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1、MARTIN: They're not very long. 马 丁:不很长,也不短。

2、Correction from 11/5/08 high 1.3117 is likely to end soon, nearby 1.2650. 欧/美短期仍然处于升势,1.3117开始的修正可能很快在1.2650附近结束。

3、She is of medium build with beautiful short straight black hair. 她中等身材,头发美丽,短、直、黒。

4、In just two months, Jaden had learned so much. 在短短两个月内,杰登已经学到了很多。

5、Month is round, cake is very sweet, a text message secrets; 月很圆,饼很香,一条短信诉衷肠;

6、Ok… Since a Ski Jump is a very short action, Ski Jump is a very short Game ! 好了… …由于滑雪跳台是一个很短的动作,滑雪跳台是一个很短的游戏!

7、It's a great phrase. 这是一个很非常了不起的短语

8、Groupon generated over $700 million in revenue in 2010, after being in business for only two years. Groupon在成立短短两年之内即在2010年实现营收过7亿美元。

9、I know a man who spent $250 buying a rare fifty-cent coin a short time ago. 我认识一个人,花了250美元买一种罕见的张五十美分的硬币很短一段时间以前的事了。

10、You look hot in running ss and shorts. And that top thingy with the stripes. 你穿跑鞋和短裤很迷人,还有那件条纹短衫。

11、There had been much controversy concerning the genetics of unpatterned tabbies in the American Shorthair (ASH) breed. 很早就有关于美短无图案虎斑基因的争论。

12、For Mr. Gilb, a writer who has a hard time moving on to the next sentence if the previous one is not perfect, the stroke also threw his literary future into question. 对于吉尔先生这样的一位前句不够完美就很难继续下一句的作家来说,这场中风也使得他的文学前程成为悬念。

13、Consequently, fundamental questions have remained unanswered about just how well these very short, very intense workouts really stack up against traditional, endurance-style training. 所以,这些强度很大的短时锻炼能否真的与传统耐力型锻炼相媲美等基本问题依然没有答案。

14、He used to buy $60 worth of prepaid phone cards a month to text to his girlfriend, until they broke up. 过去,卡里姆每个月要买60美元的充值卡,给女朋友发很多“我想你”的短信。

15、But that view is based on the idea that market-value losses shown by Fannie are fleeting. 不过这种观点的基础是房利美显示的市值损失很短暂。

16、The Ponseti method has become particularly popular as a result of published short and long-term success rates in North America. 在北美,尤其是Ponseti方法被报道认为不论在短期还是长期疗效方面都取得了很大的成功。

17、The Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active toy dog. 博美犬是一种紧凑、 短背、 活跃的玩具狗。

18、Within very little time, the whole world will be made to feel better. 只需要很短的时间,整个世界都会感觉更加美好。

19、The radio message was brief. 无线电报消息很简短。

20、GBP looks destined for more weakness in the short term, with support around GBP/USD 1.6111 likely to be tested. 英镑短期内似乎注定走软,英镑兑美元很可能下试1.6111水平左右的支持位。

21、My mom looks like meand except with short hair a veryd laugusth lines. 我妈妈和我长得很像,除了她短短的头发和笑纹。

22、But beware, say many experts: The surge is merely a blip in a weak-dollar trend that still has years to run. 但要当心,很多专家认为这一轮美元上涨只是弱势美元走势的短暂反复,而弱势美元走势可能还会持续多年。

23、Every single word or phrase, every tone, not perfect, but very comfortable, like lying clouds, the side with the most beloved toy. 一字一句,每一声调,不完美,却很舒服,就像躺在白云上,身边是最最心爱的毛绒玩具。

24、This skirt fites you well. 这短裙你穿很合身。

25、Young as he is , he knows a lot . 倒装句虽然他很年轻,但他知道得很多。


26、If you feel unhappy, you look out of the window, the world is great, the scenery is beautiful, many opportunities, life is very short, don't curled in a small . 如果你觉得不爽,你就抬眼望窗外,世界很大,风景很美,机会很多,人生很短,不要蜷缩在一小块阴影里。

27、So, that's very brief. 所以,它的比赛很精短。

28、The edge with the reverse single stitches are really cute, and I really like them! 逆短针的缘边很有特色,我很喜欢呢!

29、I was full of wonderment at this unusual mammal, with its circular head adorned by short ears, its round eyes, its white whiskers like those on a cat, its webbed and clawed feet, its bushy tail. 我很赞美这新奇的哺乳类动物,圆突的头,上面有短短的耳朵,圆圆的眼睛,像猫须一般的白色瓮须,掌形带甲的脚,团簇的尾巴。

30、"Monsieur, " shereplied curtly, "I am very pleased to have heard you. “法国人,”她的回覆很简短,“朕很高兴听到您的见解。

31、It has been a year since i have joined in the CCPS, in this short year, I experienced a lot. 想来加入文教已经一年了,在这短短的一年里,我经历了很多很多。

32、Cash and short-term investments totaled $255.1 million. 目前,Palm的现金与短期投资总计2.551亿美元.

33、I find the subordinations are very confusing. 我觉得从句很难。

34、I opened it--it was very short. 我打开它——信很短。

35、So, she lived a pretty short life. 终年39岁,她的一生很短暂。

36、“关灯之后,斑马鱼鱼仔能够近乎完美地重现这一节奏,不过只持续很短的时间,”蒲说。"The zebrafish larvae can reproduce the rhythm almost perfectly after the lights have gone off but only for short periods of time," says Poo.

37、And the day always is very short, but the night is long, and in a complex of sadness, bring, always go round and begin again. 而白天总是很短很短,而暗夜总是很长很长,而年复一复的忧伤,带来的,总是周而复始的凄凉。

38、i love you not for who you are, but for who i am before you. ­ 爱情,要么让人成熟,要么让人堕落。

39、What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? 短吻美洲鳄和鳄鱼有什么区别?

40、The barber cut his hair very short. 理发师把他的头发剪得很短。

41、"The zebrafish larvae can reproduce the rhythm almost perfectly after the lights have gone off but only for short periods of time," says Poo. “关灯之后,斑马鱼鱼仔能够近乎完美地重现这一节奏,不过只持续很短的时间,”蒲说。

42、This journey is brief. 这次旅程很短暂。

43、Having briefly touched $100, it slipped back to $93 during the recent market wobbles . 短暂摸高100美元之后,又在最近的震荡中回跌至93美元。

44、Our history is short - just 400 years. 我们的历史很短,只有400年。

45、It's a quite attractive document to look at, well laid out, short and to the point, conveying the writers feelings perfectly. 这是一个引人注目的文献,谋篇布局很好、简短,完美的传递除了作者的感情。

46、B:It's kangaroo, an interesting animal with short front legs. 是袋鼠,很有意思的,前腿很短。

47、Beginners can alternate very short run segments with short walks, such as 1 minute running, 7 minutes walking. 初学者可以在很短的跑动环节和很短的步行之间轮换,比如说1分钟跑步,7分钟步行。

48、Beautiful landscapes, relaxing music, pipe of untiring birds will give you lot's of impressions and will cheer you up even during a short term. 美丽的风景,放松音乐,管不懈鸟会给你很多的印象,并会欢呼起来,你即使是在短期内。

49、I have always liked Qi Gang's work, he is great at combining Chinese elements with international fashion trends. Just one sentence: very international flavor, ahhh. 我一直很喜欢祁刚的作品,他很懂得把中国的元素完美的和国际流行趋势结合,一句话:很洋气。

50、Lolly read a very short story. 萝莉念了一个很短的故事。


51、But I knew it would disappear from my sight soon. The pretty vision is so short time only left on you an eternal memory. 但美丽是如此短暂,很快就从视野中消失,留下的只有美好的回忆。

52、Dolan suggested euro/dollar will still test $1.44-45 in the short run. Dolan认为,短期欧元/美元仍将测试1.44-45美元.

53、But if it racked up big numbers in just a month, don't risk your reputation. 但要是它在短短一个月里网上转帖的频率就很高的话,千万别再转,会很糗。

54、There is currently a US$ 10–15 billion shortfall. 目前短缺100-150亿美元。

55、He told me I look beautiful this morning, and that suits me just fine. 今天早上他说我看起来很美。那句话真是让人心花朵朵开。

56、The epiphyllum is a beautiful and amazing white flower that usually only blooms at night, and only lasts for a brief period. 昙花是一种美丽动人的白色花卉,通常只在夜间开花,并且只持续很短时间。

57、I'll never forget the day she came home from the beauty shop with short hair, all her beautiful waves gone. 我至今还记得很清楚,有一天,她从美发店回家时头发剪短了,原先那头美丽的鬈发不见了。

58、The trees on the hill were very beautiful. 山上的树很美。花也很美。

59、Instead, for many, the 0.25% that the Fed is paying is the best rate out there for parking short-term cash. 结果在很多银行看来,美联储支付的0.25%利率是存放短期资金的最佳利率。

60、The barber had cut your hair very short. 理发员把你的头发剪得很短。

61、Short hair really becomes you. 你理短发的确很帅。

62、Her current style seems to suit her, because it's short and no-nonsense. Her choice of clothes reflects a similar aesthetic. 希拉里现在的发型似乎很适合她,短发显得干练。她选择的服装也显示出类似的美感。

63、It's beautiful, their vision of ending hunger in Africa. The problem is, it can only work temporarily for a small number of selected villages. Reij说到,“他们结束非洲饥荒的梦想很美好,但问题是它只能在少数被选择的村庄中短期施行。

64、Alligators' heads are shorter and wider than crocodiles'. 美洲鳄的头比一般鳄鱼更短更宽。

65、In a couple of years, the brand "Wufu" has spread out and won a high degree of recognition and reputation. 短短几年,“五福”的品牌就传扬开了,博得了很高的知名度和美誉度。

66、Pomeranian is a compact , short -backed , active toy dog . 博美犬是一种紧凑、 短背、 活跃的玩具狗。

67、And it was only a short journey. 而且那还是个很短的路程。

68、Now, fortunately, Fib of 0 is short. 现在,幸运的是fib很短。

69、Partygoers watching fireworks in Sydney donated nearly $1 million in just a few hours. 在悉尼看烟火的社交聚会常客在短短的几个小时内就捐了一百万美元。

70、The standing alone is a beauty. Very pure, very quiet, also very deep beauty! 孤独是一份美丽。很纯、很静、也很深的美丽!

71、Even though I eager to earn 50 dollars every minute, I won't do short-term investment. 我很想每分钟都赚到50美金,但我不会因此短期投资。

72、A doxology is a short prayer or hymn of praise that extols the glory and majesty of God. 阿三一颂是一个很短的祈祷或圣歌赞美的赞美的荣耀和威严的上帝。

73、My mom looks like me, except with short hair and laugusth lines. 我妈妈和我长得很像,除了她短短的头发和笑纹。

74、I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you. ­ 爱情,要么让人成熟,要么让人堕落。

75、Mourning untimely consumes the sad; Few are their days in the land of the living, Beautiful daughter of Toscar. 不合宜的哀动消蚀悲哀;在生者的大地上,他们的日子很短,托斯卡尔的美丽的女儿啊。


76、His smile faded; for the faintest of instants he looked troubled. 他的微笑慢慢淡去;在短得不能再短的一刹那,他看起来很困扰。

77、which I worked at briefly, strangely enough. 我曾在SOHO工作过,很短暂但很奇妙。

78、He used to buy $60 worth of prepaid phone cards a month to text to his girlfriend - until they broke up. 过去,卡�姆每个月要买60美元的充值卡,给女朋友发很多“我想你”的短信。

79、Life's too short–spend the extra 25 cents per roll on the three-ply cushy stuff. 人生很短——每卷多花25美分去买用起来很舒服的三层厕纸。

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