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导读: 20个,关于”圣诞节的诗歌“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Christmas Poetry。以下是关于圣诞节的诗歌的六级英语句子。


关于”圣诞节的诗歌“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Christmas Poetry。以下是关于圣诞节的诗歌的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Christmas Poetry

1、What did the 26-year-old country star get this Christmas? 想知道这位乡村女歌手圣诞节收到一份什么惊喜大礼吗?

2、Hearing the bells go ding-dong. Hearing the choirs sing songs. Letting us know it's Christmas time for the world to spread love. 圣诞钟声叮咚敲响,唱诗班歌声回荡,我们知道这是圣诞已经来临,让世界充满爱!

3、Most of all, I love getting together with my family — eating Christmas cookies, singing Christmas carols together, gossiping and laughing at each other. 最重要的是,我喜欢家人相聚的时光—吃着圣诞节饼干,一起唱圣诞颂歌,相互八卦,开怀大笑。

4、Choristers form a human christmas tree as they sing during a rehearsal of the Living Christmas Tree concert in Osan, south of Seoul. 韩国首尔南部的小城乌山,唱诗班的歌手们站在台阶上,把自己排列成圣诞树的样子。他们是在为圣诞音乐会做排演。

5、And in faith you just let your tongue hum a popular Christmas Carol and realise that in Bethlehem the Christmas spirit lives on day after day, year after year. 在信仰中你只要哼一首通俗的圣诞歌曲,你就会明瞭到圣诞节的精神在白冷无时无刻不存在。

6、Now back to "A Christmas Carol. " At the beginning of the story, Scrooge is a cold-hearted miser who hates Christmas. 现在回到《圣诞颂歌》这部作品。在故事伊始,斯克鲁奇就是一个不喜欢圣诞节的冷血守财奴。

7、Reginald Fessenden broadcasts Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve from Brant Rock, MA. 雷金纳德。埃森顿在圣诞前夜的马萨诸塞州布然特•洛克广播圣诞颂歌。

8、Falalalala and Rum-pum-pum-pum…. Learn to sing Christmas carols and enjoy an afternoon of music and history as we go through the Christmas story through song. 来学唱圣诞节歌曲,聆听圣诞节故事,度过一个洋溢着音乐与人文历史的下午。

9、Boz woke up slowly, convinced he was hearing an ancient crooner sing "White Christmas." 博兹缓缓地从睡梦中醒来,确信自己听到有个老歌手在哼唱《白色圣诞节》这首歌。

10、For example, many times I have tried to bring hiness during the holiday season by joining a group to sing Christmas carols for the sick and elderly. 例如有很多年的圣诞节,我参加了唱诗班,唱圣诞颂歌给病患与老人听,将欢乐带给他们;

11、"Joy to The World" includes songs for Christmas and Hanukkah. “欢乐世界”包括圣诞节和光明节的歌。

12、In Wang's store, a toy Santa croons the song Last Christmas into his gold microphone. 在王巧玲的店铺里,一只圣诞老人玩具拿着金色麦克风唱起了歌曲《最后的圣诞节》(Last Christmas)。

13、I believe there is magic in Christmas and the music that celebrates it, because it brings us closer together and closer to our own hearts. 我相信圣诞节会有奇迹,也相信圣诞颂歌能带来奇迹,因为它使我们相互间更靠近,也使我们更靠近自己的内心。

14、Carols have long been popular carols has three main one is the "Christmas Carol"; 圣诞 歌长期以来,一直 流行的圣诞 歌主要有三个,一个是《平安夜》;

15、Yes, Christmas is for gaiety and song, for good and wonderful gifts. 是的,圣诞节是欢声笑语和歌声嘹亮的节日,是收到美好而奇妙的礼物的节日。

16、Christmas carols? 这是圣诞颂歌吗?

17、With Paul ‘Santa’ Eldon cracking the sleigh-whip, we bring you a special Christmas themed event complete with traditional carols, and jazz renditions of seasonal classics. With mulled wine and mince! 伴随着“圣诞老人”保罗.埃尔登挥舞的雪橇鞭,我们将带给你一个特别的圣诞主题活动:圣诞节颂歌,爵士版的时下经典,以及香甜的热饮酒和点心!

18、White Christmas became one of the best -selling songs all time . 《白色的圣诞节》成为长久以来销量最好的歌曲之一。

19、Google (NMS:GOOG) hopes to launch the service by Christmas, according to sources. 据可靠消息称,谷歌将在年底圣诞节开通此项业务。

20、In Congo, group of carolers walk through the village during the starting of Christmas. 在刚果,圣诞节开始的时候,人们成群结队唱着颂歌在村子里穿梭。

21、It's a Christams song . 这是一首圣诞歌曲。

22、In the famous Christmas song Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. 在著名的圣诞歌曲《圣诞老人进城来》中。

23、Christmas carols are also promised. 圣诞颂歌也不会缺的。

24、Besides, Christmas choir will be on, and secret Santa will come to send gifts unexpectedly. It is an evening not to be missed! 此外,欢快的圣诞吟诗班演出和圣诞老人的神秘圣诞礼品会给您的晚宴增添更多享受及欢乐!

25、After we said "Merry Christmas", we began to sing Christmas songs, such as Edelwei, and so on. 我们互道“圣诞快乐”后,开始唱圣诞歌,像“雪绒花”等。


26、This Christmas season tell God you love him by singing to Him. 在这个圣诞节里用歌声告诉上帝你对他的爱吧。

27、Their old familiar carols play 圣诞节的钟声敲响, 这古老熟习的赞歌在耳际回旋

28、The Christmas season, a time of celebration and sharing, is filled with joy, laughter, light and music. 圣诞节是个充满喜悦、欢笑、光亮与歌声的时节,也是一个值得庆祝与分享的时刻。

29、" Clement Clarke Moore's evocative 1822 poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" helped to define the story of Santa Claus and has itself has become part of the Christmas tradition in many houses. 克莱门特克拉克摩尔的令人回味的1822诗“图瓦族的前一天晚上圣诞”有助于确定圣诞老人的故事,本身也已成为许多房屋在圣诞节传统的一部分。

30、Among the biggest contributors to the canonization of the modern Santa Claus was a poem published in New York's Sentinel in 1823 titled A Visit from St. 最将近代圣诞老人奉为圣人的是一首xx年发表在纽约《前哨报》的诗歌,名为《圣•尼克拉斯的拜访》。

31、Despite the carols and the Merry Christmas signs, there's no gift-buying frenzy, even on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks before the holiday. 波顿(Michael Bolton)的圣诞颂歌正在商场里回响。虽然有颂歌和圣诞标志,但在中国可没有圣诞购物狂潮,即便这个节日已经近在眼前了。

32、Christmas Carols, Book I: Noel languedocien, Communion No. 2 in F minor, Op. 60 圣诞节歌曲,第一册:交流之二,f小调,作品60。

33、Many families gather together sing Christmas carols, read the Christmas story from the Bible and then exchange gifts with one another. 许多家庭济济一堂,唱圣诞歌,读圣经里的圣诞故事,然后交换礼物。

34、Here is a song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 接下来这首歌是《圣诞怪杰》中的歌曲。

35、Learn tips on writing love poems for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend with expert tips on Christmas presents in this free video clip. 写为你的圣诞节与男友的圣诞礼物专家提示爱情诗学习技巧呈现在此免费视频剪辑。

36、With all the Christmas decorations and carols, it is difficult not to feel the Christmas spirit that is wafting through the town. 那所有的圣诞装饰品和圣诞颂歌,让你很难不感受到溢满整个城市的圣诞精神。

37、On Christmas Eve, people sing and dance hily and they enjoy themselves around the tree. 圣诞之夜,人们围着圣诞树唱歌、跳舞,尽情欢乐。

38、There are many beautiful Christmas songs, such as "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". "Jingle Bells", "Silent Night", "White Christmas" and "Joy to the World". 有很多动听的圣诞歌曲,如《恭祝圣诞》, 《铃儿响叮当》,《平安夜》,《白色圣诞》,《普天同庆》。

39、Caroling also began in England. 圣诞歌也起源于英国。

40、During Christmas Eve, groups of carol singers holding candle lanterns go from house to house singing traditional Christmas songs. 在圣诞前夕,举行烛光颂歌演唱组灯笼,挨家挨户地去唱传统的圣诞歌曲。

41、Here is Darlene Love singing the best Christmas song ever basically, on the Letterman show in 1995. 这首Darlene Love正演唱的歌曲,基本上是有史以来最好的圣诞节歌曲,出自一部xx年的歌剧Letterman。

42、Kilkenny is hoping to stage the world's biggest Christmas carol -singing service tomorrow. 基尔肯尼市希望明天能推出世界上最大型的圣诞节颂歌歌唱节目。

43、A special holiday-themed variety show is staged in the elaborate Show Lounge and staff and crew join together for traditional Christmas caroling. 圣诞老人也将登船造访,节日主题的特别演出将在小厅开始,演员与船员还会为大家奉上一曲圣诞颂歌。

44、One of the many customs of gift timing is suggested by the song Twelve Days of Christmas, celebrating an old British tradition of gifts each day from Christmas to Epiphany . 作为众多习俗之一,适合地赠送礼物已经被“圣诞节的十二天”这首歌所暗示,从圣诞节到主显节,每天赠送礼物是一种古老的英国传统。

45、But before Christmas, my dad hadn't finished a song in years. 圣诞节之前,我爸还没有完成拖了好几年的歌。

46、The Rudolf song is second only to " White Christmas" in popularity. 《鲁道夫之歌》的流行程度仅次于《 白色圣诞节》。

47、Christmas music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods right through to carols and music of our own time capture the spirit of Christmas. 圣诞音乐由文艺复兴到巴罗克时期,包括传统圣诞颂歌与现代的圣诞歌曲。

48、Refreshments will include bratwurst and a hog roast as well as gingerbread and mulled wine, and there will be choirs singing Christmas carols. 那里的点心有腊肠、热腾腾的烤肉、圣诞蛋糕及温酒。那里还有圣诞乐队演奏了圣诞颂歌。

49、After we said"Merry Christmas", we began to sing Christmas songs, such as Edelweiss, andso on. 我们互道“圣诞快乐”后,开始唱圣诞歌,像“雪绒花”等。

50、Thee 190-year-old Austrian carol beat more recent festive compositions such as "White Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland" to the top spot in a list of more than 170 recordings, PPL said in a statement. PPL公司表示,这首奥地利圣诞颂歌已经有xx年历史,它击败了《白色圣诞节》和《冬季仙境》等较新的圣诞歌曲,荣登榜首。榜单上共有170多首歌曲。

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