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导读: 37个,关于”暗示表白的句子“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Sentences suggestive of confession。以下是关于暗示表白的句子的初中英语句子。


关于”暗示表白的句子“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Sentences suggestive of confession。以下是关于暗示表白的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences suggestive of confession

1、Figure 19-3: The ons on the left are an example of static visual hinting: Their "clickability" is suggested by the dimensional rendering. 图19-3 左边的按钮是静态视觉暗示的例子,它们的三维造型暗示其是“可以点击的”。

2、The silver white land frequently hint can not drink liquor, so as not to expose mami. 陆银频频暗示陆白不能喝白酒,以免露出真身。

3、We think this indicates that the missing sections had some olfactory cue—or cues—that the females had used for recognizing their nests. 我们认为,这表示失去的部分具有某种(或某些)嗅觉暗示作用,雌蜂利用该暗示识别自己的家。

4、Sometimes by the arm imply the whole metal piece of HSA. 有时候暗示的手臂的人血清白蛋白全金属片。

5、“It was the darkest time for Chinese cartoonists, ” Xia said. 夏达表示:“那是中国漫画家最黑暗的时期。

6、Her expression suggested(that)sht was angry. 她的表情暗示(表明)她在生气。

7、And the Tantric Love practice is also hinted at by the presence of white and red bodhis. 而密法双运的实修亦借由红白菩提的出现来暗示。

8、You can use white to suggest simplicity in high-tech products. 你可以使用白色来暗示高科技产品的简洁性。

9、His new film, he says, reflects a darker world view. 他表示,他的新片反映了一种更加灰暗的世界观。

10、Mr Carker took his cue, and smiled the more. 卡克先生明白他的暗示,更加高兴地微笑着。

11、As the term 'clean-shaven' implies, 'people find it cleaner,' she says. 她说,正如“白面无须”这一词所暗示的那样,“人们觉得没胡子的人比较干净。”

12、The earth moves around the sun. Shanghai lies in the east of China. 表示格言或警句中。

13、Allusive theutics can divide direct suggestion theutics and indirect suggestion theutics two kinds. 暗示疗法可分直接暗示疗法和间接暗示疗法两种。

14、Method The language hints, behavior hints, self-hints and role-model hints were lied in nursing quality control. 方法运用语言暗示、行为暗示、自我暗示及榜样暗示进行护理质量管理。

15、It is an example of canting arms, arms which are a visual pun on the individual's name. 这是一个 暗语纹章的例子,用形象化的双关表示特有的家族名。

16、He clearly hinted that he wanted me not to get in. 他明白无误地暗示,要我别进去。

17、High suggestibility means a personality tendency to accept direct and indirect suggestions almost with no critical process. 易受暗示人群表示有个性倾向,不经过思考评判就接受直接或间接的暗示的人。

18、"History suggests unilateral intervention doesn't seem to work," McCormick said. "历史经验暗示,单边干预行动似乎没用." McCormick表示.

19、Stars Jeff han suggested him hurriedly vindicate, Shirley stars are scared to say. 韩志杰暗示厉辰星赶紧表白,厉辰星却胆怯不敢说。

20、But like bow ties and white loafers, facial hair is fraught with negative connotations. 但与系蝴蝶结领结和穿白色懒汉鞋一样,留胡子也富含各种负面的暗示。

21、Change your auto-response “I don’t know” to “I’ll figure it out.” 把你的自我暗示由“我不知道”改为“我会明白”吧。

22、When the words “I love you” were said by you for the first time, my world blossoms。第一次听到你对我说“我爱你”,我的世界一瞬间鲜花绽开。

23、She made some remarks in allusion to your son's misconduct. 她说了些暗示你儿子行为不轨的话。

24、Ynthil is an Elven town that had been historically sympathetic to its Dark Elven brethren. 禁暗苑历来是一个对黑暗精灵同胞表示同情和支持的精灵城。

25、He's lying. Now I call out his target is actually Lorton, and watch it again. Concealed scorn. 那么,我说出了他的真正目标是在洛顿,再看一次,暗暗地表示他的不屑。


26、Furthermore, the results indicate that which codons at specific positions may influence gene expression. 更进一步的结果还暗示了哪些密码子在特定位置的使用可能会影响基因表达。

27、The reporter intimated to me that he would publish the story. 这位记者向我暗示他将发表这篇文章。

28、“The curtain is a sign saying ‘stay away from me’ even if it’s transparent, ” said Bai. 白表示:“就算帘子是透明的,它也表示‘离我远点’。”

29、Use cursor hinting to indicate pliancy. 运用光标暗示来表达受范性。

30、It took Teacher Fei a moment to grasp what the man was hinting at. 过了好久费老师才明白男人在暗示什么。

31、Zhao said 60% of young women now say they want a maximum of two children. 赵白鸽说,60%的年轻女性表示她们最多只想生两个孩子。

32、In other words, he actually meant to suggest is that entire novel are fictional product. 换句话说,其实他想暗示的是,整本小说都是虚构的产物。

33、Verbal Cues: If you catch your child daydreaming or fidgeting with school supplies, gently remind them to return to the task of completing their homework. 口头暗示:如果你发现孩子在做白日梦,或者对于学校作业表现出心不在焉,那么要温和的提醒他们回神专心完成作业。

34、In these images, red indicates vegetation, and croplands ear as rectangles of red or gray. 在图中,红色代表植被,红色或暗灰色的长方形代表农田;在两张图像中,地面上还能看到白云投下的影子。

35、CA diagrams use white to represent 0 and black to represent 1. CA 图使用白表示 0,黑表示 1。

36、Out of bound area is indicated by the white posts. 界外以白桩表示。修理地以蓝桩表示。

37、The influence of different leading questions on suggestibility is different. The suggestive leading questions hav… 不同引导语对受暗示性具有不同影响,暗示性引导语对人的行为具有明显的暗示效果。

38、The depth of the ocean is shown in blue, with darker colors representing deeper water. 图上蓝色的深浅显示着海洋的深度,而暗黑色则表示海水更深。

39、I'll be yours through all the years, till the end of time。请告诉我你是我的。

40、When Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe said he did not think anyone could win eight races at a single Olympics, Phelps memorised the quote to motivate him for Beijing. 澳大利亚名将索普(Ian Thorpe)曾表示,他不相信有人能在一届奥运会上拿到八块金牌,菲尔普斯暗暗记下这句话作为自己的动力。

41、If you will be presenting in a dark room (such as a large hall), then a dark background (dark blue, grey, etc.) with white or light text will work fine. 如果您是在一间黑暗的屋子(如大厅)里进行演示,那么暗色背景(深蓝、灰色等)加白色或浅色文本的效果就很好。

42、Tones to the left are dark and to the right are light. 排列在左表示暗,在右表示亮。

43、For the first 60km going north, schools, brick houses and tin roofs suggest greater prosperity. 往北去的头60公里,学校、砖砌的房子以及白铁皮屋顶暗示着更大的繁荣。

44、She prefaced her remarks with a few words of welcome to the guest. 她先讲了几句对于客人暗示接待的话作为开场白。

45、"Butter is awful dear these days, " he suggested. “这一阵子黄油可是贵得吓人,”他暗示道。

46、It's been a buzz of media there hinting someone stole it. 媒体一拥而上,暗示一些人偷了总统的手表。

47、The color white represented purity and innocence. Red stood for bravery. Blue stood for justice. 白色表示纯洁和清白,红色代表勇气,蓝色代表正义。

48、The evaluative meanings of the character in the novel can be conveyed at lexical, grammatical and clausal levels either explicitly or implicitly. 小说中人物的评价意义可由词汇,语法,句法层面以明示或暗含的方式表达。

49、Where there is great love, there are always miracles。哪里有真爱存在,哪里就有奇迹。

50、Fast, loud sounds indicate anxiety, while slow, quieter sounds convey confidence. 如果又快又响亮,则暗示着不安; 如果又慢声又小,则表示自信。


51、The genetics expert told the parents the baby is very healthy and definitely not albino。遗传学专家表示,这个孩子很健康,她没有得白化病,是个正常的白种小孩。

52、Here Mr. Ephraim Chambers was abbreviating two words camera obscura which is Latin for “darkened room.” 在这里,他使用了两个字的词汇camera obscura来表示,这两个词在拉丁语里“黑暗的屋子”的缩写。

53、Be alluded sometimes and autosuggestion, also have certain effect; 有时暗示和自我暗示,也起一定的作用;

54、Of them, most highly-expressed genes encoded storage proteins, starch, ribosome proteins, initiation factors, elongation factors and transcription factors. 统计结果显示,贮藏蛋白以及相应的核糖体蛋白,起始因子,延伸因子以及转录因子等基因高丰度表达。

55、The color white represented purity and innocence. Red stood for bravery. 白色表示纯洁和清白,红色代表勇气,蓝色代表正义。

56、The earth tone brown in dreams is suggestive of all things unsullied and innocent. 梦里的土褐色基调暗示着一切事物是清白无辜的。

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