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关于”所有句型“的英语句子43个,句子主体:All sentence patterns。以下是关于所有句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:All sentence patterns

1、I have changed it as you suggest. 我已经根据你的建议作了改动。

2、He made such rapid progress that he was praised by the teacher.他进步很快,老师表扬了他。

3、Incidentally, you might produce all of the required output using VXML. 顺便说一句,可以使用 VXML 产生所需的所有输出。

4、I got up early in order that I could catch the first bus.我起得很早,以便能赶上早班车。

5、He is a professor, which I have been looking forward to becoming. 他是个教授,那是我一直盼望的职业。

6、This city is twice larger than ours.这个城市比我们城市大两倍。

7、By the time you come back, I will have finished this book.到你回来时,我将写完这本书。

8、Select all types of events and all available corresponding attributes. 选择所有事件类型和对应的所有可用属性。

9、Once you have begun to learn English, you should learn it well. 一旦你开始学习英语,你应该把它学好。

10、The early rice output in that commune was 200% more than that of 2000.那个公社的早稻产量是2000年的两倍。

11、The boy is too young to go to school.这孩子太小不能上学。

12、Therefore, it is said, "There are a thousand moons in a thousand rivers". 所以有一句话说:「千江有水千江月。」

13、He is the taller of the two.他们俩人中他高。

14、I don’t doubt that he will come this afternoon.我确信他下午一定能来。

15、Each time he comes to Harbin, he always drops in on me.每当他来哈尔滨,总是随便来看看我。

16、All these integer types also have corresponding unsigned types. 所有这些整数类型都有相应的无符号数类型。

17、Let's hope that all the changes I mad have not introduced a syntax error. 希望我要做的所有这些变化,不会有什么句法错误。

18、Those were all the words he knew, aside from the refrain. 这就是除了副歌外他知晓的所有语句。

19、Such was the force of the explosion that all the windows were broken.爆炸力这么大,所有的窗户都被震碎了。

20、There's no time for me to play now.现在我没时间玩。

21、Instead, you must manually update all existing statement terminators in the script. 相反,您必须手动修改脚本已有的所有语句结束符。

22、Only by this means can I do this work well.只有用那种方式我才能做好此工作。

23、Linda who is the shortest girl left you a letter. 那个最矮的女孩琳达给你留了一封信。

24、Solomon answered all her questions; nothing was too hard for the king to explain to her. 所罗门王将她所问的都答上了,没有一句不明白,不能答的。

25、It doesn’t matter to me what you will do tomorrow.你明天做什么与我无关。


26、Not only did he learn English well but also he spoke French very well. 他不但英语学得好,而且法语讲得很流利。

27、Only because he was ill did he not come to school.只因为他有病了才没有来上学。

28、It was very cold, so that the river froze.天气很冷,因此河水结冰了。

29、In other words, almost all "waste" can be recycled. 换句话说,几乎所有的“废物”都可以回收利用。

30、By the time you came back, I had finished this book.到你回来时,我已经写完了这本书。

31、He came here for me to work out this problem.他来这儿叫我帮他解出这道难题。

32、Only then did I realize that I had been wrong.只有那时,我才认识到我错了。

33、Were I you, I would have gone there yesterday.如果我是你的话,昨天我就去那儿了。

34、Ownership types are types of objects that are parameterized by an owner object. 所有者类型是一个所有者对象参数化的对象的类型。

35、All other languages support the period-separated format. 其他所有语言都支援句号分隔的格式。

36、She is reading a book, while he is writing a letter. 她在读书,(然而)他在写信。

37、It doesn’t matter whether you will come or not.你来不来无关紧要。

38、He bought a coat for me. 间接宾语前需要加to 的常用动词有:allow, bring, deny, do(带来), give, grant, hand, leave, lend, offer, owe, pass, pay, permit, promise, read, refuse, render, restore, sell, send, show, teach, tell wish, write等。

39、The grandpa's few words wiped away decades of resentment. 阿公轻轻一句话,把所有几十年的怨都抹消掉了。

40、It asks, in other words, whether all values are commensurable. 换句话说,是否所有价值都可以计价。

41、He did not come to school because of the fact that he was ill.由于他有病了,所以没有来上学。

42、Supports all swashplate types. 支持所有类型的斜盘。

43、It is kind of you to help me.=You are kind to help me.你真好给我提供了帮助。

44、Of course, not all node types have all these properties. 当然,并非所有节点类型都具有所有这些属性。

45、Based on the data model type you select, the report templates available differ. 根据所选择的数据模型类型,可用的报告模板有所不同。

46、Solomon answered all her questions; nothing was too hard for him to explain to her. 所罗门将她所问的都答上了,没有一句不明白,不能答的。

47、Frame every so-called disaster with these words: "In five years, will this matter?"" 把所有的所谓不幸用缨”五年后这还重要吗?”这一句话框起来。

48、They hadn’t been married four months before they were devoiced.他们绘结婚不到四个月就离婚了。

49、All haplotypes were shared and no private haplotype was fixed in plateau populations. 所有的单倍型被共享, 高原种群没有特有的单倍型。

50、In other words, all your day work on Thursday up until 11:00am will be lost. 换句话说,在星期四上午 11 点之前所做的所有工作都会丢失。


51、All models have automatic transmissions. 所有型号的车都有自动变速。

52、Hard he works, I am sure that he can’t pass this exam.虽然他学习很努力,这次考试他肯定不能及格。

53、He stood up in order to see better.他站了起来,好看清楚些。

54、I will go wherever you suggest.你建议我去哪儿,我就去哪儿。

55、All types are anonymous. 所有类型都是匿名的。

56、UNION ALL is a keyword that concatenates all the Select statements. UNION ALL 是将所有选择语句连接起来的关键字。

57、This room is three times as large as that one.这个房间是那个房间的三倍大。

58、Where there is no rain, farming is difficult or impossible.哪里没有雨水,种庄稼是很难的或者是不可能的。

59、So interesting is this book that I would like to read it again.这本书那么有趣,我想再读一遍。

60、You should know what you can't do here. 你应该知道在这里你不能做什么。

61、You can use all of the savepoint statements within stored procedures. 您可以在存储过程中使用所有保存点语句。

62、The girl is old enough to go to school.这女孩到了上学的年龄。

63、All of the following println statements are functionally equivalent. 所有的println 语句在功能上都是一致的。

64、Our building is twice the height of yours.我们的大楼比你们的高两倍。

65、You'll have to go home now.现在你得回家了。

66、The next step is executing all the DDL statements. 接下来的步骤是执行所有的 DDL 语句。

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