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关于”安全的句子“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Safe sentences。以下是关于安全的句子的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Safe sentences

1、The safety in a cold neutron source (CNS) includes nuclear safety, radiation safety and hydrogen safety, with the latter being the most comprehensive. 反应堆冷中子源装置的安全性包括核安全、辐射安全和氢安全,其中氢安全是最复杂的一方面。

2、He buckled up for safety . 他为安全扣好扣子。

3、Be safe, but be real too — your children are safe tonight. 安然无恙,是真的-你的孩子在今晚会很安全的。

4、"That's what your friends want you to feel. New York's an awfully safe place, " he added with a flash of sarcasm. “你的朋友们就是希望你有安全感,纽约是个极为安全的地方。”他略带挖苦地补上一句。

5、E-commerce and safety of internet transactions ; 电子商务和网络交易安全;

6、In other words, it provides a center for all security settings, including TCP, IPSEC, and auditing. 换句话说,它为所有安全设置,包括 TCP、IPSEC 和审计,提供一个中心。

7、The booster seat provides more protection for your young child than a seatbelt alone. 使用后推式汽车坐垫比仅仅使用汽车上的安全带更能保证您的孩子的安全。

8、As an example of such unintended effects, co ider public policy toward seat belts and auto safety, in the 1950s few cars had seat belts. 对于安全带和汽车安全考虑的公众政策的非故意的影响的一个例子,因此,在五十年代只有极少的汽车有安全带。

9、Green Hotel, there are three major standards - Security: fire safety, law and order security and food safety; 绿色饭店有三大标准——安全:消防安全、治安安全和食品安全;

10、In the light of the economic security and risks existing in e-commerce, the industrial safety checklist can be used in thee-commerce for estimating the security of e-commerce platform. 针对电子商务中存在的经济安全和风险,可将工业安全检查表法应用于电子商务中以评价电子商务平台的安全性。

11、The children were nestled all safe in their beds. 孩子们偎依、安全的躺在他们的床上。

12、To ensure more than a one-star safety rating, the CHC011 also comes with safety features such as eight airbags and electronic stability control. 为保证安全率超过一星,CHCO11也有一些安全特性,比如有8个安全气袋和电子平衡系统。

13、In this article four demonstrations about hackers, virus, information security and networks security are put forward on how to build the secure environment of e-government service in law. 应从黑客、病毒及信息安全、网络安全的法律防范四方面建立电子政务的安全法律环境。

14、Three safe-keepings of security, the electronic door lock, safe is reliable; 三层安全保护钢套、电子门锁、安全可靠;

15、The school bus unsafe, and private cars have to take care of the safety of the child? 校车存在安全隐患,而清扫车有没有照顾到孩子的安全呢?

16、There are many examples of insufficient security in tokens. 在标识中有很多安全不足的例子。

17、E-commerce security protocol is not only an important way to protect the security of e-commerce, but also the core technology of thee-commerce. 电子商务安全协议是保障电子商务安全性的重要途径,也是电子商务中最核心最关键的技术。

18、Sy leatherwork safety ss or boots are required. 要求穿着结实的皮革制安全鞋或靴子。

19、Do not specify security settings in this example. 这个例子中不必指定安全设置。

20、E-commerce security research is one of the important means for legal research because economic security is a focus part in the business legislation. 商务安全是经济领域立法的重点,据此电子商务安全问题也是电子商务法律研究的重要手段之一。

21、BTW – WestPoint is almost within the of Indian Point. 顺便说一句——西点军校几乎已经完全受到印度安角的影响了。

22、Conference-key establishment is the precondition to hold secure electronic conference via insecure channel. 在电子会议应用中,会议密钥的安全建立是会议安全高效进行的先决条件。

23、我只是个孤单的孩子、没有安全感的孩子i'm just a lonely child, and insecure children

24、Auto passive-security technique mainly includes safety belt, safe air bag, safe steering pole, safe seat and so on. 汽车的被动安全技术主要包括安全带、安全气囊、安全转向柱及安全座椅等几个方面。

25、Ion induction installation: Automatic leak hunting, flame-out safe protection. The house is safer. 离子感应装置:自动检漏、熄火安全保护。居家更安全。


26、When you get in your car, you buckle up for safety, and if you're a parent, you make sure your children are buckled up, as well. 当您自驾时,为安全起见您会扣上安全带;如果您是家长的话,您同样需要确保您的孩子系好安全带。

27、The other boys were belted in place, those who hadn't done as Ender did. 其他没有像安德那样做到的孩子也已经系好安全带。

28、These are the safety net to protect underage girls. 我们有保护未成年女子的安全网络。

29、Advanced Safety Electronics (ASE) ensure that each airbag is triggered independently as the situation requires. 先进的安全电子系统(ASE)将视安全需要将各个安全气囊单独触发。

30、We therefore need a new security concept, one that seeks security through cooperation, dialogue, mutual trust and common development. 为此,各国应树立以合作求安全,以对话求安全,以互信求安全,以发展求安全的安全观念。

31、This course introduces the principle of E-Commerce business model and value creation, service model and its rules. 本课程系统地介绍了电子商务安全基本理论、技术、管理及电子商务安全的应用。

32、Security occurring during mobile electronic commerces was studied, with the discussing of security structures based on WAP technology. 本文重点对移动电子商务交易过程的安全性进行了研究,并对WAP技术下的电子交易安全架构进行了探讨。

33、E-mails own security risks and the particularity of confidential information put forward higher requirements to E-mail security. 电子邮件本身存在的安全隐患以及传输机密信息的特殊性,对电子邮件的安全提出了更高的要求。

34、Burly men on horseback rarely use condoms in this sort of literature, and that sends an unsafe message. 这类小说中,白马王子很少使用安全套,这传递了一种不安全的信号。

35、He enquired in a friendly, though general way, after her family, and looked and spoke with the same good-humoured ease that he had ever done. 他亲亲切切地问候她全家安好,固然只说了几句平常话,可是他的容貌谈吐,却完全和从前一样安详愉快。

36、Hit, tube, helmet, oxygen tanks, water tank, gloves, boots. 撞击,管子,安全帽,氧气罐,水箱,手套,靴子。

37、Seriously? I thought. Condoms for kids? 此话当真?我在想。孩子用的安全套?

38、If you didn't pay an unsecured credit card loan, it would give you a bad rating but your home would still be secure. 如果你不能支付不安全的贷款,你会获得差评,但你的房子是安全的。

39、Jing small house renovation of the property a good security environment, safety Lin Bao admitted to welcome showings ! 房子精装修小区物业安全环境好设施安全拎包入住欢迎看房!

40、Always all there are a words, make the deathtrap is the maximum safe area, Adidas F50 adizero TRX TF Leather! 一向都有一句话,叫最危险的地方就是最安全的地方!

41、But how safe are e-cigarettes? 但是电子烟安全吗?

42、Safe alternatives: watermelon, tangerines, oranges and gfruit. 安全的替代品:西瓜,桔子,橙和葡萄柚。

43、Secure E-Commerce means expanding E-Commerce with secure techniques and measures of encryption and digital signature to resist the antitive risk. 安全电子商务是指运用加密和数字签名等安全技术与手段来开展电子商务,抵御预期的风险。

44、Secure Electronic Transaction protocol(SET) has guaranteed security problem in the electronic payment process through formulating standard and using cryptogram technology. 安全电子交易协议SET通过制定标准和采用各种密码技术手段,确保了电子支付过程中的安全问题。

45、Secure Digital Memory Card. A flash based memory card designed to provide secure high capacity data storage. 安全电子存储卡。一种基于为提供安全的大容量数据存储功能而设计的闪存。

46、Beyond the security gate was a plastic case that displayed safety reminders and shipyard news. 在安全门的另一边是一个塑料箱子显示着安全表示和船坞的新闻。

47、Xiao Hui advised both for the safety of childrens safety and we had the best back to the palace. 萧辉劝乐儿为了孩子的安全和吕家的安全,最好回宫。

48、At the back of table, there has life belt to make sure the baby is safe. 在结构设计上,餐椅的靠背系有安全带,保证孩子用餐的安全性。

49、Safe alternatives: eggplant, cabbage and earthy mushrooms. 安全的替代品:茄子,大白菜和泥土蘑菇。

50、He is much disturbed in his mind about his wife's safety. 他为妻子的安全很担忧。


51、Choose and teach the child the safe route home from school and make sure the child understands not to deviate from this. 为孩子选好一条从家到学校的安全路径,确保孩子知道这条路线是安全,他不会绕开走。

52、Safety loops shall be fitted around the ladder. 周围需要安装上安全围圈。

53、So it's very important to take powerful security policies so as to guarantee the safety of E-commerce. 因此,采取强有力的安全策略来保障电子商务的安全性将变得尤为重要。

54、Sometimes, most the deathtrap is also this sentence in the most safe place to go impassability. 有时候,最危险的地方也就是最安全的地方这句话行不通。

55、Mind, brain is safe, safe to speak, action to ensure safety. 心中记安全,脑中装安全,口中讲安全,行动保安全。

56、Son:We need safety helmet in spelunking, how could we get it? 儿子:洞穴探险需要安全帽?我们哪来的安全帽呀。

57、The technology prevention measures for the security of eletronic businesss consists of the security measures for the website and the business trade. 电子商务安全的技术防范措施包括网络安全技术措施,商务交易安全技术措施。

58、Producing secure and tamper-proof electronic documents and records. 生产安全和防伪的电子文档和记录。

59、Conclusion The constructed recombinant fowlpox virus showed good biosafety to pregnant guinea pigs and their offspring. 结论构建的重组鸡痘病毒生物安全性好,对妊娠豚鼠和子代豚鼠无安全威胁。

60、The most popular two secure E-payment protocols are SSL and SET, each has its strong points in ensuring safe E-payment. 目前最流行的两个安全电子支付系协议是SSL和SET,它们在保障安全电子支付方面各有特点。

61、How to guarantee the safety of dairy is a key issue as a sub-project of food safety with practical significance. 如何保障乳品安全作为食品安全问题的子课题,具有重要的现实意义。

62、Both characteristic quantity of safety grade and its variable are the value obtained from the fuzzy sub-set of safety grade on domain, and are not a definite point. 安全等级特征量及安全等级变量,均为安全等级取值论域上的模糊子集,而并非是一个确定的点。

63、Gets a security key identifier clause that references this security token when this security token is not included in the SOAP message in which it is referenced. 获取当此安全令牌未包含在引用它的 SOAP 消息内时引用此安全令牌的安全密钥标识符子句。

64、Safe alternatives: blueberries, kiwi and raspberries. 安全的替代品:蓝莓,猕猴桃和覆盆子。

65、Only eradication will guarantee that all children are safe. 只有根除才能保证所有的孩子安全。

66、I also hope our renju friends in China are all safe! 我也希望我们的中国国内的五子棋朋友安全平安!

67、Safe alternatives: watermelon, tangerines , oranges and gfruit. 安全的替代品:西瓜,桔子,橙和葡萄柚。

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