry style in the poems of Song Dynasty is an embodiment of this influence. 宋诗中的晚唐诗风这一特殊文学现象即是这种影响的一个体现。

33、He is at present vice-chairman of Guangdong Prose Poem Academy and compiler of poetry New Lessons From the States. 现为广东散文诗学会副会长、北京《新国风》诗刊编委。

34、Tucked away in our subconsciousness is an idyllic vision. 我们的潜意识里藏着一派田园诗般的风光!

35、No voice, no lute, no pipe, no incense sweet. 没声音,没诗琴,没风管,没香烟浓烈。

36、Wilson was obsessed with limericks prior to his stroke, but what about the post-stroke limericks? 在中风前,咸尔逊痴迷于打油诗。可是中风后他的打油诗又意味着什么呢?

37、Historian style of describing characters makes the connotation of spirit of poetic history of Du's poetry more rich. 写人的史家风范,使杜诗“诗史”精神的内涵更加丰富。

38、The fourth chapter elaborates the Wang Zao poetry artistic style. 第四章论述汪藻诗歌的艺术风貌。

39、His joys, his poesy frolicked on the breeze. 他的欢喜,他的诗,在风前轻摇。

40、Socially tentative, she did not make waves in the world of poetry. 她不善社交,不曾在诗坛呼风唤雨;

41、In the later stage of the southern Song Dynasty, the four Lings and itinerant poets committed themselves to this poetic style. 南宋后期四灵、江湖诗人致力于追踪这种诗风。

42、Nanshe poet, will be studied as a group, from both subject matter and style discussed in the joint creation of Nanshe poetry group style. 将南社诗人作为一个群体来考察,从题材和风格两个方面论述南社诗群的共同创作风貌。

43、The July School of poets brought about great influence in the poetical history in China. Hu Feng, an organizer of the school, was its soul. “xx月”诗派在中国诗史上产生较大影响,胡风是这个诗派的组织者,是它的灵魂。

44、Within minutes, she was reading her poem into the microphone. 几分钟后,她对着麦克风读着自己写的诗。

45、A study of his travel poems is an important key to understanding the style of his whole literary works. 对其纪游写景诗的研究,是了解诗人全部创作风貌的重要密钥。

46、In fact, in the poetic circle in the years of Daoxian, there"s a general fashion of Song-advocacy which consisted of Song poetry school, Tongcheng poetry school and life-experience school." 事实上在道咸年间的诗坛存在着一种普遍的宗宋风气,这种宗宋诗风是由“宋诗派”、桐城诗派和经世派共同形成的。

47、Influenced by the special social fashion in Liang Dynasty , the Yongwu poems show different features in the area of themes and literary characteristics . 受梁代特殊社会风尚的影响,梁代咏物诗在题材领域、文学特质上,都有与前代咏物诗不同的风貌,并体现出独特的发展状况。

48、With poetic mind the scenery always shows charming and beautiful gardens. 诗心一片风景好,日涉何处不成园?

49、At present, Qin Guans poetry is stepping into the academic field of the researchers, so discussing the stylistic change of Qinguan s poetry creation by stages is significant. 鉴于此,本文旨在重新划分奥登创作时期的基础上,研究奥登各时期的诗歌风格特征及其诗风转变与思想转变之间的关系。

50、Sutras Ji brought fresh wind to the Chinese poetry, and greatly promoted the popularization of poetical language. 佛经偈颂给中国诗坛带来一股清新之风,大大促进了诗歌语言的通俗化转向。


51、Introduce the idea and culture background of Gongti poesy , and the relation between it and Liang dynasty society. 包括宫体诗的思想文化背景;宫体诗与梁代社会风气的关系;

52、The poetry essentialism in Poetry Classified is Zhong Rong's criticism of the literary style popular at that time and is the dominant proposition of his poetic thought. 《诗品》中“吟咏情性”的诗歌本质论是钟嵘批驳当时不良文风的出发点,是他的诗论思想中最具统摄性的命题。

53、Hasn't anyone written poems to the wind? 有人对风写过诗吗?

54、The Wang poem style is diverse, what but outstandingly is the unromantic and the elegant grave artistic style. 汪诗风格多样,但尤为突出的是平淡自然和典雅庄重的艺术风格。

55、The phrase Depressed and Pause and Transition is used to raise the style of Dufus's and Zhou Bangyan's poetry. “沉郁顿挫”这个词用来评杜甫诗的风格和周邦彦词之风格是恰当的。

56、Tet on the whole his poetry are classified into two main categories:involved and abstruse style and plain style. 作为宋诗的代表,山谷诗具有多样的风格,它们大致可以分为生新和平易二体。

57、They were paintings and sails in my dreams and poems in my life. 那是我梦中的画,我希望的风帆,我生命的诗。

58、However, influenced by his submerged society position and general mood in the field of poetry, wang ling"s poetry-style is fresh and natural otherwise." 又由于作者在现实中的社会地位及当时诗坛风气的影响,其诗风也有深远闲淡、清新自然的一面。

59、Different ways of reciting bring about variant earances of poems. 不同的吟唱方式便使诗作产生不同的风貌。

60、His acts on traditional Confucian poetics on the one hand, and peruses the rugged and peculiar poetry-style on the other hand. 他秉承儒家传统的诗学观,又形成了追求粗犷雄豪、奇崛警迈诗风的诗学思想。

61、She admits that she has not studied traditional styles of poetry. 她承认自己没有学过诗的传统风格。

62、The poet wind is out over the sea… 诗之风,正出经海洋森林,追求它自己的歌声。

63、For the next decade Merwin would regularly publish collections of intensely wrought, brightly imagistic poems. 在接下来的xx年中,梅尔文经常发表风格简练明快,富有意象主义风格的诗集。

64、Wang Yucheng's aesthetic roach and style of poetry played a creative role model in literati of the Song Dynasty, and therefore made a profound influence to the formation of the Song poetry. 最终使他的诗歌形成了平易清丽和沉郁峻拔兼具的诗风。王禹偁这种审美取向和诗歌风范对宋代文人的创作起到了示范作用,也因此对宋调的形成产生了深远的影响。

65、The pensive beautiful style of the titleless poem is typical of the poems by Li Shangyin. “无题诗”的“沉博绝丽”风格在李商隐诗作中具有一定的代表性。

66、Four-word poem was prosperous and became the mainstream of poem creation, which is the core characteristic of literature elegance in Western Jin Dynasty. 西晋诗风的雅化以四言雅诗的兴盛并引导创作潮流为核心特征。

67、With five other poets, they co-founded the Windmill Poetry Society in Tainan in 1933 and published a journal under the same name. 他们和其他五位诗人在xx年共同创办了风车诗社并出版同名诗刊。

68、Compared with many impassioned and forceful anti-Japanese poems, it belongs to a different style—gloominess. 和当时许多慷慨激昂、充满战斗力量的抗战诗歌相比,它是属于另类的沉郁风格的诗。

69、In Tao Yuanming s poems, the most prominent impressions of senses are that winds have passionate directions-cold and warmness. 陶渊明诗文当中最主要的意象是风,风有着它的情感方向——寒与暖,风的情感揭示出风的深刻在于它的自由。

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