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1、That temple at Delphi had written above the Temple these words, "Know Thyself," And another statement, "Nothing in Excess." 神庙的上方镌刻成这样几句话,"认识你自己",还有一句是,"适可而止"

2、He gave his sister a talking-to. 他说了他妹妹几句。

3、I would like to have a word with you. 我想同你说句话。

4、You may quote me on that. 你们可以引用我这句话。

5、According to the scholars, the vermin of the earth such as snakes, scorpions, dung beetles, roaches, rats etc. , are haraam. This is the view of Abu Haneefah, Ahmad and Dawood. 第一句说根据学者说,大地的寄生虫,比如蛇,蝎子,大粪虫,蟑螂,老鼠等等不可食用。

6、Of all the essays, why did he like this one best? Not a single word of it was true. 而其汉语原句却非倒装句:这种通篇说谎的文章怎么能被评为“最佳”?

7、He fashioned no stilted epigram. 他不追求夸张的警句。

8、"See you Monday, " I mumbled . “周一见。”我小声喃了一句。

9、"No matter how far away would be the vast expanse of desert, I admire the staunch spirit of a woman, who pursuit her object firmly". 欣赏您的一首诗中这么一句:“不管前途浩瀚中的渺渺、歆羡女子刚强卓绝的自我追求”。

10、At last, We study the argument of double-object construction in syntactic and prosodic ways. 最后,本文还研究了双宾句中的论元,并主要从句法和韵律两个角度做了探讨。

11、Look at the claim it's paired with. 看看这句对应的说法。

12、If, when she embarked on this errand, the words and sentences had been whirling around in her head, they had got themselves in order en route. 如果当她有事在身的话,她脑子里总是转悠着那些词句,一路上把要说的话捋出个头绪。

13、Can you make a compound sentence? 你能造一个并列句吗?

14、I might just say a little bit more. 我再来多言几句

15、"The hustling along changes clothes for her! "The son Rui calm and steady face orders a , throw into own jacket solution bottom without extra trouble health tube. “赶紧给她换衣服!”子睿沉着脸吩咐一句,就将自己的外衣解下顺手扔进了卫生筒。

16、Forth, I proposed an integration grade standard of clause-as-complement sentences based on the various integration modes. 第四,立足于不同的整合方式,我们给出了小句补语句整合度等级标准。

17、A frivolous but not inaccurate interpretation of the Chinese saying "Shan gao, huang di yuan (the mountain is high and the emperor far away)" would be "when the cat's away, the mice play! " 对“山高皇帝远”这句中国谚语的肤浅但非错误的解读是“猫儿不在耗子闹”!

18、To deal with the points on the line aligned with a segment vertex, clauses that count only the segments that are lower than the line are necessary 要处理与一个线段顶点对齐的线上的点,必须使用仅计算低于该线的线段的子句

19、Then make your own sentences with the words. 然后用这些词造句。

20、Please turn the sentence into english. 请把这个句于泽成英语。

21、Gesture is the strong point of the refrain. 姿态是叠句的支点。

22、An expression that does not bear translation. 不要逐字逐句地翻译。

23、"Wow, you don't look that old, " the boy said. I was breathing a sigh of relief when another child chimed in, "Parts of her do. " 哇,你看上去没那么老“男孩说。正当我松了一口气的时候。另一个孩子说了句:”有些部分有。

24、Matthew took that out. Why? 马太抽起了那句,为什么?

25、Membership of a group that has sufficient authority to issue TRUNCATE TABLE statements and have CREATE TABLE statement privileges. 一组成员,拥有足够的授权来发出 TRUNCATE TABLE 语句且拥有 CREATE TABLE 语句权限。


26、He added: "I honestly have not seen it. Where have you heard that phrase before?If you tell me it looks like a penalty and we've had a bit of luck then we're content." 被问到维拉逃过的点球时,奥内尔这厮先模仿温格说了句“我真的没有看见”,再加一句“这句话你曾自何处听过?”

27、However, this will slow down searching, and, you will run out of file descriptors if you make it too large. 但是,这样做将降低你的搜索速度。同时,你有可能会用光你的文件句柄如果你把合并因子设置的太大。

28、Upon reading a Bible verse, Sister 1 believed that God wanted her to have the house that she and her sisters were accused of burglarizing . 当阅读一本圣经诗句,姐姐一相信上帝希望她和她的姐妹们的都是撬窃被告的房子。

29、I have found it a difficult sentence. 我发现这是一个难句。

30、Moreover, previous research on presupposition has been conventionally confined to the sentential level of language with the discourse aspects of presupposition being greatly downplayed. 另外,以往的预设研究是在句子的层面上进行的,忽略了预设在语篇层面上的研究可能。

31、I wish my family happy every day, health. 两句都可以

32、"But not for the same reason, " she said. "I thought you were a beggar. " She looked at my worn sandals and added: "Not even any . " “但是原因不一样,我以为你是个要饭的。”看了看我的凉鞋她又追了一句,“连袜子都没得穿。”

33、Can you make a complex sentence? 你能造一个复合句吗?

34、If I had taken my raincoat with me this morning, I would not be wet now. (从句指过去,主句指现在)。如果我今天早上带了雨衣,现在就不会被淋湿了。

35、Xiaogang, like most Chinese men I know, does not speak one word of French. His five-year-old son has become his translator. 晓刚和我认识的大部分中国男人一样,一句法语也不会说,他五岁的儿子也就当了他的翻译员。

36、The more grammatical knowledge a writer has, the greater the chance of discovering an incorrectly used word, a poorly composed phrase, or an awkwardly structured sentence. 作者的文法知识越丰富,就越能找出误用的字词、累赘的片语或是结构失当的句子。

37、The first is in Matthew 26… 第一句在犸太福音26章…

38、Let's do that line. Accents here? 我们来看这句,重音在哪?

39、Never mind, if you are doing that strategy, take it from a Brit, most princes are as dumb as toast, not worth waiting for. 如果你真的采取这个策略,记住这句英国的俗语吧,王子和土司一样蠢,不值得你去等的

40、The pass statement is a do-nothing statement. pass 语句什么都不做。

41、Bear in mind that the word order for sentences differs from language to language; you do not want to take away the translator's ability to control word order. 记住不同语言之间的句子中的语序是不同的;您可以让翻译人员来控制语序。

42、Would you please let me say something? 你能让我说几句吗?

43、She spoke in broken sentences. 约瑟芬在讲述时语不成句。

44、I will get happy when you die. (这句总不用翻译了吧)

45、The ifconfig down statement releases it. ifconfig down 语句将释放资源。

46、I'd like to say a few more words. 我还有几句话要说。

47、I want to be a postgraduate student. 两句都有些小瑕疵。

48、Rather the sun smiles Chen she a way:"I whatever namely to freely say 1, pour to make you memorize to climb." 宁阳笑嗔她一句道:“我不过是随口说一句,倒叫你惦记上了。

49、I can't live without music in my life. 直译就是第二句。

50、But it's just a different statement. 但这是另外一条语句。


51、Archie, of course, can't stand this because for him it's perfectly clear that a rhetorical question is a rhetorical question. 阿齐当然无法忍受,因为对他来说,很明显修辞问句就是修辞问句。

52、Then, it sets the callback handlers. 然后,设置回调句柄。

53、That's also from--say it. 这句也是出自…说出来。

54、I want to make one last remark. 最后我还想说几句话。

55、If you'll allow a slight digression, … 请允许我说几句题外话…

56、All choked Huicheng a right. 所有的哽咽汇成一句“没事”

57、So a word about debugging. 关于调试我们来说几句。

58、Of course, creating a handle every time you create an object can result in a lot of handles! 当然,每次你创建一个对象的时候都创建一个句柄将会产生很多句柄。

59、He suddenly remembers the catchword. 他突然想到这句流行语。

60、You don't belongs to me. I stay and don't live in you be … 翻译一下,速度…你不属于我我和你在一起不如让你离开我有很多病句…病句…

61、Can you disambiguate this statement? 你能给这句话消除歧义吗。

62、Please ---------- the wrong word in the sentence. 请将句中的错字划掉。

63、Even if students didn't understand all the words, they grasped the concepts of treating their elders with respect and their classmates with care. 即使孩子们并不能完全理解这些字句的含义,他们也从中学会了尊重长辈和友爱同学的概念。

64、I also think it should be associated with the previous one, with a tiny bit concern though, however, I'll change my idea. tks! 这句话要和前面一句联系起来理解,我认为你的理解有误。

65、It should. Let me put it another way. 应该如此,换句话说。

66、Can I have a word with her? 我能跟她说句话吗?

67、Another question, right? 这又是另一个修辞问句了,是吧?

68、He speaks English as if/though he was a foreigner. 条件假设句

69、I will be with you forever! (这句就不用翻译了吧)

70、If it is fine tomorrow, we will go outing. 由if引导从句

71、In oral Chinese, the discourse marker "Duile" can appear at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle of a sentence. 话语标记语“对了”可以出现于句首,也可以出现于句中。

72、At the end, a series of deductions like these would handle entire sentences and paragraphs to yield an accurate text-meaning representation. 最后,如此一系列的演绎推理将能处理整个句子和段落,从而生成一个精确的文本意义的陈述。

73、In speech chaining, the function of aft statement is to make a new explanation to the content that the fore statement recounted. 在言语链中,下句的任务是对上句的所述内容作出新的说明。

74、Existentials refer to a type of sentences indicating appearance, disappearance or existence of somebody or something. 存现句是一种跨语言活跃的句式,表示某处存在、出现或消失某人或某物。

75、I wanted to say something about that. 我想就这点说几句


76、And nothing will turn a publisher off to your work faster than run-on sentences, sentence fragments, or a misused semi-colon. 没什么比连句,残句,或错误的分号能更快的赶跑出版商了。

77、The undignified outburst came at Naudero in Sindh province, the burial site of his wife and her similarly “martyred” father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. 这句有损尊严的话是在信德省的瑙德罗,他妻子和“殉难”的岳父阿里.布托的墓地上放出来的。

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