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导读: 42个,关于”生命的句子“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Sentences of life。以下是关于生命的句子的四年级英语句子。


关于”生命的句子“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Sentences of life。以下是关于生命的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences of life

1、What does this useful command line do? tasklist /m "mscor*" tasklist /m "mscor*" 这句命令是干嘛的?

2、A few pioneers have begun lifelogging: recording every single detail, conversation, picture and activity. 一些潮人已经开始进行生命记录:记录生活的每一个细节、每一句言语、每一个场景和每种活动。

3、The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; 义人所结的果子,就是生命树。

4、Destiny" is a nonsense, do not talk about it all day, unsanitary." “命运”就是一句屁话,不要整天把它挂在嘴边,不卫生。

5、let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves 生如夏花之绚烂 死如秋叶之凄美

6、Pan a great soul, will strengthen the thinking and life. Ralph 世界上只有一种英雄主义,那就是了解生命而且热爱生命的人。

7、It ate whole forests, croplands and the lives of children. 它吃整个森林,田地和孩子的生命。

8、Saay's child works hard for a living. 星期六出生的孩子是劳碌命。

9、Life, it is natural to give human beings carved gems. ——Nobel 生命是一条艰险的狭谷,只有勇敢的人才能通过。

10、I love my wife, every time my wife over to the pregnant, have a combined life and the feeling of life, because his wife is my life! 我爱我的妻子,每一次拥我的妻子入怀,都有一种生命与生命合二为一的感觉,因为妻子就是我的生命!

11、Notice also that if Adam and Eve had become children of God by choosing Eternal Life—the Uncreated Life of God in the Eternal Son—they could not have transmitted this Life to their children. 请记得,若亚当和夏娃因为选择了永远的生命—神在永远的子中那个非受造的生命,而成为神的儿女,他们仍不能把这个生命传给他们的子孙。

12、Bio-molecules play important role in life process. 生物大分子在生命过程中起关键作用。

13、In other words, look at the entire life cyle. 换句话说,要考虑到整个生命周期。

14、Only those who survived a disaster would better understand the deeper meaning of life. 劫后余生的人们通常对生命的理解更深刻。这句话如何翻译?

15、Doctor Wang saved many people in his life. 王医生一辈子拯救了很多人的生命。

16、This was the day he reached his peak. 这是他达到自己生命颠峰的日子。

17、Books like " tea", which the ups and downs in life are concentrated in every word in the sentence, let us like to win the victory of Life. 书就像“ 柴米油盐酱醋茶”,它们把生活中的酸甜苦辣都浓缩在字字句句中,让我们捧起它就像捧起了对生命的感悟。

18、SACRIFICE】A mother will sacrifice her life for her children. 母亲为她的孩子牺牲生命。

19、Confucius; the concept on water; idea; the felling about life; 孔子; 水观; 理想; 生命情怀;

20、Pentecost: Feast of the Harvest, first fruits. New life! 五旬节:收割节,初熟的果子。新的生命!

21、I blew the whistle of my life poetically. 我把生命的哨子诗意地吹响。

22、Kongzi's life view on combining ideal with morality integrates life and idea. It pays attention to realistic life and is not willing to be left to the tender mercies of ghosts and gods. 孔子“志于道”的生命观把生命与理想合一、重视人的现实生活而不甘心受天命鬼神的摆布、将美融入生命中。

23、The life of the tree lives in the branch. 树的生命活在枝子里面。

24、Life is full of regret, because she didn't have a chance to let you modify pragmatically. 生命是充满遗憾的篇章,因为她没有机会让你修改病句。

25、Teaching is the contract of life to life, so establishing the life consciousness in teaching, revering the life, taking good care of the life, and developing the life, is required in theory. 教学乃生命与生命的共契共生,确立教学的生命意识——敬畏生命、呵护生命、发展生命,是关怀生命的教学的理论诉求。


26、The Central Dogma forms the life view of the molecular biology: the life world has unity in respect of information and laws; 中心法则形成了分子生物学的生命观:生命世界在信息和规律上是统一的;

27、The student risked his life to save the boy falling into water.   学生冒着生命危险去救那落水的孩子.

28、也可以翻译成They gave us life and raised us up,或者They gave us life. They raisd us up.

29、Namely, that the body of the woman is the metaphor of his own jouissance. 换句话说,女人的身体是男人自己的「生命的欢爽」的象征。

30、Always remember your Master's profound question: "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?" 要时刻记得主那一句发人深省的话:「人若赚得全世界,赔上自己的生命,有甚么益处呢? 人还能拿甚么换生命呢?」

31、For it is life, the evry life of life. 因为它就是生命,生命中的生命。

32、The meaning of life is not about where you're standing, but the direction you're headed to… 急求两句英文翻译~~~一句阿凡达导演的。生命的意义不在于你所站的位置。而在于你所朝的方向。

33、Namely, something very precisely which cannot be – this is how he expresses himself in his book of Categories – which can neither be attributed to a subject nor put into any subject. 换句话说,某件既无法被归属到生命主体,也无法被放置进入任何的生命主体。这是亚里斯多德在他的「范畴」一书中,夫子自道的方式。

34、The life of HaiZi is contradictory. 海子生命是矛盾的。

35、But "Dao" is lost in the present life significance and the selection of life value. 庄子认为,“道”是生命的本源,生命的意义和价值应取法于“道”并符合“道”的属性。

36、Saay's child works hard for its living; 星期六出生的孩子是劳碌命。

37、A miserly father makes a prodigal son. 爱钱如命的爸爸生个儿子挥霍钱财。

38、Perhaps retrieves the life death which loses is free - but, actually must pay the life the price. Urges everybody a speech: Grasps immediately, not waited for. 找回迷失的生命死亡也许是免费的─ 但是,却要付出生命的代价。劝大家一句话:把握当下,莫等待。

39、What does this do? sn -t foo.dll sn -t foo.dll 这句命令是干嘛的?

40、In the Confucius benevolence life thought, "The benevolent love others " thought is the foundation of the entire life thought; 在孔子仁学的生命思想中,“仁者爱人”思想是整个生命思想的基石;

41、In other words, a command provider can contain its own base commands and extend other commands. 换句话说,命令提供程序可以包含自已的基本命令,并扩展其他命令。

42、Use: Restores 1050 to 1750 health. 使用:恢复1050到1750点生命值句号。

43、The scores of male students were significantly higher than those of female ones on pessimistic determinism(PD) and parochialism(PA) factor(P

44、Pan a great soul, will strengthen the thinking and life. Ralph 世界上只有一种英雄主义,那就是了解生命而且热爱生命的人。

45、Life's play is swift, Life's playthings fall behind one by one and are forgotten. 生命的游戏一下子就结束,生命的玩具一件件遗落在后面,然后都被忘记掉。

46、Regeneration factor, marine protoplasm, repair factors, vitamins and other factors. 再生素、海洋原生质、修复因子、维他命因子等。

47、Dialogue is the name given to any words spoken by any character, including inanimate characters. 对话是指角色说的任何词句,包括没有生命的角色。

48、The thesis makes the life philosophy of Huai Nan Zi as an organic combination of individual life and natural life, this is also the innovative spot in the thesis. 把《淮南子》中的生命哲学作为个人生命与自然生命的有机整体来进行哲学诠释,是本文的创新点。

49、Now you might say a little bit that your grandchild is alive and cars and ideals are not alive. 现在你们可能会说你的孙子,是有生命的,车子和理想是没有生命的。

50、He hazarded his life to save the child. 他冒着生命危险去救那孩子。


51、They felt the rush of the sap in spring, they knew the wave which cannot halt, but every year throws forward the seed to begetting, and falling back, leaves the young born on earth. 春天,他们会感到生命活力的冲动,其浪潮不可遏止,年年抛撒出生命的,落地生根,留下年轻的生命。

52、或者是They gave us life and raised us up~或者They gave us life. They raisd us up.

53、If you could predict the future, would you want to know the exact date of your death? 如果你能预测未来,你想知道自己的生命将在哪一天画下句点吗?

54、Bob Ford put an end to the James Legend with a single bullet to the back of the head on April 3, 1882. xx年xx月xx日,杰西正站在凳子上,为一幅画正位。福特兄弟一枪弹穿其后脑,给杰西詹姆斯传奇的生命写上了句号。

55、Mr. Hussey has, in other words, devoted 15 years of his life to rebuilding the trade center. 换句话说,赫西已经把生命中的xx年奉献给了世贸中心的重建。

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